Study, Shave and Shove

Hello, guys, this is Gowtham…I am a fan of ISS and used to read stories all the time but never had any experience to share but fortunately, after many days I experienced what I always wanted to…and I got the opportunity to share this with you now. The story is a bit lengthy as I didn’t want to miss any details. Please read it till the end and kindly share your experiences, suggestions. Feedbacks are welcomed with open heart at
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My age is 21. I currently live in Hyderabad along with my parents and my younger sister. My father works in a diagnostic center and my mother (Jaya) is a housewife…my sister is studying in 12th class…This is my story…

We are a middle-class family and live in a rented 1BHK house with small rooms. The first room is the entrance hall cum bedroom where my parents and my sister used to sleep, the second room was left for me as I used to study late night and a kitchen and a bathroom all in a row.

My father’s age is 51, worked hard as his salary was less he used to work overtime mostly and used to leave at 8 am in the morning and comes home at around 9 pm in the night. This incident took place when I was 17 years old. My sister was studying in 7th class and used to leave at 8 am along with my dad and come home at 4 pm. My mother did all the household work.

I was pursuing my intermediate 1st year (BiPC) in a reputed college as I always wanted to become a doctor. I’m a good student and studied well. I never looked at my mother in a sexual way but maybe because of reading too many incest stories and watching incest porn my character started to change and I started looking at her differently.

My mother Jaya is a good looking mature woman aged 44 with a wheatish complexion and a plump ass and good sized boobs with an almost flat looking belly. Her assets are 36c-32-38. She is very strict and a conservative woman. Mostly she used to wear nighty at home and used to wear saris or churidars when going out. I used to stare at her when she used to do her work without her noticing me. I used to masturbate by sniffing her panties and bras which were left in the laundry basket in the bathroom but never had the courage to approach her or do something provocative.

This went on for a few days and I started growing impatient and decided to have her at any cost so I started to make a plan. I knew my parents were always concerned about my studies and would do anything to help me study well. So, one night after having dinner my father was watching TV and my sister went to sleep. My mother completed her cleaning work and saw me studying and brushed my hairs and was about to leave. I said I have some doubts and wanted her help. She sat beside me on the floor.

I was a bit hesitant at first on how to approach, gathered some courage and asked her it is related to biology. She said ok and I continued saying “ma there is this subject called human anatomy and a chapter about female genital parts which I’m not able to understand”. She asked me what it was about as she didn’t understand. I slowly lifted my hand and pointed towards her nighty over her pussy. She gave a furious look and asked me didn’t your faculty explain this. I said they did but I’m not able to understand clearly as I don’t know how it looks and the pictures in the book are not that explanatory. She hesitated a bit and asked, “you can watch it on the internet no?” I was shocked because in a way she suggested me to watch porn.

I told, “I tried I watched a lot but they won’t explain my doubts and deal with entirely different things.” She remained silent and asked with a blank face “What do you need my help for?”… I gathered some courage and said in a low tone “Can you help and just let me see for once what it actually looks like?” pointing my finger at her pussy. She immediately got furious and said with an angry face it is not going to happen and started to leave…
I started requesting her “Mom this subject is very important for my marks and I have no other means of help, I tried everything I could. I know this might be weird for you but it is equally weird for me too. I will just look and observe it for once and we will forget about it.” She left my room without saying anything.

From the next day, I couldn’t face her, I started to put on the light and acted like I was studying hard at late nights but instead, I was masturbating and this continued for few days. One day I slept late and couldn’t wake up so I stayed home without going to college. In the afternoon after having lunch, I went to my room. My mom came to my room and said: “Beta, I see you are doing a lot of hard work, you are barely sleeping what’s the matter”. I said, “Mom, I’m trying to learn about what I told you and I’m not able to understand it without practical knowledge about it and there is no one to help me with it.”

She understood what I meant and stood there for a while hesitating and finally spoke “ok beta I will help you”. I understood that my plan worked and controlling my emotions I said: “thank you so much, mom”. She said “I’ll help you this one time. In the night after completing everything I will come to your room”. I was upset as in the night everyone would be home and I won’t be able to do anything so I asked: “Why not now?” She gave some lame excuse and left. I understood that she has a doubt on me that I might do something to her.

