Roshni my aunt

Hi, it’s me Arun again, with yet another experience. Your comments have made me bare all my secrets. Thank you all for the good ratings that you people gave me for my earlier postings. That is an inspiration for me to come up with another one. To begin with it, I was 15 and I lived in a village with my Aunt Roshni Roshni, dad and sister. My father was not at home for most part of the day as he used to take care of the land that we owned. He used to go out around 7 in the morning, and would return home after 8 in the evening. So there’s not much of his part in this story. We were not a rich family but we enjoyed a healthy lifestyle. The villagers were kind towards us and they would help us and also each other during times of distress. We had a small piece of land and we had employed a couple of people to take care of it. My Aunt Roshni Roshni was around 36-37 years old and my sister is older to me by 1 year. By talking to friends, or some kind of knowledge, sex was easily propagated. I had known about sex, condoms, sanitary napkins, etc while I might have been 14 or 15. I don’t actually remember the days when I attained puberty, but I sure know that since that day, I started looking at my Aunt Roshni Roshni differently. Every time I and my friends talk about sex, I used to come home and think that it was me and my Aunt Roshni Roshni making love to each other. I fantasized of myself having sex with my Aunt Roshni Roshni, or as if I was watching her when she had sex.

Both ways, it was fun, and sometimes I used to explode my cum like hell. My Aunt Roshni Roshni used to do the household works as we didn’t employ any servant in the home. So I got to see her cleavage many times. She used to wear a saree, and most of the times, her pallu wouldn’t be covering her breasts as it would pass between them onto her shoulders. I liked the view of her breasts poking out through her blouse. And her ass was great, as far as my knowledge goes; my Aunt Roshni Roshni had the best swaying ass I had ever seen. During the days when I attained puberty, I used to wake up with an erect dick, which was a problem for me. My Aunt Roshni Roshni, my sister and me, all shared the same bedroom. Since my Aunt Roshni Roshni was the first to wake up, I am sure she might have seen me sleeping with an erection in my pants. I went straight to my Aunt Roshni Roshni and told her about the erection problem. She smiled sheepishly and said that I had nothing to worry as I was growing up and it was natural, but she told me that the erection would cause me embarrassment if I was among people. That made me more comfortable at home even when I had an erection, but gradually, I learnt about masturbation and I used to satisfy myself whenever I had an erection. My Aunt Roshni Roshni always caused me an erection, either it was her round ass, or her boobs that tried to jump out of her blouse, but I never felt uncomfortable in roaming around my Aunt Roshni Roshni with an erect dick in front of my Aunt Roshni Roshni during my early days.

It then happened that my sister was sent to a college in a nearby city after her 10th grade. So she had to stay in the college hostel there. My dad wanted us to be well educated unlike him or my aunt, so he never hesitated to take any risks. My sister shifted to the city and would come home every weekend. So now I and my Aunt Roshni Roshni were left alone at home. (Of course my dad was at our fields.) During these days, I eyed my Aunt Roshni Roshni more. I never missed an opportunity to see her cleavage or her ass while she swept or mopped the floor. I always wanted my Aunt Roshni to take a look at me whenever I had an erection. Sometimes I even held my dick over my pants as if I was adjusting it right in front of her. Once she gave me a smile when I did that. That encouraged me to do more. I used to roam around her when I got an erection, so that she would notice. And I am sure she’d have noticed it many times. At first she smiled or said nothing, but one day she asked me straight as to why I roam around with the bulge in my knickers and also that I was shameless. I smiled at her and told her that she herself had told me one day that it was normal. She too laughed and told me that even though it was normal, she hadn’t seen anyone roaming around like that almost through out the day. I felt embarrassed, but I told her that I didn’t know what to do when this thing happened (I hoped she would say something), but she kept quiet.

