Priya Amma And Boy

Hi Friends. This story is about a love that generates within the family. It’s between me and my aunty (mom’s elder sister) from Kozhikode, Kerala. Let me explain the whole situation.

My aunty’s name is Priya married and has 4 daughters. 2 of them already married and the other 2 are studying for higher degree. Aunty is in her 40’s and still gorgeous.

I dont know how to explain her. She usually wears sarees when she goes for outing. Her sarees are usually low neck. We can see her huge cleavage if she removes her pallu. Her blouses are so tight that we can her breasts craving to jump out.

Her bra straps are always exposed from the shoulder side of blouse. But her most attractive feature is the broad area above her breasts that is milky white with no spots, and even her neck and her (a bit) bulky but sexy stomach. Anyone would crave to kiss her neck! When she is home she wears low neck nighties which are loose. She always does all the housework in these clothes.

When she is dusting off the floor we can see her cleavage very clearly. She also lifts the leg part of her nightie and ties it around her waist with a band at this moment we can see her milky white calf and also her ringed toe fingers after housework when she sits for a while(resting) she pulls her nightie and pushes it under her breasts. In that way we can see the shape of her breasts.

All her daughters (cousin sisters) are gorgeous but donot have good set of breasts. However their eyes are extremely gorgeous. You just feel to keep staring into their eyes all the time. Now about myself, I’m still young and completed 8th standard. I’m fat, bulky but cute that’s what my cousin sisters say. I got no girlfriends as I was a boy who had no interest in such things. I had friends but no girlfriends who were serious.

My 8th annual exams were over and had 2 months vacation before my results.

I decided to enjoy those days as a part of my enjoyment I decided to stay with my cozns and aunty at their place. That’s when it all started one day my cozns were all going out to the beauty parlour.I asked them a 1000 times if I could go with them so that I could buy few things, but they asked me to stay home because aunty was alone and give her company within 15 minutes my sisters left and I sat infront of computer suddenly.

Priya: (Shouting) mone (Malayalam of ‘Beta’ or son )what are you doing? Come here I usually call my mom and aunty both as ‘ amma’, because I love her as much as I love my mom.

Me: coming amma.

I went to the kitchen.

Priya: Sit here in the kitchen, lets talk something while I scrape the coconut.

For scraping she was sitting on the floor and bending.

Me: Yes amma. Why not?

Priya: Tell me, how is your vacation?

Me: Enjoying it to the end amma.

Priya: I’m going out today afternoon do you want to come with me?

Me: Yes, amma.What time is we leaving?

Priya: Within 15 minutes, I’m stopping all the work. I’ll go change my dress and come.

As soon as she tried to get off the floor she got a cramp on her both arms but I didn’t notice it!

Priya: Ayyooo, my hand. Monee, wait dont go please come here and lift me up.

Me: Bhagavaney, what happened amma?

Priya: I think I got cramp. Take me to the bedroom, i’l go change my dress!

Me: Should not we cancel the outing with your hand like this?

Priya: Oh monne, you are so loving and considerate. No probem it’s just a cramp, we’ll still go.

Me: Okay, amma.

I left her in the room and went to the other room. She suddenly called me again after 5 mins. I knocked on her bedroom door to know why she called me !

Priya: Mone, pls come in and help me.

She unlocked the door and asked me to come inside! When I went inside I was shocked. She wore only her bra and skirt. I stood like a rock without moving. I could see her gorgeous navel and bulky belly. Her breasts were jumping out of her tight bra. She was wearing black bra. I saw for the first time in my life a semi nude woman. I was looking staring at her neck, breasts and then navel.

She looked like a semi naked angel from heaven. I suddenly came back to reality, I noticed she was giggling (all this happened in a fraction of a second) as soon as I noticed that I stopped staring and turned around. I was red

Me: oh, sorry amma. I am really sorry. I did not know you were.

Priya: don’t worry mone. Im your aunty, you dont have to be shy if you see me like this.

Priya: Turn around mone I don’t have any problem, cmon turn around.

I slowly turned around I looked at her angel like face.She was smiling, trying to comfort me.

Me: (shyly) why did you call me, amma?

Priya: I can’t move my hands to remove my bra will you help me remove it?

Me: okay amma.

