Sister and younger brother

It was 2:00am and jonas was lying awake in bed, thinking about his older sister who slept in the room right next to his. Mom and dad were away for the weekend and had left jonas and tanya home alone. Jonas had a nice 7in. Tool, which was a nice size for him since he was only 5’7″. His sister and he had always been close, sharing secrets and covering for one another their whole life. It was saturday morning that jonas got his idea. He got out of his bed wearing his pajamas, a pair of boxer-briefs that complimented his buldge, and went out of his room. He stood in front of his sisters door for a minute, thinking if he should take a chance on getting caught. But he remembered that his sister was a heavy sleeper and doesn’t wake up easily and decided to enter her room.

The door creaked a little as he went in but his sister remained fast asleep. He went up to the side of the bed and was about to pull down the covers when he jerked his hand back, to scared to. As he was preparing to leave his sister moved a little and kicked the covers off but remained asleep. He couldn’t believe his eyes, his sister slept in the nude! She had had 36c sized breast, a thin body, and a plump ass that compliment her figure. She had an amazing body for someone who was only 5’5″. He slowly started moving his hand twoards he shaven cunt and massaged the outside of it. His sister started to moan a little and he could feel her getting wetter. He stuck two fingers inside of her and started to finger blah blah her, she tossed and moaned in pleasure but was still fast asleep.

Jonas couldn’t believe how horny he was getting. He decided to experiment and see how far his finger would go in. He slid it down aways and then stopped and her sister made a face like she had just sucked a lemon. He had hit her hymen! “oh shit” he exclaimed, “shes still a virgin!”. He had said that to loud and his sister began to stir. He bolted quickly and quietly out of her room and back into his bed. When he heard his sister turn on the t.v. in her room, he felt proud of himself and patted himself on the back. “i got inside tanya’s pussy!” he said happily to himself. That had been a dream of his for along time. That afternoon after eating breakfast and watching t.v. with tanya, she excused herself saying she was gonna go take a shower. “uh-oh…” he said to himself. The thought of his sister naked in the shower gave him a raging boner. He heard her turn on the water and shut the bathroom door.

Then she called down and said “hey jonas, come here a sec.” jones went up the stairs where his sister was waiting in a very skimpy bikini that was black with pink stripes. “hey bro, put on your swim trunks.” “why?” asked jonas. “i want to take a nice long shower thats gonna use up all the hot water so your gonna need to shower with me, we can’t have you stinkin up the place, can we?” she giggled. Jonas didnt need to hear anything else from her, he sprinted into his room, through off his pants and underwear and slipped on his swim-trunks. When he came back she was already in the shower. “can i come in?” he asked through the shower’s sliding glass door which was blurred so even if you were on the other side of it, you couldnt make out anything. “yeah, come on in, the waters fine!” she and jonas laughed at the corny joke.

Jonas was about to get in when he realized that his sister’s bikini top was on the sink, she was in there topless! He opened the sliding glass door and there his sister was, looking at him, completely drenched in water with her glisining breasts shining in the light of the bathroom. “uhh….uhh….” jonas was at a loss for words but the tent in his trunks said everything. She just took his hand and guided him into the shower. “jonas, i have something to tell you. I…well…i’m on the pill now and i wanna lose my virginity but i dont trust alot ofthe guys out there and i….” she stopped then started again “jonas, i….want you inside me…”

Jonas just looked on as though he had won the lottery. “o…ok” said jonas. “i know this must sound weird since i’m your sister but i’ve always liked you as more then a brother and…” she was cut off by jonas who grabbed her and pulled her forward, kissing her passionately on the lips, their tounges caressing each other. He dry humped her as they kissed and she moaned passionately as his cock massaged her pussy through his shorts and her bikini bottom.

