True Story Of A Indian Mother

Disclaimer: The following narration is a true description of events which took place a few years ago. Names of characters and places have been changed for concealing the identity of the individuals in question.

Hello everyone my name is Anirudh Nayar and this is not my story, but it is a story which no one can tell better and it is a story that needs to be told. This story revolves around an incident which took place way back in 2008 and I had just turned 18 that year and was in my 12th grade. I lived in Borivali in Mumbai with my parents and a younger brother who is 8 years younger to me.

We lived in a 1 BHK apartment in a housing colony. My parents and my younger brother used to sleep in the bedroom while I used to put a mattress and sleep on the ground in the hall. My father was a Physics professor in one of the most reputed engineering colleges in Mumbai and my mother worked as a clerk for a bank.

My father’s name is Vishnu Nayar he is a qualified engineer and married my mother after he completed his M. Tech and they had an arrange marriage and got married in 1988, they had me in 1991 and had my younger brother Abhishek in 2000. My mother’s name is Pratiba and she was born and raised in Calicut, Kerala. She completed her 12th grade exams in Kerala itself Malayalam medium and took up a job in the bank.

Now let me tell you all a bit about myself. Like most of you and I started watching porn at a very young age. I used to masturbate in school fantasizing about girls from my senior batches.

I spent a lot of time surfing the net and masturbating on pictures of American teen porn models, etc. I was extremely voyeuristic in my ways and spent a lot of time clicking and sharing voyeuristic pictures and doing online role plays. I had made a lot of online chat friends, most of them fellow horny men like me and all we’d do is share our fantasies, sometimes some of them who were lucky enough to get laid would share pictures and videos of their love making session

And I would jack off to that and I was extremely horny nerd and I did everything my chat friends asked me to do including editing pictures of their mothers and sisters since I was good at photo shop. I had built this amount of trust with my online friends that they would share pictures of their own mothers, aunts, sisters, teachers with me and ask me to morph it for them without sharing it on any adult site

And I would always adhere to their guidelines. I used to spend a lot of time online and would get at least five friend request from various people, most of them were incest lovers who used to view the various voyeur and celebrity fake threads I had online. I was very careful not to share my personal details with any of them once however a long time online friend of mine Hussain probed me about my personal life.

I had known Hussain for almost a year and I had never met him in person but spent a lot of time chatting with him online. He was a incest lover and often shared fantasies about his mother, Rafia. He’d send me pictures of his mother for me to morph in various sex positions with various men. He was one of the few people I had developed a rather pleasant rapport with.

This is what our conversation read:

Sexyboy hussain: Dude, you always ask me about my mom why don’t you tell me about your mom is she big? What’s her bra size? Have you seen her getting fucked by anyone apart from your dad? Show me her pic man. I immediately logged out and deleted Hussain off my friends list but something stuck with me that day.

I didn’t have the answers to any of those questions, I didn’t know what my mother’s bra size was, I haven’t even seen her being kissed by my dad, seeing her getting fucked by another man was a distant dream. I had never looked at my mother as a sex object, and had never harboured any sexual feelings for her. Maybe I was too scared to even think of it but that night something really changed in me as I lay on my mattress staring at the ceiling.


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