Son Married Mom – Part II

Welcome Mr & Mrs Vijayakumar to our resort for your Suhaag Raat the receptionist handed the book welcomed us. I got real angry how dare she to call me Mrs Vijayakumar. Tried open my mouth but my son signaled me not to talk she called the bell boy ask him to take luggage lead us to honey moon suit. the suit is in the corner of the top floor of the building a fine rise wood carved big door right in front of us she opened it ohhh its a huge hall had everything what big posh flat have big sofa sets dining table almeros sit out in balcony & importantly a big rosewood

Cot with very luxurious bed a sexy paintings on walls of the bed room to my surprise the entire bed room decorated with flowers [ jasmine rose many more flowers ]in the middle of the bed a love mark along with the wordings happy married life Mr& Mrs Vijayakumar on tipoy to the corner of the bed so many sweets fruits & dry fruits in silver plates a beautiful& smelling incest totally it is complete set up for a Suhaag Raat i myself can’t believe what I am seeing it had more to my confusion. i looked at my son in total confusion he still not allowed me to talk.

She handed over the keys to my son once again say thank you & welcomes my son say not disturbed until we call. She smiled naughtily &said we are not disturbing newlywed couples especially on their suhaag raat feel home sir& madam my son smiled said something in her ear. it had fire to my angry about her I thought she may be confused because my dressing make up everything looks like I am bride I smiled in my mind. Both she &bell boy gone my son gave good tips to them & closed the door.

Immediately I started asking questions what is this Viji what are all this arrangements you married a girl without my consent made all arrangements for your suhaag raat &only bring me to bless. Where is she show me kya woh achi khandhan ki ladki ho aur achi ladki hai kya ? tere saat padnevali kya many son smilingly nahin maa maine abhi shaadi nahin kiya ladki ka bhi permission lena zaroor hai na mai isko na pooch ke ye sabhi arrengements kiya kyon ki mujhe mallom wo zaroor permission denga kyon ki mai ise bachpan se janta hoon are beta tu

Pagal hai kya wo kynsi ladki tujhe bachapan se mallm aisa koyi ladki maine tere saat na dekha tu mazaak kar raha hoon sach sach bata bete mai yaha aane waqt se zyada confusion me hoon maa wo ladki i dari hai i was really confused kaha beta kaha chupa rakhi hoo use dikhav i started searching for her in room. kaha dund rahe hu maa wo bilkul mere samne e hai it really angered me because nobody their except me idar tere sanne mere siva aur kohi nahi hai viji haan maa wo ladki koyi aur nahi sirf aap maa its your mom.

I was totally shocked never felt such shock in my entire life. to hear this from my beloved one &only son. My son said I am his bride I never imagine even in my dream. for 5 minutes pin drop silent I recovered from shock & start abuse my son ye kya bol raha hu malum haarum khor & many more harsh words before i never used such words for my son. ye bhagavan use maaph karne dhe wo bacha hai for 15 minutes abused him with loud voice the room is sound proof that’s why nobody herd my shouting my son not open his mouth

I got cool & tried convince him in polite. now he start spoke maa mai teri beta hoon mere ko teri sukh muky hai tu mere li ye bahut mehanat padi hai mom i just want to give back no women will share my love all kind of my love only to your mom that’s why i don’t want another girl as my wife you are only women filled in heart &soul mom. think mom. I am not take this decision in hurry. Now I don’t know what to say beta ek maa aapni bete se shhadi karna paap hai aur saamai bi isko namanega. maa saamaj ko chodo ye samaaj tere kya diya mujhe malum aur ye paap puny wo bhi chodo khud bhagavan neaapni beti se shaadi ki maa bhi aapni bete se shaadi ki.he convinced me instead of i convince him.

My pussy starts oozing by thinking my sons cock my boobs got stiff my nipples erects I smiled at him acha beta tera manokamna hum poori karenge aaj se teri maa teri biwi hai pehle mujhe shaadi karle mere bete aapni maa ko biwi banale. by hearing this my son become very happy thank you mom i love you ohh god thanks at last i got my mom has my wife ohhh mom mai tujhe abhi shaadi kar loonga woh bhi according to all rituals. acha beta sorry mere honewaali pati kya iska bhi tayyar kar diya i daid in very naughty smile haan meri maa nahin nahin meri hanewalli biwi iska bhi tayyar ho chuka hai he took phone called receptionist ask her to send

