Seduced my sister’s virgin son

Hi..My name is sangita…age 42…married…I have one daughter 16yrs old. so I am a little fat…my figure is 36 34 38i am working in pvt office.

This story happened a few days ago. My elder sister stays near to my house about 1 hour distance. She has one son. His name is samir. He was born before I had got married. He is 20 years old now. as we are not staying very far. We used to meet many times in so many years. samir used to come to our house since he was a baby. He used to play with my daughter when she was born…

Soon samir was beginning to get older…one day he had come to my home after college just for time pass.. He kept his bag and went away to play with his friends. Since I was getting bored i looked in his bag and thought to read his books. .I was shocked to find photos of naked women in his bag!!

Then I realized that he was getting older now! Some strange kind of feeling happened to me…suddenly samir was no longer a kid for me…but a man. I got idea. I thought I should see if he gets attracted to me if I do some exposure.. Next time whenever samir used to come i used to expose myself…and was surprised that he was changing his way of looking at me…now he would not see my face when I used to talk but he used to look at my boobs since a little part was exposed…now he stopped playing outside and was spending more time with me and used to come more to my house than before.

I enjoyed getting his attention. He used to praise me that i am beautiful…I was enjoying to expose little in front of him. I wanted him to do something crazy to me…. i was waiting for that moment.

One day I asked him if he had any gf…he blushed and said no..

I said. “U must be lying. You are so come..”

He told” no maasi…I don’t like all these silly girls…they r so stupid and immature.”

Now he was looking at me from top to bottom and staring at my boobs. I asked “what type of girls u like then”

He told, “I like matured girls…who have understanding and r not stupid…but problem is that all such girls r married”

I asked, “Did u like someone”

He said” yes…I liked a didi near my house…she was very nice but got married…I also like one more. She is very beautiful…but she is already married.”

I asked who she is? He said” I cant tell u”….I asked him again but he did not tell…

Then I got idea….I told him I will get something to drink…I went in and re-adjusted my sari so that my became lower and adjusted my pallu so that he cud see my upper part of boobs and my stomach clearly…I went out with lemon juice…I sat in front of him and bent down and offered him glass…his eyes were wide opened and was looking straight at my boobs and lower body..

Now I realized that now he was under my control…. i again asked him who that married woman is…he was now hesitating but after lots of time of asking he told.

“maasi pls don’t tell anybody…I like u”

I was very happy on hearing this…but controlled myself…

I said. “Really? U like me?? but I am so old. And u r very young. .what do u like about me..?”

He then looked at my entire body from top to down and said “everything”

He came near me and kissed on my cheeks and went away…I was very happy but i was also sad that he did not do anything ahead…

After few days he again came to my home in the afternoon…

He told “hi maasi…I was getting bored at college so I came here”

I said come in and asked him he wanted to eat something…he said yes. So I went in kitchen and was preparing something…. he came behind me and once again kissed me….I just smiled…he said “maasi… I love u”

I did not say anything and just smiled at him…. and was looking at him…

Now he got bolder and then took my hand and led me to my bedroom…there he once again kissed me and hugged me.

After that he took one big smooch

I got an idea to tease him…. i pushed him away and said want ru doing…I am ur maasi…

I thought he would get scared…but he was no longer scared…. he said, “I know”

I said “u should not do such things…get out”

But he grabbed me and said, “I love u maasi…” and started to kiss and press all my body…He pushed me on the bed…now I was very much hungry to see what he will do…. he removed his pants…his underwear was already fully wet….I asked him that was he virgin…he said yes…and removed his dick….it was sufficiently large…I liked it…but I did some acting and was looking away…

He brought his dick in front of me and said “maasi…pls take me…” now I laughed and said “sure” and started to lick off his wet dick. He was moaning with pleasure…. within 2 minutes he again shot his cum….I laughed at him and told him he is very new…he said “aap sikhaoge to sab sikh jaunga…”

After that we had a nice session of lovemaking…..I taught him to do foreplay….and after a few days I let him to enter into my pussy and took away his virginity….now he has learnt well and enjoys a lot with me..

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