With Aunty & His Daughter

Hi, I am Venkat from nearby Bangalore a village. I have started to read ISS stories from degree second year. first of all I intrudes myself , I am looking good personality, and have 6.1 height & 7 inc cock ,aged 24.

The story related to an aunty & her daughter. My father’s sis my aunty, her name is Shanthi, daughter name madhura. Aunty aged 39 & Madhura 18 they are live in over colony nearby our house. His husband died 6 Years back he left Hugh propriety to them the not have any problem to live. About aunty Shanthi in that age he looks very yang, she was like a racka heroin good shape he have. Coming to madhura she was small and she developing her body and good looking, she is free with me everything she discuss with me play with me.

In this process when I was in degree final year the story starts. I go weekly twos to their house , One Saturday evening I went to their house , when I knocked the door it’s not opened for long time knocked again and again at last after 10 mints the door was opened . It was Shanthi aunty I saw her she was in blue sari with full of sweat in all over the body. I smiled on her and she also smiled & sad come in , I asked her why u not opened the door for so long aunty , she replied I was in deep sleep so I can’t hear your sound for that sorry she said, it’s ok aunty , were is madhura I told , she went her friend’s house, aunty said. I saw her she was very tired and sweat all over body ,I asked her why u looking very tired and your body sweating aunty , she tensed and said I was in bad dream came to me that wise . Ok aunty you go and fresh up and come I will hear. She went to her bedroom and she finished her bath and joined me after 15 mentis. She was very tensed she was not talking properly , I asked her what the problem why you so tensed tell me aunty .she not replied , I asked again but she not replied , after a long silence she told ,you want coffee Venkat aunty told , first tell me what happened .again silence for 5 mentis . after a long silence she spooked Venkat you are very small to this matter to discuss with u , I told aunty I am not a small boy I have completing within 8 months my degree , tell me what the problem . Venkat you cannot understand my problem, first you tell me. Shanthi aunty told Venkat it has an uncle passed away 5years back after that incident on words I have not at had sex with anybody because fire of society and madhure. from last 5 years I have Masturbating myself , Hoo aunty I petty you , tell me Venkat now you can solve my problem , I taught for a will and said. aunty can I solve but , I want your permeation to do this , aunty surprised said how can it be , give me permeation then I will show you ,

Ok do what you want , then I went near aunty and I hold my breath and kissed her on her lips she pushed me away and said , What are u doing , I solving your problem , It’s not right we can’t do this , why? I am your aunty, aunty means what? you need a men I am hear why can’t u do this , you’re a small boy I am like your mother we can’t do this ,ok and angrily I came back from her house .

After an hour she called me I not lifted the call, she called for five to six times but I not answered. after that she called for daily ones but I not replied , she came to our house after 4 days when I was in my bed room solving the accounts problems , she knocked and came to the room , I was in the bad she came near me and asked what are u doing , I told solving problems ,she told you’re a genies in solving problems , but I can’t solved your problem , she told with nutty smile because of that I called u but you not replied , I asked really and in me the man waken up and kissed on her lips for 3 minutes & separated , she told come to my house at week end , I told ok we talked for some time and she gone to home .

From that day onwards thinking about her sex body and masturbating myself. At last the day came; it was Sunday I went aunt’s house. They had a flat of two bedrooms, hall, & kitchen. Auntie was still working in the kitchen cleaning up the vessels & so on. It was about noon around 12.45 p.m. I called her auntie where are you, she immediately came from the kitchen & kept her hand on my mouth, trying to stop me to utter a word & slowly said come to my room. Therefore, I went in her room. As I entered her room, she came closer to me caring my body. In addition, what next my lips were on her lips. We both were kissing each other very passionately. May be as a boy & girl met after a long time. We were just kissing & kissing moving our hands on each other’s body. Then I moved my hands on her chest or I should say boobs. It was firm tight like a girl of 21 years old. I opened her blouse; yes, of course she helped me to do so. Then I removed her bra, at that time I could only feel her big boobs, which was just tight & firm. I asked her about her figure, she told me that, she is 36 – 32 – 36. She asked to solve the problem this number ok. She removed my t-shirt and shorts in just no time. I was on my underwear. In the mean time, I removed her sari & petticoat, she too was in her panty. Then she lay down on the bed and asked me to come over. So here I go. I started on her tow, kissing and gradually moving on top. I kissed her whole body from bottom to top. She was going honey and making sounds Ahhh… Uoohhh… Ahhh… Uoohhh……. Ahhh……. Uoohhh… She holds me and said I cannot wait any longer please do fast. Then I slowly removed her panty with my mouth. She smelled nice & there was some odor. Well I am unable to describe, so kindly you try to understand it. She got up, removed my underwear, and holds my Lund in her hand.

