With a cousin in a train

Hi, here I am Sohan again from Bangladesh. You missed me a lot. Didn’t you..As u might have remembered, I told in some of my other narratives ( I don’t like to call them stories as stories tend to be fictitious, or some people take them to be so; on the other hand mines spring from hardcore experience in life…at same time u may wonder at seeing how truth looks stranger than fiction ) that I have great luck in enjoying sex with different types of girls as well as women in variety of situations as well as variety of places. . Today I wanna tell u the story of my fabulous sex with a teenaged sexy cousin of mine and that’s on the board of a running train.During a university vacation I went to pay a visit to my uncle’s house at Chittagong, the port city of Bangladesh. Within a short time I befriended both of my cousins- Tisha, 15 yrs old and her brother Reshad, 10 yrs old. They were already my fans. But during my stay there for about a week they became almost obsessed with me. It was a sort of relationship that Mary had with her lamb. Anyway , Tisha was a very beautiful girl- her attractive features never missed to attract a man’s sensual attention. She seems to dance to the tune of nature. Whatever she does, wherever goes she is sure to please the thirsty eyes- with her beauty, her great physique that has a pair of blooming apples, a pair of luscious lips like orange-slices , her silky thighs like slices of water melon or even her swinging buttocks that would roll like ocean waves in the game of love. You can wrap her thin waist with one hand as one of her blooming boob would be just good enough to fill ur mouth. Ahahahah. As she came in her short skirts to sit beside to chat with me, her body emanated a sweet fragrance which I used to devour with all my senses. I used to think of Lotita in Vladimir Novokov’s novel. Refraining from touching her smooth silky skin, or for that matter her cheek would be irresistible for me… I used to burn within while sexy sensation ran through the whole of my body.

Yet never did I try to be offensive or indecent in my behavior with her. But Tisha with her sixth sense cud understand that sth was not very right with me. She used to say,’ Bhaiya, u r always so smart and lively .. But sm times u look awkward ..why?’ I brushed her aside ,’ u r too young to understand that.’ She mimicked me and said,’ ohhhh, I m too young n u r too old ,nah? Atlami (intellectualization), huh !She used to do sm subtle flirting with me. Like saying , u look like a lady killer, u must have girl friends, tai na? I said, beshi peke gechho, na? ( u hv become precocious, right ?). Sometimes I took the opportunity of her subtle flirting and in the pseudo reprimanding, I first pulled her ears and then her cheek. Instead of getting angry she chuckled signifying she liked my touch. The touch of her rosy butter -soft cheek sent surge of desire through my body. I was heaving hot breath which didn’t escape her notice She remarked, as u touched my cheek u seemed to blush. As if u didn’t touch any girls . Dh..ooong.. (pretension).This made me even hornier and I tried to grab her but she fled away, leaving me to burn within. That day I masturbated on her for the first time. The pair of her capable green pomegranates on her bosom, her silky thighs that lead to her golden triangle , her ever growing butt, her thin waist, her navel…. I explored all of them in fantasy. Her imaginary scream of pain and pleasure as I tore her virginity with my rock hard cock sounded real.. I cum heavily and volcanic torrents of my thick load wetted the bed sheet. I wished I cud discharge it on the cleavage of sexy Tisha’s breasts . Anyway , her flirting continued unabated. She with a childlike coquettishness play a sort of cat n mouse with me. While in presence of others especially my auntie and uncle she behaved as if I were an elder brother, at other times esp when alone with me, she doesn’t miss any opportunity of pulling my legs. I always enjoyed her mischiefs. One day she asked me,’ do u know what BHMH stands for? ‘ I expressed my ignorance . But she chuckled and didn’t want to clarify. I was getting angry and tried to grab her. As I suddenly pulled Her towards me, she almost fell on my chest. Her breasts pressed against mine. What a nice feeling ! I didn’t want to release her until she clarified the mystery about the acronym .She was fluttering like a butterfly to get rid of my hold. I was about to plant a kiss on her sexy cheek. She might hv the feel of my erection underneath my loose trousers. Somehow I controlled lest she got me wrong . For I was yet to figure out her exact plan with me. I said,’ ok,, tell me what’s bhmh?’- bal … Kichchhu jane na . She bit her tongue as if to reprimand herself for uttering a slang bal, a Bangla word for pubic hair. Hearing a sexy young chick of that age uttering that kind of slangs which I know they’re used to using in their chat with their chums was really arousing. I knew it wasn’t a mere slip of the tongue . It was done with a purpose and a part of her flirtation.On my insisting she said,’ BHMH means ‘boro hole mal hobe’ ( she wl b a sexy chick when grown up)Surprised with her sexual maturity or orientation , I retorted, ‘ tumi to already akta heavy mal hoye uthechho.’ ( u hv already grown into a heavy sexy chick ). With feigned anger she attempted to come toward me to blow a fist on me.I said,’ abar kachhe ashle kintu tomar gal kamrhe debo.’ ( if u come near again I wl bite ur cheeks.) Ahhhaaa, shokh koto? ( u r too ambitious ) said she and went away leaving an impression of shy flirtation. So long as I was in their house, Tisha’s thought obsessed me all the time…how I can touch her, plant kisses on her rosy cheeks , devour her thin lips, smooch her apples, explore her wonderful body with all my senses and finally break her 15-yr old virginity with the strokes of my 25-yr old 7-incher. I visualize how she would respond as I would plunge my hungry mouth in her cleavage or I would lick her pussy-clit amidst her newly grown silky bal or as my ferocious cock would penetrate inside her tight vagina while her nipples and lips bubbling inside my hot mouth. Ahhhha, each of her organs flashed in my mind only resulting in my clandestine vigorous jerking off. ‘ shall I ever get sweet sexy Tisha the way I dream of?’ I thought .