In the night after dinner, I went to my room and started acting like I was studying and eagerly waited for her. I wore just a boxer and a t-shirt just in case it will be easy to remove and jump over her. At around 11 pm after everyone slept mom came to my room. She was wearing a violet satin nighty which was a perfect fit for her body and showcased her assets wonderfully. She stood there silently. I asked her to sit on the floor opposite to me. She asked, “Do you really need to see my…?” and didn’t complete her sentence. I said in a slightly angry tone “If you don’t want to help then it is okay I will try something else.” She understood my anger and asked, “What should I do now?” I asked her to sit on a stool and asked her to lift her nighty. She hesitatingly lifted her nighty up to her hips. She was wearing a brown color flowered panty. I could see her smooth thighs and some pubic hairs projecting from the sides and top of her panty. By seeing her thighs I immediately had a hard-on and tried to conceal as I was wearing only boxers and my mom might notice. I signaled her to remove her panty. She slowly slid her panty till her ankles but closed her thighs. I could only see some pubic hairs. I gave a serious look indicating to spread her legs so that I can get a clear view. She understood and spread her legs wide enough so that I could get a clear view of my birth hole.

I couldn’t catch my breath at the sight. It was fully covered with pubic hair and bushy. I could see her pink pussy lips surrounded by dense forest. I slowly started moving towards her and looked at it closely. I stared my birth hole for 5min and wondered how it feels to be inside it and started to move my hand towards her pussy. My mom saw this and immediately close folded her legs and said: “What are trying to do?” I said, “I told you no I have to observe it understand”. She said, “So are you going to touch and explore it?” I acted innocently and said, “That is what I wanted your help for”. She gave a shocking look and said: “You told me that you will just have a look and leave”. I said sternly “No I want to observe and feel it. If I wanted to just have a look then I have seen enough images on the internet”. She kept quiet. I continued “I have seen many images and also those were clean and shaved unlike yours. I need to see the way it works”. She got angry and said, “I don’t know how to shave and I’m afraid that it might hurt”. I said, “I can help you with it but will you let me touch it and do my work without restrictions after shaving it”. She didn’t reply and slid her panties back and dropped her nighty down.

I sat there silently with a dull face. She then stood in front of me and said you can touch it over my nighty. I didn’t know how to proceed as my entire plan went in vain and kept silent. She said “Hurry up, it is already very late and I have to wake up early. If you’re not interested then I’ll leave”. I sighed and said, “Okay something is better than nothing”.
I was sitting on the floor and she was standing right in front of me. My face was near her belly. I slowly placed my hand on her nighty near her thighs and slowly moved it towards her pussy. She said, “Make it fast I have to go”. I started rubbing her pussy over her nighty. As it was covered inside with thick bush and a panty I could barely feel anything. I said, “At least remove your panty I am not able to feel anything”. In a swift, she lifted her nighty and slid her panties down and left it on the floor and dropped her nighty and gave a restless look.

I moved closer placed my finger over her nighty on her pussy and started rubbing her clit. I could feel her pussy getting wet over her nighty and moved my face close so that I can smell it. I tried to insert my finger into pussy over her nighty and suddenly my mom let out a moan “ahhhh…” My cock sprung back and made a tent in my boxer. I slowly started to move my finger in and out of her pussy over her nighty and her nighty was getting wet due to the wetness of her pussy. Her right leg twitched a bit. I could smell her wet pussy over the nighty. I was completely lost and the tent in my boxers became so evident.

My mom suddenly observed my tent understood that I was getting an erection and situation would get out of control if she would let me proceed further. She caught hold of my hand and said: “Enough I’m leaving”. I said, “This is too much I agreed to all your conditions and all I got is hardly 5min and I didn’t even feel and explore anything”. She started to leave. I asked, “I will help you shave your pubic hairs will you let me do my work without any conditions?” She said “I’ll talk about this later, it’s getting late and you also go to your bed. Goodnight beta.” And she left.

I couldn’t sleep. I sat there thinking how my wonderful plan failed in execution. I suddenly saw her panty lying on the floor which she removed, as she left in a hurry she forgot to take it. I took it and saw few pubic hairs stuck inside it and started to smell it. I started thinking about her pussy I just saw and touched over nighty and started stroking my cock with her panty near my mouth. I came hard and left the panty on the floor without creating any doubts and went to my bed.

The next day I went to college, came home and everything was normal. My mother smiled normally, we ate dinner and everyone slept. I went to my room and started to act like I was struggling to study something but masturbated thinking about my mom and slept.

The next morning I woke up early at 6 am and was getting ready. I walked through the kitchen towards the washroom. Suddenly my mom asked “How are you son? Is everything Ok with you?” I said, “I’m fine and everything is good”. She said “I see you are stressing out yourself by studying too much and you are not sleeping well. I saw the light in your room was on till 2 am. What is it?” I gave a sarcastic smile and said “Nothing.” She understood what I meant and said: “I helped you no.” I rudely said, “You didn’t allow me to do anything; I didn’t even get a chance to feel and understand.” She innocently replied, “You touched it no.” I said “You covered it with your nighty and a heavy bush that I hardly felt anything that I wanted” and was about to leave. She said, “Ok son, this time I won’t put any restrictions and this will be the last time that I’m going to help you.”

