Son And Mom Fucked To Become Husband And Wife

Hello everyone, my name is Rohit Sharma age 27 height 5′ 11″. This story is about me and mom Sweta Sharma. The incident took place when I was in my final year of engineering at the age of 21 and my mom’s age was 38. Before going further a small brief about the background of the story. My mother and my father fall in love when they were neighbours and despite their parent opposition they ran away and got married. At the time of marriage my mother’s was just 16 and my father was 20 years old. My father secured a government job but unfortunately he passed away after 1 year of marriage.

By that time I was already in the womb of my mother this was the greatest shock to my mother. My mother moved back to his parent’s home and started his studies and she gave CAT and got selected for IIM Bangalore. My mother’s parents along with me and my mom moved to Bangalore and there she completed her two years of studies and secured a job of HR in TCS Bangalore. By the time I grew 5 years old my mom’s parents passed away and I was left alone with my mother. My mom was doing well in her career and was moving very fast in the organisation. My care was taken up by maid. My mother gave me ample amount of time after returning from her job. Slowly I grew and cleared my class XII exam with good numbers. My mother promised me that she will give whatever I demand if I can secure admission in engineering college. I cleared exam of Delhi college of Engineering and secured a seat in computer science of engineering. My mother took transfer and we moved to Delhi and stayed together. My mother asked me what I want as she has promised and I said that I will take from her at the right time now I don’t require anything.

Now as the days passed I started surfing porn stuffs on net and one day when I was in 4th year of engineering I came to know about this site and I was astonished to read so many incest story about mom and son posted on this site and from then I became a regular visitor to this site. From then onwards my perspective towards my mom changed and almost every day I started stroking in the name of my mom. My mom was although 37 years old that but she never looked more than 28 years old lady. She was fair, beautiful, sexy and had flat tummy. Her height is 5’10” and she was quite tall. Her vital stats are 36 26 34.She was fitness freak she goes to gym for 1 hour every day. She used to wear both western and Indian dresses. She looked sexy in everything she wore. She had good sense of fashion. She visits beauty parlour regularly and keeps her body smooth and shinning every time. I have never seen any hair on her body till date.

As I was getting interested in fucking my own mom very badly, so I made a plan and created a fake email id and forwarded the links of mom and son stuffs on her mail id on regular basis. After 1 month I observed change in my mom’s behavior, her way of looking towards me changed drastically and she always passed a naughty smile to me. Her way of dressing also changed she was seducing me the way she dressed now. Every weekend we used to hangout together for movie and shopping.

One weekend she wore a white colour short pant from which her complete smooth silky thighs was visible and tight fighting halter neck pink t-shirt. She was looking sex goddess that day I was very much aroused that day. She insisted me to take my bike that day I was riding the bike she sat behind and put both her hand around my waist after going a while she came very close to me there was no gap for even air to pass from between. Her nipples were erected and were poking my back from behind. We reached the mall, that week movie murder was released and it was very much in news due to hot appearance of Maillika Sherawat. She was interested in watching the movie and bought the ticket of corner seat. She was looking so sexy that day that everyone in mall was looking at her with open eyes. I was embarrassed she put her hands around my hands and we moved like a couple that day and she was very happy that day. I have never seen her so much happy in her whole life.

We entered the movie hall throughout the movie she kept her hands on my hands and our palms were locked with each other. Every time hot scene used to come she used to pinch her nails on my hands and watched my tent and gave me naughty smile. All this was a positive signal to me. After movie was over we went to ice-cream parlour and my mom ordered only one ice-ream in cone from one side she started liking and from other side I started. Slowly ice-cream melted but we didn’t stop, we were so slow close to stop. My mom’s lips were touching mine and my lips were touching my mom’s lips. Our eyes were closed we almost landed smooching each other but suddenly we realised that we were in public place and we stopped. But the journey that day din’t stopped there my mom took me to a lingerie shop and we were welcome by a sales girl and she complimented us as a sweet couple, I was about to raise the objection but mother enjoyed the compliment and gave me signal to not to say anything. I was astonished by such kind of reaction from my mother.