My Aunt Roshni used to take bath in the afternoon those days. She would do all the household work and then take bath. That day she called me while she was in the bathroom and told me to pour another vessel of hot water that she had kept for boiling in our garden. I think most Indians know about the oven made of bricks. Firewood is used to boil water etc. I agreed and took the vessel of hot water to the bathroom. I thought she would keep the bucket outside, but she didn’t. Not finding the bucket at the bathroom door, I pushed the door with my shoulder. My Aunt Roshni was already hiding behind the door and sighed me to pour the water into the bucket. I moved forward and poured the water into the bucket. When I turned to go out, I saw my Aunt Roshni behind the door. I didn’t see her pussy, but I saw the side of her left thigh. The rest of her width was behind the door. She was covering her breast with one hand. I think she was covering her pussy with the other hand. I smiled and walked away. I really wanted to masturbate. I knew that since my Aunt Roshni was taking bath, I had enough time to masturbate in the house. But I was called right back. My Aunt Roshni wanted me to apply soap to her back. I was actually disappointed. I really wanted to masturbate. I went to the bathroom and knocked on the door.

My Aunt Roshni opened it. She was now sitting on the floor with her back towards me her knees touching her boobs, and her folded arms covering her breasts. She smiled at me this time. I already had a hard on. I think she saw it but it didn’t occur to me that I should cover up my hard-on. I was standing there, like a statue, until she called me back to my senses. She told me to apply the soap on her back, and then, I looked at my shorts, with my rod of steel, trying to tear the material of my underwear and shorts together. I felt embarrassed and I suddenly sat behind Aunt Roshni to cover up. I began to apply soap while my Aunt Roshni didn’t say anything. I kept quiet too, but I think she was smiling. I took the soap and started to apply on her back. It felt amazingly soft, and I kept rubbing my palms all over her back. I thought I could slip my hands to touch her boobs, but I didn’t get the courage. I didn’t do anything like that. I told her that I had finished applying soap and cleaning her back. She smiled and told me to go. I simply went out and then it was me and my dick against all the thoughts of normal people. I was jerking off with my Aunt Roshni in my thoughts and I didn’t stay tough for long. I came, and I came so hard that my cum spurted in 5-6 shots, as if it sprinkled from a sprinkler. I then calmed myself and cleaned up the floor before my Aunt Roshni came out of the bathroom.

The next day, we went to our field, just for a formal checking, as we had no work to do at home. I had written 10th grade exams recently and was awaiting the results, so I was free too. That day my father hadn’t taken the lunch with him, so while I was going to him with the lunch, Aunt Roshni told that she would get bored at home and offered to join me. I agreed. We all had lunch at the field and while returning, Aunt Roshni told that she had to pee. Since we were surrounded by fields that were not a big problem. She went to the nearby tree, and went to the other side of it where I could not see her. But that tree had a downhill towards me, and my Aunt Roshni’s piss was flowing on the downhill. I could see it. She finished peeing and came to me. I told her that she definitely drinks a lot of water. She asked me how I came to know. I looked back at the tree, and she too looked. She saw her piss and lightly hit on my shoulder, saying that I was naughty. We reached home. In the evening I went back to the place where she had pissed. I was so mad in lust for her that I went and took the soil in my left hand. The same soil which had soaked in her pee, and I started masturbating right there, under the tree, but was careful that no one could watch me. The soil in my hand felt like my Aunt Roshni Roshni’s own pussy. I was really mad for her.

Nothing really happened for the next few days, until my father decided to go to the city on some work as well as to see my sister. Since my father wasn’t in the village, it was my work to go to the fields early in the morning. There was no work actually. Either I had to sit in a small hut, made of mud for the walls and palm leaves for the roof, which was at a corner of our fields, or I had to go to a small dhaba near the fields where all the guardians of their respective fields would meet and talk various topics. The men at the dhaba were quite old and I didn’t like to be in their company. That’s why I stayed in the hut. My Aunt Roshni came very early with our lunch. She said that she had no other work and was getting bored. We didn’t have to talk much, but I was looking at her curves and was thinking that she would be naked for me. It was getting hotter inside the hut as the day was really hot and it was already afternoon. Since there was no work for us to do, she told me to come home as it was getting hotter inside the hut. But I insisted that I would stay and that she should go home. She tried to persuade me, but I didn’t agree. That’s why she said that she too would stay with me till the evening. I took my shirt off and placed it in a corner. Surprisingly, my Aunt Roshni stood up and began removing her saree. I was stunned and was looking at her. She told that the saree was really uncomfortable as she was sweating. I didn’t say a word, but I kept looking at her. Her bra was not low cut, but I could see the drops of her sweat slowly getting into her cleavage, which was visible, only a bit. I then shifted my eyes and saw that she was looking straight into my eyes. I quickly looked some other side. She then started to dry her neck with the towel she had brought.

