Son Caught Mom

HI This is raj and from Vizag .I stay with my mom in our home after my father left us. I was working for a company and when ever I come from office I would see my mom and my cousin brother in our home ,at first I did not bother much but later on I started to doubt about their relation, one day I said I am going to office and left my home and was hiding on the street and after an hour I got a call like everyday as my mother would call me and asked did I safely reach office and I said I am fine and she cut the phone after few minutes my cousin brother came in a car and parked his car in side our gate and went in side, than I slowly followed and went into backside of our bedroom and slowly opened the window and I could not believe my eyes my mom is completely naked and my cousin too naked and he was pumping into my mom pussy and they were enjoying like a first night couple and I caught my mother getting fucked with my cousin brother, and I did not disturbed them, next day I caught hold my mother and asked about the incident and she was frightened and asked me not to tell any body, then I caught hold her boobs tight and pushed her to bed and I opened my clothes and she understood what I am going to do now and she did not stop me, and I removed her saree and opened her blouse and I can’t believe I saw a medium sized melons with pinkish color tits in front of me and started sucking them and squeezed them to the fullest and than my dick was already searching for hole to grind. I could not control my heat. now, my fucking bitch mom slowly started asking me how did u like your mother body and I said who don’t like to fuck his mom when she has so beautiful figure(36-32-36)at this age and with so much of experience to share with.

And than she saw my cock and started to squeeze and kissed it than she put it in her mouth and gave a nice blow job than I kissed her pussy and entered to my birth place and it ‘s like a heaven and very hot and my mom is already wet and we both were enjoying to the fullest and fucked her till I cum into my birth place and laid on the bed for few minutes before starting to play with her body, I started to kiss and lick her body and fuck in whore started to moan. after a few minutes play my cock was already into the wet pussy and fucked her till her wet orgasm came out and than I shifted my manhood to her mouth where after I few strokes I cum in to my mom’s mouth and said to swallow it and she did it .

From that day I used to fuck her when ever and after few days my interest shifted to my mom’s sister who is much sexier with beautiful cat eyes and already married and having two children, who stays near my home ,than I said to my mom that I want to fuck her and asked my mom to get her for me and mom said she cannot ask her sister to sleep with my son, then I forced her to do it ,than she took the phone and called up her sister and asked her to come to our home she said that her husband is going to office and she will come after the children are gone to school.

At afternoon she came to our home and my mom started talking to her slowly asked her about her relation with her husband ,than my aunt said he is nice person but he is always busy with his office and friends and my mom asked her about her sexual life and my aunt said once in a month he gets mood for about five minutes and they do it ,I was listening them from my room and after some time my mother said she is sleepy and went to her bed room and closed the door, my aunt was watching TV and she was looking for toilet to piss but the door of my mom room was closed so she don’t want to disturb her and she was walking towards my room and I turned on adult movie on my computer and was acting like I too was sleeping she came in side and saw the movie and than looked at me and I was snoring already and she again started looking the movie and started to rub her pussy and went into toilet and pissed and she came out and started to rub her thighs and pussy ,so she was facing the computer and slowly I got up and caught her from behind and started kissing ,first she tried to push away but later she stopped pushing me and started to kiss than I took out her saree and lifted her petty and I saw a pink pussy covered with a black bush and started to finger it and than licked it, than I opened her blouse and bra and saw a very beautiful round shaped boobs with good shape and asked her about it she replied her husband does not play with them properly that’s why they are still in good shape and she asked me to take out my clothes and she saw my huge cock and amazed and said my uncle has half the size of mine and started laughing and she took it in her hand and put it in her mouth, than I started to mouth fuck her for few minutes and later entered into her wet pussy and started to fuck her than my mom came into my room and my aunt was so embarrassed and my mom started laughing and she came to me and said I gave u what you were asking for now eat it, my aunt did not understand what is happening and my mom said she did call her actually to get sleep with me and she too joined and we three had a very good fuck . From than on everyday we enjoy when my uncle goes office.

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