I couldn’t take any daring steps as regard going all the down with her as I was afraid of putting my reputation at a stake. Moreover , Tisha’s behavior was also equivocal…. She seemed to come one step forward to offer herself at one moment , the other moment she recoiled herself ten steps backward from me, leaving me burning in the fire of my own desire. She was flirting, she was mischievous, she was naughty, she was having fun at my expense, at my awkward condition . Still I was attracted to her ( as any potent man would be in that situation ) as a thin piece of steel was to a powerful magnet. I was feeling frustrated as the time of departure from the Tishas was nearing hastily with my ever increasing passion for my sexy cousin remaining unmitigated. I became a bit moody and rude even when Tisha wanted to bemuse me with her characteristic pranks of light and shade. Her ‘catch me if u can’ style rather irritated me. The previous night before the day of my departure, auntie told me that Tisha and Reshad would go to Dhaka with me by the afternoon train and accordingly a 3-seated AC coupe had been reserved. I didn’t feel excited as I had now an idea that Tisha was just having fun at my expense. Moreover, Reshad would be there. The thought of accompanying Tisha whose company would definitely ignite my libido only to suffer the pangs of unmitigated desire within myself in a 6/7-hr journey seemed to be boring .. But God had his own design .We reached the railway station in time and were seated in our reserved coupe. I was more interactive with Reshad than with Tisha for obvious reason . She looked non-chalant. She rather seemed to enjoy my being mad her. A sort of mischievous smile lurked between her lips. She put on a jeans trousers and a loose printed T-shirt. Naturally, her pin-pointed tight boobs each of which was just big enough to fill my mouth were swinging with each of her high-heel steps while the tight jeans exposed the curves of her well-shaped buttocks. The front cut of The T-shirt ran downward n stopped short of exposing her cleavage. A side look enabled me to see the strap of her bra. As she lifted her arm I could see her armpit that had thin brownish hair that didn’t get the touch of razor yet.Reshad occupied the window seat and Tisha had to sit between me and her brother . Reshad was a chattering all the time and I had to answer the volley of his questions one after another. The train started on time. I kept the coupe door locked from inside in order to keep cooling intact. Reshad kept looking through the window as the train was speeding up faster. There was a sort of jerking as it changed tracks. Tisha moved herself towards me or the train’s movement made her do so. One of her sides almost leaned against my body. I couldn’t understand whether it was intentional or not. I felt The softness of her body as I smelt the fragrance of her shampoo n perfume. We talked about different things but in a very casual manner. Sometimes I leafed through a magazine , got engaged in conversation for sm times while friction with Tisha’s body was generating heat inside me. After about an hour, Reshad went to the toilet. Tisha asked as soon as we became alone ,’ Hey , Mr. .,why do u look so down? U hv become quite mad at me, nah?’Why should I be ? I replied without taking my eyes off the magazine . She snatched the magazine from my hand. Tell me what shall I hv to do to cool ur temper? Before I gave a reply Reshad entered the room and announced that he had found two of his class mates in the next coupe and he wanted to be with them. Without waiting for my reaction .

