Sexperience With My Cousin

My name is Sid and I live at E-City Bangalore.
I had a splendid sexperience a few years back with my Cousin Divya – 32 yrs old Married with a 5yr Old Kid. She is a housewife and her husband is more interested in making money than spending time with my sister.She has a perfect figure, lovely lips, sexy structure and long hairs and overall round boobs which still makes me more passionate about making love with her.

So once her husband had to go to Calcutta regarding his office work. And I was asked to accompany my Cousin for the next 5 days. I was so excited. I reached her house on Saturday morning after her Hubby left. It was just a formal welcome with a tight hug that she gave me. I could feel her Boobs touching my body. Oh, i felt so nice. I settled down onto one of the rooms and went to sleep with my cousin in my mind. The next day she woke me up early with a cup of coffee. She was wearing a nighty. She wasn’t wearing any inner-wears because I was able to see her tits popping through the nighty. Then I freshened my self and got ready for breakfast. Being Sunday her kid was still asleep. She started acting weird and started showing herself and was asking how she was looking that day. I said as always u look good. But she was too sexy that day. Then we had a good chat and planned for an evening time out. My cousin sometimes frankly talks to me.

So we went for a walk in the evening. We started with talking different topics regarding my job, her neighbors, her in-laws etc. At once instance she started speaking about her personal life how her husband is such a workaholic and how often he comes late home and sleeps off without caring about her. At one point she just asked me whether I have any Girlfriend. I was surprised with that sudden question and said No. She asked whether I have done Sex with anyone. I was frank enough and said I have seen a lot of Blue Films and I know how it is done. But was never Lucky enough to get any chance with someone. Then the topic changed and talks went till we reached home. We freshened and sat for Tea watching TV. I was able to see some difference in my Cousins’s behavior. She muted the TV and quickly asked whether I would like to play with her(with a naughty smile). I was surprised and excited too. I understood what she meant. Yet I asked her innocently what she means. She said again if I wanted to play ‘everything’. But I wasn’t able to reply to her as I was speechless. Never have i expected such things might happen. She increased the Volume of the TV and sent her kid to play at the neighbors.

She Locked the main door. She came near and hugged me so tight. I was sitting on the couch like an innocent fellow. She sat on my Lap and then started kissing me so passionately catching my head with one hand and the other caressing my Back. I was in heaven. She caught and placed my hands over her Boobs. She wasn’t wearing any inner wear. First, i acted as if I was shocked but later I too started. We kissed and caressed each other for about 10 minutes. Then she pulled me to the Master Bedroom.

She removed my Dress & underwear. Caught hold of my cock & started stroking for some time. I was like closing my eyes and enjoying it. Then she asked me to help her remove her nighty. I removed hers and there she lay, completely naked. My Cock was already hard on. She seductively spread her legs wide enough and bent back & moaned in relaxation. That moment and posture will give a hard-on to anyone. The lips of her pussy were pink and there was a little hair on it. I went ahead and parted her vaginal lips and kissed her clit. I inserted my tongue in her pussy and explored its depth for a while which made her mad. I started rubbing her pussy externally then rubbed her clitoris and slowly inserted one finger into her love hole. It was very tight- she was right her husband was not fucking her. I was Fingering her Cunt and caressing her G-spot. She went crazy and started making noises and said she can’t hold anymore. She was damn wet.

Then I spread her legs wide open. First I slowly started rubbing my penis on the external lips, then inserted only the tip and rubbed. She was lying down closing her eyes and catching strong the bed-sheet. Then slowly I inserted my Cock into her. It was very tight. So I slowly applied pressure and made my way. She was shouting, moaning, biting her lips and holding & hugging me tighter. But once I got it totally inside I started moving it to and fro. After sometime she also started enjoying and started giving me company.

The room was full of noises aaaah… oooooh… and the sound of two bodies touching each other. I was fucking her now very fast and hard as she was moaning and asking for more of it. I was also licking her nipples. I was kissing all parts of her body where my mouth cud reaches in that position. Now She was uncontrollable and she held my arms tight and started to jump under me. I was moving to and fro and at the same time she was holding her hip up and pressing her buttock against the bed to accompany my moves. As my stroke became harder, after few moments she started moaning “Please slow down Karthi…
aahh…Ooohhh… Please…. Though she was begging for me to slow down she never stopped enjoying each and every stroke of mine. Now She spread her legs much more wide open and she was hugging me real tight. She was moaning hard and then her body arched and then she breathed out heavenly. She had her orgasm. I was still on. And then I had to stop as she was tired and we both were sweating. We both lay naked for some time in each other’s arms. She was having smiles for a long time.

Then after some time I again started kissing her big boobs and rubbing her pussy. We had another round of sex this time in doggy style. It was a really great experience. We had regular sex daily for 5 days till her Husband returned back from Calcutta. Now she has shifted her home to Chennai, as her Hubby got Transferred onto there.

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