Real Sister & Brother

This story is being narrated by my real sister Pooja. Send me your opinions on [email protected] My Aarti bhabi died in an accident and my Man Bhaiya refused to remarry. I am Pooja, and my husband Kiran works in a big company in Dubai. Man is just 30 years old and I am 32. My brother is handsome. He had suffered a huge loss when my bhabi died. It left him a broken man.

I was also suffering from the long absences of my husband from home and I missed my regular supply of hard cock. I was a lonely and horny woman. When Man bhaiya refused to marry again, I decided to keep his house and give him company. I knew how to cook and keep the house clean. Now, I stepped in and did these things for my brother. Would and fix breakfast for my brother.

I made sure that Bhaiya always had clean, well pressed clothes to wear, and that he ate well. I loved him, no and I love him. I wanted his life to be as happy and as comfortable as I could make it. I still do. Although I was able to do all of the cooking and housework almost as well as my bhabi had, I was unable to give Bhaiya and the love and companionship my bhabi had given him. I could see the loneliness in his eyes and I knew deep inside that he was hurt badly.

Bhaiya was in a gloomy mood most of times and I felt sorry for him. I got a clue about what was bothering Bhaiya and one day when I took some clean clothes into his bedroom to put them in the closet. Under his underwear’s was hidden a rolled magazine and It seemed strange that Bhaiya had hidden it there I unrolled the magazine. Wow! It was a porn magazine. The picture on the cover left nothing to the imagination.

The big titted girl in the picture was bent over a table. She had one foot on a small stool. A strong man was behind her. Both of them were naked, and the man’s stiff cock was buried deep inside the girl and shaved pussy. Caption under the picture was my brother treats me Like His wife.

I took the magazine to my room and lay down to see and read it. The story line was incestuous coupling between a brother and sister. The pictures were clear, erotic and hot. The text said that the siblings loved each other like husband and wife. I remembered that a few days ago, I had hugged Man Bhaiya and had felt his cock twitch against my stomach, and it was not limp. It was fatter and a little firmer.

It kind of thrilled me to think that my Bhaiya was starting to get a hard-on while hugging me, but neither of us did anything to further. We broke our hug and went to our own rooms to sleep. But, now, looking at these pictures, I felt that Bhaiya had this magazine because it showed what he wanted to do. My brother wanted to fuck me! More than that, as I looked at those pictures, I wanted it to happen. I wanted my brother to fuck me!

As I looked at the pictures in the magazine, and read the story in the magazine my hand slipped into my pajama and fingers danced over my clit and plunged into my sopping wet cunt. Now, I knew why sex with Kiran never really satisfied me. I wanted my brother. And, if this magazine meant what I thought, it meant, Manu Bhaiya wanted to fuck me and become a sister fucker, a behnchod as he swore in Hindi.

That evening, when Manu Bhaiya got home, I was in the kitchen, wearing loose cotton pajama and a thin revealing T-shirt with no bra and no panties as I prepared the food. And Didi is the food ready? I am hungry and he said. It was raining, and his clothes were all wet and dripping water. And Manu Bhaiya and I said as I entered into his hug. His arms closed around me making my thin T-shirt wet and my nipples visible as my boobs pressed into his broad chest. And will be ready in 15 minutes.


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