I slowly went behind her to remove her bra. I was searching for the strap.

Me: amma let me get you a towel to cover up.

Priya: Why should I cover up when it’s just you and me?

Me: okay.

I slowly removed her bra. Her back looked so gorgeous; her neck was white and shining with her sweat. She just turned around to me I saw a set of breasts for the first time in my life and that too one of the best breasts kerala could offer (I hope so)

Priya: (smiling) Thank you, mone! I’m sweating; I think i’ll take a bath. Will you help me pour water from bucket?

Me: Okay amma!

She removed her skirt and panties in front of me! I was standing there; watching the whole scene.I got a glimpse of the thick bush between her legs, thighs close to the hairy bush were dark. Her ass creek was also dark.She was completely naked. She had long hair that reached her butts.She suddenly turned around and smiled.

Priya: what are you waiting for, come fill the bucket for me! Meanwhile, let me do potti (shitting) the closet was just opposite to the water tap. She sat down on the closet with her legs spread I bent down to open the tap. I saw her dark hairy pussy I turned away to the tap. I tried to peek at her pussy from the corner of my eyes. I opened the tap and was about to leave the bathroom when she called me!

Priya: Don’t go, i’ll finish any moment and i’ll need your help.

Me: okay amma.

I stood there in the bathroom waiting, we started talking casually about something or the other.All the while my face was turned away from her.She noticed this.

Priya: mone are you scared of me?

Me: no, why amma?

Priya: You are not looking at me! Is it because I’m naked? I shook my head, yes!

Priya: oh, I have no problem if you look at me after all im your second mother you can look at me freely now come on look at me. I slowly turned my head to look at her and she smiled

Priya: oh my baby, I love you so much now come and give amma a kiss. I was hesitant because she was naked but stil hugged her and pecked her cheeks.

Priya: okay, now I’ve finished potti, come cleam me up.

Me: okay amma.

I took a mug of water from bucket and slowly washed her butt. I was totally aroused by the sight and the feel. For the first time in my life I’m touching a naked woman.I washed her ass crack, I inserted my finger in her ass trying to clean it thoroughly. Maybe she knew that I was trying to clean her. I was enjoying it. Hope she was too. I kept rubbing her ass with my hands many times. I did not notice that I had done for too long.I decided to stop and keep back the mug and she called me.

Priya: wait you forgot to wash me here, gesturing to her pussy.

Me: oh sorry, amma.

I was in 7th heaven thinking that I was going to wash he pussy. I was scared though.

I touched her pussy, with my one hand and with the other poured water.

Priya: Mone, can you please soap me there?

I obliged and kept the mug aside and soaped it. I was engrossed in the work, that by mistake entered my finger into her hairy pussy. She didn’t even ask me to stop. When i realised that i entered her, I looked at her face, she was having angel like smile looking at me. She started rubbing my hair with her fingers.

Priya: (Smiling) do you like what you are doing?

Me: uh hmmm.

Priya: Do you want to do more?


Priya: Wash me and help me to the room I washed her ass and pussy

Priya: mone, remove your clothes we’ll hav bath together! I removed everything and became nude. Turned on the shower, soaped her whole body I hugged her under the shower and stood there in the same position for a long time. I stretched out and kissed her lips as she was taller than me.Then I rest my head on her soft wet breasts and stood there for a long time, with her neck resting on my head. We got out of the shower and I helped her to the bed.She lied down on the bed and asked me to lie down beside me.

Priya: Mone do you love me?

Me: I love you and your soul I love you so much amma. How can I prove it amma? She with her cramped arms bearing the pain hugged me tight to her. I was suffocating because of her breasts.She started crying, she told me that she was going to make me her king and her, my queen. She said that all she wanted to do is love me. Hearing this, I started crying and we both cried for a long time.Then she slowly kissed my lips! I didn’t know what to do so I didn’t open my mouth.

Me: I dont know wat to do amma please teach me everything, be my guide.

Priya: mone, dont be stressed let me guide you. I’ll teach you everything. You won’t have to worry about anything. She asked me to open my mouth and taught me to kiss.

I bit her nipple, squeezed her breasts.

Priya: mone, will you do me a favor?

Me: O amma, I will kill myself for you tell me amma what do you want?

Priya: mone, please lick my pussy don’t worry if you don’t know i’ll teach you.