Panditji in 15 minutes, aha maa tum tayyar ho jaav pehale thoda makeup ko teek kar aur wo red color saadi pehalo jaldi ter saat suhaag raat karne ke liye mera lund tadap raha hai. first time my son talked to me using sexy words but i feel happy & naughty. acha mai abhi tayyar hota hoon saying i went to bathroom washed my face put cherry red lipstick sexy eyeliner mascara on eye lash very sexy looking rose color eye shadow ivory foundation powder blush on my cheeks also red nail polish. Wore red color very expensive saree matching laced bra & panty sleeve less

Backless low neck blouse asked my son to tie those thin kya khoob lagti hoon meri jaan ek dum apsara you are really sexy my darling mom saying he tied that thread started press his already erected cock on my ass i felt some very hot iron rod pressing on my ass. no baba not before marriage then everything. ok mom beta tu bhi jaldi ready hojav waqt kam hai. ha mom mai abhi rady hota hoon saying he went bath room took shower & shave came. His cock standing like a pole in towel making it look like a tent

I shy put my head down but Hungry looking that cock of my son through the corner of my eye my son knew what is mom would be looking ye to tere li ye mera raani mai zaroor dikhavoonga pehale shaadi honde. i really shy & put my heads down with absolute sharum. My son got ready for our most sacered incest wedding he wearing cream color shervani & red shawl ohhh he looks like raaj kumar my motherly heart looks him happily but my bride heart took over it &stars imagining my suhaag raat with him.

He sprays very costly scent on him i already sprayed scent on me so both bride & bridegroom ready for their incest taboo marriage now the phone rang my son took it the reception said panditji came &also guests my son told her send them. I surprised who are the guests weather they know we are mom &son cool mom they know we are mom &son even panditji also, they all happy about our incest marriage no worry. The bell rung my son went & opened it

There are 10 guests 6 males 4 females 2 were elder ladies & of course old panditji my son welcomed all i also with lot of sharum. panditji straight away started rituals saying the mahurtum going to complete within 10 minutes it is already late he called both of us in front of holy fire starts chanting mantras ask my son for mangala sutra & place it on coconut.[panditji broght all pooja materials along with iron fire stand] my son took mangalasutra from his pocket placed it on coconut.

Oh he bought that from jeweler shop it is the same pocket the shop owner handed. one elder women mother of one of his friend put jassmine & kanakambhara flowers on my tied hair also little haldi on both side of my cheeks legs & hands a small kajal on below right side of my lips[we called drushti chukke] panditji gave sacred rice to everybody present their ask my son to tie the mangalasutra my son tied the mangalasutra around my neck. he tied the three times panditji chanting mantras everybody through sacred rice we the mother & son become husband &wife according to hindu dharma shastra.

Then panditji tied my saree end to my sons shawls end ask us to go around the sacred fire 7 times now my son hold my little finger in his little finger complete the 7 rounds the incest taboo marriage of mother with his son complete.panditji blessed us said beti ye shaadi se parishaan mat raho ye maa bete ka shaadi shastra sammat hai. i thanked him he collect his dakshina went all the guests wish us happy married life one of the elder lady name pushpa also decides to marry her son we wished her they gave gifts one of his friend gave a bundle of kaamasutra condom but

My son said no use i want my incest child badly for that all guests laughed including me now i am fully open no shy mingled with guests we arrange food they ate female guests appreciated my beauty & the way I make up & dress male guests jealous about having such a beautiful mom who become wife. Everybody went out the resort staff clean everything in 10 minutes my son gave hefty tips they felt happy mow only me &son left in the room my son close the door & came he tried to hold me but i said na baba na go & wait on bed i will come.

Oh mom don’t make late come fast my cock is so hungry for your pussy ok beta your newlywed mom coming to you. my gone to highly decorated our suhaagraat room. i entered the suhaag raat room holding milk in a silver jar with a silver glass. to my sons surprise i asked this from receptionist she provide it happily. My son [husband] surprised shy like all newlywed brides. but I am more lucky than them i married my own son my son took the milk jug from me. I felled on his feet & said mujhe aashirwad dijiye sada suhagan rahane ke liye

I told him very respectively like how a wife converse with her husband oh common mom you are elder women & also my mom I should take blessing ssssssshhhh aisa mat kahiye mai aap ka daasi hoon aur aapka patni hoon. my son thrilled by hearing it he took me in his well built shoulder hug me tightly I gave him sindoor aur aapni maang barne ke li ye kaha he took sindoor put on my forehead again he hugged me my boobs were pressed to his broad hairy chest current starts run over my body after more than twenty years a male hugging me to his chest the male none other than my own son now my husband.

