I had thought that she might be a very easy pick for me. That’s why i had tried my luck but every thing went wrong. The whole night she didn’t even let me touch her. Whole night i was imagining the consequences. I was embarrassed and frightened that what will happen to me if she tells this to my mom or her parents. What will they think and do with me, and above all my whole reputation, which was of a descent studious guy, was at stake. I was frightfully waiting for the morning. I slept imagining my possible disaster. In the morning i got up a little earlier then her, i looked at her she was sleeping deep. I lay still and waited for her to wake. When she got up i closed my eyes pretending as i was sleeping and started looking at her next move. She woke up and looked straight at me she watched me sleeping for at least 2 minutes. It amazed me a lot because her way of looking at me was different. It looked as if she was admiring me and a sexual lust was surely there in her eyes. Never the less she got up and started her daily routines. I also got up and because i was afraid that she will tell every thing to my mom i tried to be everywhere she went. I noticed that she was behaving perfectly normal to my mom and my brother but to me she was ruthless. Every time i tried to talk to her she looked at me with furious eyes. She was very quite that morning and was avoiding me. I even went to her asking sorry for the last night act. The day slowly crawled further and i waited for something not to happen. She even talked to her parents on phone and i was really terrified that now she will say something, but again there were curtains on her intentions. In the afternoon she came to me and had brought cards with her. She asked me to play rummy with her. Even though i don’t like playing cards i had to play with her. Still she was not talking much but now i was getting relaxed with every minute passing by. I started my little jokes on her just to change her mood. But every time i cracked one she would look at me with angry eyes. She had told me earlier that she wanted to see hum tum. So i brought cd of hum tum and played it on my pc. She and i watched the movie. The !dea worked and she started laughing and talking again. But what the problem was that when ever a romantic seine came she used to look at me with her damn eyes. Well in the evening she asked me to take her to the various temples and other locations of chilling out. She was now behaving better and better with me as the time passed by. We went to a temple which was in the outskirts of the city. We visited there and while we were heading back she said that had i gone mad last night. I told her that i was sorry and i have never ever done this to any body in my life. She said that she has forgiven me but also said “thank god i was awake, otherwise what could have happened to me, only god knows.” I was furious with her answer and due to the frustration that had built up during the day i stopped my bike and yelled at her furiously saying that i am sorry and i would have done nothing more than that. She got stunned with my reaction as she would not have expected this from a guilty guy. She was actually toying with me. She was surely playing games with me, this i came to know a little later. I then hesitatingly enquired whether she will tell this to any body. The answer was mysterious, she said “time will tell, i can do things which you wouldn’t have imagined ever” i was stunned because even if she had started talking to me i was not sure whether she would digest the event or not. This is why i got even more afraid then before. Well i also thought that okay what ever i have done was wrong and i’ll face what ever will happen to me. I decided, i will never ever talk to her in my life and the silence began there it self. She was uncomfortable by me not talking to her. Well we reached home and i disappeared from home & went to roam around with my friends.

