Seduced By My Real Sister Part – 1

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This is my first time submitting a story here and I assure you these are honest real incidents I had with my elder sister.My name is ayush and am currently 24 nd have completed my btech.My height is around 5’8 and have athletic lean body.But the story is not about me but my sister who is currently 25 and her name is neha.She is about 5’7 and has a slim busty body.She wears glasses and is a bit nerdy and hard studying girl.She has done her b.Com from du.Her face is not that much beautiful but her body is damn sexy.She has perfect big boobs and wear a 36dd bra and her back is also full and busty.


Now coming to the story.We have 4 members in our family my sis ,me and mom dad.My mom and dad are govt employs so they get a bit busy sometimes.We live in a 2 bhk house.My sister and I are really good friends and share most of the things with each other.My attraction towards my sister started 4 years back when I was 20 and my sis was 21.By that time her boobs had developed properly and were the major reason for my attraction towards her.By that time I began noticing how nice her boobs were before that I never gave it a thought like that.I would always try to peek into her blouse and suits whenever I got a chance.


My sister is a bit simple girl.She does not have a lot of friends and likes to stay at home most of the time.She would only go to college and back home in time.She mostly wears suit and salwar and sometimes western tops and t-shirts.At that time she had given a few suits to be tailored to the shop and by mistake, those suits got sewed a bit tight than her size.But my mom asked her to wear the suits for some time instead of giving back to the tailor thinking that they would get loose upon use so she wore those tight suits most of the time which was a delight to me.Whenever I looked at her I got enticed by her big boobs which looked like they are gonna pop out from her tight suit.


Many times my mum had to go out in day time due to work and she would tell my sis to clean the house.On one such day my mum went out and my sis began cleaning the house.I began watching tv on the couch.She took out her duppatta and she was wearing a deepneck tight suit which showed a bit of her cleavage even when she was standing straight.She began cleaning the floor bending down and squating in front of me.I could clearly see her boobs and cleavage.That was the first time I had a hard on seeing her.She was using water and her suit got wet from some parts and it was hard for me to control myself looking at her.This went on for some days whenever my mum went out.I enjoyed watching my sexy sister cleaning the house showing her melons.But this ended after a few days.


Soon colleges opened up and she began going to college and me to my college.Her college was closer to home than mine so she would get home before me.She had something to eat then she lay on the couch to watch tv and almost everytime she fell asleep on the couch with the tv on.One day when got home I saw her sleeping on the couch with the tv running.She was laying on her back and her suit was so tight on her chest that it was like the buttons on her suit neckline are gonna pop out.I could see her upper cleavage as one of the top buttons was open.I saw the opportunity and went and sat next to her on the couch.I checked if she was sleeping properly.I tried to wake her up but she was really tired and was in deep sleep.I couldn’t control looking at her boobs and her juicy lips.I put my one hand on her boobs over her suit.I was gliding my hand over her boobs and her didn’t seem to notice.I noticed that she wasn’t wearing her undershirt over her bra so her nipples were bulging from over her suit.I felt her nipples with my fingers gently being cautious not to wake her up.Her nipples her hard and just the tight size.


At this point, I could only see a little of her boobs cleavage.I got an urge to look at her boobs properly as I was stroking myself with the other hand.I decided that I could try and open her suit button without waking her up.So very cautiously with both hands, I opened another button of her suit neckline.Her suit was so tight that as soon as I opened one button her boobs fell open with a jerk.Now I could clearly see her boobs and cleavage.Her bra was of red colour and was barely covering her big tits.I ran my fingers through her cleavage and felt her boobs for the first time like that.It was beyond exciting and I was scared at the same time thinking what if she woke up.I took out my phone and took a few sexy pics to use to masturbate later.As I was taking her pics she turned to her side and now she was laying on her side facing me.Now her boobs were pressed between her upper hand and the couch.Her big juicy boobs looked damn sexy and soft.At that time a wanted to just rip open her bra and suck them but I couldnt.I kept jerking feeling her boobs and sliding my fingers deeper into her suit everytime I did.At one time I slid my hands all the way through her suit and was holding her entire boobs in my palms.But her bra was still on.I could not take it out as she would notice when she wake up and I didn’t wanted to get caught.Soon I started stroking harder and I cummed.


Rest of the story I will post in the next part.If you have any comments or suggestions you can reach me at [email protected]


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