I wanted to make good use of this opportunity. After thinking for a long time, I asked her innocently if she was wearing anything inside her blouse.

“Yes, why did you ask me?” she asked with a smile. I answered as if I didn’t know anything, “Then remove your blouse also, I am feeling so suffocated, aren’t you feeling so?”

“In front of you?” she asked

“Yes, I don’t have any problem. If u thinks you have any problem with it, don’t remove”

“Ok”, she said and started unhooking her blouse. I kept staring at her blouse. She suddenly looked at me, she caught me looking at her, but she didn’t say anything. Instead she smiled at me and continued unhooking. Once the hooks were opened, she raised both her arms and pulled her blouse off her arms. As she was pulling her blouse off, I saw her armpits. They were very hairy. I couldn’t take my eyes of it. She paused for a moment and asked me what happened.

“You have a lot of hair, in your armpits”

She laughed loudly, “what so you didn’t know?”

“No”, I said quietly.

“All women have hair in armpits, only thing is that actresses keep it shaved, and most common women don’t.”, she said with a formal look and a smile. All this time, her boobs were held a little high, looked as if they were seeing straight at me, envying my lust. She took her blouse off and wiped the sweat off her armpits with the towel. She raised her right arm fully, again exposing her hairy armpit, and she ran the fingers of her left hand through the hair. While doing so, she asked if I didn’t like her having hair in her armpits. I simply told her that it was fun to see a woman’s armpit hair for the first time. She laughed loudly, and I too joined her laugh. While laughing she adjusted thru cups of her white bra, the White bra was covering her boobs nicely while they were trying to pop out. The sweat under the elastic of the bra clearly showed that she wanted to take her bra off. She then took the towel and wiped under the elastic straps of the bra where sweat was accumulated more. I could see more of her cleavage, and the sweat there. I could see those round globes that I desperately wanted to touch. It resulted in an immediate erection. I tried to hide it, but I was failing. I stood up to walk out of the hut, and as I was going out through the door, my Aunt Roshni called me back.

“I am here because I would be bored at home, now you are leaving me alone in the hut, if you want I will go back home, ok?”

“I thought I heard some sound outside, no need for you to go home, I will be with you only.” I replied. She lay down on the mat inside the hut; I was still sitting beside her. She spread her arms wide, and so, my attention was again pulled by her hairy armpits and full breasts. Seeing a woman with hairy armpits was arousing, while those full breasts were really inviting. She frequently wiped the sweat in her cleavage with the towel. I never missed a chance to see that, even though I knew that she would look at me. It had become something funny there, an Aunt Roshni exposing cleavage to her nephew, and her nephew seeing it with lust. I think she too was beginning to like it. I was having a clear erection in my shorts, and I was unable to hide it. She saw me being uncomfortable.

“What’s the matter with you, why are you restless?” she asked.

“No…Nothing at all aunts”, I said. Then she sat up on the mat and saw straight at the tent formed on my pants. She started laughing, “You got it again you are a shameless guy, aren’t you?”

“Ha? What happened?” I asked as if I wasn’t listening to her earlier. My Aunt Roshni pointed towards my dick with her finger, and I saw my grown-up tent again, letting out an embarrassed smile.

“You told it was not wrong”, I told my Aunt Roshni. I started looking some other way to avoid her penetrating eyes. She just let an audible smile and called me, “See here….”

I then turned to see her as to what she might tell me again or what she wanted me to do.

She was smiling, with her right hand just above the cup of her right breast. She began to lower her right hand slowly. My gaze was fixed right on her breast. I am sure she was looking at my eyes, but I was more interested in her boobs. She was really pulling her right cup slowly, and I was there. Waiting for her to disclose her treasures completely. As she was pulling it down, I waited in anticipation, and then, I saw her areole, I looked at her face, and she was smiling at me even more harder. I again began looking at her breast. Her dark black nipple was in view. I again saw her face, and this time she was smiling with a different expression, lust. Now she pulled off her right cup totally below her right breast. The left side of her bra was displaced just a little. I was so close to her, if I had stretched my hand, I would be touching her breast. As I extended my hand to touch her, she moved back. I didn’t understand why she did that. I stopped and looked at her.