Then my mother asked the sales girl to show some latest trend nighties and lingerie for new couples and selected some real hot stuffs. After that she paid the bill and we came out. As I was confused and astonished by such behaviour, I asked mom what all this is going on. My mother told me that didn’t she had had right to look good and sexy. Are you not happy that your mother is getting such a good compliments? She said to me “come on grow up Rohit you are not kid anymore”. I understood the meaning and straight away put my around her waist, she was shocked but she smiled naughtily and said that’s better Rohit now I am feeling good. On return journey towards home, she was now much more comfortable with me and sat in same way not allowing any air to pass from between. Her lips were touching my neck and were arousing me and her in every possible way her erected nipples were again pinching my back. We reached home and she changed her dress and wore a newly brought nightie. The nigthie was sleeveless red in colour and was semi transparent. The length of nightie was very short and was hardly covering her upper thighs.

I could easily see her bra and even erected nipples could easily be observed. Her skin was shinning and glowing as always this all aroused me very much and immediately went to bathroom for shagging. I returned back to living room and sat beside my mom. My mom told me that first time she have enjoyed so much after dad passed away and thanks for it Rohit. In return I also said to mom that I also enjoyed very much and very soon I will be asking for my gift which you promised to give me and you should not say no for that. My mom understood my signal and again she promised she will not let me down. We wished each other good night and went to our room for sleep. From next day we acted more like couple rather than mom and son. We never missed a chance to touch each other physically. Every now and then I hold her waist from behind and played with her navel she also was enjoying it and never stopped. She even started wearing saris at home she used to tie her sari much below her navel so that I can easily rub it while holding her waist from behind.

One day she intentionally called me in kitchen and asked me to lift her as she was not getting her hand on the rack from which she wanted to pull out some stuffs. Even though stool was lying beside she called me in and I lifted her up. She was wearing sari that day and as I her lifted her up, her navel was straight in front of my mouth and I couldn’t stop myself licking it. I licked it around 5 mins and she was also enjoying and didn’t object me to doing so. Then she suddenly said rohit “Kaam ho gaya hai ab toh uttar de apni maa ko niche” I came back to sense and bought her down but I was still holding her tightly by putting my hands waist and was looking into her eyes and lips sexily for next 5 mins she was also getting aroused and we were about to start a smooch and suddenly door bell ranged and we had to stop.

The very next day our campus interview started and the very first company came for campus interview was TCS and fortunately, I was selected and was very very happy then, I told my mom about the same and she was also very happy. It was final semester and hardly one month was left for my college getting over. As the things between me and my mom were also taking a good shape, I came up with a plan. After 5 days of my job a very special day was coming it was my mom’s 38th birthday. As my mom’s salary was very good she gave me good amount of pocket money every month and I was not at all a spendthrift, I saved a lot of money in my account for purchasing some good gift for my mom. I straight away went to a mall in Satya Paul’s shop and went to young lady sales girl to whom I narrated whole story and she was understood my requirement that I wanted a gift for my mom to whom I will be proposing on her birthday.

As she came to know from me that she was quite educated and not at all traditional she showed me some modern saris some transparent ones some lace ones and all that. Finally I choose a pink colour absolute transparent sari for her. Now sales girl asked me about the blouses and I asked her show some patterns she showed me all sleeves blouses with various types of designs and cuts but finally I choose a bikini blouse with just two threads one around neck and one around back in front it will be just covering both her boobs and rest all visible. It was the same patterns like the one Priyanka Chopra wore in Desi girl song. The sales girl asked for exact measurements of blouse to which I gave her a tight fit blouse of my mother which she usually wore during parties.