Tisha consented and told him not to be naughty with his friends. She also told him to come as soon as possible and knock on the door as it would remain locked from inside for the reason noise -control and air conditioning. With his excited departure I locked the coupe door. Wowww, I m now alone with a paragon of beauty. I told Tisha so. She was intelligent enough not to miss my excitement. ‘ hey u look refreshed and re-energized as before.’ I smiled . I had an uncanny feeling sth was going to happen. Tisha still was sitting very closely . I felt her breath. Her silky soft hair sm times leashed on my face. We got engaged in tidbits. After some time, she asked ,’ u r a great palmist, nah? Why don’t u read my palms now?’I took the opportunity and took hold of hand. I didn’t miss a chance of being naughty .’ yes, I can read palms a bit. But without reading ur palms I can say what colour of bra u put on today.’ She blushed. ‘ u r so naughty . Ok, tell me what u know. ‘ – u put on a pink bra, am I right?- wow…, surprised , chuckling, she said,’ how come u know?’ First I rested my hand on her thigh tightly covered by her coarse jeans. Then one of my hands rested on her shoulders , without our being aware of the progress of situation .Tisha too put a hand on my thigh . My excitement was increasing every moment .My penis already was getting erected inside my trousers and in that tight space the throbbing erection made me uncomfortable. I was sort of comforting the roaring member over my trousers at the back of her eyes. But she was sure to notice it. Tisha was so close to me. She seemed to be at my disposal now. My hand on her shoulder started working . I softly massaged her shoulders beneath the collar of her T-shirt. She seemed to be gorgeous as well as sparking. I saw her upper lips and nose tip got moistened. I told Tisha ,’ look, I hv a pair of x-ray eyes. I can tell u what golden treasure u hv beneath ur garments .’- tai naki? ( is it?), she burst into chuckling indicating how she endorsed and encouraged my sexual advances..I couldn’t control myself anymore . I pulled her toward me and said, “ Tisha, u r so beautiful, so sexy; as I see u stand in front of me ami pagol hoye jai ( I get mad )and without waiting for her answer I planted kisses on her cheeks. First she tried to pull away but in no time her seeming resistance melted away. My lips came down heavily on her luscious lips. Wowww, what a marvelous feeling! To this was added Tisha’s hot response. Our lips remained inter twined for some time as I heard her releasing moaning of Relish. I slide my hand inside her shirt and mildly pressed her breasts over her Victoria’s secret bra. We stood , face to face, kissing each other like two amorous birds. Ohhhhh, what a feeling. I thumped and pressed her swollen buttocks as I kept kissing and caressing my teen age lover. My penis was furiously hard and I had to free it from the bondage of zipper. My hands groped on different parts of her body, still on her clothes .I guided one of Tisha’s hand to take charge of my raging bull. The feel of my erection took her surprised. Instead of repelling her hand from the electrifying cock, her basic instinct guided her to move her hand up and down over the piston only to augment my fomenting pleasure . Tisha seemed to be in a trance; she was enjoying my loving her with her eyes semi-closed and a hand mildly masturbating a throbbing cock! I pulled her T-shirt out of her head and she stood in front of me only in her sexy lingerie. We sat on the trembling sofa in the air tight railway coupe. I already took my trousers off and the erect phallus sprang out. Tisha didn’t see it properly before ,just felt it. Having a full view of seven incher standing like a flag pole from a grassy base she looked stunned and awed. She exclaimed, wowww …its so big.! By then I could understand that though tender in age Tisha was extremely sexy and naturally had a strong libido. Her basic instinct like that of Sharon Stone in ‘Basic Instinct ‘ led her for orgasmic pleasure uncharacteristic of a teen ager. I embraced her and toyed with her breasts….wowww ……they were so fluffy…..like a small baloon…. Protruding themselves erect and tight out of their base. I sucked them for some time , to Tisha’s mild moanings .Tisha was also pressing her hand against her scrotch… I being much more experienced than Tisha understood what that meant. I asked her to suck me. First she said,” oh no… I will never do it…. That looks so frightening…’ The head of my penis had already got moistened with pre-cum and it glistened in the light.I knew she didn’t mean what said about a giving a blow job. I entreated her saying ,’ my sexy dear,… U r a wonderful lover… I am mesmerized with each n everything u hv already given me….

I am in the apex of pleasure … Please try it, if u don’t like.. Then u won’t hv to do….ok?’She agreed . First she kissed my penis . Then licked a bit. I pushed my butt upward to insert my manhood into her mouth. Very soon more n more of my penis was inside her mouth n she was sucking it like real slut…. Ohhhh what a pleasure …I won’t be to describe it…a sweet, beauty, a sexy ,tender bitch giving a blow job like an expert whore…. Ahhhhaaaa… I in the midst of ecstatic pleasure got hold of her growing breasts … I kept smooching, caressing them,…. The mixture of Tisha’s saliva and my pre-cum rolled down the erection like froth. She was holding my penis with one hand while she entered the other hand inside her trousers to massage her cunt…. The actions , sounds , smell, and sight …all were so erotic, so arousing, so pleasing …ahhhhaaaa ,readers, I cannot describe….( let me confess- in course of recounting my experience to u I already masturbated twice …what about u?) The intense sound of the train got lost where..we weren’t aware .The tempo reached its pinnacle . I couldn’t hold anymore . I said,” ohhhhh Tisha.. Ami ar parsi na… I m cum . Despite my warning she didn’t release my penis from grab and I cum profusely into her face…. Torrents of semen on her hand and face. Her face looked like that of a child who had just finished her ice cream some of which still lay sprayed on her mouth… Tisha looked embarrassed as well as awkward but at the top of indefinable ecstatic pleasure . I wiped her face and hand with a tissue paper.The train was running in full gear. We didn’t know it was already evening . We almost forgot about Reshad. He must hv his pleasant time with chums-‘should I go n see what Reshad is going ?’ I asked Tisha .