He lift my head starts to look in to my eyes which increses my shyness many folds. sharum a rahi ho kya maa haan ji mujhe bahut sharum aa rahi hai aisa mat dekhi ye please. is mw sharumne ka kya baat tum mera mera patni hoon aaj hamara suhaag raat hai maa aaj poora raat enjoy karna matalubh chodna kahi position me aur gaand bhi dont feel bad if i use vulgur words aap ko parishhan hoo ha to i stop using it nahin bete dont worry tum ko kaisa kahana to kaho maaf ki ji ye aap ko tum kaha oh chodo maa bed room me ye sab chalta hai.

My son started kissing my fore head than on my eyes on back of my ears on my rosy cheeks on my nose ohhhhh i dont know where he learned but his kisses are creating sensations in my body ohhhh i also start responding i put my hand in his hairs my precious juicy fingers giving him much more excitement which i felt in his kissing also from his steel rod like cock which is rubbing my thighs. haaaaaaaa now his moth comes to ral part of my face my cherry red lipstick coated juicy lips first he delicately placed his hard truly male lips on my lips rubbed his on mine very delicately for which my lower lips means pussy lips started crying happily.

Now he opened my mouth gently & start insert his tongue i welcomed his to his tongue in to my well oval shaped little mouth with any hesitation I started chewing his tongue haaaaaaaaa what a beautiful seen mom son kissing passion on their suhaag raat just imagining it will send entire blood in to lund to those reading it. our tongues loved each other very lust we kissing like that nearly 10 minutes & also hugged so tightly that even a air can’t pass between us.

We separated our eyes filled with purely lust nothing else mere raani meri maa biwi kya mast hot lips hai tumhara mom really it is so juicy sweet &smooth so sexy I never thought it is so sexy i am really lucky mom having you as my wife. me too lucky bet having you as my husband you are wonderful kisser even your dad kissed me like this where do you learn no mom i never kissed anybody promise it is you only the lust & passion for you leads. he simply thrown my pallu out started to stare my boobs which are 38d in size firm & well shaped half of  already out because neither my blouse nor my bra cannot hold it fully his big palms now hold my boobs he started squeezing ohhhhhhh my!

I can’t stand any more the passion runs in me wow mom what a beauty you have wow they are so firm & good in shape i think your first husband aman my dad not used much yes beta mera pehala pati yaani tumhara baap bahut jaldi chale gaya na & also he is not that much interested in sex. iska beta yaani mera bhi beta yaani mera dusara pati bahut sexpert hai i am really proud of you son you know how to make women to surrender you are master. He removed the thin thread which is holding my blouse in one go the blouse come out. he threw it the lace bra also got same fate.

The boobs were freed from cage they are ready to handle for roughly well as smoothly I am very fairy lady so those melons are milky white the brownish nipple were erect more than a inch from their original size. without wasting time my son started squeezing it from his both hands haaaaaaa my son be little slowly they were your moms boobs please handle with care even in your child hood you are so fond of it.ohhhh my sexy mom my lovely wife I am really lucky I fed by these now my kaama will going feed by this it’s so good honey what a boobs if I know they are so good I would have fucked you much early.

Me also if i know you so good in sex I would have allow you to fuck me much early. he started put right nipple in his moth squeezing left boob like in his child hood he you used drink milk from right boob first. haaaaa what a sexy sensation again he change the positions squeezing right chewing left. ohhhh I can’t the pussy juice oozing running like a water fall my tiny panty completely wet by pussy juice even my thighs feel the wet &heat of my lust my hands start to size his cock on his dress it is so hard &may be too long & thick

I still not seen but i feel so my son [hubby] now his moms urgency & hungry for his cock he smiled naughtily kya mere raani mere maa aur mere patni kya chayiye tumko bataav. mujhe aapka aapka ye chayiye i squzied bit strongly oh maa aise bolliye to kaise naam to baatav chaalo ji mujhe sharum aa raha hai is me sharum ka kya baat mom tell me i know he want to hear from my mouth so i shy told mujhe mere bete ka mere pati ka aur mere raaja babu ka lund chayi ye haaan mujhe chodne ke liye chhs ne ke liye aur mera cikni gaand me goosane ke liye chaayi ye tera lund beta please aapni maa ko ye lund dhe.


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