When i was seduced

It is the story when i was fifteen years old.my father was working as government officials in a government department in a small town.we were living in a flat in the departmet campus.i had one younger brother of age 13 and a sistor of 11 years old.in the nearby flat of the campus there lived the family of a office friend of my father containing his wife archana aunty and two childrens-one daughter named poonam 12 years old and one son 9 years old.

It was the time when curiosity regarding sex was growing.presence of young girl and their eleveted chest used to aroused me much. Unfortunately i was a shy guy.i did not dare to ex press myself to a few youn girls in our campus.poonam used to come our flat to meet my sister.i remember i fond her too younger to be given my attention.probably she was at puberty.her breast had started to grow. Sometimes i did take notice butthe next moment i tried to evade my feeling in considering her age andbeing my sister’s friend.i used to visit her flat.my archana aunty used to pass comment on me on my puberty signs-moustach line ,change of voice etc.i used to get flushed faced.i considered her a bold and frank lady.she was very beautiful and sexy.but i could not develop a sensual feeling towards herbecouse of inhibition produced by social moral values.

It was in the afternoon of one sunday of december my father and uncle were out of house. My mother went to visit archana aunty with my brother and sister.my mother insisted but i denied to go because of my sleeping hangover.i was lyeing in the bed under the colt.i was thinking of closing the main door of flat.but privacy in the house had aroused me.i was in fantacy of company of one of my classmate anjana.suddenly i heard the voice of poonam.she was looking for me.i could not responded her but undeliberately pretended myself in sleep.she searched for some comic book in the room and got one.she came near my bed and ener into my colt and lyed by my side. It was the time when i sensed her body heaat. I got erection.my cock started throbbing.i continued pretending sleep.after few moment i felt her hand sleepin slowly towards my cock.i felt my heart bouncing with excitement.i was unable to controle my elavated rate of respiration.but i could not dare to show me awoke.she hold my cock .i was feeling her strong heart beat .after that she inserted her hand inside my paijama and took hold of my cock.she was pressing the cock with slight pressure.i was shoced by her boldness. But i was enjoying her touch.afer afew minute she tried to uncover my cock to have a vision of my cock.this could lead to loss my patience.i put my hand on her tiny breast. Suddenly she pulled her out of bed and went out of my room.iwent out and found thant she left our house. I was so aroused that i came back in my room and started ruubbing my cock.after some momement i felt something new-a strong wave of orgasm with ejaculation.this was my first experience of masturbation.

Afer that i got many occasion when i found poonam in privacy when she demanded to view my cock.she fondled my cock but never allowed me to touch or kiss her breast or pussy. She used to escape by saying somebody would come ,in the last moment.

I got anews which made me excited.my father &uncle were to go for election duty for at least for ten days.now icould get the opprtunity to go to poonam’s flat.in abscence of uncle aunty used to call me for purchasing household goods.the same evening when my father leftfor duty aunty came to my house and asked my mother to send me to her flat at night for sleeping purpose.because she felt that presense of male member would make her feel safe.my yonger brother was in my house and also the fact that my mother had little unsafe feeling .that is why shy agreed to send me .i cant explain my feeling that day.thou i was not sure to penetrate her pussy because of her age but her touch was enough for me .i remained thinking that whole day whether icould get the opprtunity to sleep with poonam.finally at night aroun 8 pmi reached her home .aunty archana oppened the door.iwished her and followed her to the bed room.in the bedroom i enterd i found poonam lying in the double bed with her brother .aunty told me to sit in nearby sofa and ask me for dinner.i replied that i already had that.in the meantime poonam asked her mother to allow me to sleep in her bed in the pretext thant she want to listen stiries from me.aunty asked her to sleep so that se can get up early for school. She asked me to sleep in adjescent bedroom.i felt disheartened. Iwent in the next room followed by my aunty.she gave me a book of ral stories and told me to read .then tod me that she would come after childrens feel asleep. Sh said that she went to sleep late. She went to the previous room.i started to go through the book .i astonised when i found the stories of adult nature and sexually povocative.now i started geting hot .sesetion of sexual pleasure started again to make my fly in fantacy.now target was my aunty.i was imagining pressing boobs of my aunty,kissing her,sucking her lips.but again i was not sure that what archana aunty mean when she gave me the book of porn stories.one hour passed .i again became disheartened that all of my fantacy would remain fantacy.suddenly i heared the some sound .my aunty entered the room smiling and asked me”nind nahi aa rahi hai,kiya bat hai:i could not reply .i kept mum.she sit near me and asked which story i read. I repled in trembling voice.then she askedif i had any girl friend which i replied in negative.then she asked whether i had seen boobs .i again replied in negative.then she told me that she would show her boob with a conditon to agree to do any thing she demands .i simply noddedin affirmation.then she lyeid besides me and asked me to unbotten her blouse.i started with trembling hand.iremved her blouse then removed her bra.i can not express the feeling of that time when i viewing first time naked white tight big boobs.it was difficult for me to hide my excitement.i had strong feeling to hug her but due to her elderly position i was controlling myself.s he asked me to suck.when i started to suck her nipples she started moaning.now i started to move my body throughout her body.suddenly she turned me on my back and bent over me.she unbotton my shirt and removed my shirt and ganji. Thenshemove toward my cock she fondled my cock with her hand praised for its thickness.unted my py jama and removed that.aii these made me firy.it was difficult for me to controle.my desire was to enter into her.i tried to get in sitting position she pushed me to lye again and started to suck my cock.ah……..the pleasure i was getting i cant explain.she was moving tight lips allover of my cock.sometimes taking whole of my cock inside her mouth.i could not hold my heat it brusted out withsemen from cockwhich filled her mouth.after i get down from peak i felt ashamed thinking that i made her mouth dirty.i noticed she was viewing me smiling without dirty feeling. I could not make eye contact and closed my eyes. She wishpered why i was so quick.i kept mum.she herself replied it did happen in early sex experience.i was feeling sleepy. But she again started kissing my cock and nipples.my cock had got shrunken.after two or three minutes it started swelling.sensation started running allover my body.cock again hardened like stone.i also lost my hesitation and shyness..i started rubbing her back.i get sitting position pushing her to lye on back.i untied her peticoat.she was not wearing panty.her cleanrosy pussy was inviting me.i was getting mad.i was positioning myself onknee to enter into her pussy.but suddenly she commanded not to enter thenn.she moaned and asked me to suck. Her pussy.dirty feeling came .she got that she holded my face with her hands sucked my lips then pushed it towards her naval requesting me to suck her pussy.i closed my eyes and put my mouth on her pussy. Afer a moment i cotrolled myself started suckin her clitoris.i have not seen moaning a women inreal in such a way till today. I was fearing poonam could awake.afer few minute she asked me to enter. I entered cock slowly ..when i entered fuull,she grabbed me holding my waist.making strokes. I also synchronised my stokes with her.afer afew minutes i came with a strong moan she grabed and pressedso strongly that i felt my my whole body cemented with her . Whole body was relaxing slowly staring at each otherwith a pleasure smile. I can not forget this first sex experience with my sweet aunty.i am 35 today but still masturbate thinking that experience.

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