She took the measurements and returned me back and asked me to collect the stuffs on the d-day. Then I went to jewellery shop and bought a beautiful diamond ring and a waist chain for her. I also booked a table for couple in a five star hotel for ball dance candle light dinner party for couple of that date. After doing all the shopping and booking I returned back home and my mom returned back from work and congratulated me by hugging me the hugging was quite intense but I controlled myself as I was waiting for the special occasion. The same type of couple hugging and touching here there physically continued for next four days and d-day arrived. At sharp 12 midnight I greeted her happy birthday and cut the cake together.

This time I told my mom that today I will be asking for my gift to which she should not deny. She said to tell me son what you want, I said mom have patience I will ask it from you today itself but not now. She asked me where is her gift, I said don’t worry you will get it after returning from office. Then we greeted each other and went back to our room for sleep. None of us could sleep whole night due to fire of us within. Next morning I said to her that she should return early to home to have her gift, she said she will return home early as she also could not wait for the special gift.

Then I went to Satya Paul’s shop to collect the special gift and was aroused to see the stuff I purchased. I was very eager to see my sexy mom in those stuffs. I went to back to home and anxiously waited for my mom to return back. She returned early at 5 P.M as soon as I open she asked me for the gift. To which I said it’s there kept on her bed in her bedroom. I instructed her to bolt the room from inside and then only open the stuff and make sure to get ready in those stuffs by 6 P.M as we will go out for dinner. She did what I said, she had a bath and applied a shinning cream all throughout her body and wore that sari. She was unable to tie the strings of blouses so she called me in her bedroom at around 5:45 PM. As I entered the whole room smelt with a seductive smell of her perfume and I couldn’t believe my eyes by seeing my mom. My mom was standing in front of mirror holding her blouse with hand and both strings hanging backside. I was entering room from behind I could see my mom’s face in mirror she was not looking in mirror due to shyness.

She was looking just like a newly wedded bride. She applied glossy pink lipstick and her lips were shinning like it has never been kissed before. Her eyes were big and gave a smoky look with full of lust. Her skin was shinning and was smooth like premium quality silk even a single drop of water will swiftly move all throughout her body with zero friction. She tides her sari much below her navel. I have never seen her tying sari so below. All in all she was looking like a complete fucking package. I slowly went behind she closed her eyes and said to me in soft voice Rohit please tie the blouse strings behind my hands are not reaching there. I said sure mom and rubbed my hands on her back she said Rohit please not now. I said ok and caught the blouse strings and tied it. As I was about to tie the knot she said Rohit tighter please and I did the same she said “Oouch” in sexy voice and said bas and I tied the knot.

After tying the knot I gave a wet kiss on her back and one her neck were the knot were tied. She started moaning and lifted her pallu and kept her on her shoulder and immediately turned towards me and asked me Rohit how am I looking? To explain her beauty now she was in completely transparent pink sari and her blouse was just covering her boobs whole cleavage was visible even sides of both boobs were visible. Her flat tummy was visible a sexy deep navel can be easily seen through her transparent sari. I said to her mom you are the sexiest women on the earth to which she felt shy, she blushed and passed a very naughty smile to me. I asked her how is the gift mom to which she replied that this is sexiest gift ever presented to her and conveyed her thanks to me. I said mom gifts are not still over, I took out a waist chain from my pocket and gave it her she said wow surprise after surprise and said if you had bought the gift then kindly do the needful to place it to place where it deserves the most and handed the chain back to me.

I bent down on my knees and her navel was just in front of my lips and couldn’t controlled myself and placed and wet kiss to her navel to which again she produced a sexy sound of “OOuch” and turned sideways to tie the chain and again gave a wet kiss to her waist again the reaction was same. She told me Rohit are we not getting late for the dinner please get up. As soon as I got up she asked me, now tell me what you want from me, I said I will take but have patience. Then I took her car keys and gave her shawl to cover her up as I don’t want to see my darling mom to be embarrassed. We went down and sat in the car. My mom came very close to me while I was driving and she was resting her head on my shoulder. After half an hour drive we reached hotel my mom kept the shawl in back seat and we got out of car. We were welcomed by a receptionist she said welcome Mr and Mrs Sharma to which my mom was shocked and passed a sexy naughty smile to me to which I said in her ears that your son has grown up to which she replied that’s better Rohit.

