Wife With Grand Father

By : Sultana1999

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Oh Great”, I exclaimed in reaction to my horny wife’s candid confession. And I was quite thrilled about it also.  “Everything is all right. It will be great if dadu comes forward to helping you out. But he is now 76, or on his way to be an octogenarian in a few years. Can he now procreate a child in your womb? I commented.

She laughed, and said, “I have full confidence in him. There are so many cases, I heard, in which a septuagenarian or octogenarian man fathered children. Why don’t we try him out?  I agreed. “But  Ani,  We have to manipulate it in such way that he cannot make out our ulterior plan or purpose”, she added.  She looked delighted as seeing a hope and my consent.  “I didn’t get you”, I said out.

She smiled, and continued, he must not guess that we are practically stealing his seed.  So my trysts with him have to be taken place in your absence. I nodded my in agreement with her but with a heavy heart as I wanted to witness her procreation act. She was smiling, and uttered, “I know you have a peeping-Tom in you, and you will remain restless and upset unless you voyeur my lovemaking with grandpa.  All right, let me think out a way out to your problem.

Next day my wife got the existing lock-system on our second bedroom’s door replaced with old key-hole system. Next week, Dadu came down to our place to sojourn a fortnight on our invitation.  This time seeing him I smiled to myself what a surrogate Sunita singled out! In normal circumstances a father or grandfather offers/gives his daughter in kanyadaan to the groom/son in law.

Here the son in law is planning to offers his wife to his father in law. Kanyadan in reverse. I could not manage leave from my office. So I continued attending my office, daily.  At 9 o’clock morning I would go out for my office and be backing home at 8 o’clock at evening; and this gap-hours, or my absence of almost 11 hours, was used by my horny wife to enjoy her purposeful fun with her grandpa in full privacy.

I was hard all day in my office imagining what the duo grand father and grand daughter were doing. Our purpose was in progress and that I was convinced by my wife on the very first day of Dadu’s stay with us, when, subsequent to my returning home from office, she showed her breasts to me those were now embellished  with red love-scars all around suggesting they had been roughly love-molested in a full blown incest in my absence!

It immediately mated out to me a sexual jolt. My loving wife held my hand in hers and suggested, “At night I will be with you. So that it looks natural. Let him eat me in the day when you are not home. Only on a Sunday you will get the scope to secretly voyeur my lovemaking in his room through the key-hole, I did agree. Finally came that awaited Sunday after morning-bath she stepped out from the bathroom into bedroom, wearing only a cotton cream-hued Shari, over the petticoat.

With, no blouse or even brassiere underneath her Shari. She was looking seductively fabulous, in this Shari, especially the way she’d donned it. She looked too hot, in Indinised way, that her buttocks and breasts were looking ravishingly provocative in it. And as she didn’t were the blouse etc, a portion of her left breast was left exposed or peeping out from the side, which rather granted her an extra sex-appeal.

Looking at her I developed an erection in anticipation.   However, she took me to our guest room (or 2nd bedroom) where now Dadu was putting up. And that room was also our pooja-room.  So there she began conducting her rites of Pooja, while dadu and me onlooked.  I could guess what might now happen next. And that happened!

In the end part of her pooja she prostrated before the deity and while so down her aanchal accidentally slide off her left shoulder and  the next moment or when she stood up it loosened part of her aanchal  further betrayed her, totally unveiling her left breast, marked with red sucking-patches in the skin,  dead in front us. But she pretended quite cool and tensionless.

In that condition she walked closer to us and gave us the prasada, first to her Dadu, then to me. Dadu looked a bit embarrassed as this unexpectional incident occurred before me in his presence in the room.

After giving us prasada only she readjusted her Shari to properly cover up her front. Then I vacated that room, telling my wife. “Ok. I am going to my room. Dadu may be feeling bored. Chat with him till the lunch-time, give him company. A grandpa ever likes the company of his grand-daughter. My wife said in reply (as it had been tacitly scripted by me) what will you do there and be with us here.

