With my SIL

12 July 2002 – she & me – my passionate love with my sil it was july 2002. I had been to “her” for a vacation and had gone all alone. Last time we made love was during 1995 jun/jul – exactly 7 years back. That was by sheer accident and though i wanted her i never expected that i will again have her & love her. How to approach her what if she gets angry? What if she rakes up the issue and put me in trouble? – these questions kept on coming to my mind. I took a very bold decision and it paid off – i have no regrets and so does she..in fact she said to me a few days back “dear it was because of your bold decision on 12 july 2002 that i came to know what true love is and what is true sexual pleasures and enjoyment. It would have been very difficult for me to approach you. Thank you very much for loving me so passionately. I love you from the core of my heart and though we are not married officially i consider you and only you as my dear darling husband. I love you very much. I hate you for only one thing- why you did not propose to me earlier? I would have loved to be your darling wife officially, though in my heart you are my husband and i am your wife. My love for you will always increase. It is unfortunate though that we can’t express our love openly. Of course this i donot mind as in my heart you are mine and i am yours”. These days our tele love talks has increased a lot though no one suspects or will ever suspect..it was past morning – about 1230pm. We were alone; others had left for school and office. We had to go for some marketing and we went walking as the shopping mall was about 1.5 km away. It was cloudy and pleasant and hence we did not take any umbrella. While we were shopping it suddenly became overcast and in no time it started to rain very heavily. We came out and realised that there were no autos. Finally we found one but he was not willing to go such a short distance but when we agreed to pay more he agreed. The auto roof was partly torn and rain water was trickling through it. Moreover rain water was also coming in through the sides and we were fully drenched in no time. We were sitting close together in the auto to prevent getting wet and i held her close to me and this touch of her body made me very hot & i had a very strong desire for having her. This i suppose made her very hot too and i am certain she too had a very strong desire for me.

We reached home around 130pm. We were fully drenched in spite of coming by auto. She was looking exceedingly inviting as her wet clothes revealed her curves. The moment she closed the door i embraced her tightly gave her a very loving kiss in her lips and said “dear i love you and want you. I just can’t wait. Ami tomake fuck korte chai. Amar tomake khoob fuck korte ichhe korchhe” and kept hugging and kissing her. She was taken aback but as we had loved earlier she didn’t get wild. She too hugged me & she said “you are very naughty tumi bhishon dushtu – tomar mathar modhya khali dushtumi. Ok you can love me. Tumi amake korte paro but please use a condom as i donot want pregnancy.” I asked her “when were you last period?” She replied “my periods got over two days back and i know it is my safe days but i am scared of pregnancy”. As we were talking we slowly proceeded to the bedroom holding eachother as if we are husband and wife. In a little while we were about to be husband and wife and enjoy our passionate love making. [she always tells me that i should have proposed to her and we should have married – we would have made an ideal husband – wife pair; we would have been married then and would have enjoyed our lovemaking. Moreover i would then father her child. She feels that i would have been a better husband; both on bed and otherwise as i am more passionate when i fuck her and also when i love her. She feels that i am much more loving and caring than him. We are very deeply in love which you only know. Noone will ever come to know or even have a faint inkling about our love and feeling for each other.] We were still wearing our wet clothes. She asked “what about lunch? Lunch a ki Khabe” i replied “dear i will have your love for lunch and i shall give all my love to you for lunch. Will it be ok? Tomar bhalobasha khabo. Anekdin pore tomar bhalobasha pabo.” She gave a very loving sly smile and said “i hope tumi amar hunger satisfy korte paro. Anekdin tomake payeni. Aaj tomake pelam. Amke tumi bhalobhabe satisfies korbe”.the moment we were in the bedroom i took off my clothes and in no time my clothes were lying on the floor and i was fully naked with my penis erect and hard like a rock – it was around 7 inches long and 2 inches thick. I then unhooked her kameez and untied her salwar string and took off her kameez as her salwar fell on the floor. She was in front of me in her bra and panty. It was very difficult for me to hold on. I said to her “dear lie down. I want you. Tomake amar chai. Tumi bhishon sunder tomake ami khoob bhalobashi aar tomake ami khoob bhalobashbo”. She was very ravishing and the moment she was on the bed and i pulled her panty out and unhooked her bra & took them off and soon she was fully naked on the bed only for me. She was breathing very fast and i knew that she was very much aroused sexually and will give me a real good time and fuck. I was seeing her naked after 7 years- she had put on weight & was plump but she looked as inviting as she was 7 years back. She has a very smooth silky body – no hairs – she does not use anne french nor does any waxing – her breasts were full and succulent areola dark brown and the nipples were dark & erect waiting to be suckled. Her thighs are now slightly out of shape but nevertheless still very sexy and smooth as silk. Of course she is exceedingly beautiful and has a very pretty face – her lips are very beautiful and gives me very loving kisses and gives very good blowjobs. By now her vagina was wet and pouring and she was very eagerly waiting to get fucked.

