The Typical South Indian Family Incest

Hi every one…I am glad to introduce myself to you all…I am swaroop, 19 years old from the southern part of india…here I am going to post a story revolving around me, yeah , the story involving the members of my family…It is always said that INCEST is sin. In India it is uncommon to hear a word like Incest. especially in southern part of India you will not be able to understand the real meaning of it. Intimacy in the family is very low and you couldn’t touch the opposite gender in blood relations even in good intentions..but I discovered that my family is a complete different one which I am going to discuss in the story below…

My family consists of 7 members including me. They are my grandpa and grandma then comes my dad and mom and three siblings-elder brother and sister and finally swaroop,that’s me. We are basically a typical south Indian family outside but completely different inside..We own a huge land mass in our village we live…we had 2 servants’ in home and six in field..Our village had a total of 500 people and we are the only family of our community..Most of them don’t like us because of our community. they only because of the money and power we had..there also happened an other incident involving the village members which i will discuss in an other story.The complete description of my family

1.Mr.Ahilan,dad,49 years old and working in a private concern. He is plump and gained overweight due to his sitting job in his office. He is 5.8 feet high and has a lund size of 5.5 inches as average men in India usually have.

2.Mrs.Rekha,mom,46 years old and is a beautician turned home maker . she is 5.6 ft tall and maintained her size in a great manner. She has the sexy body I have ever seen ,she is a perfect women created by god. revealing her sizes 36DD-32-38..the most perfect size for women, I ll worship her like a goddess, she usually wears saree and at times salwar-kameez and in home she usually wears transparent nightees without any inner ware. I have seen her boobs hanging when she bents down to take anything. if I was in my dad’s position I would not leave her for a fraction of second without fucker.

3.thiagi, brother,24 years old athlete completed his graduation and searching for a job, he is 6 ft tall well built body and any teen girl will die for him.. he has the cock size of 6.5 inches and a man of desires.

4.Janane , 5.5ft , 22 yrs old, another sex goddess in my family and has a perfect figure 32D-28-36. She usually wears modern dresses and a care free sexually exploited girl..At home she wears only tight t-shirts and shorts without any bra as like mom, she had mom’s genes completely in her .she had a firm boobs and firm ass… at younger age we usually go to school by bus, and many boys of her class will tease her but she didn’t care about them..they would tell her as slut, whore, daughter of bitch, father fucker, brother fucker, call girl, once they said her to come to their room with my mom and granny for fun..she didn’t take that to her mind, I was surprised and it continued till we completed school. They also trapped me and asked me to steal inner wears of the women in my family and give it to them, I refused first but they threatened me and I finally brought them…they masturbated on it completely and made me to cum on it.. they said me to take the pictures of them when they are nude, This increased my sexual intentions and I too tried but I failed, I gave them only the sexy images I could take… looks like aletta ocean . Coming to the point I found out that my sister is a complete bitch..

5.Swaroop, yeah it is me 19 years old, completed hsc, 5.6 ft tall and had a meat down there for 6 inches. I am a guy who is lovable to fuck any women with sexual desires and I am a little bit bisexual .My policy is that Don’t touch a women if she neglects you and don’t leave a women if she needs you.

6.Lt.Raman,rtd military man, my grand father, he is 7 ft tall,8 incher between his legs, well built body even at the age of 73, he is the most strict man in the family and had a very strange habit of getting any women in the bed when he loved them..on my conscience he had over 30 women in the past 10 years irrespective of the age of the grandma will not take his strange habits to her mind, I am too surprised, and finally now he started her love towards my mom and sis.