By hearing those words my heart filled with excitement and I thought my plan started to work again. But controlled my emotions and said in a firm voice “First I need it to be clean”. She said, “I told you I’m afraid and I don’t know how to shave it.” I softly said, “Ma, don’t worry I’ll do it for you”. She gave a serious look and said: “No, I can’t let you do it”. I gave an angry look and said: “See you said you’ll help and now again you are being stubborn.” She silently agreed and said, “Ok sorry, I’ll help you after your sister and father left”. I said “Thanks, mom, finally you agreed” and smiled. She said “I have no other choice I can’t let my baby boy stress himself by studying too much” and smiled.
I walked to my room waited for my father and sister to leave and slept imagining what I should do next. My mom came to my room and woke me up at around 8.40am. I woke up and asked about my father and sister. She said “They left at 8 am itself. I had some work to do, I finished. So I woke you up as I thought I would help you with your studies and then take bath.” I asked her to wait in the washroom and took my shaving kit to the bathroom. I went to the bathroom and saw my mom was sitting on a stool wearing a reddish pink satin nighty and saw her white panty in the laundry bucket. I understood that she removed it herself. I removed my t-shirt and told her that I don’t want my t-shirt to get wet or stained.

I sat down on the floor near her legs and started lifting her nighty slowly. My breath started to increase but I kept it under control. I lifted it above her knees and I could see her smooth thighs and continued lifting it till her hips. Her hairy bush was shining brightly in the light and was right in front of my face. I asked her to lift her ass a bit, lifted her nighty and told her to hold her nighty above her waist and she did. I took some water in my hand and splashed it over her hairy pussy. I splashed water 2-3 times and gently slid by hand through her bushy hairs and straightened them. She shivered a bit and her breathing increased slightly. I then continued applying shaving cream over her pussy hairs and started rubbing it and it was covered with thick foam. I started spreading the foam all over her pubic hairs and suddenly one of my fingers slipped into her pussy as it was wet and slippery. My mom gave a moan “ahhhh… beta careful” I said sorry and continued. I took the shaver and immediately my mom asked: “Will it hurt?” I said, “Don’t worry mom, it won’t hurt, I’ll take care”.

I was about to shave her pubic hair but the nighty my mom held came in my way. I said, “Please remove your nighty mom, it is coming in my way and it is blocking my view and shaver might hurt you.” She hesitated a bit but I insisted. She then took her nighty completely and threw it in the laundry bucket. She was only wearing a pink bra which was hardly holding her 36c size boobs. Her cleavage is very clear and I couldn’t turn my eyes, my cock grew bigger than ever but I was wearing a loose boxer so it was not that evident. I controlled myself and went to my work. I spread her legs and moved a bit closer; my face was just a feet away from my mother’s beautiful pussy that was covered in thick foam. I placed one hand on her belly for support and with the other hand slowly started shaving her pubic hairs, splashing water and rubbing as to create more foam. I asked her to lift her thigh a bit a place it over my shoulder so as to shave some hairs near her ass. This made her spread her legs a bit more and I could clearly see her pussy and asshole covered in foam. After shaving for 15min I slowly wiped her pussy and asshole with a clean towel.

I left a triangular patch of bush above her pussy. My mom saw this and asked me in a low tone why I didn’t I shave it. I said let me complete I’m trying to make you look beautiful and kept doing my work. She sat quietly with a confused look on her face. I took the trimmer and started to remove few leftover public hairs and started shaping the triangular bush. My mom breath increased a bit as the trimmer was vibrating near her pussy making her mad. She started breathing heavily. I took my time slowly enjoyed looking her pussy and saw that it was getting wet due to my actions and I could smell her pussy juices. After trimming I wiped it with a towel and splash water over her pussy and cleaned it. I took some Aloe Vera gel applied it all over my hand and applied it slowly over her pussy, pussy lips and around the asshole. I said, “See mom how easy it is, look how sexy your pussy is now after the shave.” She gave a serious look as I used the word sexy but I kept a blank face. She asked me why you left a patch of hair. I said it adds beauty to your pussy and smiled. She smiled shyly and said, “Thank you for the help.” I replied, “You don’t have to thank me, mom, now take your bath and come”. I planned that she would come out after the bath in her towel and then I can proceed further with my plan.
My mom said, “Why don’t you clear your doubts now itself and after you are finished with your work I’ll have my bath.” I said, “You want me to feel and understand your pussy here in this small bathroom?” She said, “You just want to know about a vagina then what if it is a bathroom”. With nothing substantial to argue I agreed.

