Sister & Me

As usual, I went to the street corner shop for a smoke. The shop was run by uncle in a portion of his house converted into a shop, selling cosmetics, fancy items apart from cigarettes. The shop was closed. Viji was standing on the main entrance of their residential portion. I halted to stare at her sexy figure. Whenever, I go the shop I used to look at Viji or other lady customers, imagine them to be my sex partner and masturbate, as I was alone, leaving my family in our native place. I used to visit my family once in a fortnight or sometimes once in a month.Viji (uncle’s daughter) is 29, married, having a son of 3 years. Her husband is working in Dubai. Viji was wearing only the kameez, which came little below her knees, tight around her body, exposing her light yellowish calf muscle on the front and the thigh just above her knees from the side split of the kameez., as she stood slightly slanting, with her palms on the wooden door for support. Her spongy 36 boobs stiff and erect inside her bra. “Shop is closed. I am looking for my dad and Vicky (her son) to return so that we can clean everything and do the white washing, painting”. Viji went in hearing the telephone bill ring and I had to move to other shop. On my way back, I noticed Viji coming to the door to close it. “Your dad didn’t return?” “No, he called to inform that he is held up and would be back only tomorrow, I lost one more day’s business in this festive season”. “Don’t worry Viji. If you don’t mind, I can help you” – I thought, I can spend time looking at her and if possible fuck her. “Thank you…” she went in and brought the keys of the shop. We opened the shutter partially so that no customers comes and disturb our cleaning work. I made Viji sit, squat, stand on her toes, and was enjoying her sexy body. I loosened my lungi made it fall, all under the cover of cleaning, and conversing in general.

I was right; Viji looked at the bulge inside my underwear. I changed the topic “How is Kannan (her husband) doing?” “Fine, he is in gulf for almost 3 years enjoying life and making money. His employer can’t give us a family visa”- Viji sounded desperate, I preferred to be indirect in asking her as most of the ladies doesn’t like a direct invitation even from their husband and moreover if she refuses, my reputation will be at stake. “So you have to be content with this shop until he comes back”. “How about screwing this?” – I was in double tongue, Viji pulled her head up. I pointed a protruding beading of the showcase. “Do you need a screw driver?” “Viji, I have one, but, we will continue after lunch, let us have bath”. “You mean bath together?” Viji sounded surprise as well as approving it. I closed the shutter and went in; viji went to her room to get the towel. I didn’t want the hide and seek to continue, before Viji could return with towel, I went in to the bathroom pulled off my lungi, underwear and was rubbing my dick. “Oh! The screwdriver is big and has a nice rosy curve, flat on the tip, will it screw well?” I went hugged and rubbed her earlobes-which is sensitive to sex. Viji closed her eyes in disbelief and was pulling and pushing my rod. I removed her kameez and she was in her two pieces, I fondled her boobs. I felt rough because of the stitches on the bra and moved my hands to her back to unhook it. Viji expanded her shoulder for a cleavage, making it easy, to unhook, and was pulling her hand back, the dark brownish nipple was erect and I started sucking before she could take the bra off her hands. “Hi, are you so hurrying?” “Yes the big cherry is inviting me”. I squeezed her boobs and was peeling the lace of her lingerie with the other to bring down to her toes. “Oh! Viji, its wonderful the Goddess of sex in between your legs is gorgeous, and safeguarded by the sweetly trimmed silky pubic hair”. “Hi, don’t

Under estimate your lingam, the goddess is looking for the sexy black beauty to do the aradhana”. “Lets finish the bathing quickly Viji”. We poured water & soap each other. I pushed Viji to the bedroom, “Hi, wait I will wipe the wet”. “Don’t bother Viji, the bed sheet is there”. I did not wait, and pushed her on to the bed, spread her legs, bowed down and licked her pussy. “It is not fair, that you alone drink, give me your rod”. Viji got up and pushed me on to the bed, haunches with her butt inches above my face, bent and took the rod in her mouth. Her brownish ass hole between the little stiffened, bumpy, round ass cheeks invited me, I licked and rubbed it. “mmm…terrific” Viji in her excitement bit my dick. “Viji, don’t be hard, bite gently” “Hi, you are electrifying me and the shock in running all over my body, do it again and again I like it”, I too was excited on the nice blow job of Viji, the rod stiffened further, I caught hold of the hanging boobs and squeezed it, Viji could not control herself and stretched her leg, I sucked the juice from her cute cunt once agin. “Mmm..nice..mmm” Viji moaned and both of us were erotic. “Dear the goddess can’t wait any more perform the aradhana” Viji lifted her head up, pushed forward her legs, I rubbed the ass from behind with my dick saying “we just completed the purification”. Understanding what I need she get out of the cot and bent forward. I inserted the rod, gripping her hip “Viji, I started the intial pooja”. “Ahhh..ah.. Mmm..” She enjoyed and closed in her legs making it tighter, I was hardened, bent on her back, held the tits, and fucked. “Oh..ohhh..nice..great..” Viji was giving me pleasure with sexy moan. “Mmm..hi..come on fuck me from front, I feel something crawl inside my pussy I want your rod..”. Even my dick was hard and heavy, I pulled out and pushed her on to the bed. I sat on her lap, painted the pussy with my rod and started inserting. “Ahhh…. Ahh…. Mmm… Ahh.. Hi..I feel pain, the pussy has not taken in any rod for quit some year”. I didn’t stop, I blasted the rocket and hit the target, “Ahhhh…mmm..ahh..” She trembled in pain even that was exciting for me, I started pulling and pushing the dick, I felt the tightness, the tiny tissues inside her cunt rubbed the dick, making the fore skin of my rod shrunk further.

I started little fast “ouch..Oouch..Mmmm..Mm..Fuck.. Screw the peanut. Oh..great”. Viji was erotic, hugged me close to her, and scrapped my butt, trembled in joy, pulled her knees up. I enjoyed the sexy behavior and fucked her with more vigour, pulling myself from her hug and squeezed her boobs hard. “Hi, it’s paining both at the top and bottom, still I like it. Ooo..Mmm..Fuck me fast..”. I obeyed her orders and moved fast, she too was excited and pulled up her butt and giving me the vent, put her legs like X on my back. That made me feel tighter, I moved faster Viji’s under became wet and our aradhana chanted ‘lap..lap..lap’ “ sounds sexy, more faster”. Once again I obeyed the orders and moved faster, Viji’s wet pussy started watering, making the ‘lapp..lapp..lapp..lapp..’ chanting faster sounded high it coupled with “mmm…ohhh…mmm…moaning of Viji. “Hi…nice…you..” Viji was very erotic and her bottom started squirting the juice, my dick was trembling with fully erect, I fucked and it was going on for about 25 minute, I completed the aradhana by milking the godess. “Hi, I feel warm in my pussy, let all your juice inside, and don’t mind even if it overflows, you have performed a wonderful pooja to goddess of sex. Hi girls, women of any age between 20 to 60, do not hesitate to mail me I will perform the aradhana beautifully and nicely, my mail ID [email protected]

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