I put my hand around her waist from inside the sari and she also kept her hand on my waist and we moved like newly wedded couple and occupied our pre-booked seats. Waiter bought a champagne bottle and poured our glasses and lighted the candle of our table. We were looking into each other’s eyes and I broke the silence and said mom now it’s my turn to ask for my much awaited gift to which she raised the toast and said be brave son and ask for whatever you want I will not deny. We had a sip of champagne and I went on my knees and took out the diamond ring from my pocket and said mom I know you have suffered a lot throughout your life and you have struggled a lot to brought me to this place, so I want to propose to you today that will you be my life and my wife throughout my life. I know this society will not accept our relationship but what the use of this society who has given you just pain and nothing else.

By saying this I asked her come on mom give me your hand, she hesitated a little and finally stretched her hands towards me and in no time I placed the ring on her finger and kissed her hand. As I went back to my seat we had another sip of champagne and she opened her purse and she also took out a diamond ring and with tears in her eyes asked to me to give my hand and I did the same she caught hold my hand and said son I have received only pain in my life first time after your dad’s death I am feeling happy from within. From now onwards never call me mom call me always by name and I am all yours now, we will be husband and wife from now and put her ring on finger. She then kissed my hand. After that we finished our toast then I got up and invited her “Sweta would you like to dance with me to which she readily agreed. We were the sexiest couple in that ballroom that day we started the dance we were close to each other all throughout the dance everyone was looking at us and after about half an hour we couldn’t control ourselves and ended up smooching each other that kiss started softly and slowly it was getting intense and we were exploring our tongues and lips, our tongues and lips we were fighting with other for getting a breath it continued for another 20 minutes and suddenly we realised whole party hall was looking at us and appreciating us and we broke our kiss and went to our seat. We had our dinner and meanwhile I said Sweta thank you very much for accepting me as your husband and trust me I will take good care of you. You will never sad in your life again.

Sweta replied I know son I will not get a better husband than you. We asked for the bill to which a note came from the management of hotel that we have been chosen as sexiest couple of that party and hence bill not be charged to us and we will receive a lifetime membership card free from the management of hotel. We were given some forms and we filled the same the cards were handed over to us. We were delighted and I said to her, Sweta you’re lucky charm to me see what we received on very first day as a couple. She smiled and in teasing voice she said to me “mere pyaare husband ab chale raat abhi enjoy karni hai ki nahi apni nayi dulhan ke saath.”

I said “Sweta tumhara naya pati aaj tumhe saari raat who maja dega jiske bare mein tumne kabhi soocha bhi nahi hoga”. We returned to car and as soon as I entered the car she came beside me and as I drove she became naughty and opened the zip of my pant, my dick was rock hard and Sweta said Rohit “tumhara lund toh bhuat paresaan hai” I was shocked to hear such words from her as she was modern and was HR of TCS she knew everything she said to me “ab kya sharma rahe ho” I am all yours now and I have every right to use such words for my husband. Then I replied “Sweta ab life mein bhaut maja aayega please is machalte hue lund ko ek baar chuso na” please give a good blow job. She then just put her mouth on my dick and started stroking from her mouth and while I was concentrating on my driving and within 5 mins I was released she drank even the last drop of my cum and said “rohit maja aa gaya” and I said “sahi mein sweta maja aa gaya” you are an expert in all this stuffs I guess. She said tere papa ne aur meine khub maje kiye hai shaadi se phele bhi and shaadi ke baad bhi. I was shocked and asked sweta were you not virgin when u got married. She said your dad took my virginity when I was just 15 years old and we regularly had sex before marriage.

