Swapping with brother’s family

Hi friends,I am sure you are not going to believe what I am going to say now. But it is a fact.My wife and I used to watch incest sites on the net while enjoying sex in our bed room. I used to call her akka ( elder sister). She responds encouragingly and our sex enjoyment reached greater heights in this type of fantasy sex. One day . . . .My wife : I understand you have a great desire to fuck some real relative. How long you want to just imagine and enjoy.

Me: Hey no . . . No . . . It all for fun only.

W: Don’t pretend. I saw you many times looking at my brother’s wife with lot of desire. Yesterday you struggled a lot to some how peep into her cleavage. You were watching her heavy and sexy buttocks while she was walking. Am I not correct. . .?

Me: (silent)

W: Don’t worry. I can understand you. If you want I am ready to cooperate.

Me: You mean . . . !

W: Yes of course . . . There is nothing wrong in swapping if both husband and wife are one mind.

Me: No . . . . Not necessary . . .

W: Don’t burry your desires. I am sure you love to see my sister-in-law naked. You will enjoy her while she takes bath naked. Just tell me truth. . . Don’t you like to lick her pussy for hours if you are given chance . . . ?

Me: It seems you too have a strong desire to . . . . .

W: Of course no doubt . . . How can I get a new dick without allowing my husband’s in to another pussy. Really I have great passion for incest sex. . . . Only if you allow me . . . .

Me: ( I was too glad to accept the proposal. In fact I was planning how to convince my wife for swapping. Already I started imagining my sex with my cosine sister i.e my wife’s sister-in-law) But how to get them in to our fold.

W: First I shall give the taste to my brother. Then naturally he will handover his wife to you.

Me: Is it that simple . . ?

W: I know, fucking another man’s women is an irresistible offer to any man. Of course are you not allowing me to get fucked by my brother to have a chance to lick his wife’s pussy. It is that natural.

Me: O.K. let it be so.

( That day my wife was so happy and she had shown me never ever tasted fucking styles )

After a few days my brother-in-law came to my home. We know about his arrival in advance. My wife has hidden me in our bed room behind a cupboard. He sat in the hall and while serving tea my wife slipped her pallu (sary upper portion). Her sexy white boobs were half naked through the low neck jacket. She took her own time to set the pallu. I am sure this exposing has changed his mood, because even after several years of sex life with my wife I find her cleavage part very seducing. Then my wife came in to the bed room and entered in to the attached bathroom to take bath. After a few minutes she screamed loudly. Her brother rushed to the bathroom door and as it was not locked from inside he got in to the bathroom unknowingly. My wife ran out of the bathroom pretending fear of finding a cockroach in her bath tub.Of course she was totally nude and wet. Her brother was spellbound by her naked beauty. Her eyes were totally capturing my wife’s nude body. Suddenly my wife, as if she had noticed the situation then only, covered her boobs with one hand and her shaven brown pussy with another hand. But her hands were too simple to cover her healthy thick boobs. The right nipple was peeping out and inviting her brother. He moved close to her. As a matter of rejection my wife turned towards the wall. But her bubble buttocks were extending seducing invitation to her brother. Which man on this earth can keep away from such sexy curves and puffs. He removed his dress in no time. His dick was hard and pointing towards my wife. He pressed his dick on my wife’s buttocks and took her boobs in to his hands from back side. He pressed her boobs and kissed her cheeks and neck while his dick was enjoying the smooth touch of her buttocks. My wife was all cooperative. He dragged her on to the bed stretched her thunder thighs. My wife has shown him all she has. He lost the sense of time in licking his sister’s pussy. My wife took his dick in to her hands and pressed it against her cunt. What more invitation is required for a man than this. He fucked my wife as if that was his last moment in his life.After a simple nap after the fuck he got up and said sorry to my wife who was slowly covering her body with the clothes.My wife: Never mind, you can repeat. I enjoyed the fuck.

He: Is it true . . ? But I have to leave now. Your husband may come at any time.

W: O.K. let us plan it again.

He went away. Then I came out from the back of the cupboard and congratulated my wife for successfully seducing her brother.Then how I fucked my cosine sister is in my next letter . . . .

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