Tempting Hot Cousin Sister

Hello, guys, I m a regular follower of Indian Sex Stories dot net and myself Sam (Nick name) working in a reputed company in Chennai. I am basically from Karnataka. I m just 24yrs old, this is my first sex story on this site. Kindly adjust for any mistakes I make in writing this sex story.

Coming to the sex story, this started when I was in my 12th class. As I was treated like a kid at home, it was my dirty mind always thinking of boobs of the girls and always staring at hard nipples of all women. My cousin sister, named Mona is 6yrs elder than me, having a good physic and very fair skin tone. Her assets were mind blowing ones. Everything was perfect and she was skinny and pulpy.

She came to my home during her first pregnancy. As she loves my mom a lot, she preferred to stay at my home for a couple of months. As she was pregnant, she uses to feel to have sour things like tamarind and pickle and other stuff. As our home was equipped with only one-bed room, my parents used to sleep in that room and only me and Mona used to sleep in the hall. Early days, for a week, I didn’t have any intentions on her to have sex with her and used to go bed soon, as Morning, I need to go to school early.

It was a day when my school friend named Rahul shown me the blue film of a girl with huge boobs. After coming home, I was still in that mood of boobs. It was Saturday night, where I completed my notes and till then, my parents had went to their room to sleep. My cousin sister, my darling, Mona was also drowsy and slept by leaving me a space beside her.

As still, the light was on, my dirty mind started to work on. I was staring at her boob’s which is in size of 34, I guess. And as she was pregnant, she wears just a nighty. I turned off the lights and went to sleep beside my honey Mona. She was in sleep and I was awake and I started to act like I was sleeping and put my hand on her stomach first. It was like heaven feeling, touching the girl for the first time in my life. Later, I slightly moved my hand near to her breasts.

I swear guys, I can’t describe the feeling of joy and erection for the first time touching the girl’s breasts. She was in her sleep, and I started to move my hand on her breast rolling on them with fear and sweat.

As I was very much scared of things, what if she gets to know about me and say to my parents. With my shaking hands, I rolled on her breast and got a feel of hard nipples which were kissing my hand. By feeling these hard erect nipples of her, I got jerked in my pants. Later I went to the washroom and changed my pants and slept beside Her keeping my hands on her breast.

Next day morning, my parents got a call that, one of my relatives got expired and so they left soon around 8 am. And it was only me and my darling Mona who was at home now. She prepared me a breakfast and went to take bath. Our bathroom was a side of my room and we can easily check out from glass window of another side.

As soon as she entered into the bathroom and locked the door, I ran to other side and slightly tilted the glass of bathroom window. It was my dirty mind who was willing to have a look at those beautiful boobs. She stripped nighty and started to apply oil to her hairs. It was only her skin color panty which was visible on her fair milky body. And it seemed to be a completely naked body of her in front of my eyes.

The first time, I was seeing live boobs in my life. Suddenly, I heard a call from her that, she forgot to collect her towel. So, I need to give it to her. I ran again to home and told her to open the door so that, I can give a towel to her.

As her hands were oily already, she said me to come inside the bathroom and to hang the towel to hanker. I just stepped into the bathroom and started seeing her nude body, and she was covering her boob’s with her Both hands and was sitting Down. I just placed a towel and came outside.

It was the time, she looked at my tool I guess as it was totally saluting her with a 90-degree erection in my shorts. She took her bath and came outside, and we just had our meals and she was feeling sleepy so she slept again in the room. As I too was not having any work, I said her that, I will be sleeping too with her in a room. Locked my main door of the home and came inside the room where she had slept and slept beside Her intentionally.

It was my 6-inch tool, which was not sleeping and was forcing me to adjust it in my shorts. Due to which, I was rolling by lying opposite to bed. She asked me, what happened.! Why are you moving and pushing urself to ground?

Me: Nothing, I m unable to get sleep so.
Mona: sleep straight, you are disturbing my sleep also. You will get sleep when you lay straight.
Me: okay sorry, will sleep, you sleep now

And ended my conversation. Later it was time about 30 mins, by that time, she was in her deep sleep as she took some tablets given by doc. I started my activity of touching her body again as if I m asleep. My tool was straight kissing the sky, with one hand I was playing with her one boob and with another hand, I was flapping my tool. Oh god, what a pleasure it was.

