Simran, My Slutty Sister

hello this is Huma with a new story sent to me by my friend Simmi. You may post your comments on her id [email protected]

Hi, I am Sanju, 25 years old, unmarried man, six feet tall, well built, wheatish complexion and most importantly endowed with an 8 inch cock which never goes limp. I was 18 when my parents died in a car crash leaving in my custody my younger sister Simran who was 15 years old then. I must tell you about Simran, she is hot, cute and lovely. I took her responsibility on my shoulders, left my studies and began working as a computer repairman in the office of my father where he did marriage counselling for broken or breaking marriages.

Simran was all innocence and pious sisterly beauty for me till one evening about six months back when I happened to see her semi nude female charms, by chance when I stormed into our room and she was in the process of dressing. She was in her white silk panties which barely covered her white round ass, leaving her fair thighs completely visible to my eyes. Her white bra revealed her boobs and long narrow neckline as her hands were busy tugging at her bra clasps. She had closed her eyes and was moving her ass as she struggled with her bra hooks. Simran looked divine, a sex goddess. She has light brown hair, cut up to shoulders and grey eyes. Her figure is 36-25-36. I stared at my semi naked sister as a feeling of guilt crept over my mind. She turned her back to me, revealing her flawless white ass cheeks, clad in white silk and I found it difficult not to go and touch Simran’s ass. But the brother in me woke to reallity and I retreated my steps and went to my neighbour Sanjana, my love. She works in a bank and has rented a two room set. She is 23 years old and a real hottie. I have kissed and fondled each other but I promised myself not to fuck her till we are married. She is a close friend of ny sister. She has a sexy body, nice boobs and a firm ass.

We live on the 2nd floor of our house which consists of two bedrooms and a drawing room. I and Simran use only one bedroom to sleep as she can get my help in studies. Ours is a big room and our beds are placed at the extrereme ends with an almirah with a mirror on it. Our house is located in Paschim Vihar in Delhi and we have rented the ground floor to an aged couple. Sanjana lives just across the street . Simran is one of Sanjana’s fan and adores her. Sanjana and I have planned to get married after my sister’s marriage. Simran has got a job as a salesgirl in a store that sells ladies’s under garmets. She often talks about her store Manager Shafiq who has impressed her immensely. I wonder if she is in love with him but then the thought goes out of my mind because my little sister Simmy is too little for things like love or sex,

Last Satureday Simran came home from work, all excited as she said” Bhaiya, you know, Shafiq has been transferred to Bombay and I have invited him to dinner. Bhaiya, will you get some nice food and drinks for tonight? I will ask Sanjana too. She will keep you company. OK Bhaiya, I have to dress for tonight.” She was so excited that I did not know what to make pout of it. But I bought a bottle of whiskey, snacks and a large pizza for the night. Shafiq came at 7 pm, a tall handsome man in his late thirtees, obviously a ladies’ man. He gave Simran a tight bear hug and greeted me and Sanjana with courtsey. We sat in our drawing room and had drinks and whiskey began to have its effect on me and to be frank. I am sure I saw Simran’s hand snake between her boss’s crotch. I felt sleepy and went to my room. At 10 pm, I excused myself and Sanjana left too. Simran said” My boss has to catch the midnight train, so we will sit together till then,”

I got into bed and fell asleep immediately. Then some sound woke me. I stared into the mirror in my almirah and what I saw, shocked the life out of me. What had awakened me was the slapping sound of Shafiq’s hand on my sister’s bare bottom. They were both naked, with Simran wearing long pencil heels and her hand wrapped round her boss’s massive shaft, pumping it slowly while Shafiq spanked her buttocks lightly. My sister was bending with her butt facing my bed and her reflection in the mirror showed a naughty smile on her face as she fisted her boss’s cock and cupped his hairy balls as his hand spanked her ass lightly and her other hand was playing with my sister’s pussy. Drink had made them extra bold and soon Simran was sucking her boss’s cock like a slut.