I parted her legs wide and went further close to her pussy. My breath was hitting her pussy and I could smell her feminine juices flowing inside her. I slowly placed my hand over pussy and parted her pussy lips with my fingers and slid my finger into her pussy. She let out a soft moan “ahhhh…beta…slow and careful.” I slowly started to probe my finger deep into her feeling every inch of my birth hole and rubbing her pussy walls. She was moaning softly with a heavy breath. I inserted two fingers inside her and slowly started moving inside her and started rubbing her g-spot. Her pussy became very wet and started contracting. My mom started shivering and asked with her eyes closed “ahhh…beta, Are you…ahh… finished with the exploration?” I said almost and slowly increased my speed and moved my fingers in and out of her pussy rubbing her g-spot continuously. She let out a loud moan and controlled. I continued for 10min. I wanted to make her cum.

My cock started to burst in my boxers and it started to pain. I slowly removed my fingers from her pussy covered with her fluids and smelled them and licked my fingers. She opened her eyes and said “Finally you finished your study” and asked me to move out.” I told, “Not completely”. She gave a restless look and said: “What more do you want?” I was a bit hesitant. She said, “It’s already 9.30am I have a lot of work to do, speak out what is it?”

I said, “I almost understood everything but my fingers are not long enough to reach the depth of your pussy, I just need help to reach the end to completely understand.” She said in a slight anger tone “What more do you want me to do?” I said, “I have to use something longer than my fingers”. She looked at the bulge in my boxers and understood what I meant but asked: “So what are you suggesting?” I stood up and took my boxers threw it in the laundry basket and pointed to my fully erected 6.5in length and 2in thick cock with veins all over it. She sat there dumbstruck and said in a furious tone “No way, it can’t happen you shouldn’t be doing this, this is wrong.” I softly said “You agreed to help me. I’m doing this just for my studies and nothing more. You helped me get this far and it is just a matter of one minute, there is nothing wrong I will just insert once and take it out that’s it.”

I think she doubted that it was my plan from the beginning. She thought I may lose control and things might get out of control and said: “I’ll agree but only a minute and that too on my terms.” I nodded silently controlling my excitement and temptation. Seeing mom sitting on the stool in the bathroom with just a bra barely covering her juicy boobs and with her legs stretched and her pussy waiting to embrace my cock made my heart explode in joy. I thought once I entered her I’ll start stroking her slowly and then fuck her wildly as she will not be able to control my movement.

I got on my knees and started moving towards her with my cock in my hand directed towards her pussy. But she stopped me and told me to lie on my back. I didn’t understand but did as she said. She stood up and placed her legs on either side of my hip and I could see her cleanly shaved and trimmed pussy clearly as she slowly started to sit down on my cock. I caught my dick and directed it towards her pussy.

My cock head slowly entered into her warm pussy and mom moaned in pleasure “ahhhh….mm…haaaah…mmm…” and I was completely lost in heaven. She slowly slid along the length of my dick and my cock entered into her pussy inch by inch and I couldn’t control my breath. Her pussy was tight around my cock as she didn’t have sex since very long time. She moved further and my cock was completely inside her pussy and I gave a loud moan “ahhhhh…. Ammmmmma…mmm” and caught her hips with both my hand. My cock started to grow inside her pussy further and explored her depths. I closed my eyes and tried to move my hips to stroke her but to my surprise, I couldn’t move. My mom was very clever as she knew I would do something like this, she sat on me and held me by placing her entire weight over me and held my hips preventing me from moving. She looked at me and saw my struggle but acted as if she didn’t care. I couldn’t move so I understood my plan failed once again and thought to at least enjoy this one minute and closed my eyes and felt her warm pussy around me. Her tender pussy walls tightly embraced my throbbing cock and I never felt anything that soft rubbing against my cock.

After about a minute she said, “I’m done with helping you”. I took my hands off her hips and she started lifting her legs to stand up and released me. I suddenly knew it was my chance and have to act quickly as she released me.

I then suddenly caught hold of her hips and inserted my dick into her pussy and started stroking her from the bottom. She tried to push me but I caught hold of her hips and I hugged her while she was sitting in my lap with my dick ramming inside her pussy. She started shouting “Stoooooooop itttttt…ummmm… hmmmm…please…beta this is wrong…” But I was in no mood to listen. I kept fucking her from the bottom and stood up carrying her and leaned her against the bathroom wall and pounded her hard. I held her ass cheeks with my hands and leaned her against the wall with her legs around my waist and her hands were on my chest trying to push me away but in vain and with my cock pounding deep in her pussy. She kept shouting “Betaaaaa ahhhh nooo…” and I saw tears in her eyes. Seeing her in pain, tears rolled in my eyes. With tears of affection in my eyes, I looked into her eyes and increased my speed further.

