Regretful Encounter- Making Love With My Mom

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Hey guys, this is my first story..I am jon and I am here to share with you my experience of having sex with my mom. I believe that one should enjoy life to the fullest and making love with your dear ones is the best way of showing them that you care for them..After all..Zindagi na milega dobara!

My dad and mom are both working as professionals..I was good in my studies and managed to get an admission in a good college for engineering..My dad never used to be with us as he was always busy with his work..So naturally I was closer with my mom…I loved her a lot and used to talk freely with her..Now let me introduce her.Her name is preetha and she is 42 rs old. She is 5’2″ , of wheatish complexion and had long black hair. She used to be very religious and traditional until…
My mom went abroad with dad when I got into college.So during holidays…Mom decided that she should go check on our home in kochi and spend a few days there. She was to arrive in mumbai by flight and then I would join her from there and we would go to kochi by train. I went to pick her up from the airport.

I was super excited as I would be seeing her after a long while. Finally when she arrived.I was dumbstruck.She was wearing jeans and top!!! I was looking at her jaw dropped…And when she came upto me she asked, “Why are you staring at me like this??” “Is this really my mom?”, I asked her in wonder. “Why don’t I look good?” she asked. For the first time in my life, I looked at her differently. She was damn sexy now!!. Her new clothes completely changed the way she looked. She was on the chubby side but had a curvy figure with round juicy boobs that looked like it was overflowing with milk.It would make any man fondle and suck them till her brown nipples became hard and milk dripped through them. She had a soft round tummy with deep navel where you could drool with your tongue sticking and playing in it.But her most important parts were her legs and her ass.

She had lovely fleshy thighs which you would carress all day and they looked stunningly sexy in jeans. But her sexiest part was her ass. She had round bouncy bubble butt would make any limp cock hard.I gulped and said, “You’ve changed a lot it seems”. She smiled and winked out me. We went to our taxi. It was raining heavily and traffic was bad so we reached just in time for the train. I ran with our bags and got on the train. Mom was panting behind when the train started to move. She ran and I lifted her onto the train.I leaned against the door under her weight and her boobs pressed against my chest and I grabbed her lovely ass close to me.She was laughing and panting while I was shocked as her melons and hard nipples pressing against my chest.

We had booked a first class ac coupe. We moved to our coupe..The coach was pretty much empty and our coupe just had our 2 seats occupied.” well atleast we’ll have some privacy..” mom said. Mom was drenched in the rain and her black bra and her navel was all visible under her white top. “I really should go and change,” she said.” I don’t feel too comfortable using the toilet.Do you mind if I change here?”. I kept mom. She turned around and began taking off her clothes one by one. She first took off her wet top…And removed her jeans… And then she unhooked her bra and took off her panties. She kneeled down to get fresh clothes. I enjoyed seeing her lovely ass. Ample thighs and hairy pussy. She spread her legs to reach lower and between her legs. I saw her bouncy juicy melons hang down… It was so perfect..My eyes stared at her naked body as she put on just a kurti and leggings.With no innerwear !!!

It was a sleeveless kurta with a low cut neck and open back.My innocent mom was unknowingly tempting me to go inside her and all this gave me an instant hard and I was so horny. I turned around. We had our food and it was night. “You seem to be pretty disturbed. Something wrong?”. I just smiled. ” gee it’s pretty cold in her..Come closer son. We’ll share this blanket. Maybe that’ll keep the cold away. Hesitantly I moved closer to her. She fell asleep.

I was still shocked. I could almost see her entire tits and I just had to rip away her clothes and make love. My mind went dizzy as my hands reached for her breasts.I lightly ran my hands over her tits.One hand went inside her leggings.I felt her hairy pussy…I kept going lower untill I placed my hands on her ample thigh. I was experiencing heaven. It felt so good.I put my hand into her kurti and I fondled her nipples.It was hard because of the cold. Just then she woke up. Before she could do anything I pinned her down and got on top of her. I kissed her and bit her cherry red lips. I locked my tongue with her and began tasting her saliva. She moaned helplessly as I kept kissing her and fondled her lovely black hair which was dangling all the way till her ass.

