My Wife, Her Brother And Myself – Part 3 (My Wife’s Story)

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Hello readers, this is in continuation with part 3 of our story.

My wife for the 1st time told me that she was fucked by my father when she was in the village at my parents’ home after marriage. This is the time when I came to the city. This is about 3 months after the marriage.

I asked her to tell me details of what exactly happened, below is what exactly she told me.

In a village after our marriage, I was alone with your parents. Your mother always used keep on complaining, about back pain, knees pain and so on. Only we 3 were there in such a big house.

One day there was some panchayat in the village. After the panchayat, your father came home with 4 friends and they asked to cook lunch for them. Your mother and I did it. They drank local taadi and we cooked chicken. They all ate and slept.

In the evening, they went out again and your father came back with 2 other friends around 7 pm. He asked to serve whatever is remaining and he had brought some bottles along with him. I think your cousin brother brought it when he came from abroad recently.

I gave all the remaining chicken and they kept drinking. I don’t know till when. he told me and your mother not to wait, go and sleep. I was in my usual nightly dress, I was very tired and slept in our room.

I don’t know what happened after that. I woke up only when I realized his dick inside my pussy. Then I tried to move, and shouted, “No, no.” He abused me as he was abusing your mother, the usual bad language he uses on your mother when he is angry, such as ‘maadarchod randi’, ‘kutti, and all.

He said keep quite otherwise I will kill you. I kept quiet. He finished it and just slept with me. After some time, when there was light, he realized that I am not your mother. He was shocked and said sorry. He said he thought I was his wife.

He kept begging me, touched my feet and all, I was crying. He himself called your mother. Your mother shouted at him, “Kitne auratonko chodogo? Kitno ki jindagi kharab karoge?” And finally told me to forgive him as he did not do it intentionally.

She even begged me, she said whole family reputation will be damaged, and begged me not to tell anyone. After that, your mother slept with me and your father left. Your mother took me to doctor next day to take pills to prevent pregnancy.

After that, the behavior of your mother and father changed completely. They took care of me like a daughter, even now they treat me as a daughter because they are scared that I will reveal it. Your mother and father told me not to tell you also.

But I wanted to tell you. You told me after a month that you took the flat on rent and I can come with you. You know that I went to my mother’s house to be with them for a week.

There I took a chance and I told my mother about it. She was shocked, and she told me that it is better to keep quiet. Anyways the matter is resolved with your in-laws. If you tell your husband, he might get angry with his father and whole efforts you put in the last one month will be wasted.

Fight between son and father can affect your marriage. You have a younger sister still to get married. It is better for both the families to keep quiet. Also, she told me that many people get raped like this and there are many such cases in our village too.

My mother said even she was raped by family members twice. I asked her who raped her. She said to leave it. I am not going to tell you because this will cause problems in the family. She said to be strong like me and keep quiet. So I did.

Just 10 before days when I was about to move here in the city with you if you remember, I went to the village again. Your parents really took care of me very well, but your father’s behavior was still the same. He always looked at me while I was cooking, washing or drying clothes.

Once I felt he was even looking at me from bathroom door narrow hole. He used to move very close around me A couple of times he touched me on the ass, shoulder, even on the breasts. Once when he was trying to pass by the passage near the bathroom he touched my ass with his tight dick over his pant.

That day I thought he might rape me again. Every night I was scared thinking he might come again to rape me. But I think he was waiting for me to give him a signal. But I did not. Even though I was in desperate need of sex, I did not give him any hint.

Every day I used to finger myself hearing your mothers screaming noise while they enjoyed sex. Your mother is lucky [laugh], your father has a very big one, definitely at least 4 inches bigger than yours.

I asked her, “Are you missing my father’s dick?” She laughed and said, “No, mere pass 2 lund hai, wahi bahut jyada hai. Waise mera pati ka lund hi kaafi hai mere liye.”

I asked her again, “If he tries again will you give him?” She said, “Why should I give him my pussy? If he is willing to give his wife’s pussy to my husband I will give him my pussy.”

I said, “What?” She said, “Yes, what’s wrong?” I said, “She is my mother.” She said, “It’s ok, she is still strong you can fuck her. If she is willing to let you fuck her, I will give your father a chance.”

We laughed. I said, “Ok, so what happened next?”

She continued.

I tried controlling myself. After that, I came here. This is the only reason my brother could easily take control of me. When my brother used to put a hand on my stomach and breasts, I never had any emotional thoughts.

After your father’s act, I have become very strong emotionally, that is how I am very strong. I said, “Keep it here, don’t involve any other man.” She replied, “Main koi randi nahi hu, apne hi logon ke liye karr rahi hun.”

Then my wife requested me to not talk to my parents on this subject, because they might lose trust in her. Now their relationship is like a daughter to her. I for a moment did not believe this story, but I know she was telling the truth.

My mother used to complain about my wife almost every day after the marriage. But just before she was about to come to the city to live with me, which is at the time of the incident, I never received any complaint from them.

I was surprised. Even now I make comments on her close relationship with my parents and my mother comments that she is the best woman in the world.

I was a little upset but was not down emotionally, we had normal sex after that and slept off. The story continued next night, I will write in the next part.

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