Uncle fucked my Mom

This is a real story which happened with me. First to tell about my mom she is fair 5.2 in height she has a great ass, and she is a little plump. When ever she used to move around in market or on road I used to see that all men used to stare her very hard…

Coming on to the story back. We had just transferred from Bangalore to Nagpur. My dad works in a government organization. Me my mom and my sister had come down to Nagpur first as the schools where almost to start. I had to take an admission in 10th and my sister in 7th. When we came here we got to know that the admission dates have passed and no school was ready to take our admission. So there was only on choice left with us and that was to take somebody’s help who knows some one from the board of directors of some schools. So my mom asked my uncle. My moms name is Meena and my uncle’s name is Girish. My uncle is a financial consultant so he has very good contacts within the circle. He agreed to help my mom for the admission stuff. For that he used to come home daily to take my mom and then they used to go to the different schools. When in the morning he used to come at our home my mom used to give him tea. We did not have any furniture then so he used to sit down on the floor and have tea. My mom had to bend down to offer him a tea. My mom wears a loose gaun so when ever she used to bend she used to expose her boobs to him. One day I saw him staring at my mom when she was giving him tea but he was not looking at her face so I just went and saw that he was staring at my moms boobs then I understood that when ever my dads friends use to come at our place why they used to ask my mom to serve then drinks and food and they did not prefer to sit on table but on the floor.

Our admissions where done and we started going to school but still my uncle used to come at our place in the morning daily I knew why he used to come daily to see my moms boobs. They way he used to look at my mom showed that he wanted to fuck her.

He then made a plan those where the rainy days so he asked my mom to accompany her to his office it was Sunday and this office remains close on those days. I had got an idea that there will be something going on in my uncle’s mind. My mom did not had a rain coat but still she had to go with him as he said that you have to help in setting my office neatly as I had helped you get admissions for your children. My mom looked out side as there was no rain she agreed. I also went behind them on my cycle. I knew his office and also the short cut to his office. I went there and saw that my mom and uncle had already entered the office my mom was totally wet she was wearing a chicken print salwar kameez. As you all know the chicken print salwar kameez are a some what transparent when they are dry. This time she was totally wet and there dress had sticked to her body showing her bra and panty also. I was watching this all from the rear window. The office is a very old building and on the ground floor. She started sneezing so my uncle gave her a towel to dry her hair. The office is of two rooms there is only one glass in between the two room and the glass is a tinted so that you can see only from inside the room and not outside. My uncle gave her his spare shirt and pants which he had in the office and told her to change her cloths and told her that he will go in the other room. He when inside the room. Now he was able to see though the glass clearly. I was also watching through the same room window. My mom removed her salwar first and then the top. She was in her bra and panty now. This was the first time I was also seeing her in this fashion she was really very hot. My uncle looking from inside removed all his clothes and was in underpants and his lund totally erect. My mom then removed her bra she was facing towards the wall showing her back to my uncle. I knew he wanted to her her totally nude but she was not turning and started drying her self with towel. My uncle got frustrated and he just walked out of the room looking at he my mom covered her self with the towel and said him “go away in the room back I have not yet finished”. He took her hold of the towel and said “salitereko kya laga me tere bachoka aise hi phokar me admission kardunga…aur sun idher to chilane ki koshis bhi mat karma nahito tere bachoko pass nahi hone dunga…..are rand chal abhi chup chap ye towel phek de” …she resisted him and said “chod do please dekho me tuhari bahbhi hu “. He said “a rand dimak mat kharab kar …..Sali roz chay pilate samay apne bable dikhate hua sharam nahi ati thi kya…..Sali jo koi ghar ata ushe samne jhuk jhuke apne bable dikhati he aur idher sharmati hai” he said this and pulled the towel. Mom runned and sat down at the corner trying to cover herself. He also when running behind her held her hair and took her in center and uncovered her. She started shouting he said “ Sali chila mat idher sab logo ko pata hai ki me bahut sharif insane hu” ”muze time nahi lagega tuze natchalan aur randi ghoshit karneme”…she had no other option with her now…she laid down on the floor he started kissing her removed her panty…and started kissing her pussy and fingering her and said “ kadhi tere patine kiya hai kya aisa sala ata hoga ghar aur tereko lagke chala jata hoga…” my mom was also enjoying it but some where she was feeling guilty…he said “ab keese lag raha hai rand.” And to my utter surprise she said “ bohot acha aur kar aur kar…” he started fingering her more faster “ aba kaisa lag raha hai” she said “ bahut acha ……ahhhahahhahhhhhahhh..”.

He removed his underpant..his lund was totally erect and out to poop…he said “ aaayr rand slai chus isko…she said “ nahi ye mane kabhi kiya nahi please…” he said…” Sali phir kya diya tune pati ko….chus Sali” and forced her to suck his lund…she stared sucking it and he was forcing her to do it harder…she useed to say “ please ab nahi hota bass hogaya..” and he used to say “ Sali randi…..chus isko”…then when she use to say no again he slapped her very hard and forced her to do so…then he slapped her again hard and she fell flat on the ground…..he forced her legs apart she was resisting for that…”chal pair dur kar nahi to mere sare dosto ko bulake chudwa dalunga…rand Sali….bable dekhake logo ka lund uthate huye kuh laga nahi kya…/”…and he forced her legs apart and inserted his lund into her pussy…she was saying “ nahi nahi…please…..” he started his strokes first very slow…”Sali aaj to teri chut phadke rakha dunga….” And then started giving very hard strokes..she was saying “ ahhahaha….dard de raha ai…thoda dhire…” and then she also started giving him response….”aaahhhaaa” he removed his lund out of her chut… and told her to sit in dog style she sat…he stared pushing his lund in her ass…and she resisted…” ye kya kar rahe ho….mere patine kabhi nahi kiya aise….” Sala tera pati bhi to bekar hai aise randi jaisi bivi hai aur uski gand nahi mari …chal abi me kaise marta hu ye dekh…” he inserted his lund..she said “ aaaahhhhhhh…oooooooohhhhhhhhh dard ho raha hai…..” he started giving strokes…and she was enjoying…he said “ aur maru kya teri gand…..” she said “ ha aur maro aur….aur..” then he removed his lund out and again entered her chut…and stroked very very hard taking her in his arms and forcing her on the ground….she was….”aaaaahhhah aur kitna mare ga aur kitna karega…..” uncle then removed his lund out and ejected on my moms body…and then slept on her body and said..”sala kine dinose tereko chodneka that ….. sach me paki rand he tu…..” and then they both got up after some time..they both had a wash in the small toilet keeping the door of the toilet open…till then moms clothes got dried she started wearing her bra and again my uncle came there and forced her to do sex again…almost they did sex 3 times and then got dressed up and set out of the office as if nothing had happened…I rushed back to home and sent into my room directly…my sister was not there a home so I showed that I was sleeping…mom and uncle came home mom first came in my room and saw me sleeping and just closed the door of my room….as there was no lock so she could not lock it…I watched her go out ..i got up and opened the room door a bit more and looked out ….uncle was kissing her and pressing her boobs very hard…and then slapped her hard again and went off….

After that day he started coming home daily when we had our time to go to college many times I followed them and say having sex…now when ever girish uncle comes at our place my mom still serves he tea bending in front of him. some times when my dad is not around I also leave the room and peep again to see my uncle putting his hand in my moms dress…any unsatisfied women can mail me on [email protected]

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