My cock was hitting deepest parts of her pussy and her tight pussy embraced my dick keeping it warm and lubricated. I could see the pain and helplessness in her eyes. I stopped looking into her eyes and hid my face in her cleavage covered in bra and started licking and biting her cleavage protruding out of her bra as she was breathing heavily and moaning. She was breathing heavily with teary eyes and was controlling her moans and kept saying “Pleaaaaa ahh se… stop ahhhhh beeeeeta”. My dick was moving in and out of her pussy as I pounded her hard by inserting my entire dick inside her pussy and moving out till my tip and again pushing deep inside her.

I could feel her pussy walls tighten around my cock. I knew she was about to cum but I didn’t dare to look into her teary eyes. I kept pounding her hard. She stopped shouting and moaning but her breath was very heavy. I was biting my mom’s soft boobs exposed from the top of her bra while sucking her fleshy cleavage with my lips and continued pounding deep inside her pussy with my both hands pressing her ass cheeks hard. Her pussy tightened as she shivered a bit I increased my speed further. She let out a huge moan “ahhhhhhhhhhhh haaahhhhhhhhh” and I could sense the pain in her voice as she released her load all over my dick. My cock was covered with her cum but I continued pounding her.

I knew I wouldn’t last much longer inside her wet dripping pussy but this is my first and last chance so I controlled myself as hard as I could and continued fucking her. I held her tight and started moving towards the bedroom. She tried to push me but I held her tight with one hand tightly grabbing her ass and another hand around her waist and my cock deep inside her wet pussy pounding her while walking towards the bedroom. Finally, I placed her on the bed and continued pounding her in the missionary position.

My right hand was under her ass pressed against the bed. I pressed her ass cheeks tight and pounded her pushing her ass towards my dick. With my left hand, I slid her bra from her boobs and pulled it towards her stomach. I could see her soft and huge boobs with brown areolas and pointed nipples. I took her juicy left boob in my mouth and started sucking it with passion and bit her nipples and with my left-hand pressing and pinching her other boob. All this time she was still trying to push me away. I didn’t dare to look into her eyes as I couldn’t see her painful look. She stopped moaning, all I could hear was her heavy breath and the thump sound while my balls were hitting her pussy.
With every stroke, I was exploring deep inside her pussy. I started giving large stroke by pushing my cock deep inside her and then moving out till my tip. I started feeling her pussy walls tighten against my cock as she was about to cum again. I hugged her tight with my both hand around her and held shoulders from the back from under her arms. Her soft boobs were pressed against my bare chest.

She was breathing heavily with her lips slightly parted as she tried to catch her breath. I looked into her eyes. I could see her painful look, with tears rolling down her eyes. I started feeling her pain and I looked into her eyes affectionately. I started stroking her slowly and passionately looking into her eyes. My cock was moving slowly inside her pussy feeling every inch of my mother’s beautiful and soft pussy. I was completely lost in heaven feeling the softness of her pussy walls. She started breathing heavily and looked into my eyes with pain and anger. But I looked into her eyes affectionately as I continued fucking her slowly. She let out a loud moan “ahhhhhhhhh… haa…haaaaaaaa…haa…” and I could feel her juices flowing along the length of my cock. She was completely exhausted as she had cum twice. She turned her face and looked away.

I hugged her tight with my hands wrapped around her and my chest pressed against her soft boobs. I started fucking her hard. I couldn’t control anymore as her pussy was wet with all her juices as she had cum twice already. I started giving deep strokes and she sensed that I was about to cum but she looked away with her eyes closed. I increased my speed and fucked her hard. The sounds of my balls hitting her inner thighs filled the room. I held her tight and gave a deep final stroke. My thick spurts of cum hit deep inside my mother’s pussy filling her pussy completely. I was completely exhausted and fell over her with my limp cock still inside her pussy. My mom fainted in shock and slept as she was exhausted. We slept for about 2 hours.

At around 12 pm I woke up. I looked around and saw my mom. She was still sleeping with her back faced towards me completely exhausted. She had cum twice after many years and was completely exhausted and slept like that as we didn’t eat anything from the morning. She was completely nude except for the pink bra which was hanging loosely on her belly and her Mangalsutra loosely hanging between her milky breasts. I looked at her and started thinking about our intense fuck. I couldn’t believe myself as I fucked her for around 25min holding myself as I hardly used to masturbate for 15min.
I couldn’t believe that I entered my birth hole which I came from 17 years back. I sat and looked at her nude curvy body. Her ass cheeks and boobs were red because of my hard pressing and mauling. There were bite marks around her nipples. Her inner thighs and her pussy were red as I rammed her hard a couple of hours back.

Looking at her juicy boobs and round ass, my dick started getting an erection again. My cock sprung to its full length and it was red because of the previous session. My mom was still in a deep sleep. I thought for a second whether to fuck her again or not. But I finally decided to fuck her, as I may not get another opportunity again. I looked at her curvy and juicy ass. I decided to fuck her in the ass. But I was afraid to proceed. I know that her ass was never fucked before and it would be very tight and painful for her. I couldn’t see her in pain. But I decided to proceed anyway.