Slowly, I tried to unhook her nighty buttons which were on her breast area. My luck is that it was very easy for me to unhook as her boobs were lagging at one end. I unhooked her top 3 buttons and was easily seeing her complete boob shape but nipples were still hidden under the dress. I just rolled my fingers into her nighty as she used to not to wear any bra at home.

I suddenly touched her nipples directly with my bare hands. Mean while I jerked off in my shorts and as I was too close sleeping beside her, my sperms were in her nighty too. And suddenly she turned exactly opposite to my face and I was on cloud 9. My hand was stuck on her boob’s and her one hand was on my neck now. I thought she was awake n noticing me. But she was still in deep sleep because of those heavy dose tablets.

Taking this advantage, I slightly brought her hand on my dick and started to strike again with her hands holding my dick. Within 3 mins again I jerked off in her hands and my shorts wad very dirty by that time. I cleaned her hands slowly and cleaned her nighty and slept with her playing with her boobs and I intensionally placed her hand on my dick above my shorts and stared again to roll on. She got up and was surprised to see her hand on my dick.

I was seeing her very mildly and she just kept her hand on my dick and started to press it gently. I was exhausted as I was jerked for 2 times, she started to roll her hand on my dick and I just pretended to be asleep and I just placed my hand on her neck. She thought that I was in deep sleep, she just pulled my shorts up and tried to see my dick how it looks.

For me, it was a very surprising moment as for the first time someone was seeing my dick and touching it. And she wanted to slide down to see its complete view of a dick, but I was holding her by my one hand on her neck. She just took my hand placed it in her nighty to feel her boobs and then she gently pulled my shorts down and was touching my dick.

I was in heaven, as in my very early age I was enjoying the feeling of sex. She was thinking that, I was in deep sleep, as my parents use to blame me for having long sleep. I tilted my body exactly opposite to her face and we were very closely attached like hugging each other.

Till that time, I was semi nude like my dick was completely outside in her hands. She was pregnant and she was unable to tilt for long time opposite to Me, she just held my dick with one hand and started to press her pussy with Another holdI was observing this with a little eye opening, like mild open eyes.

By this, I got my confirmation for entering my Mona’s pussy. I suddenly got up like I got a bad dream n acted like fearing. She got scared and pressed my diharddly with fear. I asked her, why she is holding my dick so tight.? She was feared by my sudden get up, so she holded it she answered me. I asked her, But how I became nude. ? She said me that, the same way you made me nude.

I was shocked and was in no control of anything to what to say or to do. She said me that, she saw in window at bathroom and she even felt the touch of my act of playing with her boobs at night and everything. By this time, I was feared and kept sorry for her. But till this conversation, she didn’t leave my dick.

She was still holding it and then again she pressed my dick hard and said, relax Sam, I won’t say to ur parents. And by this confidence, I just placed her a kiss in her cheeks and greeted her. She said that I have a nice dick at this early age and she wants me to fuck her smoothly and slowly with my Hard Rock dick.

Then, I said her to open her dress completely, but she said me to do it myself and asked me to do anything which I like to do with her. Then I ripped her clothes away and made her completely nude and said her to lay down by sitting position on the sofa, and I just wanted to enter her pussy. But she said, it will pain for me, if u insert heavily. I was not knowing anything till that how to fuck.

She kissed my dick and applied a Vaseline to it and said me to insert slowly into that pussy hole. She gently moved her thighs and pushed me to hit the spot. I was in heaven and was no longer Had control on the things what was happening there. I fucked her for 2 times on that day till my parents come. We both were nude till my parents visited home.

I fucked her every night for more than one month till she gets delivery of her baby and she enjoyed it a lot and till now when I go to my native, I visit her and fuck her like a wild. She has a second baby which is given by me.

If any aunties or girls who want To play with my 7inch dick and Want to have babies can give their feedback to me on my email ID. ([email protected])

As I don’t want to give my identity, it’s my private ID and is only for Indian Sex Stories dot net. any aunties and girls who love to spend time with me can share your details to me and I keep the promise that your details will be kept at top secret. Will come up with another sex story soon.


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