No need. Said she, still in a sort of euphoria. I touched her, her body felt so hot as to hv 102 degree fever . I understood the fire of Tisha ‘s passion needed to be satiated. I got ready for going all the down with a view to bringing orgasmic satisfaction to my lovely younger lover. – Tisha u r so sweet , so sexy, so crazy, so responsive,…. Ur body..each part of it….wooow ohhhhh , I cannot tell u how electrifying they’re .. U r my sweet bird… I want to worship u the way a devout devotee worships a goddess …ahhhhaaaa u r my goddess … I proceeded toward another course as I took her shirt off and started kissing and licking and sucking nipples of her adolescent budding breasts. I plunged my tongue into her armpit..I licked the aromatic sweat there …Tisha started screaming..ahhhhaaaa , , Sohan bhaiya.. U hv made me mad…. Ahhhhaaaa , I undressed her… She was wearing a printed bikini-like panty that just covered her golden triangle . I slided my hand inside her panty as I held her by her thin waist. She totally surrendered to me. Each of my moves was adequately and warmly responded by her. I was also in my underwear . My cock was roaring again. I placed her on my hairy thighs. My hard-on straight directed towards her clit under the panty.I could feel it. Tisha embraced me. The softness of her breasts was against my hairy chest. She licked my nipples. I slided my fingers to her buttocks as I kept kissing hers lips and tongue.I kneaded her butt and put my fingers downwards to see that she was flooding profusely. I took some drops of love-juice to lubricate her tiny anus to which she sounded ..oooohhhh..no…….. Maybe a slight insertion of my index finger into her asshole pained caused some pain. Then I laid Tisha on the sofa-like seat. With the vibrant , sort of bumpy motion of the train.

Tisha was trembling with excitement . I placed myself between her spread legs. I took her nipples into my mouth as my throbbing cock was touching her silky thighs here and there. I came downward licking. And then I pulled her panty through her slender legs. Woooowow… What a beautiful sight. She has not yet shaved her pubic hair. Her golden triangle looked like a moon or what should star twinkling in a dark night. I plunged my face in her vagina and started licking them…. Tisha was now screaming like what we call “ kata murgi” ( slaughtered chicken). She was aggressively pulling my hair . She screamed, ..ahahhahahah… Ar parsi , please tarhatarhi koro, tarhatari, please.”I could understand however sexy or horny she may be, she was still virgin. I had to be careful not hurt her which may give her a wrong notion about love making. I placed my penis just against her erect clitoris that had already flooded with her love juice. I wanted to have it penetrate itself with automatic rhythm of our bodies. Tisha was in a kind of frenzy now. She was making upward thrusts.. And my seven incher was inching inside her tight vagina…..As it entered few inches Tisha was feeling pain and she complain… Ohhhhhh.. Lagse.. Lagse… But her complaints belied her body language and I was not in a position to withdraw from her. I was making back and forth strokes inside her cunt that grabbed my cock with its lips. My tempo was being increased and very soon Tisha screamed out of her orgasm.But that didnt stop her as she seemed to get ready for multiple orgasm. With the rhythm of the moving train our bodies started moving with all possible response and cooperation from each other. She enjoyed every bit of thrust as she reciprocated it with hers; to that rhythmic love making was added her ahhhh ohhhhh whispering, biting her own lips while keeping her eyes closed. I shoved the full length of my member into her super tight and super hot juvenile vagina with a vigorous thrust to which Tisha almost cried in pain.The potion of pain and pleasure made her eyes watery. Her moaning would have been heard from outside had it not been outweighed by the noise of the running train. It was like khape khap- made for each other… That pleasure was so paradisal, so intense, so indefinable. After some time I was heading towards my orgasm. Tisha did not ask me not to ejaculate inside her pussy. But fearing that would put us in problem I myself withdrew my rock hard piston from her tight grip; the cock glistened with the mixture of my precum and her love juice was throbbing for a forceful discharge. I finally discharged on her navel. Tisha opened her eyes for a moment and having seen what I was doing took her look away and covered her eyes with her hand….So….. That was one of the most unforgettable sex adventures I have ever had. Dear ISS readers let me know how you liked the story at [email protected]

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