Soon we reached our apartment and sweta took shawl and wrapped her and we moved towards our home. As soon as we entered i locked the door from inside and lifted sweta in my arms and straight away went to bedroom. Sweta then asked me to stop and then she took a piece a cloth and tied both my hands and then asked me to undress her just with the help of my mouth. I said Sweta please don’t tease me I cannot control myself anymore I have waited and stroked in your name for almost six months now. She was shocked and siad six months kaise then I told her that it was me who forwarded all those mom and son story stuffs to your mail id and then only your way looking towards me changed. She said aacha baccho who tum the your are much more hungry than me it seems. Ab toh koi chance nahi hai, I have to tease you. Now come on don’t waste time come undress your mom oops sorry your dulhan. i asked her to stand up then only I will undress you. She agreed and stood up, I straight went behind and untied the strings of her blouse kissed all her back. As the sari was silky and slippery and even her skin was very smooth and no pins were attached on pallu.

So I din’t had to do much to pull her pallu down in no time it was down, now I put my mouth in the middle of her cleavages and pulled the threads of blouse from front and it came off. As she was wearing a very small bra not to spoil the looks of sari so it was also not difficult to remove. Then I kissed her whole bare chest and sucked her nipples, she was also moaning and slowly I went downwards, I put my mouth below her navel were the sari was tucked and pulled it out and sari fall down then I kissed her whole belly area and her thighs and licked it like anything. Then with my teeth I pulled down her panties and there she stand a completely nude sex diva. I said Sweta ab toh haath khol do aur control nahi ho raha hai. She said Rohit ab toh mujhe bhi control nahi ho raha hai and untied my hands and straight I put my mouth in hers and smooched her for nearly half an hour we were literally bitting each other’s lips and at last blood was oozing out from our lips. We were unable to breath then I laid her down and sucked her pussy by this time she already had three orgasms. Then she took my cock in her hand and said Rohit ab control nahi ho raha hai ab daal hi de andar. I asked sweta should I wear condom she said condom se maja kharab hoga. She will take birth control pill. Then I slowly spread her leg and banged her around 20 mins. During stroking I was continuously saying sweta I love you, sweta I love you. She was moaning and said continuously rohit aur jor se, aur jor se fad de meri chut. she had another 2 orgasms and finally we came together and I cummed deep inside her pussy.

That night we had around 5 rounds of sex, next day she took off. Next whole day I asked her to wear that transparent sari without any blouse and petticoat to which agreed. We bathed together that day and she draped sari on her wet body. Sari around her boobs was sticking to boobs and gave a awesome view by seeing that I immediately had 1 more round. That whole day we had around another 5 rounds and ordered our food from outside.

We planned for our future after completing another last 15 days of my college we will moving to different city Pune where nobody will know us and can happily live as couple. She applied for transfer and meanwhile we went to court for marriage and got legally married to each other. As HR of TCS she arranged my joining location in Pune and we worked in same office and in office our colleagues never knew that we were couple and we worked happily. From that day onwards we always bath together and dressed each other. She was mostly wearing saris nowadays with sleeveless deep cut blouses. Everyone in office gets excited after seeing her. I always kissed her navel after tucking the sari inside waist and we smooch each other before leaving. She sometimes also wears western dresses like shorts and skirts for office. On weekends she preferred short pants or tight jeans with tight sleeveless t-shirts. During parties she normally wears sexy saris or miniskirts or mini gowns. She looks really very sexy in whatever she wears.

We are really living our life happily for last six years. Two weeks before she got onsite job in USA and she moved there. Last week only I received good news from her that she is pregnant and I will dad in next 7 months. Sweta is arranging my transfer also into her project in USA. So I will also be moving to USA very soon. But right now I am transferred in Kolkata for her project. Maybe for another 3 months I am Kolkata before moving USA.

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