Seduced My Uncle’s Daughter

Hi all and this is Raj aged 26 years old and I would like tell you the incident happened with my uncle daughter and her name is Divya aged 18 years old. She got the structure in such way that no one can stop dreaming to seduce her and she is my uncle’s daughter lives in a small town which has no availability of higher studies after 10th. She started to continue her inter from her home to the next city which is 30km far from her home.

She struggled to complete her 1st year Inter and got less marks on her final exams. We were staying the next city to her home which was 40 kilo meter far. My uncle is my father’s friend. So they decide to continue her studies in a new college and arranged to stay at my home. My parents were employees and they were used to go to their jobs as usual.

That time I am doing my college and we were become good friends in no time and used to share all the regular stuff. Days were passed on and reached to my final exams preparation holidays were began and I used to stay at home itself and her college timings is from 7:30 am to 12 noon. One day after she arrived, had our lunch and watching Species movie in a star movies porn video is running and the room was silent in a mean while.

We were sitting side by side in a sofa and my heart beat gone raise up by that video and I tried to hold her hand. She said nothing and I tried to move on and sat very close to her and our side parts were touching each other and now I placed my hand on her shoulder and make her comfort on my shoulder. By this action she refused and said this is wrong and stops to do anything and I keep quiet for a while. Later, I tried to do same act and this time she said nothing while I placed my hand on her shoulder.

I can feel her heart beat rising as it shows on her boobs moving up and down and I got courage and placed my hand just side to her left boob over her chudidhar. She closed her eyes and enjoying my action. This make me bold and started pressing her left boob over her dress. Omg! She got the soft boobs and I keep on pressing the both boobs and tried to move my hand on her pussy but she holding and tried to close not to move her legs wide.

I tried hard to touch pussy over her dress at last and I succeed and it was already wet and the smell was awesome guys and I make her sleep on the sofa and move the dress up to the shoulder navel and the bra came out of her dress. I moved to up and planted a kiss on her lips and such a soft lips she has and unable to explain the feeling and continued the kiss for 10 minutes and meanwhile I keep on moving my hands on her boobs and navel area.

She break up the kiss and because she is unable to take breathe and now I moved down and tried to open her bra but not possible by the hook were jammed. She helped me in this and revealed her two melons to my naked eye seen again it was awesome as she got the gold colour skin and while I started playing with her nipples as those were already erected and I sucked them like a child and she moaned with low voice.

I told her not to moan loud as anybody can had a doubt and but we don’t know that the moan was unstoppable at that time as we were at our first incident and I placed my hands on her pajama to make it loose and make it a part from her body. I moved down to the naval area and spend some time as she got the smooth navel. I take off the panty too and watching the pussy as this was the first pussy I’ve ever seen. Wow! Awesome!

I started finger fucking and she started moaning loudly and now this make too bold and make her completely nude by removing her top too. I asked her to make me nude, first she refused and later she agreed and makes me nude. She stunned by my penis as that was her first penis and its 6″ long too. She tensed to touch at first and I placed her hand on my penis and helped her on hand job. I went down and she is now on my top and we had the 69 position and she started sucking it like alphenlibe lollipop and that‘s really feels good.

We continued this for half an hour and came to original position and we both went to bed room and we kissed passionately. I sucked her boobs and pussy and I asked her to fuck the pussy but she refused because that could make her pregnant. I convinced her by the time if cuming and I remove my penis from her pussy she said ok. She slept on bed and I tried to insert my penis as we both were at first experience and our virginity was broken.

She moaned loud and cried and she got severe pain. Some blood was come out from her pussy but I did not stop and continued the job because no one was able to stop the job at that time. I said that I am going to cum she said to continue and keep on moving till the evening. We had a shower later and we acted normally later and I gave her a pill which buy from medical shop for not to make her pregnant. For feedback please mail me. Thanks

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