Today I will cook. It will take hardly two hours”, I said while stepping out from that room. And from outside I pulled the door to be shut.  I went to kitchen.  Hardly some 15 minutes went, and I was cooking and with all my ears towards next room. And soon I heard a love-moan of my wife. I understood Dadu had already started love-teasing his beautiful grand-daughter!

I stealthily walked towards that room, silently knelt down before its door that was shut and carefully fixed my eye on the key-hole the inside sight was vivid I saw both of them on the bed, totally clothless.  My wife was on his top, while his both hands were busy playing with her firm arrogant breasts.  The view made me over-horny. I unzipped and pulled out my erection to wank.  I was taken aback by this fact that how such an old man like him could cope up with an endowed horny woman younger by half a century, at par!

I saw her beautiful firm breast was smiling and her nipples were errect. Daddu started sucking her nipples on which she started moaning. He then held her in his arms and tweeked her her left nipple while was sucking her right nipples. He laid her down on the bed and started rubbing her inner thighs while he was sucking her virgin breast. Oh My I can not tell you how it feels, it was so juicy that I would have spent my life sucking those cute boobs of her instead of daddu.

He started moving down and touches her clit with his finger and he felt it was wet. He went down on her and started licking her clit while he was squeezing her breasts and she was moaning mmm. He opened her pussy lips and stuck his tongue in it she went crazy when he licked her pussy I could see her pussy juice was making her pussy wet and dripping towards her ass which was even more wet and he was rubbing her clit and I felt that she was going to have an orgazam then and there and by now I was getting out of control and decided to take my pants off and my 6 inches cock jumped out I grabbed my cock and began pumping. Daddu caught her her ass and held her pussy and started licking it with his tongue deep into hers. She was one of the nicest pussy. I have ever seen her eyes were closed and she was moaning she said, “Daddu, it feels so good, keep doing it.

Then he spread her legs and started rubbing his cock against her wet pussy she went crazy when he did that.He gently put the tip of his cock in between her pussy lips which was tight and kept rubbing until such time her pussy was completely wet. He jerked his body and slammed his cock deep inside her and put his lips onto hers when she virtually screamed she yelled, “Take it out take it out.” I soliloquized, “Don’t worry it was only one time she would enjoy it there after.

He kept his cock inside her for a while and started pushing in and out slowly.Even at this age the old man can make a woman scream. Slowly her pain subsided I felt that she was enjoying it and she was squeezing her tight hole on daddu’s cock.Daddu was increasing his speed.

I couldn’t hold my self any longer but daddu’s slams were now getting harder and harder. This man had an amazing apetite for sex she was pushing her self too to meet his every slam he was squeezing her tits hard and she was enjoying it she was yelling and screaming in pain and pleasure and I was enjoying the sight too and I felt that she was having a great orgazam. I watched away, pumping myself on the doorstep.

I could any time explode I didn’t care if she would get pregnant or not I just wanted to witness the amorous sexy scene that was going on in the room. I never knew that watching your getting fucked is more exciting than yourself fucking her.

I recommend my readers to try this at home. Let anyone fuck your wife and watch. I just exploded all of my cum on the door. Oh my! That was the greatest pleasure I ever had. Meanwhile Sunita had not now calmed down. Daddu’s cock was still inside her and remaining harder as in the beginning with her wet cum and tight pussy walls. He rolled her over him.

But it all gave me additional sensual jolt in my pleasure.

My wife went on riding him, bobbing up and down over him, repeatedly yelling aloud in ecstasy. Her face was resplendent with warmth of sex and bliss. Now they overturned, and the old man came atop my pleasuring wife. And he started pumping himself into her, in full swing, with his eternal vigour.  And I was stunned by his ‘staying power’ at this age.

