Son Married Mother – Part I

Dear Iss readers I am new to this I am here because of son now my husband this is true story I hope you all enjoying it my name is Ratna 46 year old I am very innocent very conservative Hindu lady my husband died only after 2 years of our marriage. When he died I have only my son Viji who a 6 month baby my husband family does not like me because ours love marriage& also inter caste one. he married against to wish of his family they virtually through me out of house.

My widowed mom help me little my brothers not I am uneducated [my son educate me in English by his encouragement I learned] I started flower vending near the temple. Life is very difficult but I want my son to get good education & get good job I don’t want to him suffer like me. He is a bright student got scholarships finished his BE in computer science from it & also got very good job in Delhi he came to me ask me come with him so all my bad time over, now I am proud mother

Viji let us go to tirupathi i have to fulfill my harake I told him ok mom as you wish company has given me advance lets go by taxi so we went to tirupathy offered our prayer & come back. I went to pack my belongings. But my son laughed at me what mom what are you doing don’t take these stuffs you are no more a flower vender now you are proud mother of a executive of a mnc company earning more than a lac rupees as salary. So just come with me we go for shopping I want my mom in good cloths &also in good makeup by hearing

I was little confused ask him why all this mom you know ours is a very large company & I am in very good job they given me a posh bungalow in rich locality where people are rich & modern so I don’t want my mummy look in front them. I laughed told ok baba as you wish your mom ready fulfill your wishes he took me very big clothes store bought as many sarees some of them are very thin even in my dream I not wear it my son ask the sales girl to some blouses she asked for size he told her to take because we have no samples. the lady take me to trail room ask me to remove my pallu

I did so she took my boobs measurement &all other measurements it is the first time I learned my boobs size is 38 we came back from trail room she shown us different pattern all of them are low neck some of them sleeve less some of them are back less my son select all the 3 patterns’ I  felt shy imagining how look if I wears it. My son also ask them to show choodidars shiningly I told is i want to wear them also he told me not only that even jeans top middys also sales girl shown lot of variteiis my son selected ass many as. The lady ask us to come by evening all blouses ready.

My son pay the bill we came out of the store he took me to another store where he purchased jeans middys their i came to know my waist is 34. Some middys are above knee &looks really sexy. I told to my son I am not wearing those stuffs by hearing this owner of the shop told sister now a day’s all ladies of my age are wearing there is nothing wrong because most young boys like my son want see their moms in these fittings he also show some leather stuffs which are very small &sexy he whisper something my sons ear for that he gave big smile told the owner to pack them.

Later I came to know those stuffs are kinky one using sex pleasure games.] my son Viji take me other section of the store where variety of lingerie’s were there by looking those things I really felt very shy but my son selected so many bras cupped one stuffed one padded bras he already know my boobs sizes different colors mostly dark shades in my life never seen such things. my lovely son purchasing bras for his poor mom he ask the sales girl for panty’s she lot of varieties

Ask for size he asked her to take it because he don’t know the girl gave very naughty smile at him &take me to I rail room took my buttocks measurement it comes 40 I know I have big ass. she ask is the man your son i said yes she told he got very good tastes he really want to see his mom very sexy I feel very shy put down my head in shy she again said don’t be so shy madam you are going to have great time with your son all

I meekly thanked her. all stuffs were packed my son paid the bill also tips to sales girl we came out of the shop he took me to posh hotel we had very good lunch again we went on purchasing spree now I am not feeling all that shy we went to a very good cosmetics shop purchased lot of cosmetics like lipsticks nail polishes body sprays eye shadows eyeliners foundations creams scents blushers a manual for how to use them also given the shop owner a very expert beauticians she provide all our needs my son has told something in her ear she smiled very

Naughtily at him & gave 2 packed stuffs. she also given one very expensive beauty parlor addressee my son took me to that parlor given a card which is given by cosmetic shop owner the receptionist given card to owner she talked to cosmetic shop owner by phone they discuss some thing &owner take me inside ask my son to come afier2 hours she ask for something to be given those 2 packs which were given by the cosmetics shop owner. She went back living me in side that big room after few minutes came back smiling naughtily at me.

It is a air conditioned hall she ask me to remove my clothes I hesitated don’t worry madam we all ladies I want to do complete make up I removed my saree blouse at that time I wore very cheap white bra no panty she ask me to remove all the cloths so I removed bra petticoat first time I am naked before a lady I felt very shy the lady really expert she know how to handle she took me to she took me to a big table ask me to lay on it I follow what she told she applied a very beautiful smelling all over my body start massaging wow what a massage my body never felt such comfortless

I simply enjoying she applied little more on my boobs start giving curly massage nearly 15 minutes she took extra care for my nipples her massage gives bit wetness in my pussy after so many years somebody touched my boobs ohhhh god I am in heaven then she came to my foot massaged every fingers then my legs thighs slowly some time fast then she pour little extra oil on pussy started rubbing pussy lips then clitoris ohhhh every inch of my pussy touched by those expert hands

I am really aroused after 2 decades felt so horny if she is a male simply asked to fuck me that is the my condition the lady also understand my condition take bit extra time for my pussy massaging I bit my lower lip in excitement finally climaxed lady smiled naughtily how you feel madam I felt shy. Then took me shower applied a shampoo which is so good in smell bathed me I felt like a feather. she ask me to sit on a chair & spread my thighs widely I do so she applied

Some foam on my pussy hair start brushing it gave lot lather then she start to shave my pussy hair she removed all hair left a little like a brush on my pussy &trimmed it I never imagined that I am going to get shave of my pussy hair before that i never shaved it she washed take scissor trimmed that brush like pussy hair on my pussy she even shaved my arm pits bring a mirror to show my pussy first time