I mounted her and we embraced each other’s naked body and her smooth sexy legs encircled me. My rock hard penis was pressing her vagina and our lips were locked in very passionate kissing. We were breathing very fast. I wanted her to suck me for a while and suggested the 69 position which she agreed. She held my thighs and took my penis inside her mouth and her lips were doing wonders on my penis and her mouth was making very rapid to-fro motion over my penis and in no time i was very hard. I held her sexy thighs as my tongue was probing her vagina and was sucking her love juices- they were and still are very tasty – she was pouring and i knew that she will be exceedingly good when i fuck her. I did not want to ejaculate in her mouth and i asked her “shall i fuck you now?” She said “yes tumi amake akhon fuck koro but please use a condom. I donot want to get pregnant.” I said to her “it is your safe days and there is no chance of pregnancy. Please let me fuck you without a condom.” I knew that she was too aroused and will agree. She said “ok if you say so. But if something happens then what?” I said “will see later.” Then i said “don’t you want to conceive through me? I am sure you will want me to be the father of your child.” She said “yes i want this to happen but the society will not accept. We should have married; why didn’t you propose to me? Akhon taratari dhoko aar koro. Ami aar wait korte parchi na. Ami jodi pregnant hoye jayi tahole ami tomar sathe thakbo.”

By now we were both sexually very much aroused and we both wanted the fuck badly. She was lying on the bed on her back & i spread her legs and thighs apart and slowly my penis entered her vagina. Then i came over her and she pulled me over her – i embraced her naked body and she embraced my naked body and her sexy legs encircled me. We were kissing very passionately – lip to lip – our sliva mixed very freely and we were sucking each other’s saliva. My thrusts were slow but strong and deep as i wanted to enjoy her to the maximum. She was scratching my back and biting my earlobes in sexual ecstacy and i Was frantically kissing her lips, cheeks and neck. Her vagina was feeling very smooth – like silk – my penis was making effortless to & fro motion inside her vagina and her vagina was gripping my penis as we were enjoying our passionate love making & fucking. We were fucking after 7 long years. Had some one seen us fucking they would have thought that we are husband and wife – as such we are deeply in love and are husband and wife. She said “dear tumi amake ato bhalobasho ami jantam na. Tumi amar dear darling. Ami tomake khoob bhalobashi. Ami sudhu tomar aar tumi sudhu amar. Amar bhishon bhalo aar moja lagchhe. Amake jore jore koro. Amar darling hubby tumi aar ami tomar dear bou”. Our breathing was very rapid and we were enjoying our passionate fuck a lot. I said to her “tumi amar. Ami tomake khoob bhalobashi. Tumi amar darling bou.” By this time i realised that she is coming and i increased my thrusts and she “came” & as she came she hugged me very tightly frantically kissed me, scratched, caressed my bare back and said “dear ami eshe gechi. Jore jore koro. Amar modhya ejaculate koro. Amar sathe esho. Amake pregnant koro”. I enjoyed her “coming” as i knew that she has enjoyed the fuck a lot. Also she made me more sexually excited with her kissing and hugging and scratching and i knew that soon i will ejaculate inside my love’s vagina who is my darling wife. My thrusts increased in depth and became strong. I was holding her thighs wide apart and my hard long thick penis was fucking full down her vagina. Her vaginal walls were smooth and was gripping my penis tightly as it was making to & fro motion in her vagina. She was shouting “jore jore koro. Amar bhishon bhalo lagchhe; bhishon moja lagchhe; amake joreye dhoro; amar nangto body ke japte dhoro; amar dudu ke chosho; tomake ami bhishon bhalobashi. Tumi amar shami, amar husband, amar bor aar ami tomar bou. Amake pregnant koro”. I knew she was too aroused sexually.