“No touching or anything like that”, she said. I was a little disappointed.

“Stand near that door”, she pointed towards the door of the hut, “See if anyone is coming.”

I was a little disappointed but I knew my Aunt Roshni, this sure wasn’t the end of what had started today. I stood up and went towards the door, the erection clearly visible, but I made no attempts to hide it. I wanted her to see what she had caused me. I went outside, around the hut, to see if anyone was in the fields. There was no one. Then as I entered the hut, my Aunt Roshni told me to stop at the door itself. I stood there, watching her. She too stood up at the corner, right opposite me, smiled, and reached her back wit her hands. I didn’t know why she was doing this, with her right breast still exposed. I too smiled at her. She then simply began removing her bra, and suddenly, her left breast too was open to the air. She took off her bra from her hands as if nothing was happening. I noticed that my smile had already stopped and my mouth was open. She stood there holding the bra in her right hand. Then she stood there as a statue for a few moments seeing my own Aunt Roshni with her top, nude. Her boobs had a light slag, but that’s how I liked it, and it was a dream come true for me, I was looking at my Aunt Roshni’s nude breasts, directly, without hiding or spying, and that too with her consent. I was standing right there, as if I was struck by lightening. She walked towards me, but without touching me, she walked straight out of the hut. I was so fooled by her move, but I walked behind her. She too walked around the hut once. The crops were tall enough that even if someone saw her, they wouldn’t know she was nude on her boobs.

“It feels so nice in the sun, especially when these are covered in a blouse and a bra, always.” she said and began rubbing her breasts like a porn star. Since I was behind her, all I wanted to do was to make her bend, lift her skirt, move her panty a little, and start fucking her madly like a dog, breaking all the gates of humanity, a nephew fucking a Aunt. I was becoming mad with every passing moment the world around us had stopped for some time. All I wanted to do is fuck her, fuck my own Aunt. And here she was, walking half naked, playing with her boobs, in the presence of her nephew. What in the world could be more exciting than it? She entered the hut again, and I followed her.

“Wasn’t it fun?” she asked me.

“It was”, I said, because I didn’t have words to say how I felt.

“My God, look at that thing, how can you control yourself with such think in your pants for so long time?”

“You are doing it aunt….I am not able to control it a bit”, I said.

“And you sure kept controlling yourself for a long time”, she smiled, and I nodded as if to say YES.

“Ohh Arun, you are so good to me. Come here”

I just walked to her.

“Will you show me that thing?” she asked me straight, looking at my dick. I didn’t say anything but I nodded my head again.

“OK, let me see it. Come here, remove your pants and sleep on the mat.”

I removed my pants and I lay down on the mat in my briefs, my erection speaking for itself about its degree of arousal. My Aunt Roshni knelt beside me and pulled down my briefs too, making me totally nude. I just laughed in anticipation, not knowing what my Aunt Roshni would do to me next. She sighed out loudly “You have a big thing for your age honey.”

She held my dick in her right hand, and with her left hand, she spread my legs a little. Then she shifted herself in between my legs. I closed my eyes since I thought I couldn’t see more. I was so aroused. Then my Aunt played with my foreskin. She moved her hand up and down a couple of times as if she was giving me a hand job. Then she stopped. I opened my eyes. I raised my body a little using my elbows. I saw Aunt Roshni on her knees, moving a couple of steps back, and bending over my dick to kiss on my stomach. As she bent, I could see her glorious boobs hanging from her body, just like two ripe mangoes. I couldn’t even touch them as my upper body was being balanced by my elbows. These she smiled at me and held my dick with her left hand. With her right hand she held her right nipple and lowered herself so that her right nipple would touch the tip of my dick. She held her nipple and my dick in place. Then she drew small circles on the tip of my dick with her nipple. This sent a tingling sensation in my body. She did the same thing with her left nipple too. I thought I would cum soon, but she stopped. I then saw her take both nipples to her mouth, but she couldn’t take them into her mouth. So she licked her own nipples with her tongue and made an expression that she didn’t like the taste.