She laid down in the tub, warm water falling on both of them, and she slid off her bikini bottom. As he took off his he grabbed hers and through them both out of the shower. They both we completely naked. Jonas got on his knees and bent over, shoving his face in her cunt. She moanedwhile she threw her head back in pleasure and raised her hips off the ground, as if trying to get more of his face into her cunt. His tounge was so deep in side her that she screamed with pleasure. Tanya put her hand on the back of his head and pushed it so much into her pussy that his lips went inside her vagina! She screamed “oh blah blah, blah blah, blah blah! Thats right little bro, you eat your sisters tight ****ing pussy, you ****ing do it right ****ing now!” she screamed in pleasure again before saying “aww…blah blah! Im cummming!!! You ****ing lick all my cum up you little blah blah!!!” and with that cum squirt out of her pussy into his mouth, which he licked up and swallowed. “oh blah blah, that was incredible little bro! Best head i’ve ever gotten!” she pulled him off her pussy and brought his face up to hers and she kissed him, jamming her tounge so far down his throat that he almost gagged, but didn’t.

After that long kiss she looked at him and said “my turn”. She giggled as she grabbed his cock and started massaging it. “you gotta cum too, little bro” she said, “i plan on ****ing for at least an hour so you gotta let out one so you can go longer.” she was still massaging his long shaft with her nimble fingers while complimenting him on his big cock. A little pre-cum started coming out which she licked off. Her licking the head of his dick was the best feeling that he had ever felt. She then took half of his cock into her mouth and he moaned with pleasure. So many thoughts were racing through his mind about his sister and his sexual fantasies about her.

In a few minutes she had completely deep-throated the cock. “damn sis, do you not have any gag reflex?!” he said as he could feel himself preparing to cum. “ohh…blah blah! Sis, i’m cumming!!!” he said. And with that, she stuck the cock deep down her throat and he shot his hot cum into the back of her throat which she gulped down while still sucking on his dick. When she took his dick out of her mouth, it was completely clean, all the cum had been licked off and swallowed. “mmmmm…yummy” she said while innocently licking her lips.

They both stood up, both now very horny for the other. “little brother, i want you inside me…now.” she said. They kissed passionately, he fingered her ass while she fingered his. His boner was back and even bigger than before. “lay down”she said, “we’re going to do reverse-cowgirl position first. It’s both of our first times and i wanna lower myself onto your shaft.” he happily did as she said. “i love you little bro” she said as she was squatting over his cock. “i love you too, sis.” she started lowering herself onto the top of his dick’s head and eventually the whole head was in her. “oh blah blah yes!” he said, “your pussy is so ****ing….ugh, god-damn tight!” she had just gotten pass the head when she started moaning in pleasure “oh blah blah yeah! Little bro, your cock is so ****ing big! Blah blah yeah, i want all of it inside me!” and with that she let go of her support and dropped onto his tool.

“fuc…blah blah!!!” they both yelled as his hard cock went all the way into her tight cunt, popping her cherry and breaking into her womb. She winced in pain “are you alright?” asked jonas. “maybe this will answer your question” she said. Before jonas could ask what she meant, she started bouncing up and down on jonas, 3in. Of his cock being revealed everytime she bounced. He couldnt believe it, he was actually ****ing tanya, he was ****ing his big sis! Every time she would bounce she would moan while pinching her nipples, she was bouncing so hard that jonas thought he would have a bruised pelvis by the time they were done. After a minute of doing that she said “oh…oh…oh, blah blah yes! Lets switch it up!” she got off his cock and got on all fours, jonas had seen this on pornos, it’s called doggy style. He put his dick in place an started thrusting forward.

“oh blah blah me jonas, blah blah your big sister with that huge cock! Make me take it jonas, make me take it all!” “oh blah blah sis, you have such a tight, wet cunt! It feels so ****ing good!” he moaned. “yeah jonas, you blah blah my tight wet pussy!” after doing that for half an hour, they changed again. She layed on her back and he started ****ing her and sucking her tits, which he only stopped doing to french her. “oh yes, oh blah blah yes jonas!” she screamed. “oh blah blah, im about to cum!” yelled jonas. “you shoot your hot cum into my womb jonas!” “aww…blah blah!!!!!” he yelled as he came in her womb, the hot sensation of him coming made her cum. “oh…oh…oh, blah blah! I can feel it inside me, blah blah, i’m cumming!!!” she yelled.

After they just lied there, his dick still in her, both breathing heavily. Letting the shower water beat off their bodies and letting their cum mix together. “were gonna do this more often, ok little bro?” jonas grinned and said “you got it sis!”

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