Sania my big breasted sister in law

Sania my big breasted sister in law Category – Author -blacky Hi friends….Nice to know that this site is getting better. By the way I am Rahul based in the UK, and this is another experience of mine with my other sisiter in law. There is sometimes something about inlaws that I am sure many of us find intriguing and I am one of them!! Theres nothing like having sex with girls you know very well and who actually love to have sex with you too. Its like 2 for the price of one. I am kind of odd I guess as I cant cum unless I see and hear my girl cum. And guys its only partly true that women can cum on vaginal penetration alone. Majority of women has to have their clitoris stimulated to have a full and satisfying orgasm and thats what I do ………rub the clit with the fingers and make her cum atleast 3-5 times and then put it in when its fully naturally lubricated and pump away in different positions. Its actually hard work but the rewards are worth it. Following my sexual exploits with my wifes younger sister who finally left for the states my extracurricular activities kind of ended. But my luck was to change when her elder sister (i will call her Sania) came and stayed with us for a week. She is married in her 30s, 5 fot 4 inches and with a child.Her hubby and child had gone to Kerala for a few weeks.

I never took much notice of her as she looked just like another girl. She came across as being quite conservative like her hubby and traditional. Thats why she went unnoticed on my radar for a few years. All this changed the time she stayed with us and I was folding the clothes on the bed. Thats when i noticed an unusually large bra which caught my attention. This was definitely not my wifes and I had a look at it….the size was a staggering 32G and I was shocked that I never noticed my SIL had such huge boobs. This got me excited and immediately I started searching for her panties as well and there it was a white bikini style size 12 panties from Debenhams. I immediately started looking for others and found a pink one and a black one all bikini style and some of them made in india. She did indeed have good tastes I thought. I was so turned on that that night i had grt sex with the wife and I pumped her so hard that the noise was loud enough for her to hear in the adjacent room where she was sleeping (unlike in India the walls here are made of cardboard or some crap material that the rooms are not sound proof). From then on I started looking at her more closely and realised that she had some sex appeal and took great care of her appearance. The tits were indeed large but she wore a petticoat to flatten her bust. Her eyebrows were trimmed and her arms hairless with a smooth wheatish complexion. I had noticed her legs too which were very smooth and hairless. Her ass was well formed and i could feel myself keading them. She did take great care of her appearance and was highly fashionable too wearing high heels and fashionnable jewellery which were very kinky. She started turning me on and I wished oneday I could get her for a fuck. The great malayalam proverb…minda poocha kalam udakyum (the quiet cat will break the pot-translation for the non mallu fans) I thought came to my mind and I thought I will try to prove that right again!! Well nothing happened this time. Next time she paid us a visit I was still scheming of how to move things forward. I was sitting in our bedroom when she walked in asking whether she could borrow a night dress from her sister. I said go ahead and while rummaging she accidently pulled a sexy lingerie I had got my wife. I just blushed and said it was a present and I was pleasantly shocked when she smiled and said maybe you should teach my hubby too on what to buy. That was it I thought she does have a kinky side and its not been exploited……very typical of a malayali female. I guess its the educational background and they are normal humans too. From then on I started getting more friendlier with her. MY lucky day finally arrived when I was told to drop her off at her home oneday. We were cruising along the motorway listening to the radio and there was a programme on BBC – the so called agony aunt thing where people seek help from an expert on their sexual problems including infidelity and so on. Seizing the oppurtunity i said that the answers to theses questions are obvious but people need someone to tell them that. I continued citing the reason – sex when done properly gives man and woman the greatest physical pleasure and if one has actually experienced it they will want more. To strengthen that statement I quoted what a white lady told me before I got married – “If you satisfy your wife in bed she will never leave” and commining from a white lady I guess it sums it up. We went on talking about it for some time and thats when she said maybe you should teach my hubby a few things. I immediately told her that from that statement it means shes not getting her fantasies and secret desires fulfiled and she smiled and nodded. My helpful suggestion was that she took the initiative or they both meet a therapist. She just said both woudnt work and thats when I dropped the bombshell… it with someonelse. She immediately asked me whether I could recommend someone and my reply was the obvious myself (i put it in a subtle way ofcourse!) She gave me a wicked smile and said she wouldnt mind me at all and thats when it all started…………I raised my arms in a gesture to hug her and she did the same. I wasted no time and hugged her immediately planting my lips on hers and rubbing my crotch against hers.She slipped her tongue into my mouth and I started sucking on it tasting her saliva…it tasted delicious. I slipped left hand inside her pants and felt her panties…the width at the sides were thin was my favourite style panties the bikini one. I slid my thumb and index finger along the elastic lining of her panties and i felt her soft pussy in front. Her pubic hair felt short and trimmed inside. I coudnt wait any longer i went down on my knees in front of her and pulled her trousers down. There it was her crotch staring at me covered by her white panties. I lifted her left leg and placed it over my shoulders while i placed my mouth over her panties sucking her cunt… felt good and the womanly aroma made me go wild. I could see she was enjoying too as she pushed her crotch into my face. I bend her over now so i could see her wheatish ass and i kissed those ass cheeks. Gently I pulled her panties down and the label fluttered in front of my face and it read “Jockey ” size L. I parted her ass cheeks and buried my face into her crack licking fom her anus to her vagina infront and I could now taste her juice in front. She kept sighing and said she never thought sex could be this pleasurable. I kept on tonguing her with her panties still half way across her thighs and her top still on. Thats what I call a half naked woman!! I now turned her around so i could see her pussy in all its glory!!. There it was the perfect slit in front of me with the inner labia just peeking out. I gently parted those outer lips and to expose her clit and out it popped. I licked and sucked it like my life depended on it as I felt her thighs tensing and her grasp on my head tightening. She gave a loud moan and said she enjoyed the standing position and the oral sex and her best so far.

