The Mother’s Love

My name Neha, age 42 with excellent figure. I am very fair with height 5feet 5 inches and weight 58 kgs and I have a beautiful fig of 34 28 36. I have been very high on my sex urge and always wanted to have sex with my family, but could never do it. So I decided to fulfil it when I make a family of my own. I am a bisexual and had lots of sex with my college friends boys and girls both.

I never felt the need of true love and sex has been most important for me. I married a very rich man through matrimonial. I have been giving him all the pleasures which he ever fantasized about. Well this story is about making incest with my children. This all started last year. I have a daughter of 19yrs and a son who is 18 years old. Their name is Mira and Kabir.

Mira is very beautiful girl like me having nice 32 46 34 fig and Kabir is smart cute looking boy with athletic body of 68kg standing 5 feet 10 inch tall. I was kind of afraid to start early but sometime back I happened to read Indians Sex Stories and I decided to do it being a mother I have an upper hand to my children.

It was last year and summer vacations started. I wanted all this to happen in natural and love way so I decided to seduce my children making them feel of love and not sex. I started seducing my husband more by wearing sexy nigh ties in the night and he started fucking me madly in the nights. Then I started waking and doing morning house hold work in the same nighties.

These were small and light material but not transparent. Kabir and Mira used to sleep long in their own rooms. One day when I started after my husband went to office I went to wake u Kabir. He was sleeping only in his shorts. I set by his side on his bed moving my hands on his naked shoulder to wake him. He turned facing me. I took his close to my breast as hugging him and then gave some kisses on his cheeks showing love.

Then hugged him and gave couple of kisses on his neck and said wake up and come out Kabir its already day and then left the room from there I went to Mira’s room and did the same to her. She was wearing very short shorts and a short length t shirt then came to keep our breakfast on table when they came out said common kids give me mamma a kiss. Till this time I was still wearing a white nightie.

It was white nightie of very thin cloth and has strip above the shoulder with deep necks in front and back. They both gave me kiss on my cheek and sat on dining table I brought the breakfast plate and kept in front of kabir and kissed him on his lips just kiss and then to Mira they were a bit surprised but fine after breakfast I told Mira sweetheart you have long hair which needs to be take care and holidays are the best time.

Come let me do some Maalish and Mira came with the oil and sat in front me facing opposite to me. Kabir sat in the hall watching TV. I started doing slow massage in Mira’s hair moving my fingers in her hair and pulling them back then I lowered down and gave her a kiss on her cheek this time near her ear on her jaw. Mira you are looking very beautiful another tight kiss on her cheek) My sweet baby what are your plans for holidays?

Mira moving her head back nothing as yet mom still need to plan. What should we do? I called Kabir come here lets plan something for vocations. By this time I was massaging her bare shoulders near her neck. Kabir came and said lets go on a picnic or outing, its been some time since we went out. I said good lets make a family outing ok and all were ready.


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