First, she cared it then she moved it front & back caring the tip. She was trying to masturbate me. Then I told her just lick it in your mouth and make my lands tip wet. She obeyed me and took it in her mouth. I was very high at that time, so I started to push my Lund in her mouth. This exited her. She tried to take the whole of it her mouth. Then suddenly she lay down and took me over she command me to put it in her choot. In addition, with her hands she guided my Lund to the opening of her choot. First, I put my first finger in her choot and finger her, then the middle finger. By this time, her choot was completely wet with the pre cum which came out. Therefore, I licked it out with my mouth. Her pre cum was very sweet & hot. She was going honey when I was licking, she was moaning Ahhh… Uoohhh… Ahhh……. Uoohhh……. Ahhh……. Uoohhh……. Then finally, I inserted my Lund in her Hot Wet Choot. Slowly slowly, it went inside completely after that I started giving her jerks by jerks slow, fast, medium, slow, fast, and medium, she was moaning Ahhh… Uoohhh… Ahhh… Uoohhh……. Ahhh……. Uoohhh… She told me that she is going tom. The more she was moaning, the more I increased my speed to give her jerks faster n faster, she was moaning louder & louder Ahhh……. Uoohhh… Ahhh… Uoohhh……. Ahhh……. Uoohhh……. Sun you are so nice fuck me faster n faster. I like you very much. I always thought of having sex with you long time back. I always fantasize about you. And she was moaning Ahhh……. Uoohhh……. Ahhh……. Uoohhh……. Ahhh……. Uoohhh……. Finally she cummed. However, I was not satisfied with that, because I have not yet got ready to cum. Then I decrease my speed, so to make her ready again but my Lund is still in her choot. In a short while, she was ready for the second fast fuck. Then I told her I want to do this time in a different way so I asked her to get up the bed. We came down on the floor & stood by the side of bed. I asked her to stretch her legs & bend down on the bed. I stood behind her, told her to take my Lund from the backside in her hand and put it in her choot. She did it then I also bend down a little hold her by the boobs and slowly pushed my Lund in. After my Lund went inside her choot, I started her giving her good jerks, slow – fast, fast – slow, she started moaning Ahhh… Uoohhh……. Ahhh……. Uoohhh……. Ahhh……. Uoohhh……. She cummed in again. Still now I did not cum, but I was ready for a cum. She told me to stop. However, I did not because I wanted to cum in her choot. In addition, I was ready so I kept on the speed. I told her I am about to cum. She told to cum in her choot only as she wanted to feel the hot liquid in her choot. In few seconds time I cummed whole thing inside her choot. To my surprise she cummed in again with me. This was the time she cummed thrice.