“Feels nice no?” she asked me

“Really nice, will you take it in your mouth aunt?” I asked her. She looked stunned for a moment, and I was experiencing my ultimate fantasy.

“Who told you that they take it into mouth?” she asked, smiling at me, as if I didn’t know what sex actually is. While talking, she was moving her hand up and down my dick as if she was giving me a hand job. I didn’t even have time to think as I came right in front of her, spurting my semen all over her boobs and neck, in full power. She was stunned for a moment as she didn’t expect me to cum and that too all over her breasts and neck. I lay back as I couldn’t handle it anymore and I closed my eyes as I was experiencing pleasure. I just heard her talk.

“Have you ever got your juice out as I got it today?” she asked me, and I had no answer.

She was smiling all this time, may be because she knew that teasing a virgin would be fun. A virgin, whose dick doesn’t care if the boobs and vagina are of his own aunt at the least. She milked the last drop of my semen from my dick but she didn’t lick it at all. She wiped her boobs and neck with the towel and then wiped my dick too. All this happened in so short time, that I hadn’t even opened my eyes after my orgasm. I knew that my dick had grown limp and I wanted to take rest. I really felt that I had enough since the afternoon and I thought I needed to rest. I don’t know how my Aunt Roshni controlled herself, but she stood up. I was still lying on the floor and I was looking at my Aunt Roshni now. I was smiling with satisfaction.

“See that shine on your face, seems you liked it” she said, smiling at me.

“I loved it aunt and I love it when you smile while doing these things to me. I think you liked teasing me, walking around the hut half naked, removing the blouse and wiping sweat under the bra straps, all those things, u already knew how I was feeling when you did that, didn’t you ?” I asked.

“I am not done yet.”

“This is my first time aunt…I didn’t know anything about your boobs or your hairy armpits, or the way you played with my dick.”

All my Aunt Roshni did was that she smiled at me. I sat up, leaning against the wall of the hut, with my legs stretched wide, and my limp dick in between my legs. My Aunt Roshni walked straight to me and stood in front of me. My face was at the level of her pussy, but of-course she was still wearing her skirt. Her hands were working their way to untie the skirt and even before I realized it, the skirt fell down to the floor in a second. Her fair thighs right in front of my eyes, and I didn’t bother about them as both her thumbs went to her sides inside her white cotton panties as she looked to pull it down. I was dumbstruck when she didn’t pull her panties down but waited for something. I am sure she must have been looking at me, but then I just inserted both my hands in the waistband of her panties and pulled it down to her ankles in one single move. She didn’t even move, and I saw a dark patch of hair, right in front of my eyes. I didn’t know what to do. I could smell her juices. I began playing my fingers in her pubic hair as she stepped out of her panties. She spread her legs a little and then she held my right hand and led it to her pussy. I could feel her wetness. Even though this was my first time that I was touching a pussy, I didn’t take my hand out as soon as I felt the wetness. I kept caressing her pussy nicely, trying to find her hole. As soon as I found it, I digged my finger in. I started finger fucking her. Then I inserted two fingers. My Aunt Roshni had her legs spread a little wider and her eyes closed. She let out a few moans, showing that she was enjoying it. I could feel her pussy lips trying to grip on my fingers. Her pussy was pulsating. Whenever her pussy lips gripped my fingers tight, I used to pull my fingers out of her pussy. And when she left loose, I would ram her pussy with my fingers.

I was finger fucking her in a rhythm and she began to moan rhythmically. I don’t know why, but I too began to moan when I was finger fucking her. Her wetness was all over my arm and her thighs. I stood up in front of her, my dick as hard as steel again. I stopped fingering her and brought my right hand near her mouth. I placed my left hand on her ass and I was pressing her asshole with my fingers to keep her excited. I didn’t finger her ass but I kept pressing her asshole. She opened her eyes to see her own juices glistening on her nephew’s fingers right in front of her eyes. I took one finger into my mouth and licked it all dry. Her juices were salty, but the feeling that it was my own Aunt Roshni’s juice made it really sweet. My Aunt Roshni looked at me in amazement when I offered her the other finger on which her juices were glistening. She hesitated for moment but then licked my finger with her eyes closed. She made an expression as if she didn’t like the salty taste, but she didn’t let go of my finger before licking it dry. Her hot tongue rolling all over my finger made me excited. I wanted this to happen to my dick, but I knew that I had to be slow.