Simran squirmed as she imagined what it would feel like to have a cock that big thrusting in her swollen cunt, its enormous cock head butting against her sensuous mouth.Shafiq had turned my little sis into a real slut. I almost closed my eyes and continued to watch the entire scene through the mirror. M cock grew hard and my hand caught it in a fist.” Fuck meee Shafiq, I am dying for your cock in my cunt. Ram your cock in my cunt, I am soaking with cum, you have made a real bitch out of me, Shafiq, fuck me, I cant wait.” moaned Simran. Shafiq lay on his back on Simran’s bed and she lay on top of his body, holding his cock and guiding it to her pussy and then lowering her cunt on his massive cock head which was immediately gulped by my sister’s hungry cunt. Simran began her slow grinding motion up and down Shafiq’s cock. The room was in darkness except for the light coming from the night bulb shining over Simran’s bed and I was watching the live fuck show from the front line. Soon Simran’s movements became frenzied, her boobs hung over Shafiq’s chest and he sucked on her nipples, making my sister utter husky obcenities,”Ohhh yes, fuck me harder, you bastard, ram your cock into my cunt,”

Simran bucked up and down his shaft and I could see his cock shining with her juices. Shafiq lifted her ass to meet Simran’s thrusts. Shafiq maintained a steady rythmic spamking of my sister’s ass which was intesifying every passing moment with a great force. My dear sister’s ass had begun to turn red but the way she took the spanking, it seemed that my slut Simran, loved it. Shafiq then, without any warning, pushed his finger into Simran’s butt hole. She seemed to cringe but only for a moment. Then both of them resumed fucking in the same normal style, his finger dipping deeper into my sister’s shit hole and fucking her shitter more visciously. Simran rode his cock and finger as if she could not take enough of both. Simran seemed to nearing her climax as her ass bounced faster and she cried” Ahhhhhhh, Shafiq, I am cumming, your bitch is cumming on your cock.” But Shafiq had not cum. He had other plans. I later came to know that he did not cum easily after having drunk. Only the first part of fuck was over.

“Oh Simran, baby, your ass is so tight,” she heard her lover moan , “I love fucking your ass so much, You’re such a horny little slut. Oh fuck yes. I want to be deep in your ass.” he said turning Simran over on her hands and knees like a bitch. He licked her puckered ass hole and dove his tongue into her ass. He spread her ass cheeks and kissed her ass cheeks. Then, he spat on his fingers and rubbed them on my sister’s ass hole and then guided hi massive cock at her shitter. His cock entered her rectum as he reached around to grasp her heaving tits and sodomised her ass. Simran cried at the foreign entry into her ass,” Uiiii mar gayi. it hurts, you bastard, it hurts bad, take out you cock, Shafiq, you bastard, I cant take it any more.” But Shafiq seemed to know his business. He continued to screw her ass ever so slowly and gaining entery inch by inch. Soon her gaand(ass) got used to his cock and she thrust her ass back at his pelvis.” oooo yes, fuck me in the ass, you bastard, fuckkk my ass, its hungry for your cock, Ohhhh

I listened to her throaty, moaning:

“Oh fuck yes. . . so good. . . feels so fucking good. . . yes. . . oh yes. . . fuck me. . . such a dirty slut. . . fuck yeah. . . bugger me. . . need it so bad. . . so pump my arse. . . so good. . . so gooooooood. Bhaiya.”

I couldn’t believe my ears; was my sister calling my name?

I gazed at the tight brown anus where a big cock was pounding with ferocity, all I could think about was my sexy sister’s beautiful body, her shapely tits and bottom. As I wanked my hard prick I imagined that I was buggering her and I quickly found myself ejaculating thick sperm all over the girl in my bed. .

Shafiq fucked his cock slowly, not wanting to come. He was touching her breasts, belly, cunt and arsehole. The fuck was in full force as Shafiq rammed hi cock in and out of my sister’s ass and she gasped for breath.” Yeah fuck you bitch, you are a bitch in heat, I cant control any omre, I am cumming in your sweet ass, where do you want me to cum? ” he hissed between his teeth. The slapping sounds of luty bodies filled the room as he took his cock out of Simran’s tight ass and he shot his load all over her beautiful buttocks. I was mesmerised by the beautiful sight of naked bodies covered with sweat as Shafiq rolled over my sis.


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