I lowered her leggings to get a view of that hairy pussy of hers.She resisted and I let go of her for a moment..”Jonny.. Why are you doing this to me??” she asked with tears in her eyes. I just stared at her face and cupped her beautiful face in my hands and looked into her lovely eyes. I hugged her tightly.Feeling her melons crush against my chest. In one swift move, I took off her kurti..And her juicy tits bounced in front of me. She tried to cover her breasts with her arms but I pushed them away and immeadiately put her nipples in my mouth and began sucking them…Pushing my tongue against them.Mom moaned..”Mmmmaahhh..Aahhh..Please stop it..” I removed her leggings and threw them away.I stared at her hairy pussy for some moments before nudging my fingers into them and pushed deeper and deeper, fingering her pussy vigorously.I also forced my tongue inside and licked and savored her overflowing juices as she kept struggling under my clutches.I pushed my tongue deeper and deeper ..Biting and pulling her clit…She clutched my hair as I made her feel uncontrollably horny as her pussy dripped with her juices.”Aaahhhh…Ooohhh..Aaaahhh..Mmmmmm” she scremed as her pussy was drenching wet.

I finally took my dick out. It was really hard and really wet…I made her lay on her back and got on top of her..Supporting myself by placing one leg of mine on the floor and the other locked between her thighs.I pushed my cock deep inside her and she shriveled as my hard cock went deeper and deeper inside her..Our juices overflowed and made the berth wet. My cock slid back and forth quickly… She was moaning and struggling as I pounded her wildly… I couldnt face her anymore so I made her stand on her hind and began ramming her wildly in doggy style…Phut…Phut..Phut..Phluck..Phluc….The sound of my dick banging against her pussy grew louder…She tried to suppress her pain by biting her lips and hissing “Ssssaaahh…Mmm, please.Please …Aaahhhh…Please stop this.Aaaahh” I paid no heed to her and shut her up by putting my fingers into her mouth.Then I made her stand up..She was tired, sweaty and tears ran endlessly…

She sobbed. I spread her thighs and licked her ass.I ran my drooling tongue all over her ass.And her thighs.And her pussy.Biting..Sucking ..Licking and caressing her all over that plump legs and ass of hers.I slipped my cock inside gently from behind.She was shivering tremendously…I then again began grinding her cunt from behind…Her tits swayed with my movements…I caughed them in my hands and pressed them very hard and pinched her nipples and dug my fingernails into them..”Aahhhhh…!!!”. She let out a loud moan..I covered her mouth and pumped in very hard…She helt on to the upper berth tightly as I lifted her off the floor and pounded her…She finally gave up and let go…
I again landed on top of her…I rammed her as fast as I can…She too realized that her misery won’t end unless she made me cum.. She bucked and swayed..Moaned and hissed…I pounded her like a madman… Crashing against her as I lifted off and came down…Our juices splashed around as we neared a climax…”Please don’t… Stop…Aaaahhh….” phluck..Phluck..Phluck…

I jerked suddenly as I dumped all my cum inside her.I lay motionless on top of her as I felt all my cum dripping into her cunt..I slowly pulled out my cock…But I wasnt done yet…I slipped my fingers inside her and fingered her wildly….And her juices were just leaking endlessly…”Aahhh…Oohhh…Please.. Please..” she cried out…I fingered her more wildly…And then she had an enormous orgasm-” splash”…She squirted wildly…Making the entire floor wet..She slid down…Giving me a hateful look…I couldnt look at her…I just went to my berth and passed out…

She woke me up next morning..She was all dressed and ready to leave..I quickly wore my clothes…We got off the train and hailed a rickshaw home…Neither of us spoke and we behaved like strangers…I started feeling very guilty…

I hope you guys like my story…Please do let me know your comments..You can contact me through [email protected] please watch out for the second part of this story- regretful encounter-making mom fall in love with me.

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