And then came a time when my wife was pleading to fill her womb, “Daddu fuck me, come in me.Fulfill me. Your cock is that of a horse.” He said, “I am comming in your cunt. Wait for my seeds my dear. I will fill you up and he filled her, and prostrated over her, perhaps not fully exhausted.  By then I had erupted twice against the door. I cleaned the door with cloth and went back to kitchen to complete my job.

Once again her loud moans of pleasure echoed to me. But this time I did not go back to peep upon them. At 2’ocock noon I knocked on their door to call them to lunch. I pushed the door in; it’d not been bolted from within. Now inside view was different, yet a bit odd. Dadu looked up at me, now with a bit fear in his eyes.  I looked at them.

My wife who was now lying on her back, covering her body with a bed-sheet, whereas her undone Shari which was lying on the floor in a heap. And that tacitly suggested she was totally naked under the bed-sheet! On the other hand, Dadu was also in same condition. He was hiding his body under another sheet.  I made believe a amazement, and to tease my wife, or rather to open them out,

I asked, “What’s up? How’s this Shari here!?  Are you okay? How about Daddu? Is he comfortable here? Then throwing the undone Shari unto my wife I uttered, “It is all right. Get ready and come out, our lunch is ready”. And then I teased our guest (Dadu), “Hmm! So Daddu!  How do you find your grand-daughter is she a dull boring-type company or very lively and naughty!? Dadu was a quite smart man to ease the situation and he said out,

Well, dadubhai [as he calls me ] you are lucky that my didibhai  [as he calls his grand-daughter] is a warm company, and she looked after me, in all senses, with best care and affection. We are always fond of each other. May bless you both? Sure. It is her duty responsibility to keep you in pink spirit by comforting you with her warmth of affection”, I thus hinted him my tacit acquiescence about his special non-platonic fondness towards my wife.

Intelligent dadu smiled in gratitude.  And to ease it further, he now, in my front, shoved one his hand beneath my wife’s bed-sheet that was over her. My wife hissed and closed her eyes as if in coy. His hand turned active underneath her bed-sheet, outlining his movement on her bosom. I looked on them, speechless and excited.  Slowly he rolled aside the bed-sheet, thus exposing her full bare breasts in the open.

And then pulled me closer to my topless wife, and on that spur of exciting moment she pulled both her grandpa and me over her heaving bosom and spontaneously we shared her breasts between ourselves one each.  And she now went wild being breast-sucked by her husband and grandpa at the same time.  Daddu turn her back with her knees and hands were supporting her I was so thirsty for her cum when I saw her waxed wet pussy I started licking her and put my tongue in side of her cunt and first time she said,

I cant take it do what you did before she was a bit shy and who am I to say no I wanna do something else. I put my cock against her pussy and this time gently pushed it in it was not as painful for her… I was holding her breasts in my hands and pushing my self in and out of her cozy pussy while daddu was squeezing her boobs wow and after a while I felt that I will cum any time soon.

I wanted her cunt to have her daddu’s cum in her not mine so I turned her back and got my cock out asked her to suck my cum and she was now trained she started sucking it then I decided to go 69 with her because I wanted to give her pleasure too and she was sucking my cock and I was fucking her pussy with my tongue Daddu asked to taste her cum she took his cock deep inside her mouth and started sucking

Her expression was even hotter and my cock was again getting hard and we both came together. Soon three of us were lost in erotic belligerence, and it ended up in a fantastic satiating threesomes. When we withdrew, fully spent and sweated, it was already 5 o’clock.  Thereafter we had our lunch. That night I sent my wife to daddu to be fornicated.

Dadu stay with us a fort night tasting his grand-daughter’s nectar of youth, every day and night. Very next month my wife missed her periods.Now doctor confirmed her pregnancy. She was on the top of the world and I greeted her. And in due course of time she gave birth to a daughter. I thanked dadu in mind to make us proud parents.

However,  the advent of our daughter made us a contented Couple, and whatever we had done for this also benefited our conjugality a lot; it all helped us open out into the  world of a strange secret ‘extramarital sex within the marriage without endangering it.  If you like my story mail me on [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected]

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