Renuka Aunty

I am Shiva. I am 24 years old and unmarried living in Tirupati. My friend Krishna 35years old and bought a house near mine and moved there with his wife Renuka. My house was some 200 ft from his and there is no house in between so we can see ourselves a bit from our houses.

Jaya Gopal is in printing business in South Delhi. He usually comes late night so I used to help Renuka in their household needs as they were new to this area. Renuka 33 Krishnas beautiful and damn sexy housewife and she is dusky, slim but busty and really medium tits and nice fold on the hip and beautifully lined lips, nobody will say she is 33.

I secretly fantasize about her body and masturbate. This couple has one 10 yrs old son. Krishna has to drop his son at 8 o clock to the school and she picks him up by 2 pm sometimes I picked him up too.

Days were moving smoothly every day after Krishna goes to his office by 9 o clock after dropping his son when I go to office I drop the news paper and magazines for them. Gradually we were become close to each other. She used to send her son whenever I was at home.

I also enjoyed the moment because I knew that this would lead me to my goal. In a few months were so close to each other that any day without talking to each other we could not have a sleep. We had long duration phone talks but we never talked below the decency level. Neither I nor she had ever had any sex talks.

One day when I went to Krishna’s house, during talks she told me that Krishna is away on some business trip for a week. So I was supposed and compelled by my urge to go to her place everyday and inquired about her well being and to do all kind of work, buy things or driving her to places where she wanted.

I was very happy I got what I wanted, being close to her I used to look at her beautiful body, fantasizing of having sex with her ramming her illustrious body parts Gradually I started touching her by one or other excuse she never resisted.

I started talking to Renuka in double meaning Renuka smiles for it but without answer. One afternoon I took leave from office. I knew that her son is at her in law’s home and she is alone and I went to her place. She welcomed me at the door and I feel desire in yr her eyes style also that day.

She was wearing a low cut black colored blouse with lemon colored black border saree, she was looking like a fairy. I complemented her and she asked me to sit down and offered a Badam Sharbat sweet drink. I was staring at her partly visible boobs.

I couldn’t take my eyes away from the opening of her blouse, hoping that I would get another view and we both sat there and started chatting. I notice that she is sitting closely on same sofa with me, which she avoided earlier and I touched her body by one or other excuse intentionally and notice that

She is not reacting adversely after some time I took her hand in my hand and started rubbing it, she stared at me and gave me a sexy smile and did not say anything, this gave me lot of courage and I kissed on her left cheek, on this she closed her eyes and gave a very sexy look.

I started kissing on her cheeks after some time I could feel her warm breaths and I could feel that she is getting aroused; I started kissing on her neck. She just whispered in a very low voice ouch and smiled looking in to my eyes when I move my lips forward towards her lips.

Renuka herself moved her pouting lips towards my mouth and offered them to me closing her eyes in ecstasy. I took Renuka’s pouting and juicy lips in my mouth and sucked her lips. I kissed her lips for quite some time there. She also kissed me in great excitement.


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