Seducing My Aunt Sujatha

By: Vicky Rao

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Hi, I am Vicky, 23 years old and residing in Bangalore. This is my first story about how I seduced my aunt Sujatha. My aunt is 38 years old, fair complexion and has a fantastic body. This incident happened about 1 month back when it was raining heavily and I had the job of dropping my aunt at the railway station. The time was about 10 ‘0’ clock and my aunt missed her train because of the traffic jam. So, she checked at the enquiry counter and asked for the availability of next train to her hometown.

The person at the counter replied that there are no trains until the next day afternoon, having no choice she called my uncle and explained the situation. Since, it was night and still raining we had no option of going back home. So, she decided to rent a room in the nearby hotel and stay there until the next day. As planned we rented a double bedded room. As soon as she got into the room, went to the bathroom. As far as I am concerned I had no choice but to stay in those wet clothes.

She came out of the bathroom rubbing her hair and wearing a sexy sleeveless nightdress. For some reason, the towel she was rubbing her hair with fell down; she bent to pick that up and that time, I came to know that she was wearing no bra. She quickly realised that I was standing in front of her and came back to the initial position and said sorry. I was shocked and turned my face away, so that I would avoid an eye to eye contact.

At the same time, I realised that I have an erection and for the first time I really wanted to fuck my aunt. We didn’t talk for some time. To break the silence, my aunt asked me to remove the wet clothes and roll a towel. I was still having an erection and told my aunt I was fine and not to bother. But, she insisted on changing and told me otherwise I would catch cold. Still, I refused. She took some courage, came near me and told its ok to have an erection looking at woman’s body.

I was shocked and was about to say, she planted a kiss on my lips. This was enough to blow my mind off. After this she ran into the bathroom. After 10 minutes or so, she came out with her head down and sat beside me and told that she was sorry and was not thinking clearly. I asked consolingly what’s happened. (At that time she kept her head over my left shoulder and I was able to feel the aroma of her silky smooth hair. I always wondered what makes women’s hair so special) she told me that uncle was not sleeping with

Her for the past two years and she suddenly felt the urge to have sex, noticing my erection. While consoling her, I took her head and gave a long French kiss and told her that I wanted to fuck her. She was shocked and at that same time she was happy and gave me a sign to proceed whatever I want to do with a shy wink of an eye. Without any delay, I kissed and sucked her lips for about 10 minutes and removed her night dress while kissing her passionately. I came to see the beautiful boobs that led to our sex. I sucked them until she can’t bear anymore. While sucking her boobs

Aunt: Oh! Vicky you are aah very good kisser ahhh boob sucker aaaah. I would have been a lucky girl if I was your girlfriend I wish I was younger!

I stopped sucking and looked her in the eye and said: Aren’t you my girlfriend now? Don’t worry even if you are older you have better body than most of the younger girls. Hearing the words, she became so happy she pressed her hot body against me and said: I am in so love with you now (Should have seen that expression with watery eyes) I would runaway for you I removed her undergarment and saw her pink shaved pussy. I was so excited, started licking and sucking.

My aunt: Vicky aaaaahhhh I love this your uncle never aaaaaahhh understood aaaah! You know how satisfy me! She started cuming and moaning her pussy started becoming wet.

Me: Sujatha you are! I paused

Aunt: Call me aaaah whatever you want I am yours now make me (biting her lips) completely yours. Hearing this I took my dick and put inside her hungry pussy and started moving to and fro slowly so that she is comfortable.

Aunt: aaaaah ooooohhh Vicky don’t show mercy.

I pushed my dick really hard and fast so that she deserves what she wants.

Me: Suji you are such a sex goddess!

I was about to cum but I resisted and asked aunt to make a dongle position.

Aunt: Whatever you want honey

She positioned herself and I started fucking her without any delay I cummed inside her pussy but this time there was more moaning after some time she said: do you want to try the place? I never allowed uncle

Me: Where?

Aunt: Fuck me in my ass and make sure I am completely yours.

As ordered I fucked in her ass but she was putting pillow to her mouth. I didn’t understand why but later she told me that was her first time in the ass and wants to make sure that she was not crying. She also told me that it was really painful and it meant her a lot to give her lover the only spot that her dirty husband didn’t fuck.

When we got up it was 12 in the afternoon and her train was at 2. We fucked each other 2 more times and parted ways. While parting ways she told me to come next month because her husband won’t be there and we could fuck as many times as we want. I hope you liked the story. Please mail your reviews to [email protected] I will be happy to write another story.

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