When i came back she was looking angrily at me. I ignored her and went to my room. She then came in my room and asked where i had been for so long. I didn’t answer but i thought that she wants to talk with me and probably is fascinated by me so i must talk to her and should convince her for not telling the matter to any one. I then became normal and started talking to her she sat near to me on the bed and we started listening to music. I lay down on my bed and she positioned herself near to my feet. Suddenly she started staring at me; this was so immense that i had to look some where else to avoid her eyes. But, this didn’t stop. She started to caress my feet which were near her. This was tickling me and arousing me. It appeared to be foreplay, so i also started to do the same it continued for 20 min or so. My mom & bro were busy watching tv in the other room. I told her that for her safety i will sleep in other room today. She looked unpleased with this and asked why i want to sleep in the other room. I was actually testing her. Her way of tickling my feet and stares indicated me that something was bound to happen soon. By this time my mom had gone to sleep and my bro was busy with the tv as usual. I stood up and she enquired that where am i going. I told her that i am going to watch tv. She stood up immediately and grabbed me from my waist and planted a solid kiss on my lips. The kiss lasted for about 1 min. Our tongues met and saliva was exchanged. I stood there stunned. I asked her that what it was now she only said “sorry…………” now i planted a kiss on her lips and squeezed her soft and firm breast. I only said “wait for the night”. Well……… the bed time came. She was in her same night dress. I also got to the bed earlier then usual. I slipped one of my hands to her breast silently because i was afraid that my mom will be awake. Luckily my mom was not well that day and had slept deep. But, my damn bro was watching tv and the fade light was coming in the room so i couldn’t have done much. But our silent game was on progress. She was caressing my leg with her leg running it up to my thighs. My hand was in side her shirt to explore the softness of her tits she was kissing and licking my hand. I could feel her nipples hardening. She was much exited and time to time she would come over me to kiss me. Her kissing was special; she wasn’t hesitating to put her tongue in my mouth and used to suck my lips like a pro. I found a game to pass the time. I used to put my finger in her mouth and she knew that it is meant for licking & sucking. This is a great act try it with your girl or boy. It’s just like a blow job. She as usual copied me and started doing the same with me. Her lust was really showing now, she slid her shirt off her shoulder and asked me to kiss and lick there. I did that and all the while she was caressing my hair with very low moans. Then my bro switched the tv off and slept in the tv room. It was dark in the room now and we were free to play games. As soon as the lights were turned off she almost jumped over me and started kissing all over my face hungrily and was pushing her hips wildly on my dick. I knew the bitch was in heat and i had to ask her to calm down. She did and now i wanted to explore her fully. I started working on her thighs and while caressing them i used to come dangerously close to her cunt inside her loose shorts. This was making her mad. I touched her cunt from above her shorts; surprisingly her cunt was oozing so much of juice that even her short was wet in that area. I thought of inserting my hand in her shorts to feel her pussy but every time i tried to, she stopped me. I asked why?? She told me that it pains her there.

So, i again started with her big breast. I pulled her shirt up and undid her bra hook. Her treasure was now free for me. I squeezed them, kissed them, bite them and suck them. All the time she was moaning slowly. Luckily because the cooler was on no body could here her moans or the little noise that the bed was doing. I suddenly put my hand inside her shorts to feel her pussy, lost in her pleasure; she couldn’t stop me this time. God…it was wet, little sticky and very hot. It was the first time that i was touching a young cunt. I played with her clit and even tried to put my finger in her hole. But she stopped me. With one hand i was playing with her breast and with other i was pressing her tits and our lips were also in touch in a kiss. Now it was my turn…i grabbed her hand & brought it near to my dick. My six inch soldier was in attention and was hard like a rod. She touched it and tried to feel it. With this i got so excited that i got up and through her loose shorts’ opening from below i licked her pussy. For my surprise it was odorless and tasteless. I did it for a min. Or so and then i kissed her. I dragged her head near my dick and asked slowly to take it in her mouth. She did it at once, but was not aware of the procedure. Her teeth were pinching a little but still i got a great pleasure. I then kissed her and started stroking my dick near her cunt area over her shorts. I came heavily, as soon as i did i lost my interest in this act and as it was 12.00 in night i asked her to sleep. She refused to sleep and tried to kiss me. But, i pushed her away and turned my back towards her. She got very angry, but i decided that it must stop right here. So i slept. Later in the night i woke up. I found that she was not in her bed. I had to pee so i went to the toilet. The bathroom was next to the toilet and i saw that the lights were on and she was there rubbing her cunt restlessly. She was masturbating. I realized that it was not fare from my part that i left her unsatisfied as she didn’t have an orgasm and was trying to achieve it herself without even realizing that some one will wake up and see her in such situation. So, decided to give her an orgasm. I went to the bathroom door and stood near the door. She saw me and was shocked for a while. I pulled her closer to me & closed the lights and the door. I pulled her shorts down and started sucking her cunt i worked on her clit and with my index finger i was digging in her hole. My other hand was playing with her boos and occasionally with her hips. After a long 10 min. Suck she spurted a thick load on my face and was moaning loudly. Her tasteless cum was in my mouth and she was mightily happy and satisfied. I asked her that will she tell this to any body ever…..??? She said smiling “main pagal hoo kya…?” We then slept with hands in hand to wake up next morning normal as ever. You all might be wondering why i didn’t fuck her. I couldn’t have taken her virginity away at the age of 16 for my pleasure. I told her that i won’t be doing it again with her and she also must not try this to any body. She, in reply, smiled mysteriously as if she was saying “i can seduce many as i have seduced you”. I felt cheated after that smile……….. What do you feel after reading my experience? Please let me know by sending mails to me at…….. Mail_me at [email protected]

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