Again I took my right hand to her pussy, inserted two of my fingers, fingered her for a few seconds and brought the fingers right in front of her face again. When she brought her tongue close enough to lick my fingers, I didn’t let her do so. I applied her juices to the tip of my tongue and waited for her to lick my tongue. Without hesitation she came forward to lick my tongue and we ended up in a long passionate kiss. While kissing, I mad her lay down on the floor. After kissing, I moved her legs apart and got in between her legs. Without thinking of anything else, I stuck my tongue in my Aunt Roshni’s hairy pussy. The hair of her pussy was just stimulating. Licking all her hair, making way with my tongue to her damp pussy felt great. It was still pulsating. The salty juices got all over my face, but slowly the salty taste began to feel like something sweet. I thought I could have licked that sweet pussy for hours. I even tried to tongue fuck her for the fun of doing so. My Aunt Roshni was moaning out aloud, but there was nothing to fear as no one was close to our hut. My Aunt was playing with the hair on my head and was forcing my face onto her pussy. Then she asked me to lay on her.

“I can’t take it anymore, fuck me now. Fuck your aunt. Fuck me or I think I will die. I want you. Come up and lay on me.”

I didn’t wait for anything else. I moved onto her body, positioned my dick right in front of her hairy hole, held my dick with my hand and played it once in her fur, rubbed it once in between her pussy lips all over, and then, moved my hips back, to shoot my dick inside her pussy. Two slow pushes and it was in. Then I lay on my Aunt, fucking her slowly, until the rhythm matched. Her moans and my groans and our fucking matched slowly. As I started to go faster, my Aunt Roshni began to talk.

“Fuck your Aunt hard, still hard. She is a bitch. She wants to get fucked from her own nephew. Fuck this Randi hard.”

I somehow liked the way my Aunt talked here.

“Yes you are a Randi, you fuck my uncle, and now you fuck me how many cocks do you want.” I screamed. We screamed like mad people ”Aaaaaahhhhhhh harder, still harder, get in deep inside your Aunt , come on.”

“Take it bitch, take it”

As I fucked her hard, her back arched, she raised her hips higher, and her pussy held tight over my dick. She had her orgasm. She pressed my dick so hard with her pussy that it actually pained me. But that was enough for me too. Within two three shots after that, I came like thunder, groaning out loud, cumming all in her pussy. I was moving my hips even after I felt that I came in loads. Both our bodies wet in the sweat. We were actually sticky now, our skin so sweaty. My limp dick came out of her pulsating pussy. I moved aside and lay beside her on her left side. Completely satisfied, tired, and sweating. I was panting for breath and so was my Aunt. Suddenly my Aunt bit he a little hard on my chest.

“You called me a Randi….is your aunt a Randi?” she was smiling.

“No aunt, actually I liked what you said. That’s why I continued it. You are not Randi. You are my Aunt Roshni. My sweet pussy Aunt Roshni.”

I said and I rolled on to my right onto her milky white, sweaty boobs for the first time. Applying all the cum on my dick to her outer left thigh. I began sucking her left boob, salty with her sweat. Playing with my tongue all around, looking at my Aunt Roshni’s face time to time, smiling. I then shifted to her right breast and played with it. I even licked my Aunt’s hairy armpits. My Aunt was tired, and so was I. We slept right there, me beside my Aunt, with my head on her boobs. We woke up at 7 o clock that evening, realizing that we had not bothered to close the door of the hut while we did all this. The door was still open. We then dressed up, and made a move towards our home. Of-course while dressing up, we had some fun, but my dream of a blowjob from my Aunt Roshni still remained a dream. But not for too long. I will narrate that superb experience once you all give me your comments and encourage me to write more. Any female from 18 to 48 with an appetite for good and free relationship without any commitments from around Bangalore only write to at [email protected]

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