I said “tumi shudhu amar; amar priyo bou, amar adorer bou. Amar love tumi. Tomake ami bhishon bhalobashi.” By this time i was on the brink of my orgasm and soon i ejaculated inside her vagina. As i ejaculated in her vagina i shouted “darling ami eshe gechi tomar modhya. Tumi khoob bhalo. Tomake fuck korte khoob moja aar bhalo lage. Tomake ami pregnant korbo; ami tomar child er baba hobo”. We hugged and kissed very passionately as she too reached her orgasm – we exploded & errupted sexually soon & reached our orgasm simultaneously and climaxed together with my ejaculation inside her vagina – i was so sexually excited that i must have ejaculated about 10ml of my love juices in her vagina. She was superb – just out of the world – she gave the ultimate sexual pleasures and excitement and still gives me the most enjoyable sexual pleasures and enjoyment. After 7 long years i was again sexually united with my dear darling wife [we both feel that we should have been hubby and wife]. We enjoyed our orgasm very much – more so because it was after 7 long years. She enjoyed me ejaculating deep inside her vagina as she errupted and exploded in sexual ecstacy and orgasm and climax and i enjoyed her sexy naked body and fucking her and our orgasm and climax. At 33 she was so ravishing that i just can’t explain – just imagine how she was during ’95 when she was 26 when i first had her – i was then 31 both at our sexual peak .we were so aroused sexually that we both desperately wanted another fuck. I was still inside her vagina and we were locked in very passionate kissing and hugging. I was stroking her bare back as i held her naked body close to me. I was kissing her passionately. She said “amar breasts suck koro” and i was sucking her full and succulent breasts – her nipples were erect. Soon i was rock hard inside her vagina and started fucking her. I said “darling i love you lots. You are very dear to me. You are my wife – amar dear darling adorer bou. Ami tomake bhishon bhalobashi”. We were kissing very passionately. Her saliva mixed with my saliva as our lips were locked very tightly together. Her arms had Encircled me and she was scratching my back in sexual ecstacy. Her sexy legs had encircled me while my arms had encircled her naked body and hugging her nude body. She said “amar bhishon moja lagchhe. Khoob bhalo lagchhe. Jore jore fuck koro amake amar darling bor; amar dear husband. Amar modhya ejaculate koro amar bor; amake pregnant koro.” I was so sexually aroused that it was very difficult for me to prolong my climax. I started to fuck her very rapidly – my thrusts in her vagina became very strong and deep. She kept on groaning and moaning “jore aro jore koro. Khoob bhalo laagchhe bhishon moja lagchhe”. Suddenly we both exploded in sexual climax and orgasm and i ejaculated deep inside her vagina as we reached our orgasm and climaxed together. As we had our orgasm we frantically kissed and hugged and my thrusts in her vagina was with great passion. We enjoyed our orgasm – the second after 7 years. She was superb. I was 38 and she 33 – quite at our prime. What a sexy vagina she has – just for me. Having her twice made me want her again.i asked her “ami tomake aro fuck korbo” to which she said “ami chai tomake abar. Amar mon bhore nee. Amake aro fuck koro. Why don’t you fuck me the doggie way?” I agreed instantly. She said “tomake ami suck kore abar hard korchhe. Then tumi amake doggie way te fuck koro”.i lay on the bed and she held my thighs and took my penis inside her mouth. Her lips had encircled my penis and her tongue was doing wonders with my penis – licking all the remaining love juices. Her mouth was making to & fro motion over my penis as i held her by her head and assisted her giving me a sexy blowjob. I was hard in no time and said to her “cholo akhon ami tomake fuck korbo. I want you just now and cannot wait. Tumi amake bhishon sexually stimulate korechho. Ami tomake bhishon bhalobashi; tumi amar adorer dear darling bou”.

