Son And Mom Fucked To Become Husband And Wife

Hello everyone, my name is Rohit Sharma age 27 height 5′ 11″. This story is about me and mom Sweta Sharma. The incident took place when I was in my final year of engineering at the age of 21 and my mom’s age was 38. Before going further a small brief about the background of the story. My mother and my father fall in love when they were neighbours and despite their parent opposition they ran away and got married. At the time of marriage my mother’s was just 16 and my father was 20 years old. My father secured a government job but unfortunately he passed away after 1 year of marriage.

By that time I was already in the womb of my mother this was the greatest shock to my mother. My mother moved back to his parent’s home and started his studies and she gave CAT and got selected for IIM Bangalore. My mother’s parents along with me and my mom moved to Bangalore and there she completed her two years of studies and secured a job of HR in TCS Bangalore. By the time I grew 5 years old my mom’s parents passed away and I was left alone with my mother. My mom was doing well in her career and was moving very fast in the organisation. My care was taken up by maid. My mother gave me ample amount of time after returning from her job. Slowly I grew and cleared my class XII exam with good numbers. My mother promised me that she will give whatever I demand if I can secure admission in engineering college. I cleared exam of Delhi college of Engineering and secured a seat in computer science of engineering. My mother took transfer and we moved to Delhi and stayed together. My mother asked me what I want as she has promised and I said that I will take from her at the right time now I don’t require anything.

Now as the days passed I started surfing porn stuffs on net and one day when I was in 4th year of engineering I came to know about this site and I was astonished to read so many incest story about mom and son posted on this site and from then I became a regular visitor to this site. From then onwards my perspective towards my mom changed and almost every day I started stroking in the name of my mom. My mom was although 37 years old that but she never looked more than 28 years old lady. She was fair, beautiful, sexy and had flat tummy. Her height is 5’10” and she was quite tall. Her vital stats are 36 26 34.She was fitness freak she goes to gym for 1 hour every day. She used to wear both western and Indian dresses. She looked sexy in everything she wore. She had good sense of fashion. She visits beauty parlour regularly and keeps her body smooth and shinning every time. I have never seen any hair on her body till date.

As I was getting interested in fucking my own mom very badly, so I made a plan and created a fake email id and forwarded the links of mom and son stuffs on her mail id on regular basis. After 1 month I observed change in my mom’s behavior, her way of looking towards me changed drastically and she always passed a naughty smile to me. Her way of dressing also changed she was seducing me the way she dressed now. Every weekend we used to hangout together for movie and shopping.

One weekend she wore a white colour short pant from which her complete smooth silky thighs was visible and tight fighting halter neck pink t-shirt. She was looking sex goddess that day I was very much aroused that day. She insisted me to take my bike that day I was riding the bike she sat behind and put both her hand around my waist after going a while she came very close to me there was no gap for even air to pass from between. Her nipples were erected and were poking my back from behind. We reached the mall, that week movie murder was released and it was very much in news due to hot appearance of Maillika Sherawat. She was interested in watching the movie and bought the ticket of corner seat. She was looking so sexy that day that everyone in mall was looking at her with open eyes. I was embarrassed she put her hands around my hands and we moved like a couple that day and she was very happy that day. I have never seen her so much happy in her whole life.


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