Waiting For A Chance With Mom

Hi i am Karthi age 23 i am complete my B.Tech n job searching. Right now i got a problem so please tell me friends how can i solve this.

I am living with mom because my dad doing job in another city. So me n mom are staying my home my dad visits every 2 weeks. My mom is very beautiful n 5.6’ height. I had one habit that is when my mom doing bath in bathroom then i am peeping through the ventilator to saw her nude body. I am doing this act in last 3 years. But one day, mom doing bath in bathroom and that time i am peeping through the ventilator that time my mom saw me. So i got tens and going to hall and watching TV and waiting for mom’s reaction and i feel very bad about that incident and how to face to my mom etc.. I am thinking. After 15 min my mom finished her bath and come to hall and she don’t say anything to me and she going to kitchen and she do her work n move with me very freely as well as. That day onwards i am not peep her bath. After one month one day i am in hall watching TV that time my mom doing her bath in bathroom and come to bedroom in nude position to saw her body in mirror so

That time unfortunately my mobile was ring in bed room so i am coming to bedroom and saw her nude one again in both (me n mom) are conscience. So i saw her nude that time she covered her body with cloth and i am take my mobile and coming to hall. That time also she doesn’t say anything to me. After this incident i am again starting to peeping through the ventilator to saw her nude body in when her bath time after 15 days one day my doing bath that time i am peeping through the ventilator so my mom saw me again this time she saw me angrily because that time my mom doing masturbation so i am got very bad feeling and tens. So i am going to hall n watching TV with lot of fear. So after 15 min she coming to hall and saw me in hall and she say Karthi you already saw my total nude body so why are you peeping through the ventilator u miss any path of my body to you see. This is not good habit. She says very normal voice. And going to kitchen and doing her work.

So she was very friendly to me after this incident she was very freely to me she was change her cloths in front of me and sometimes me all so help to remove and put her bra pin. And she finished her bath in bathroom and coming to bedroom to wear her cloth n sometimes me all so in bedroom, she do this act very freely in front of me. One day i am watching blue film in my laptop in bedroom and doing masturbation and going to bathroom in nude position so i am complete my bath and come to bedroom in nude that time my mom all so in nude and some oil applying her body so this time both are in nude position and saw we each other so i feel shay and covered myself. So my mom saw me and said Karthi i am already saw your full body don’t feel shy be friendly. So i am freely dry my body with cloth that time my penis was very hard in few seconds so my mom saw this and laughed and going to bath room.

That day night me n mom are sleep in bedroom i don’t got sleep but i am in sleeping position so time was around 12 pm that time my was wake up and saw me i am in sleeping position so she going to my bedroom balcony. So i am waiting 10 min and slowly wake up without making noise and going to bedroom door and peeping to balcony that time she doing masturbation so i got surprise about my mom position because my mom nightwear was raise up to her hip and her one leg was put in one upper step she was do fingering to her pussy. My balcony was covered with iron roads and one sari was tied to an iron rod so that time i am slowly going to balcony and huge my mom her back tightly. Then she got shock so i am doing hard huge her back and kissing her neck and ear so she was say to leave me Karthi please leave me please but respond my actions that time i am in boxer so hard penis was pressed in between her ass checks. So i am continue to kiss her neck and ear for 15 min and she was


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