7. Panchali raman, my granny, 69 years old 5.6 ft tall and having measurements of 38F-34-42.. I am too shocked by her sizes, her boobs were like melons and ass which is too big for a lady…I hope there would be a story behind those massive assets

Now, I am going to discuss the story which happened few days before,

I completed my exams and my incest beast which was waked by my sister’s boy friends made me rush to my house and I decided to spend my 2 month vacation completely with my slut mom, bitch sister and fuckable granny. On my way to home I saw my sister was going with her boy friends in a car in most revealing dresses.I went to home hurriedly, and it was locked in front ani I know that my grand parents will be sleeping, I slowly climbed the pipe and went to first floor and peeped into my mom’s room, she was lying naked in the bed on her back, I could see her with a dildo..Oh my god, she is masturbating, women who gave birth to 3 children 20b years ago is still masturbating, I could not explain her sexual desires even at the age of 46, at afternoon, what a women she is,

At that moment she was murmuring some name…..i observed keenly, and she was murmuring, “yesss mohan, cum on increase your strength it is a great pleasure fucking with you, fuck all my holes up, take me as your bitch, take me to your place and fuck me up, get your servents lund in my cunt, cover me up with your cum, Fuck me in front of my hubby,my father in law and my sons, they are showing no interest in me..cum on fuck me up you fucker” without knowing I un zipped my pants and started masturbating by seeing my mom and I moved my foreskin up and down vigorously and she was cumming over there and I was about to cum, suddenly a hand touched my shoulders and it was my grandpa and I was shocked and cummed my juices on his feet and he smiled but I was most awkward at that moment.

He took me to his room and explained my granny about that incident and she consoled that there is no wrong in it…she then unzipped my my pants and took my cock out the she took it in her mouth and cleaned all the pre cum and said you have a tastier cum..but not a big cock. She turned to her husband and asked him why don’t you help your grand son..he winked and removed his lungi and made me to kneel down and he took his cock out…yess it is a monster, without knowing I started to suck his cock then grandma came below me and started to suck my cock …I was sucking it like there is no tomorrow and it went deep inside my throat and I found that I was a bisexual and both of cummed at synchronism.

Then we sat on bed and started chatting nude…Me:how did you got those assets?

GrandMa: all because of grand pa
Me: will he fuck you every day?
Grandma: not him.. he ll make to be get fucked by his superiors for his promotions.
Me: how many of them have you fucked in your life time?
Grandma: mmm..nearly 80 men..some gave me money too.
Me: are you a pro?
Grandma: ha ha…you got it boy..i was on that business before marrying your grand pa….
Me: how did you marry him then?

Grandma: He was my regular customer and I got addicted to his cock, and continuing my profession after marriage for his promotions..
Me: Oh my god…What to do with mom’s intentions? Do you think it is right?
Grandma: yeah its normal for a women to fall in sexual desires with other men..even brother, uncle father , in laws and son….
Me: have you got any desires in my father?
Grandma: yes I had but he was little reluctant and I left it…but I still want to get fucked by him
Me: Oh…Will I be able to fuck my mom..

Grandma: Oh sure, we came to know that your mom rekha is a bitch.
Me: then how can I, any ideas?
Grandma: ask your grand pa he got a masters in it.
Grandpa: did u hear the name mohan which is been murmured by your mom?
Me: yes, he is a friend of dad, is a cook and doing hotel business in a nearby town.
Grandpa: well, I got an idea, we have to make rekha to stay with mohan for a week, and he ll surely fuck your bitch too accompany her and take the video then we would show to your dad and he ll automatically make her to be fucked.

Me: I have a doubt, how to convince dad to make mom to stay with him?
Grandpa: we would complain about her cooking styles and he would automatically send her to him and you will accompany with the cam.
Me: great plan grandpa,Grandma: okay we 5 ll get engaged and how to engage janane and thiyagi into it?
Grandpa: don’t worry janane is a complete slut like you, once I saw in her mobile containing nude pictures of her with her boyfriends and college lectures.
Me: yes grand pa…I too heard a news that she got laid with 5 of her professors for her university marks…
Grandma: like grand mother like grand daughter…what about thiyagi?

Grandpa: He is too much interested in sex than swaroop..he would only see incest and group sex porn’s in net ….so no problem with him..
Grandma: (Winking) shall we have a session swaroop?

