Son Is The Best For His Mom

Hi friend I am new for this site. I never post any
stories here. But I read los of stories from 2008. I am 22 year old boy, live
in Kolkata. My name is Mithun Banerjee. My father is Govt. service holder now
stay at Delhi for his job. My mother is a sweet housewife. Father age is now
44. Mom age is 41. Before marriage my father was very poor. My father marries
my mother due to his job. My mother is not looking good.

She is dark color and fatty. Now come to
main story. Father transfer Delhi 4 years ago. From then mom and I live
Kolkata. I have aunty mom’s sister who take care us, sometimes she comes to our
house or over phone. One day when I came back from collage mom speaking with
aunty over phone. Mom was crying. I reach mom room and follow her speak what she
tell to aunty. Mom telling about their relation to aunty.

Dad never behaves well with mom etc.
Hearing this I felt very upset is dad does this with mom, how it is possible.
After a while I knock the door mom fully off from crying and open the door.
After freshness mom give me food and we speak normal thing. I like
matured lady with big boob large ass always follow big ass lady when walking on
the street. This is my fantasy. But never think about my mom.

After mom and aunt conversation my mind
fully changed how I satisfy my mom. Dad not a good man he treat my mom as a
servant. Thinking this my mind grow incest. My mom color is dark but figure is
so good. One night I bring mom bra and measurement it. Mom bra size is 40. Big
size and panty size is 36. Seeing this I fully aroused what a figure. But mom
butt also very big.

From then how I convince mom thinking
every day. In the mean time I was purchase a form from railway book stall there
I found some adult stories book I purchase it. In midnight I open it and found
lots of mom son fucking stories. Out of that one stories like my story “kalo
mayer valo cele” same as mine. After reading this story I masturbate three

My cock size is 7 inch long. But I am
unable to find way how I convince mom. After a few days I put that book on my
table and go out for evening. When I came back home at 9 pm. There is no
change. But after dinner I am sitting for reading mom come to my room. I asked
mom you not sleep. Mom said no I have some conversation with you. I asked about

My mind is throbbing. Mom said what you
are doing now a day. I said nothing only prepare for exam. Mom said doesn’t forget I am your mother. I said what mom. Mom said I saw a book today here in
your table why you purchase this type of book it’s broke your life. I said
sorry mom this not mine Amit my friend give me this book. Mom said its ok you
refund this to him and broke friendship with him.

I said ok mom. Mom said it spoil your
life. I said no mom I am growing man. Mom said no baby you are my only way for
alive so please do not do this again. I said mom you read this book. Mom no
responds. I asked mom is it really happened. Mom said no it ever happen some
perverted person like it. I said so you read it. Mom become angry and said you
are very bad manner talk with elder without any sense.

I said sorry mom. Mom said ok. After few
minute mom said ok now sleep I am going to sleep. I said mom please wait more
few minute I have some mom said what some. I said I here conversation with
aunty about you and dad. Mom said what. I said you know what. Why dad transfer
Delhi. The relation between you and dad is not sound. Mom said no need to know.


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