She then bent and came on her knees and i held her by her waist – she is extremely inviting in this position – what a sexy waist she has and her bottoms look very inviting in this position. Slowly my penis which was rock hard and erect like a flagpole entered her vagina – it was extremely smooth entry as my penis just glided in her sexy silky smooth vagina which was hot juicy pouring and dripping wet & i started fucking her. My strokes were deep and strong and we were enjoying our passionate fucking. She was clutching the pillows and groaning and moaning with each and every thrust of my penis in her vagina and kept on saying “jore jore koro. Khoob bhalo lagchhe. Bhishon moja lagchhe. Anekdin por ami fuck enjoy korchhe”. I was too sexually aroused and i knew that i will ejaculate soon. My thrusts increased in intensity and depth and i said “dear ami aschhie tomar modhya. Tumi amake bhishon moja dichho aaj. Anek din pore ami khoob enjoy korchhie. Tomake fuck korte amar bhishon bhalo lage. Tumi amar sudhu amar. Tumi amar darling bou.” She said “amar modhya asho; ejaculate koro. I want your love deep inside me. Ami aaschhie”. By this time i too was excited and i shouted “dear ami ashchhie” and ejaculated deep inside her vagina and we both exploded & errupted sexually & reached our orgasm and climax. She said “asho amar modhya asho. Amar darling amar bor amake pregnant koro. Tumi sudhu amar ami tomar sudhu tomar.” I was frantically kissing her bare naked back and my hands were pressing her boobs as i was ejaculating inside her vagina and enjoying our orgasm which was giving me immense sexual pleasures and she clutched the pillows tightly as she exploded in sexual orgasm and climaxed. She is simply superb and gives me immense sexual pleasures.we then lay naked side by side. She took my penis in her mouth and licked all the remaining ‘cum’. After licking all the remaining ‘cum’ she commented “tomar ejaculation bhishon tasty”. We then held each other and passionately kissing and exchanging our love for each other. She felt superb and we were locked in a tight naked sexual embrace. We were kissing and hugging very passionately. I made her lie on back and started to suckle her breasts – my Tongue was making circling motions over her areola and erect nipples and she was enjoying this a lot which was evident from her groans and moans.her breasts are quite full & succulent with dark areola and erect nipples though sagging now because of the extra fat but nevertheless very suckable and i really enjoy sucking them and fondling them. As i was suckling her breasts she was fondling my penis – her soft hand carefully stroking my penis was good enough for me to get a hard on and soon my penis was good 7inches long and 2inches thick and ready for another fuck. As she was fondling my penis and enjoying me suckling her breasts she said “oor sathe fuck bhalo lage na. He is not passionate like you. Tomar sathe ami fuck bhishon enjoy kore. Amake oor sathe korte hoi because ami oor bou. Ami oke konodin suck kore ni aar oo amake konodin suck kore ni. Oo khoob tired thake and hence fuck korte akdom interested na. Oo amake fuck kore once or twice in 15 days. Akbar amar modhya ejaculate kore goes off to sleep. Amake satisfy kore na.”She said “dear tumi abar hard hoye gacho. Please amake abar fuck koro. Ami tomake amar modhya abar chai. Tomake ami bhishon bhalobashi; tumi amar dear bor amar hubby”. I too wanted her again though i had already ejaculated inside her vagina thrice and was quite exhausted by then. We decided on the good old missionary position. She was on her back and spread her thighs and i mounted her and soon my penis was deep inside her vagina. I was fucking her with full passion and she was enjoying the fuck a lot. We were locked in a very passionate sexual embrace and were kissing very frantically – our lips were locked and we were sucking each other’s saliva. I slowly proceeded to suckle her breasts – her nipples were erect and responded to my suckling. She was groaning and saying “dear amar khoob bhalo lagchhe. Amake jore fuck koro aar ejaculate koro” and i was really enjoying her naked body. I was too excited and soon we came – i ejaculated deep in her as we both exploded and erupted sexually with our orgasm and climax. As we reached our climax and orgasm we hugged and embraced our naked bodies – our naked bodies were locked into one- and kissed over and over again very passionately sucking our saliva.

