The Typical South Indian Family Incest

Hi every one…I am glad to introduce myself to you all…I am swaroop, 19 years old from the southern part of india…here I am going to post a story revolving around me, yeah , the story involving the members of my family…It is always said that INCEST is sin. In India it is uncommon to hear a word like Incest. especially in southern part of India you will not be able to understand the real meaning of it. Intimacy in the family is very low and you couldn’t touch the opposite gender in blood relations even in good intentions..but I discovered that my family is a complete different one which I am going to discuss in the story below…

My family consists of 7 members including me. They are my grandpa and grandma then comes my dad and mom and three siblings-elder brother and sister and finally swaroop,that’s me. We are basically a typical south Indian family outside but completely different inside..We own a huge land mass in our village we live…we had 2 servants’ in home and six in field..Our village had a total of 500 people and we are the only family of our community..Most of them don’t like us because of our community. they only because of the money and power we had..there also happened an other incident involving the village members which i will discuss in an other story.The complete description of my family

1.Mr.Ahilan,dad,49 years old and working in a private concern. He is plump and gained overweight due to his sitting job in his office. He is 5.8 feet high and has a lund size of 5.5 inches as average men in India usually have.

2.Mrs.Rekha,mom,46 years old and is a beautician turned home maker . she is 5.6 ft tall and maintained her size in a great manner. She has the sexy body I have ever seen ,she is a perfect women created by god. revealing her sizes 36DD-32-38..the most perfect size for women, I ll worship her like a goddess, she usually wears saree and at times salwar-kameez and in home she usually wears transparent nightees without any inner ware. I have seen her boobs hanging when she bents down to take anything. if I was in my dad’s position I would not leave her for a fraction of second without fucker.

3.thiagi, brother,24 years old athlete completed his graduation and searching for a job, he is 6 ft tall well built body and any teen girl will die for him.. he has the cock size of 6.5 inches and a man of desires.

4.Janane , 5.5ft , 22 yrs old, another sex goddess in my family and has a perfect figure 32D-28-36. She usually wears modern dresses and a care free sexually exploited girl..At home she wears only tight t-shirts and shorts without any bra as like mom, she had mom’s genes completely in her .she had a firm boobs and firm ass… at younger age we usually go to school by bus, and many boys of her class will tease her but she didn’t care about them..they would tell her as slut, whore, daughter of bitch, father fucker, brother fucker, call girl, once they said her to come to their room with my mom and granny for fun..she didn’t take that to her mind, I was surprised and it continued till we completed school. They also trapped me and asked me to steal inner wears of the women in my family and give it to them, I refused first but they threatened me and I finally brought them…they masturbated on it completely and made me to cum on it.. they said me to take the pictures of them when they are nude, This increased my sexual intentions and I too tried but I failed, I gave them only the sexy images I could take… looks like aletta ocean . Coming to the point I found out that my sister is a complete bitch..

5.Swaroop, yeah it is me 19 years old, completed hsc, 5.6 ft tall and had a meat down there for 6 inches. I am a guy who is lovable to fuck any women with sexual desires and I am a little bit bisexual .My policy is that Don’t touch a women if she neglects you and don’t leave a women if she needs you.


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