I saw my shaved pussy it looks really nice I am very fair lady my pussy pinkish in color a small opening between rose petals like pussy lips rosy colored clitoris looks like a crown on my pussy she asked me are you satisfied madam I shyly said yes. again she take me to shower poured rose water in bath tub started bathing me I felt like a doll in her hand then she applied face wash washed my face also it is totally real bath. her assistants bring towels dried me gave a new bra &panties which my son purchased early they helped me to wear because the panty is laced one both pink in color first time in my life

I wore a panty oh I felt like a prince I thanked my lovely son in my mind for this. now I stand before mirror looked at my body I myself not believed got so sexy body 38 size boobs 34 waist no fatty stomach no folds thunder thighs long legs madam please wear this robe yes please I wore a robe they took me make up table I seated on it again lady came she done eyebrows give them very sexy shape apply foundation on face eyeliner mascara blush on cheek lipstick lip gloss lip liner all these were applied for first time she told me remove my bra panty again

I do so she applied some cream on my boobs start rub it wow my boobs really felt stiff & nipples erect like a pole then she applied another cream on my pussy start rubbing it within a minute my pussy felt so tight. I asked what are those stuffs she told they were very costly cream which are imported & smiling very naughtily your son bought these for his sexy mom. Now I also smiled very naughtily wore my bra panty again she sprayed a body spray do a little hair cut expertly curled little on either side of my face spray some hair cream on my hair tied a very sexy bun [i got very good hair even in this age no white it comes up to my ass very thick one.

She gave call to my son ask whether he brought the blouses from the store. yes mam I will be there in a minute with in no time he came to parlor send the blouses along with sarees inside she select a pink saree which is very thin also thin petticoat & sleeve less low neck back less blouse she herself dressed me she tied saree knot 3 inch below my navel spread some blistering thing on my navel i wore that sexy blouse she tied a thin thread of the blouse on my back oh god it reveal entire back of mine i look so sexy even my eyes not believed what a transmission from ordinary mature very sadha lady to gorgeous sexy horny lady oh god sorry mam

I forget polishing your nails again I sat on chair she applied pink nail polish 2 coats which increase my sex appeal first time I applied a nail polish ohhhh god it looks so sexy both foot &hands she very pleasant nice smelling below shaven arm pits on my back &front ask me to come out I felt bit nerves because I am going in front of my son. but the lady hold my hand took me to my son who is in guest room I don’t had courage to l0ok in to him I felt such a shyness even in my marriage also I not felt so much shyness.

My son exclaimed so much he almost shouted mom you look really sexy wow you really gorgeous I never imagine you are so sexy mom first time he called me sexy by hearing his exclaimed husky voice my shyness increased more. he came near me rise my dropped looked in to my eyes don’t be shy mom I am your son not outside common mom speak i tried to say something but my voice struck in throat only the lady said your mom really beautiful lady you are lucky son to have such a beauty.

Yes mam I am really very lucky he thanked her paid bill &also extra tips lady felt very happy ask us to visit again now my son hold my hand firmly bring me out we seated in taxi which is with us since morning the driver stopped blinking his eye dropped his jaw because he saw me in the morning &also now without hesitation he told mem saab aap bahut khoobsurat hai. I thanked him now I asked my son is I am so beautiful he told me that I am real sex god no heroine match my beauty he flattered me a lot now my shyness gone little.

First time my son put his hand around my neck &drag me towards him our thighs pressed each other my left side boob almost crushed to his manly chest i high voltage passed in me I was shivering my drag me little close but I tried to keep out from him no successes. he took me to a jeweler shop bought me a diamond necklace diamond ear rings with pendent 2 gold chains very beautiful nose ring silver anklet which makes ghal ghal sexy while walking he also bought 6 rings stud with diamond 3 for each finger. Asked the shop owner to show toe rings

I told him I am a widow i cant wear it he smiled mischievously select 2 sets he also purchased something which was packed we came out. what else you want purchase Viji he took me to very expensive foot wear shop bought so many chapels told me to wear one high heeled chapple I do so now my foot looks so sexy with nail polish beautiful anklets he took out toe rings from his pocket. mom please wear it for your son please maa he almost begging which

I am not able to refuse so i wear it wow it really increased beauty of my foot we came out of the shop went to restaurant in restaurant every body drop lust looks on me firstly I irritated but I adjusted we mom son seated like newlywed couple also we behave so he cutting a jokes I laughed full heartedly we finished the dinner my ask the driver to drop us in a resort what is this viji bete we have home let we go there not anywhere. No mom today I want to disgusts

Something with you that’s why take you out whatever you want to disguise in home bete

no mom please listen it is important i want to disguise it peacefully in that small dungeon I cant.

I thought he want to tell me some important thing &also don’t make him upset so I agreed ohhh thank you mom you are so kind of me you are my lovely sexy mom I smiled at him for his comment he purchased a suitcase filled the all our purchase driver took us the resort my son told on way he purchased jasmine flowers kanakambhara a lot to whom you are taking viju bete that to in the no temple will be open

No mom this is for my goddess which is always with me I didn’t understand what he told laughed who is that goddess show me bête definitely I show you mom the resort he told came we get down from the taxi my ask the driver to come in morning gave him money driver salute &went my son holding my waist enter the reception. told her the honey moon suit was booked in the name of mr & mrs Vijayakumar I shocked by hearing what he told to her feel aback my son place his finger on his lips signaled me not to say anything I almost in trance– continuing


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