I looked at her panties all the excitement had stretched the elastic badly. Not to worry she said I got another one and she trundled off to her bag and pulled another white one with some lace in front. I offered to help her and it was the one I had seen earlier a size 12 from debenhams. I helped her ease into it. She then said my turn and put my penis in her mouth. God… She knew how to deep throat my 9 inch cock and i felt I was in heaven. I tried to reach for her mulakal and squeezed what ever i could from that position. It felt soft with her hard nipples sticking out. I undid her bra clips from the back and her 32 G mulas tumbled out. I got her on her feet and made her stand in front of me. I removed her white panties so i cud see her fully naked now. She looked very sexy indeed. I lay her on the bed spread her legs and went for the 69 position. I licked her slit as fast as i cud intermittently rubbibg her clit with my fingers ….this brought on further moans and orgasms. I kept on sucking on oneside of her inner labia trying to mouth the whole pussy too and it felt nice especially when her juices started to trickle down. Her sucking on my tool kept me going on and on. I decided to see whether i cud take it to the next level of orgasm for her. I got her to lie down comfortably and then spread her legs. I inserted my middle finger into her vagina. It felt moist and warm inside. I began probing for her G spot on the front vaginal wall. I cudnt convincingly feel one as described in books and stuff but began rubbing there with one finger and the 2 fingers as fast as i cud occassinally planting my mouth on her cunt to suck on those nether lips. She began tensing and moaning louder and finaaly grasped my hand…she said the pleasure was too intense and made her feel like to piss. We didn want to dirty the sheets.I showed her my fingers dripping wth her juice and we just laughed. I dried my fingers on her panties. Then I sat across her chest and tried some titty fuck. Her huge tits buried my entire shaft and she raised her head to receive my cock as it emerged from the far end….grt advantage of having huge tits i thot. After a few minutes I knelt before her legs and placed her thighs over mine as I lifted her kundi. I rubbed my dick over her slit as she guided me inside her vagina… felt nice and tight. She closed her eyes as I fully entered her. I told her not to and to keep it open and to look straight at my eyes, she felt shy but she kept it open and and gave me a sexy smile. It was getting i ntense and i cud see that she was enjoying it too as she let out little gasps in between. I squeezed on her tits in between too as we were both getting very hot. I next moved to my favourite position the missionary but sliding up a bit so that the shaft of my penis wud hit her clit as i pound hard in a to and fro motion bringing my dick all 3/4th the way out and then ramming it in, slapping heavily on her crotch and thighs. The banging was pretty loud that I felt anyone downstairs wud definitely hear it. I cud feel my loins boil as I varied the pace and hear her moaning more louder now. I couldnt hold it any longer and I began pounding harder and faster and she was moaning louder too. I ejaculated inside her with a loud moan. No wonder they scream in movies haarder!! It felt really grt fucking my sister in law whom i thought was very conservative. I lay on her for a few minutes to catch my breadth with my dick still inside. I slowly withdrew and checked her vagina…my cum and her juices were slowly dripping out. I quickly caught it with her white panties so it wouldnot spoil my sheets. Then I pushed the double layered portion of it a few centimetres inside her cunt to clean the sides it was all soaked now. I offered to wash it by hand and she laughed. She went through her bag and brought out a pink Jockey panties in the same style…. She was sexy indeed. If i get this wet she wud have to go pantyless she said. That sounded exciting. By then I got another erection and told her that one of my greatest fantasy was to cum over her face. I made her kneel in front of the mirror while i stood infront of her my dick close to her face while i masturbated vigorously. She slid her hands in her panties and began masturbating herself. We stared into each others eyes with me mouthing obscenities like “ente saniamole ente kunna nakkedi” and so on with her encouraging me all the time with words and her sexy smile. I cud see she was getting an orgasm from her self stimulation and this brought me to my climax as I squirted my cum on her face. It was a more dilute cum enough to wet parts of her face but I spread it all along with my cock and she licked my cock clean too. I was too exhausted now and as she stood up I cud her see that her pink panties stained with her cum……..good i thot she will have to go commando and more panties to wash!! I looked at the time there was still a couple of hours left and we went to the bathroom and had a shower together. We made a deal to have more similar encounters until we decided against so. And so we did and we still continue to do so trying out different positions from books and the internet and toys like the rampant rabbit, not to mention the vibrating cock ring. Havent tried anal yet though hopefully we will try that one day. Hope you all enjoyed my experience. Another time I will tell how I finally got her to ejaculate in the bath tub.

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