I stood up and came near grand ma and kissed all over her body, then I removed her saree followed by blouse and petticoat, she was not wearing any inners and so she was nude…then we started fucking with great pleasure and saw my grandpa stood up came near us and lifted us and inserted his lund in grannys gaand(ass) , while mine was in her pussy, we were rhythmically fucking her in her holes and her massive boobs were swinging in air actually it was a heaven for all sex lovers and she was enjoying two different cocks at the same time, few minutes after and we changed positions and it was 5 now…then we settled up to our snacks time and we went down for snacks, mom greeted us asked me when did I reach and was the exams? I was not in a position to say when I reached to my slut mom. i said that I reached now and was speaking to grandparents about the exams. And both granny’s winked at me.

Few minutes after dad, sis and bro reached home and went on normal talks and dispersed to our rooms. I and my brother went to granny room there we spoke about the plan and convinced by brother and we had the following conversation

Grandpa: okay thiyagi, we have to convince your father to take part in the act without him, the act is not fulfilled, it is not easy to say him that let we join in sex because he is bit conservative. He has the sex glories inside sleeping, we should wake it up by showing how his wife and daughter are sluts of other men and make them to be only our sluts
Grandma: hey, don’t leave me , pl show my son that I too a slut along with rekha and janane , I have to attain the fulfillment of my sex life.

Me: Great idea granny, all slutty bitches surrender in the family, your idea is rocking
Thiyagi: yes brother I too love it, so what should I do?
Grandpa: swaroop will take care of the proof that to show ahilan that rekha is a bitch to mohan..and your job is to collect all info about janane’s sex secrets and give me a cam I ll take my wife to fields and make her to get fucked by servents and record it…hope so only swaroop’s job is difficult

Me: I ll take care of it granny…let v move to dining table and move as per our plan.
We went to dining table and completed our dinner, then my grandpa said dad that rekha has to improve her cooking skills so as to keep our lives healthyDad: so father what we could do to improve her cooking skiils, can my mom teach it?
Grandpa: no son, she has to get trained by a professional. Do u know anyone:
Dad: yes dad , mohan is a good cook,we can send her to him for practice.
(we all got satisfied in our hearts and moms’s face was blushing out of enjoyment )

Grandpa: let u send her for a week and swaroop will accompany her.
(mom was little bit upset)
Dad: what say u rekha and swaroop?
Mom: (a bitch speaking as if she is true to her hubby) if that is your wish I ll do it for you.
Me: okay dad, I ll accompany and I ll be a silent observer.(mom unknowing my intentions)

Next day we started to mohan’s place and he received us, he was a divorced man and they started to cook different kinds of dishes and all of it contained sexually stimulating agents like cashew nuts, dates etc. oh I forgot to describe my mom on that condition , she was wearing a loose transparent saree and low cut blouse revealing her boobs and low hip revealing her navel and was constantly touching his bare chest and shoulders and his lund unintentionally , he also got courage touched her boobs,ass pinched her waist and lips.then at night we had dinner and I and mom slept in same room, by 1 am I woke up and I found mom was absent and I searched her I couldn’t , I know he ll be with him so I came to understand that I can’t take the sex show live and I planned to buy spy cams from market, morning I didn’t ask mom because they due to fear they might not do tonight. I rushed to market and brought some spy cams and I fitted it all over the house and 5 of them in their bedroom . I copied them to my system and my jaw hanged by seeing the incident.

The scene was like in a movie. Pure white bed sheet and pillow covers, fruits and sweets placed on the side table. Mom came in, dressed to kill, dressed in half white pure silk sari with pink jaree border, matching blouse, her hair done into a single plait, jasmine lengths adorning her plait. She was Sex Goddess.

He hugged her. Kissed her all over her face. And then kissed on her lips. It was long drawn exhaustive and exhausting kiss. he led her to the bed, laid sown, his head on her lap, she removed her bra and blouse and thrust her big hard nipples into his mouth and is sucked. Taking his hard erect cock into her hands, she said, “mohan, your cock is so big .As big as horse’s r donkeys. That night, it was a meeting of two souls into one, trying to achieve oneness. Uniting with each other. Exploring each other. Two bodies trying to become one. Again again and again.Finally they slept naked in each other’s arms.

They continued to fuck each other day and night, cooking, eating fucking sleeping; they fucked in the bath room, in the kitchen, in the hall, in the bed room. And on the terrace during night. No one suspected or could suspect because she was at training. I recorded them all and edited to a complete version

I thanked mohan for his time spent with us and mom thanked him for the fucking time and we reached home. Meanwhile grandpa took the video of grand ma and brother took the evidences of my sis.

