Sleeping With Sister Savitha

Hello Friends, My Name is Pramod and I am from Delhi. I am 22 Yrs Old and am deeply in incestuous love with my Elder Sister Savitha. She is 5 Years elder to me and what I am about to tell is in Phase wise manner. Please comment for encouragement let me first give my Family details. I am 4th amongst Family of 5 children. I have 3 Elder & 1 Younger Sister. We all are very loving siblings( In Normal Ways). Ours is a Higher Middle Class Family, with all modern Amenities. However as in all Indian Homes, we all children used to sleep Together.

The Elder Two sisters and the Youngest One used to sleep in One Bed, while my Third No. Sis Savitha & me used to sleep in another Bed. My sister Savitha had always been the object of my lust, growing up with 4 sisters meant we lived closely bonded and that life around the house allowed a few brief encounters with the female body. I was never Sexually inclined to anyone. But Savitha was my Fav didi. We used to sleep in the same Bed. Have also Bathed Together many times; In Proper Clothes, Me in Undies and she in Paticott till her shoulders length, as you see women bathing. I never used to think about my Sister Savitha in Sexy Way.

Normal ways of bathing, getting ready sleeping, Playing and so on. Everything was normal, only till the time I entered Puberty. I started, developing hairs around my genitals and discussed this with my friends. They told that this was normal and happens to everyone. They also showed me some Adult Magazine, with men and women, both having thick Bushes around their genitals. I started looking at Girls and Women’s as Sex Objects and used to ogle at them. Be it, in Magazines or in Real.

I had started watching magazines like Penthouse, Mayfair, Human Digest, Debonair and many other such magazines ; Exploring all possibilities of Watching any Adult stuff. Be it Magazines, Adult Movies at Friends place, and Endless Hot chats with Friends. As a young boy I recall my friend showing me a her maid’s breast while she was wiping the floor, and that was the first live encounter of seeing a Girls boobs though I was only 18 my cock reacted, I went nuts and from then on I knew I just had to have sex with any and all girls around me, which included my sister Savitha.

As such, any display of Flesh or body parts by any Female, would draw my attention, and this is how darling sis Savitha became the object of my desire. She had this habit of holding me like a stuffed Teddy Bear ( Just like any normal girl in her age does). Earlier, when she used to Sleep, nothing happened. But, things were different now. I had grown and her closeness while sleeping drew my attention. I started to look at her in sexy Way. It was a Normal, full Length Nighty with Sleeves. But I was watching for any ways in which I could see her cleavage, side breasts view or her thighs. When she used to go to sleep, I used to put her Hands and Legs over me and Doze Off.

She also is a very Deep Sleeper. It takes lot of Shakes and Noise to wake her up in the morning. This worked to my Advantage. Now, when she used to hold me like this, I tried feeling her breasts with my hands. As, she used to hold me tightly, it was easy for me to feel her breasts with my Chest. I also tried opening Few top buttons of her Nighty and feeling her breathing cleavage with my Hands. I used to Smell her throat and her cleavage. I used to rest my hands on her mounds, but I never squeezed or pinched her breasts. I was thrilled but at the same time very cautious.

I carried on like this for many Days. She did not know anything, and I didn’t even try anything Nastier. However, I was getting Hotter and wanted to feel her more. Now what I used to do was, when she used to turn around (Her back towards me) I used to put my hands & legs over her. By doing this, I could feel her Ass with my Hard dick. She is a pure Sex Goddess. She has ample flesh on her breasts and Ass. I also love her Milky thighs while Feeling her ass, I used to thrust forward like ass fucking her. But in slow and soft motion. I have also tried, lifting her Nighty to Knee and above level and feeling her Soft Thighs.

I have never gone beyond this and have spend many sleepless Nights till midnight 2 o clock and then Jerk off in the Bathroom. Savitha is not aware of any of this night activity and loves me like a normal brother. I am also good looking and my sisters have said often that had I not been their brother, they would have married me. When, they had said this thing, I guess I was small and never thought of it. Now, when i recollect, i think, how they might have said. What they had liked in me. My looks, my nature or my Body? Only they know (my sis! If you like my story please tell me at [email protected]

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