I slowly got up from my bed and tiptoed to the bathroom and took the Aloe Vera gel left on the bathroom floor. I applied a large amount of gel on my fully erect throbbing cock and lubricated it well enough. I poured some gel in my hands and silently came to the bedroom and sat beside my mom. My mom slept like a baby completely unaware of the sequences she is going to face now.

I slept beside her applied the gel in my hands over my cock again and positioned myself. I slowly unhooked her pink bra which was loosely hanging on her belly and removed it completely and threw it on the floor. My mom was completely nude and sleeping. I moved slowly towards her with my dick near her ass crack.

I lifted her right leg and she started to move. I immediately held her and got on top of her pushing her against the bed with my dick rubbing against her ass crack. With one hand I pushed her against bed making her lie on her belly and with another hand I held my cock and tried to insert in her ass. She understood what I was doing and started to shout “I beg you please stop this. I’m your mother; we already committed a huge sin”. I inserted my heavily lubricated cock and the tip of my cock slid inside her ass hole. She shouted like hell “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nooooooooooooooooooooo” with pain. It was very tight and it was very painful for me too. I held her tight and pushed myself hard. She wanted to shout but it was too much for her as she was unable to control her breath and shout at the same time.

I slowly started stroking her with only the tip inside her ass. I slowly started stroking and with each stroke slowly my cock started to move inside her tight asshole. My mom started shouting in pain with tears rolling down her cheek “Doooon’t dooo ammmmmmmma it……..ahhhhhh……. Please …..stoooahhhhhhhhhhp…..”. I gradually started inserting my dick further and after a few strokes, my dick was completely inside her ass. It was very tight and warm. My cock was tightly gripped by her inner walls and it was very difficult to move. She started shouting “Why are you ahhhhhhh…. dooooooooing thissssshahhahhh…to me?” I kept quiet and started to increase my speed as I knew I wouldn’t last much longer inside her tight asshole.

I held her tight with my chest pressed against her back and started stroking her madly. I started giving huge strokes. She started shouting “ammmmmma nooooo…ahhhhh” but I controlled my moans and fucked her hard in the ass. As I entered her deep tight ass it was very warm and the pleasure was of another level. I stroked her hard with my cock hitting her ass cheeks making thump sounds. I then held her shoulders from under her arms and made her sleep sideways on her left hand while fucking her ass from behind. My left hand was sandwiched between the bed and my mom’s left arm. I then held her soft boobs in my both hands and started to press them hard and pinch her nipples. I continued fucking her hard and I know I won’t last long now. With my left hand which was sandwiched between her arm and bed, I started pressing her boobs while I slowly moved my right hand towards her pussy and rubbed her pussy lips. She was panting and breathing heavily. I inserted my fingers into her pussy and started fingering her pussy while my cock was thumping in her ass from sideways.

We were sleeping sideways with my chest pressed against her back while my left hand was pressing her soft juicy boobs and my right hand exploring my sweet mom’s wet pussy. I increased my speed further as I know I’m about to reach my climax. I continued fingering her pussy very fast as my fingers slid in and out of her wet pussy rapidly. I moved closer held her tight and bit her neck slightly while pressing her boobs with my left hand hard. She was unable to control me but kept shouting “haaaaa ahhhhhhhh…ammmaaaa….ahhhhhh”. I increased my speed further and my cock entered further depths inside her warm tight ass. I gave one last stroke and let out a huge moan “haaaaa….ahhhhhhhhh… ammmmmmmmmmmmma” and bit her neck slightly and released loads of cum filling her asshole. My limp cock slid out of her ass and cum started oozing out of her asshole. My mother moaned in pain “nooooo…ahhhhhhhhhhh”. I continued fingering her pussy with my two fingers vigorously. She closed her eyes, her legs twitched a bit and she shivered closing her thighs as she squirted huge loads all over the bed sheet. She was completely drained and couldn’t move a muscle. She fainted and slept like that. I was completely exhausted and my cock started to pain because of this anal session and also I had cum twice since morning. I slept wondering that I fucked her in the ass for 15min.

After around 3.30pm I woke up due to the sound of bangles and the Mangalsutra of my mom as she woke up just then from the bed. She looked at me and thought I was still asleep. She stood up with great difficulty as I mercilessly pounded her ass and it was painful was her. Her ass cheeks were very red and there were bite marks near her neck. I couldn’t believe that I did all this to her. She bent down to take her bra which I threw on the floor.

I could clearly see her ass cheeks spread presenting a clear view of her cum filled ass hole and her delicate pussy. I started to have a hard-on again but I looked at the watch and it was around 3.30 pm. My sister would be back at around 4 pm from school. I thought for a while and decided to have one last session before my sister gets back. My mother picked up her bra and started to slowly walk towards another room with great difficulty.