On one auspicious day, as we planned we started executing them one by one. We took dad to to grandpa’s room and showed all the evidences we had

Dad: why these women are cheating dad?
Grandpa: son, we are giving them ultimate freedom to do what they wish.
Me: (acting)dad, mohan uncle said we can’t cheat ahilan but mom said he is a dumb asshole and doesn’t act like man…dad, you have to become a man to punish slutty mom.
Thiyagi: yes dad, we have punish sis and granny for their mistakes, teach them we are mens
Grandpa: son, what’s your plan?
Dad: mmm, so let we fuck those bitches to hell, let we show them who we are..
Me, thiyagi, grandpa: yes, we show them let we march behind ahilan.

We went to downstairs and all the women were there seeing TV and dad said me to play granny’s video and he asked all the women in one sofa and men in other. Video started playing and all the women were stunned.(granny acted)

Dad: what shall we do now, mom you being the older women of the family and acted so cheap?
Mom: why mother-in-law you spoiled our family tradition?
Sis: shit, how could you be a fucking whore like this?
Granny stood side of the room, next I went and changed the CD and it was now mom’s turn, she was caught red-handed and unable to speak , she was stammered to see dad’s face then she saw me with anger and I smiled.
Dad: say me rekha, did you learn cooking or fucking? Cheap slut.
Grandma: so, rekha didn’t spoil our family tradition right.

Sis: I am dishonored to say that I am your daughter.
mom stood side of the room , next I went and changed the CD and it was now janane’s turn, it was photos of her with her professors performing sex. She was blushing.
Dad: janane, the younger slut of the family right?
Sis: no dad, there is something wrong with the files.
Dad: it was taken from your mobile bitch.
Grandma: fuck, how could you say that I am wrong.
Mom: you, perfect family whore sis stood side of the room, dad said them to remove all their dresses and become nude in front of us..all of them did at ordered grandpa and thiyagi to take over janane, and I to take over mom and he ll take over panchali ,the true slut to the shower.

During the fucking session we fucked the women of our family in all possible ways we can..

Mom was first angry with me but as soon as I started she enjoyed my fucking and said your video job has changed my life and suddenly she screamed to our surprise grandfather fired his lund into mom’s ass hole it was so big, she started crying with two lunds on her 2 holes she was screaming ” fuck me like a bitch, en pudaiyayun poochaiyum nall ookungda thaiyoligala, naan unga thevudiya da yen kama yeriya nalla yethi ookungada (fuck my ass and pussy like a motherfucker , I am your bitch , increase my slutty nature by your fuck men)thiagi came leaving sis then we changed positions, “Ohhh….Ahhhhhh… You have made me so happy today. You all have quenched my hunger for sex. Aaaahhh. My pussy is so wet. Fuck me thiyagi, give your cock to me.”

Still my father Cupping herround plump cheeks, massaging them with his palms, rubbing and kneading it. He could hear his mother’s low moans immediately of touching her there with his bare hands. Her back heaving from heavy breathing. The shower water splashing him from it hitting the top of her head with her looking down in the feeling of pleasure of having a set of young hands of a man on her body saying”OH FUCK MUM I’M CUMMING DOWN YOUR THROAT!!!!”, likewise my bro and sis , then we tried out different positions and swapped partners and more sex games and sessions and it continued for 24 hours . we also did gay fuck with dad and grandpa. And I saw few lesbian acts and complete submission of the women to the men in the family

Dad also regulated few rules and regulations to those slutty women

1. They should not wear any dresses in home, if violated they should suck our lund.
2. They should have to come and get laid if they are asked if violated punishments will be severe.
3. They can have sex with outside persons only on our permission, and should return with a lump some amount of money.
4. The bathrooms and bedrooms should not be locked
5. They should ask our permission to pee.
6. At least they should have sex with one person daily.
7. They should bath the men in the family.
8. Complete submission should be executed

In next part I ll say how our family is used up by the villagers, and how they fucked us all ..hope you wait for another great story

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