My face was near her pussy she opened her pussy lips with her two fingers and asked me to lick in the hole. I did as she asked me to do. She was moaning loudly and started wriggling on the bed, but I didn’t stop licking her pussy. Her pussy hair tickled my nose it had a pungent smell. It tasted sour but lusty. Suddenly she shuddered and some white fluid splashed onto my face.

Priya: Come here, mone.

She pulled my head and we started kissing again, we kissed for half an hour. She suddenly caught my cock and smiled at me. She started licking it.

Priya: You hav a small and cute cock baby.

She took the whole thing in her mouth since it was small.

She licked my balls

Me: Oh amma, I want to pee!

Priya: hahaha, oh my baby, it’s not pee, its baby making seed.

Me: What is that?

Priya: You will know everything in time, but for now, just relax and lets hav fun.

I cum in her mouth and on her face

Me: oh no, sorry amma, I didn’t mean to, im so sorry then I started to cry. She hugged me tight and consoled me that it was normal for any boy to do so. Then she slowly took my cock and brought it near her hairy pussy. I didn’t know wat to do.

Priya: I will put your pee pee in my pussy.Thats how we make babies.

Me: amma, are we goin to make babies?

Priya: We will one day make lots of babies together. But this is also a way of showing eternal love and I want to show you my love!

Me: Me too.

Priya: It will be a bit painful in the beginnng but it will be a wonderful experience.

Me: Okay amma.

She slowly inserted my cock inside, as it entered it pained a lot and i felt like i was goin to die.I controlled myself but ran into tears and started screaming. Seeing this she pulled my cock out and hugged me to her breasts.

Priya: Oh it’s already baby! We’ll try it together once again. Kiss me when you are entering me and dont think about the pain. Think about the most beautiful thing on earth. Kiss me, mone.

Me: I will kiss you and think about you as you are the most beautiful thing on earth.

Priya: o, my Raja today is important today we become one. I become your love too, your queen, your mistress your wife your whore.

Me:oh amma you are not my whore you will be my angel, angel from heaven that will guide me through the path of love, lust and pleasure.

Priya: oh Raja.

Me: amma.

Suddenly she started kissing me vigorously, so vigorously that both of us were breathless after the kiss. When I looked down I was surprised to see that my cock was deep inside her pussy and dint feel painful at all.

Priya: Did you feel the pain, now?

Me: No amma, it’s because I didn’t notice anything that happened in this world when I was busy making love to you! Ooooh, you are my angel amma I love you so much.

Priya: oh my Raja, now slowly starts moving it in and out of me try to match my rhythm baby.

Me: yes amma, anything as you say amma!

I started matching her movements slowly; we both started sweating a lot our bed was dripping wet. She started moaning and she was screaming, shouting, crying

Priya: Oh mone, fuck me, fuck your angel, and show me how much you love me.

Me: I love you so much amma, that I can continue this for the whole day. I love you so much amma I love you so much.

Priya: I love you too baby, do it fast baby, fuck me faster and deeper.

I was going fast, that I cummed inside her, we both cummed at the same time .It showed that we were made for each other. We lied down in the same position till both of us stopped cumming. I lied on top of her for a while and then layed down beside her.

Priya: oh baby you make me so happy.

Me: That’s because I love you so much amma.

Priya: do you know that you’ve made me pregnant?

Me: did I? I’m sorry amma, I didn’t mean to.

Priya: don’t worry mone. That’s why i’ll love you more!

Me: amma? Can I ask you something?

Priya: Yes Raja!

Me: I want to be your husband pleases amma?

Priya: (smiling) hmmmm why is that?

Me: I want to do this always!

Priya: you don’t have to be my husband to do this always.

Me: yes?

Priya: I’ll adopt you, baby you can be my son and then we can do it always everyday and every hour and minute.

Me: seriously?

Priya: I’ll make you the prince of the house, and sleep with you everyone. We can have fun evry day. Wen u grow up we can make more babies. But now dont tell anyone that you are going to have a baby through you aunty. Ohhhh and I see that speaking of baby is making you excited .You want to do it with your aunty once again?

Me: yes amma I love you so much.

Priya: I love you too!

Friends, lets hope more interesting things happen in my life, email address [email protected]

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