The School Days

My name’s not important. Neither is the place I live. But this is my real sex story. Back in the time when I was 18, I didn’t know much about orgasms.

The sex story takes place in my school. I was sitting on the first bench along with my friend Mark (not the real name). There’s this teacher who always wears long neck tops. When the teacher said that, there are only a few minutes left for the bell to ring, everyone asked for the free time. She sat and did some paperwork.

“Excuse yourself and go to the toilet. I have something to show.” Mark said
“What is it?”
“I bought my phone. Now, go fast.”

The conversation went on. But let’s cut to the chase. I went to the toilet and waited for him. About 5 minutes later, he showed up and said, “I’ve heard something last night. It’s about orgasms. And I actually don’t have my phone. But the orgasm part is the real deal. I tried it and felt weird. Maybe you should try it as well.”

“Try what?”

“Let me help you.” He said and grabbed my Dick. “That’s small.” He said and kept rubbing. “How do you feel?”

“I don’t know. Kind of weird, but good.” I said, my voice was faded. He wanted to know the exact feel. So, he said, “Hold mine too.” But I was lost in a pleasure and just grabbed his dick. Little did I knew that I was moaning. And so was he.

“Why does it feel so good?” He said with a moaning voice. “Hmm.” The only voice came out was a moan. My hand slipped subconsciously and now the only one holding a dick was him. So, he left my dick and came closer to hug. I’ve hugged people before, but this hug gave me pleasure.

It was because our dicks were touching. I didn’t know much back then. We kept moaning and kept pushing harder towards each other. My left leg raised a bit and that gave me goosebumps. I felt so good that I lifted it more until my right leg wrapped him.

He slowly sat down and I did the same. But neither of us were aware of it. Now that he was sitting, I wrapped both my legs around him. So, now I was sitting on top of his dick. I kept moving back and forth when I realized that it felt good. We didn’t think that someone could walk in and see us. We just kept doing it until we heard the bell ring. We stood up and went to class.

I walked towards the last bench assuming he would walk behind me. I wanted to talk and figure out why it felt so good. I wanted that pleasure more.

“One of my neighbor uncles told me about it,” Mark spoke softly. “He was the one who showed it to me. He even said that girls have breast that’s supposed to feel good. So to check, last night when my mom was sleeping, I touched her chest and believe me, it’s so soft and good. I kept rubbing her breast and couldn’t stop.

I kept squeezing harder and after few minutes she woke up and asked me what I was doing. Since the time my father died, I sleep beside her. So it was easy for me to grab it. I explained her with what the neighbor has said. So she asked me what the neighbor did. I told her that he touched me here, pointing at my thing. She was shocked and said, was it like this?

She grabbed it and kept rubbing and I don’t know why but it felt better than the first time. Yes, I moaned. It was a little bit dark, so, she said ‘Its okay, I’m your mother. Remove your pants so I can see if there’s any leakage. When someone touches you there, small liquid comes out.’ So I removed my pants.

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With a finger, she touched the tip and said ‘It’s leaking, we should see a doctor.’ I was really scared and asked her if anything else can be done. She said that I should get the entire liquid out and she would help me do it. She wrapped her hands around it and kept squeezing it. ‘You can keep doing what you did if you want.’ she said. I was lost in the pleasure. ‘Do what?’ I asked. ‘Grab my breast.’ She said and came closer.

She was at my right side. So, with my left hand, I kept squeezing her breast. ‘A little harder.’ She moaned. I kept giving my best. But I, myself was lost in pleasure. She moaned louder and then came closer to whisper ‘Come here and pointed towards her lap. She removed her sleeping top and inner top.

She sat in her underwear. I sat on top of her with my legs wrapped around. ‘When was the last time you gave mommy a kiss?’ She moaned. I kissed on her cheeks. But she held my face and kissed my lips. ‘Open your mouth, mark.’

She said and kept licking my lips. I didn’t like that part, but she was happy. Then she asked, ‘Do you want to smell mommy’s breast.’ I ran my nose in her breast. My face felt so good. ‘Eat mommy’s nipples without using your teeth.’ she said.

And while I was doing it, she kept moaning so loud. My thing got bigger and was rubbing against her stomach. The spit from my mouth was in her breast and some spit was even in my face. ‘Open your mouth’ she said and there was spit dripping down her mouth towards my mouth. ‘Now keep sucking mommy’s nipples, baby’ She said. I kept sucking them and then suddenly I felt something between my legs.

I felt like I was going to pee. ‘I feel something, man.’ I moaned. ‘Shh. It’s okay.’ She said and started shaking my thing up and down. ‘I..I.. going.. to pee.. mommy.’ I moaned louder. ‘Don’t hold back, baby.’ she kept shaking harder and then I peed. But it was different. I felt week and laid down.

She kissed my lips good night for five seconds and tried to stop kissing, but couldn’t. So she kept kissing and even spit until I asked, ‘Why didn’t you pee, mommy?’ She smiled and said, ‘Then make mommy pee.’ She removed her underwear and asked me to suck it the same way I did with her nipples. She didn’t have a penis. There was hair around.

But I sucked without asking anything. She kept moaning and said, ‘Ahh. Taste it, baby.’ It didn’t taste good and she only peed little. ‘Come here.’ She said and I lied on top of her. She kissed me and asked me to sleep. When I woke up she was too shy and didn’t talk about it. And neither did I.’

‘I want that too.’ I said.

‘Come to my home after the school. I’ll ask my mom to do the same with you.’

To be continued in the next part of the sex story.

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