Seduced And Fucked Bhabhi In Pune

Hello friends, this is Arya from Pune.I am regular reader of ISS. My English is not good so please manage in story guys. My age is 29 and I live with my parents, my brother and his wife (my bhabhi) my uncle and aunty.I am younger, fair look, well build because of daily work out. I’ve done my MBA in Pune. My bhabhi who name is Asha.

She is housewife she helps my mother and my aunty in house work. My father my uncle and my brother are buisnessmen. Now comes to the story that time my 6th semester was over and vacation was running. I slept till late in morning because of it, I see blue film in my laptop daily till late night in my room. At 8 am in morning my bhabhi always come to my room for cleaning. One morning my father, uncle, brother went some where for them buisness work in early morning.That my bhabhi comes to my room for cleaning.She wore salwar-kamiz and her dupatta was left in her room. My eyes were little open but my bhabhi understand I was sleeping.

She cleaning the room by take out dust outside of the room.That time she was bent, so her sexy cleavage was visible, my eye was directly seen that thing. I never saw my bhabhi like this. I wann touch her boobs. My cock was erect I felt horny after that my bhabhi was gone and I directly gone in bathroom done mastrubating for my bhabhi twice. I took out huge cum.

I wann fuck with my Asha bhabhi.One day after noon our buisnessmen were at office,my mother and aunty went to temple for some work and my bhabhi was alone in home. I was came from sports ground. I saw my bhabhi alone in home I was so happy.I took bath and came in my shorts in drawing hall; my bhabhi gave me tea and supper we took it together.

We chat some faltu topics and some times I staring at her boobs. Many times she caught me but she didnt told any thing. I think I got green signal.She asked me about my college life, teachers, my girlfriends and I told her every thing after that I asked about her life too.I asked about her boyfriend but she told me she did not had any boyfriend aside from my brother. We continued our talking for 2 hours after that my mom and aunty came.Then I go in my room after that.When I came thare my bhabhi was there, my mom and aunty went somewere. She wore deep neck kurta so I sat beside my bhabhi and takes some snacks and tea with her and I stare at her big boobs with sexy cleavage.

I can’t control and my dick started to come out from my pant. She said aaj muje to nind aa rahi he me to sone ja rahi hu I laughed and said kyu bhabhi, rat ko bhaiya ne nahi sone diya? She looked at me like sweet angrily and smiled and said aisa nahi he and she bring my mobile and opend gallery she watched my pictures in gallery my videos are locked she asked me password but I said no. She understands that there is something adult inside.She told me this then I gave to her. There are many porn movies in videos. She smiled and opened it.She watching it with I can’t believe it she was not said anything.Then I also see wid her and slowly I put my hand on her leg.

She saw it but didnt said anything. I rubbed it. She enjoying but she told me ye kya kar rahe ho? I said sorry and remove my hand but she told me are continue it muje maza aa raha hain I was so happy. I continued it. She was very excited and hugged me very tightly and murmuring in my ears jo karna chahte ho wo karlo. We kissed to each other minimum 5 mins at that time my one hand went to her boob.I slowly pressed her and she moaned lightly. I was more excited when she moaned. I kept my hand inside her kurti and my one hand is at zip of her kurti I unziped it and she was only in her bra. I knew that after it her boobs were 34 C and her boobs wanted to come out.

I licked whole upper parts of her body on sofa. I keep my hands on her back side for unhooked her bra but there was some problem in it because of she was very excited.She helped me and her boobs were came out like sprig. Directly my mouth was on her big pink nipple and I took it in my mouth when I did this she moaned loudly ahhhh aaaaa and my one hand was on her other nipple while I’m doing this she grabbed my penis.

I removed my T shirt and pant.I was only in my underwear front of my bhabhi but my eyes were only on her boobs. I licked it and she moaning and moaning aahhh uhhhh hm aur lick karo aur chusoooo aaj to tum dudh nikal hi doo uhh ahhhh when she moaning I got more excited and sucked it very hardly at that time my one hand was on her navel that time she more excited.

I think woman’s more sensitive body parts are her nipple and her navel after that I insert my hand inside her panty and it was already wet.I removed her panty and I can saw her pussy which is clean shaved. Then she stood up and removed my underwear and takes out my cock which is 8 inches and took it in her mouth like wild animal. I moaned ahhhh bhabhii dhire dhire chuso but she said nooo bahut time k bad kisika naya lund mila he to ajjj to nahi.

She increased her speed. I could not control and I cummed in her mouth and on her face. She cleaned it and again I lied on sofa and spread her leg first I put my finger on it and fingering then I keep my mouth there. When my tounge touched her pussy that time current passed in her body and she moaned loudly ahhhhhhhh mmm. She holds my head with her hand and presses my head on her pussy.

I told her kyu bhabhi aaj tak bhaiya ne kabhi nahi apki chusi k itna excite ho rahi ho? She told me chusi to hain but tumare jaise nahi then I continued and she moaning and moaning like ahhhhh mmm come on come on aur chuso aur zorsee hh hhhhhhhhh she told me I can’t wait any more please fuck me. She took my cock for 2 min and then I spread her legs and put my cock on her pussy I told her are you ready?

She said yes then I slowly inserted my cock in her pussy and she felt pain and moaned ahhhhh slowly I increased my speed. She moanis and I think she cried because of pain aur zor se chodo aur zorse hhhhhh kafi dino k bad aaj kuch naya lund gaya he meri chut me aur zorseee. Then we fucked in doggy style which was her favourite style and mine also. I fucked very hard in doggy style. Then I slept on sofa and she was on me after this we done 69. I like this position very much when she sucking my cock in her mouth that time I want to cum so I turned and cummed on her breast and her navel.

She took it by her finger and keeps it on her lips and licked it by her tongue. I think she was satiesfied that time.That was the 4 pm and we took shower together. I slept on bed naked together also after one and half hour we woke up and again.I grabbed her boobs and I told her “next time we will do anal” she smiled and gave hot kiss to me. We wore our clothes and hugged each other very tightly after half an hour my mom and aunty came. I fucked my bhabhi many times. Girls/Ladies/Bhabhis from Pune or from other place can contact me on [email protected]

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