Then we lay down in the bed for some time we both were kissing each other moving our hands on each other’s body. We had nothing on us, no bed sheet, nothing. Completely naked. I told her I want to fuck your asshole. She denied first by saying no because it will hurt. I then convinced her by saying that if we do things in right way, it would not hurt. She told me, she never had got her ass fucked by her husband. That gave me a clue to convince her more. Then I turned her, she lay on the back on her stomach, and then I put my middle finger in her ass slowly. She felt nice this gave her some courage. I asked her for some oil. She took the bottle of vatika hair oil and gave me. However, before I would fuck her asshole, I asked her give me a blowjob. She did it very nicely and I felt like I was in the galaxy. In the mean time, I was pressing her boobs sucking it sometimes biting it. I got so excited that I caught her by her hair and was mouth fucking her. After the blowjob, which she gave me, I applied some oil in my Lund, and some oil in her asshole. Putting oil over the asshole makes the very much more convenient (practical experience). Then I went on top and slowly put my dick on top of her asshole & trying to put it inside. Man it was dam tight. Anyhow, I managed but painful. Therefore, we then decided to do the same in a doggy style. Therefore, she again bends down & I started to fuck her asshole. She started moaning Ahhh… Uoohhh……. Ahhh……. Uoohhh……. Ahhh……. Uoohhh……. After a few shoots she cummed again. However, I did not stop, I was about to cum. She said its paining so she lay down on her back I stretch her legs & fuck her choot again. She kept on moaning Ahhh……. Uoohhh……. Ahhh……. Uoohhh……. Ahhh……. Uoohhh……. After about 20 minutes I cummed in her choot. As we lay down on the side of each other. We both got a shock to see that her daughter was standing at the door and watching us, she saw whatever we did. We never noticed that someone is there around watching us. At this point of time we did not understand what to do, we were just trying to cover ourselves. For a while, I thought that we are gone case & who knows what is going to happen next. However, to my surprise, she came in straight to me. Sat right in front of me and said you bastard you have fucked my mother now, who is going to fuck me. This sentence gave me a big relief. I took a deep breath. I said to myself we are on the safe side. Both mother & daughter are getting ready to kill me. I do not know how many thoughts came in my mind at this point of time.

Soon I realized that madhura pushed me down on the bed and came on top of me. She bends down over my Lund and started to lick it she took my whole of Lund in her mouth. She at first bit my Lund. In few seconds time my dick was erected hot again. However, she was not ready to leave my Lund; she continued to suck my Lund. Until I cummed in her mouth. To my surprise, she drank the whole juice. Nothing was left over. Then she turned herself down & come over her and she guides me to her choot. She wore no panty, no bra; she already removed it and came. She just wore a nighty and came inside. In addition, there I was I to fuck her. It was a pleasant time, to fuck her & she was virgin. Man she got so excited, watching her mother doing sex with me, right in front of her eyes, in her own house. That she could not even control herself and there I was fucking her, she started moaning Ahhh… Uoohhh……. Ahhh……. Uoohhh……. Ahhh… Uoohhh… Just like her mother. Her pussy was tight then her mother. Even I was finding it painful. However, I did not give up. I fucked her until she cummed 4 times. However, I did not cum in her pussy because she was virgin & I did not want her to be a pregnant. While I was fucking her she also licked her mothers choot, where her mother cummed in her mouth. Then she licked my Lund very well. By this time I tired like anything, just imagine how I would have managed to fuck two women, one after the other. I must say she can lick very well. Then she made me fuck her asshole in a doggy style. She made me do everything same way what I did with her mother. However, it is a real nice experience to fuck a mother & daughter at her own house in one day. Almost around 4.30 p.m. in the evening, we all went to sleep, that too together & 7.30 p.m. aunty to cook dinner around nine p.m aunty weak up madhura & me & we had dinner. I call to my dad and sad I will come tomorrow dad agreed .Then what we had fun 4 times in night & went to sleep.

Next day morning around 9.00 a.m. in the morning auntie woke me up. Madhura was side of me sleeping, she gave us some milk to drink, & I went to my house, from that day on words we three had a nice time together doing threesome together. Kissing, Licking, Touching, Fuck & all nasty things together. Now I can say, a daughter witnessed her mother being fucked by me…! In addition, a mother witnessed her virgin daughter being fucked by me…! They both enjoy with me together! This is something unusual isn’t it…! Both mother & daughter was very good partner to me for sex. Still now, we have sex together or sometime separate.

Therefore, guys n girls how you liked my first unusual sexual experience! You are most welcome to send in your comments to me. Any aunties or girls want to contact me, my email id [email protected]

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