I was fucking her after 7 long years and ejaculated inside her vagina four times in two hours and enjoyed the immense sexual pleasures and enjoyment she gave me. We reached orgasm and climax simultaneously four times and i ejaculated in her vagina four times. She was simply superb. At 33 she was still at her sexual prime. She maybe slightly plump but she was just too good and we really enjoyed our lovemaking especially when i ejaculated deep inside her vagina and we exploded & erupted sexually & had our orgasm and climax together. Her face is exceedingly pretty and beautiful; she has very sexy thighs and her vagina is exceedingly sexy hot and juicy; her breasts are full with dark areola and erect nipples and i enjoy suckling them a lot. In short she is very good and gives me immense sexual pleasures and enjoyment.we had about 2hours before the others to return. We never realized that we have been fucking from about 2pm to 4pm – full 2hours – it seemed like minutes to us.we were lying side by side naked and i was gentely stroking her naked body and feeling all her curves and contours. I could feel her goose pimples as i was caressing and stroking her. She was fondling my penis and her soft smooth gentle hands were doing wonders to my penis. She kept on saying “ami tomake khoob bhalobashi. Tumi sudhu amar; tumi amar adorer hubby. Ami sudhu tomar; tomar bou”. I said “i love you my dear. You are mine and only mine. Tumi amar”. She then kept her head over my chest and was lovingly stroking my chest and hairs as i hugged her very close to me. My hands were lovingly caressing her hair bare naked back thighs and buttocks – her body is silky smooth even now & i enjoy caressing her naked body and feeling her curves very much. Her naked thighs were partly over my thighs and she was kissing me very Passionately – lips, cheeks and neck and ocassionaly biting my earlobes. Soon we were breathing very fast and we realised that we are far from being satisfied and want to fuck again. I was rock hard by now and she was pouring and dripping from her vagina. I said to her “ami tomake abar chai”. She replied “ami sudhu tomar. Tumi amake koro”. I again had her in the missionary position – i spread her sexy thighs and held them apart as i fucked – she was extremely hot and juicy; her vagina was dripping; my rock hard penis just glided in her silky smooth vagina and we “exploded” in no time – i must have given about 20-25 thrusts inside her vagina – this was more than enough for us to “explode & errupt” in sexual ecstacy & we both had our orgasm and climax simultaneously as i ejaculated deep inside her vagina.after our intimate and passionate fuck and lovemaking we kept on laying side by side lovingly stroking each other’s naked body and us hugging and kissing. She was lying on me with her head on my chest and her sexy legs partly over me. I was stroking & caressing her naked bare back breasts chest thighs lips & cheeks and hair and she was caressing me as her fingers moved over my chest and hairs and lips, she kissed and hugged me very passionately. We felt very close and we could feel each other’s love and warmth. I love her very much and she loves me very much – in fact we are husband and wife [which only you know] .a little before 6pm we went to the bathroom and took bath together holding each other’s naked body tightly under the shower. She rubbed soap all over me and wiped me with a sponge. I did the same to her and then our naked bodies were together locked in a tight sexual hug under the shower. As i was wiping her i felt her round succulent breasts and suckled them in rotation. In those two hours i fucked her five times and we “sexually exploded and erupted five times & simultaneously had our orgasm and climax five times & i ejaculated inside her vagina five times” – this is our all time record. This was one of our best fucks and we always recollect this day very vividly. We remember this day as it was after a very long time – 7years – and the first of “our renewed love and wedded life”. In fact it was from this day that we actually fell in love and our love for each other has been increasing

Since this day – we call this day- 12 july 2002- our “wedding day” and “ful sojja” as on this day our marriage was consumated. [1995 –was an escapede which we enjoyed and which laid the foundation of our love affection and marriage]. We have been having sex quite regularly – every time we meet. We manage it by hook or by crook and have been 100% successful till date and no one knows or suspects. Also no one knows that we are deeply in love – she considers me as her dear husband and i consider her as my darling wife. [only you know about our sex life and that we are deeply in love. By the way these five ejaculations in one day is my record. I have ejaculated four times in side all the “hers” a couple of times but never 5 times in a day. I enjoy making love to “her” the most – she is the most passionate and provides me with the best sexual pleasures and exploding and errupting sexually with her and reaching orgasm and climax simultaneously is a wonderful experience – “she” is the best. After all she is my darling wife and i am her dear husband.]Soon it was time for others to return. By now we had dressed up. I made tea and we sat side by side and was sipping it & waiting for the others to return & very eagerly waiting for the next day. As she was by my side and we were still alone i kept hugging and kissing her cheeks and lips.

This was the first day after 7 long years. Since then we have been having sex quite regularly whenever we meet – mostly we have to steal our love. I was to stay there for 4 days but i extended my stay by 5 more days – a total of 9 days- all throughout her safe periods on her request. We had ample time to ourselves – almost 6 hours every day & i ejaculated four times in her on all these days as we “exploded and erupted in ultimate sexual pleasures and ecstacy and would reach orgasm and climax simultaneously” – a total of 37times [5 times on day 1] in 9 days and we enjoyed each and every moment to the full. I would make her “come” at least once & ocassionaly twice before “our sexual explosion orgasm and climax” – that is she “exploded sexually” about 80 times in those 9 days of which 37 “sexual explosions” were with me simultaneously. During the morning hours we would steal some love or blowjobs which i have described below. Our stolen but golden moments..i was at her place those days. I used to get up early to make tea. She used to come to the kitchen. We used to steal kisses very frequently especially with everyone present in the house. After tea he used to get ready. One day i asked her for a bj when he was busy getting ready [he was in the bathroom]. She said that i was crazy but i insisted. She agreed with some persuasion. It was in the kitchen. She knelt, i undid the zip of my pajama [this night suit was presented to me by her & it has a zip]. I was hard and she commented “tumi ato naughty keno.” It was a quickie. I was in her mouth. She held my penis with one hand and carefully sucked me her tongue rolling over my penis as she held my thighs and her lips and mouth were making a to and fro motion over my penis. I came maybe in 2-3 minutes or earlier and ejaculated inside her mouth with a great force and she licked me dry. She then took the kitchen towel and wiped me dry. We went to the drawing room and started sipping our second cup of tea. While sipping tea she said “tomake niye aar para galo na. Mathar modhya khali paglami & dushtumi” & hugged me and gave me a very loving kiss on my cheeks and lips. He came out of the bathroom oblivious of what had happened a few minutes before.