I immediately got up and held her from the back and pushed her back against the wall making her face me. She was dumbstruck by my sudden attack as she didn’t expect me as she thought that I was in deep sleep. I leaned her against the wall and held her tight with my chest pressed against her soft boobs which were red already. My fully erected cock was poking near her deep navel. She gathered all her energy and pushed me away. I held her back and caught her both hands with mine and spread her arms making her lean against the wall with her armpits exposed. I spread her legs with my legs and positioned myself between her legs. She shouted with a weak voice “Please stop this I can’t take this anymore”. I held both her hand high with my left hand and positioned my dick towards her pussy with my right hand. She shouted “No not again your sister will be home soon. Please sto…” and before she could complete her sentence, I inserted my cock inside her sore wet pussy and started to move slowly. She moaned in pain “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. please take it out ….I can’t take it anymore” as I continued entering her slowly. I looked at her affectionately as she was breathing heavily making her nipples rub against my chest with every breath. With every thrust, she was opening her mouth to catch her breath.

I looked into her eyes affectionately and gave a deep stroke making her part her lips wide. I immediately pressed my chest more against her boobs and caught her lower lip with my lips. This was the first time I kissed her lips. I started sucking my mom’s lips passionately as she tried to close her lips trying to prevent me explore her mouth further. I gave a deep stroke making her part her lips in pain. I started to insert my tongue inside her mouth and exchange saliva with her. I sucked her soft lower lip with my lips and bit her lower lip slightly while stroking her pussy slowly with my dick. I held her face with my both hands and started kissing her passionately as her resistance decreased but she didn’t reciprocate. I closed my eyes feeling the softness of her lips and tasting her saliva exchanged between our tongues while her soft pussy walls tightly embraced my cock. I continued kissing her for quite some time.

After few minutes our lips parted and I looked into her eyes affectionately and started kissing her chin, her forehead, her cheeks then moved towards her neck and kissed her neck passionately holding her skin with my lips and sucking her body while my dick slowly pounded her pussy inch by inch. She moaned in pleasure as I was kissing her neck passionately. I then lifted her right thigh with my left hand and parted her legs apart and increasing my speed. She trembled. I started stroking her hard and as my cock started hitting her inner thighs it made huge thump sounds. I started moaning “Ahhhhhh…ammmmmaaaa…I love you” and started pounding her very hard. My mom stopped resisting and gave up but didn’t reciprocate.

I then released her and made her bend and she caught hold of bed for support. I caught both her ass cheeks with my hands and parted them and started licking her asshole. She groaned “Stop son it’s bad, you shouldn’t do it”. I spread her ass cheeks and inserted my tongue in her asshole licking every inch of the hole while my lips kissed the swollen skin around the hole passionately. I spread her ass cheeks and inserted my tongue deep in her ass hole and licked it. My mom couldn’t control her moans “Ahhhh betaaa this is baaaaahhh…bad…” I inserted my fingers in her pussy and explored my birth hole. I started rubbing her g-spot and stroked my fingers in and out of her pussy while my tongue licked the sweet asshole and the smell emanating from her asshole made me crazy and I started kissing and licking her asshole madly as she moaned “Ahhhhhh….stoooahhp this is bad”.

I could feel her pussy tighten on fingers. I got up and slowly inserted my dick into her pussy and started fucking her. I held both her boobs which were hanging and started pressing her soft boobs and pinched her nipples while stroking her very hard. I started moaning with pleasure “ haaaaaa…ammma…..I love your pussy… You are so sexy maaaa …ahhhhh….”. I then pushed her onto the bed and made her bend on her knees and started pounding her. I caught hold of her hairs which were hanging loosely over her shoulders with both my hands and started to pound deep inside her very hard like a horse. She moaned in pain “Stop it ahhhhhhh…its ahhhhhh…haaaa… hurting”. But I continued stroking her hard with every stroke I could feel her pussy tighten and I couldn’t hold the pleasure and moaned “ahhh …ammmmaaa ….your pussy is so tight around my cock…..”

I then made her sleep sideways on her left arm and positioned myself behind her with my left arm sandwiched between the bed and my mom’s left arm. I inserted my cock from behind and caught both her boobs with my hands and pounded her hard while my hands mercilessly pressed her boobs. I suddenly felt her pussy contract and suddenly she gave a loud moan and released her load all over my hard cock.

