Rekha Bhabhi Fucked In Bathroom

By : Vishalverma

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Hi, friends I am Vishal from Kalka ji Delhi, I am 23 years old with the dick of 7″ height 5’10”.This is my first story so please pardon me for my mistakes. I can become very horny by seeing a lady with some hairy legs and underarms. I also like to suck clean shaven pussies continue for twenty to thirty minutes so, don’t want to waste your time, let’s start the real story with my beautiful Rekha bhabhi.

She was 34 years old beautiful, fair in color size 36-30-38 has two children. I was mad about her. I was not experienced enough sex till that time but jealous of my cousin brother that he was having a masterpiece to fuck every night.firstly I don’t have any bad intention on her but once on Holy festival I saw her completely wet.I saw her big boobs wet and her panty line from her cloths. She notices me, I controlled myself.

From that day I become mad for her whenever I find her alone I started chatting with her .She also like my company chatted on various subjects and sometimes about my girlfriends and sex.We were become like close friends one day my whole family was gone to my married sister’s house for the grihapravesh function. Only I and my Rekha bhabhi were in the house. In the evening at 5 o’clock I was watching TV with my bhabhi.

There was some news program about “how to control sex”.We were watching the program, suddenly I broke the silence and asked her that” how can someone control their sex desires”.She smiled at me and told me that”sex is not the thing to controlled in your age. Me and she: on in your age. She (with smile) I think in mine also. Me: how much sex is enough in my age? She “seven days a week would not be enough”

I was feeling very horny in that situation by heard these words from her. She was in nighty my penis become erected. Her legs were visible till knees with some hairs on them. She noticed my erection.She raised her hands to adjust her hairband,her hairy armpits were visibled. I thought she was doing these things by her intention.She told me that “I have to take bath before the dinner you can watch TV

She took her clothes from Almirah and went inside the bathroom,she didn’t lock the bathroom door.I was hearing the sound of water .She was bathing nude with unlocked bathroom and no one in the house except her and me. I thought this the only chance of a lifetime I must fuck her, she also want me. I waited for some time then I saw her from the open door of the bathroom, she was totally nude and shaving her most sexy part with razor and then her armpits.

At that time my one hand was jerking on my erect cock. I think she know that I was seing her from outside. Suddenly she shouted “Vishal please give my panty and bra I forgot them on the bed I took the panty etc. and given her .She took them with her hand but she was behind the door totally naked. I saw some pubic hairs on the floor inside.Then she told me “can you help me to clean my back I am anable to rub my back with my hands, please.

Me-“why not bhabhi, but I will become wet with my cloths’.She-“remove them. Then I went inside with only my frenchie on. As I enter I found she was totally nude.She was shining with the water drops on her skin, amazing body. She was siting to face me with her back. Her buttock were amazing, she was looking so beautiful. She”Vishal please rub my back I touched her back I feel some sensation in my body and mind.

i start rubbing her back. She told me” Vishal don’t be shy you are a young man rub my back till my buttocks. I placed my right hand on her buttocks and rub them I feel some courage and placed my other hand on her left boobs aaaaahhhh,she moaned and placed her hand on my hand which was on her boob. Vishal rub them also, I took soap and rub it allover her body.When I rub soap on her vegina she moaned aaahhhh Vishal rub it, I rub her clits of her vegina .She closed her eyes.

Then her hand moved, it was searching for my cock (which was fully erect) she took controlled over my tool and remove my frenchie. She then took her face near my tool and opened her eyes, took out her tunge and lick my cock.she took my whole cock in her mouth. My hands were in her hairs 7 pressed her head against my cock.Oh! It was amazing. I said”bhabhi I want to fuck you from years. She”fucks me my dever ji whenever you want for my whole life she again started sucking.

I was playing with her ass also.She “vishal would you like to lick my vegina also I said”yes”.I sit down on my knees and she stands up. I put her one leg on my shoulder and my mouth on her choot and started sucking her sweet choot.aahhhhh Viissshhhhalll; Vishal you are very good in sucking I never feel like this in my life.She pressed my head on her choot she said”vishal please aaur achee tarah chaato na meri choot ko, maine tumhare liye hi ise shave kiya hai,

Main tumse chudane ke liye kab se pyasi hoon, please fuck me hard my darling. After twenty minutes her choot was become very wet (I thought she had her orgasm) then I stand up I told her to be in doggy style. She bent a little, took my tool in her hands and placed on her choot I rubbed it on and pushed it she moaned aaahhhhh, slowly please your lund is big. I again pushed my lund, now it was totally inside her vagina I started fucking her from behind.

Her back was amazing in that position.She moaned loudly “fuck me vishaaaal fuck me hard,chodo vishal meri choot ko faad do ,aaur jor se chodo mujhe,meri choot ke baad meri gaand bhi marna”.I asked “bhabhi kya sabhi auraten gaand marvati hain. She”haan sabhi lund piti hain aur gaand marvati hain, kuch to virya bhi piti hain isse auraton ko sex main tasalli milti hain I kya aap bhi marvati hain.

She “gaand main to choot se bhi jyaada maja ata hai tum mujhe apna virya (semen) jarur pilana I like that” I increased my speed after heard these words from her I never imagined that she is as hot for sex. She maoned loudly and said”wah mere Raja I am cummimg. She cuummed and then I was also near my collapse I took out my cock and pour my semen on and in her mouth,

She swallowed all the cum, lick my lund with her lips also.She smiled at me and said “you are very sexy your wife will be lucky”.We booth were tired.We took bath together.After the bath I fucked her gaand Iwill write it later in my next story thank you, hope you like my real story. I’m waiting for your feedback my email id is [email protected]

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