Next morning i insisted on a cl. It was a very crazy idea as per her which i too agree. I made her sit on the kitchen platform and lifted her night gown and pulled out her panty. Then i spread her thighs wide and started to suck her – she was hot and wet and she was pouring. She was very much aroused & said “khoob moja lagchhe” and my tongue slid inside her vagina and rolled inside. I drank her love juices and i swear that they were quite tasty. I knew she wanted me inside but we kept that for the later part of the day. As she got up for the tea she said “tumi aar tomar dushtumi they are great and crazy just like you”. Like before she gave me a tight hug and a loving kiss on my cheeks and lips & said “aajke kintu amake anek bhalobashte hobe” as we sat for our second cup of tea. I could see the naughty & inviting looks in her eyes. As usual he was not even aware of what happened. Every morning we used to do something crazy – all were my idea. One morning i decided to have her. She said that i was just not crazy but very crazy, but i insisted. She had to agree as i was hell bent & we decided on the sofa in drawing room. Those were her safe days. She lifted her night gown; i pulled out her panty and took off my pajama, was already hard and entered her. We roughly had an idea how long he takes to get ready and knew that we had enough time for a quickie. No foreplay just entered her. We were very much aroused and we did not take long to come and i ejaculated within minutes – maybe around 20 thrusts at the most – had our orgasm & climaxed together. We had never come so fast. Withdrew and wiped myself with her gown. We must not have taken more than 4-5 minutes to have our orgasm & climax. This was a great risk which we Realized later – what if he came out early! But she had to accept that it was a very novel Experience – Steal love with everyone around!!! She then went to the bathroom to freshen up.the next morning i wanted her again. After initial refusal she agreed though she considered me very crazy. We knew that we had enough time for a quickie and in the drawing room it will be difficult to get caught as there was enough reaction time to change postures even if one comes out early. I decided from the rear and she agreed – i lifted her gown, pulled out her panty completely undid the zip of my pajamas , she bent forward and rested her head on the sofa cushion; i held her by her waist and entered her from behind. We were so excited that i was rock hard & she was very wet & pouring. It was a very smooth passage and my penis just glided inside her vagina & my penis must have given around 20 thrusts inside her vagina & this was enough for us to climax & reach our orgasm together. I ejaculated inside her and we had our orgasm & climaxed together. I wiped myself with her panty. We must not have taken more than 4-5 minutes for our orgasm & climax. She then went to the bathroom to clean up. We never took such risks again. She admits even to this day that these two episodes were very novel experiences and remembers the vivid details. In fact we had enough time for another one though we never tried it. We accept that we took a great risk on both the days but then it paid off exceedingly well.one morning i wanted to suckle her breasts. We had decided not to take any risks. She was wearing a sleeveless night gown. The shoulder straps could be slid down quite easily. I unhooked her bra and took them off. Then i started to suckle one of her breasts and was pressing the other one. Switched ends 2-3 times. She put her hands inside my pajamas & was fondling my penis. Her touch and fondling was so good that i could not hold myself and ejaculated on her hands – she did not even shag me. Her fondling and touch made me come – must have come in 2-3 minutes. She wiped her hands and my penis with the kitchen towel, planted a loving kiss on my cheeks and lips gave me a tight hug and went to the bathroom for washing up. Only if one knew the various uses of the kitchen towel..after the morning steal of love, we would wait eagerly for all to leave and then we would love each other passionately for 5-6 hours nonstop..she got pregnant on two occasion but no one came to know as i got a mtp done on both the times.

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