I then got up and spread both her legs and started sucking her pussy lips and licking all her pussy juices she just released. I pressed both her ass cheeks with my hands and pushed her pussy more towards my face. I think my mom never experienced licking before. She started moaning “This is so wrong beta…” but she started folding her legs pressing my face against her pussy. I caught both her pussy lips in my mouth and sucked them passionately with my lips. I slowly inserted my tongue into her pussy and started licking her deep. She was moaning continuously “Ahhhh beta ….stop ….this is ahhhhh very wrong”. The smell of her pussy was intoxicating and I was sucking and licking my mother’s sweet hole with love and lust.

Suddenly my mom opened her mouth and said “ahhh…Please make it fast your sister will be home soon”. I saw the time, it was 3.55pm. I got up and inserted my cock into my birth hole and started pounding madly but I was nowhere near orgasm as I had heavily cum twice already since morning. I slept on the bed on my back and made my mom sit on top of me. She came on top of me without much resistance. I positioned my dick and inserted in her pussy and started pounding her holding her hips. My mom’s plump boobs were shaking as I started stroking her fast. I caught hold of her breasts with both of my hands and fondled as I pounded her.

I had to make it fast as my sister would be home soon so I pulled my mom towards me hugged her tight. Her boobs were tightly pressed against my chest and I increased my speed further, suddenly my cock slipped out of her pussy. I caught hold of my dick and rubbed it against her pussy but suddenly inserted it in her asshole. My mom shouted at once “Nooo…..ahhhh….not again ……please take it out from there”. But I hugged her tight and started pounding her ass very fast. Her tight asshole was gripping my cock very tight and the pleasure was of another level. It was a pain filled with pleasure as my dick completely entered inside her ass. I started giving huge strokes by moving out my dick till the tip and inserting it back in her ass. The room was filled with the thumping sounds as my balls started hitting her ass cheeks and our moans. I started stroking her fast as I almost reached my climax. I wanted to look into her eyes for one last time while fucking. So, I removed my cock from her asshole and made her lie on her back on the bed. She completely stopped resisting but she gave a sinful look.

I got on top of my mom and inserted my cock into her pussy and started fucking her madly holding her hips. I started sucking and biting her nipples furiously as I know this might be the last time and kissed in the space between her boobs on her heart. My mom pussy walls started contracting around my cock as she was about to reach her orgasm too. I couldn’t control myself. I looked into my mom’s eyes affectionately and decreased my speed. I pushed myself tightly against her with my chest pressed against her soft boobs and I held her face with my both hands and looked into her angry eyes with affection and kissed her lips. I started kissing her passionately and slowly moving my cock in and out of her pussy inch by inch controlling my orgasm.

Suddenly to my surprise I felt my mom raise her butts fast and take my cock deep inside her. She started to move faster along my cock. I then realized she wanted to make it fast as it was 4.05pm as my sister would be home anytime soon. But I kept my eyes closed and continued kissing her passionately sucking her lower lip and releasing it and then sucking the upper lip while slowly entering her pussy. My mom shouted at once “Make it fast….and fuck me hard” in a slight anger tone. Hearing those words from my mom’s mouth I couldn’t control myself any longer. I started fucking her very fast with deep strokes with my cock hitting deepest parts of her pussy and she also reciprocated my moving her hips to take my cock inside her while we kissed each other with a passion. Her pussy walls started contracting as she neared her orgasm and even I was also about to release my load. She placed her legs around my waist and pushed my cock deep inside her pussy and placed her arms around my back holding me tight. We loudly moaned together at once “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh haaaaaaaaaaaa ummmmmmmmm hhaaaaaa” as we had our orgasms together. I released all my cum deep inside her pussy completely draining my balls and kissed her for one last time passionately closing my eyes.

She immediately pushed me and got up and removed the blanket on the bed as it was covered with all our juices and she picked her pink bra which was lying on the floor and rushed to the bathroom. I got up and saw the time it was 4.10pm, so I hurried up and wore a boxers and t-shirt. My sister came after 10min. I went to my room completely exhausted and slept till night.

I sister woke me up at 8.30 pm for dinner. I got up and looked for my mom. She was serving food. Generally, she used to wear satin nighties at night but to my surprise, she wore a sari. The sari was tucked and pinned at several places completely covering her body without leaving any gap. I got up and she looked at me and turned her face immediately.

She stopped talking to me completely and even stopped looking me in the eye. She stopped wearing nighties completely and only wore saris. She also stopped leaving her bra and panties which every morning she used to leave in the laundry bucket previously.

I understood my situation and remained silent and focussed on my studies and masturbated once in a while fantasizing about these lovely sessions I had with my beautiful mom. I scored very good marks in my 11th class exams and everyone congratulated me on my success, my mom didn’t say anything but gave a half-hearted smile to me and I smiled back. I felt very happy as it was around 4 months that she even looked at me. I thought that this could be fresh beginning with my mother and I thought I wouldn’t do these kinds of things to her again ever.

But then again once a bad guy always a bad guy…… I will explain in my next story…What happened thereafter……….

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