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I am a Manager with a Bank in India Bangalore and I am 26 years old. One day I was in a hospital visiting my friend who was admitted in the hospital after an accident. I saw a pregnant woman who was sitting in a chair waiting for her turn. I noticed that she was alone. She saw me looking at her. I smiled at her and she smiled back. I sat next to her and we started talking. She had introduced her self to me. Her name was Nisha. She was 8 months pregnant. She would be 5’7 with 2 big beautiful boobs and a great round ass she was around 35 years old. She had told me that her husband was working in Dubai. He has been gone for 6 months and she is got a 18 year old daughter. It turned out that we were living in the same area. She old me that I could share a taxi with her so after her consulting with her doctor we shared a taxi. When we got to her place she asked me if I wanted to come in for a coffee. I said yes. I went in her house with her. She asked her maid to make a tea for me. Her maid was also a hotie. Dark and great boobs. She was around 5’3 . Bit short but. Would love to fuck her. Nisha told me that she would change and come back. When she came back she was wearing a nightie with buttons in front from top to bottom. I could clear see that she was not wearing a bra.

Her boob has huge and hanging down. He maid came back with the coffee. I was drinking my coffee with Nisha sitting in the sofa. She told me the baby was kicking from her womb. I asked her if I could feel it. She told me ok. And she UN buttoned middle of her nightie. I could no see her boobs or her pussy .I could only see her beautiful big tummy. I slowly place my hand in her tummy. It suddenly gave me a hard on. I told her that I want to hear the baby and I place my ears on her tummy. My one hand was on the bottom of her tummy. I slowly moved my hand towards her pussy. I came to know that she was not wearing any panties. I could feel her trimmed bushes. She didn’t seem to bothered I place my hand in her pussy. I slowly moved my hand to her pussy acting like I was hearing the baby. I could feel her soft wet mount. I slowly massaged her pussy. Suddenly I felt some thing wet on my one side of my head. When I looked up nightie was wet in the top part. She got up suddenly and said sorry to me and told me she was leaking… I asked leaking…? She told me that some time when the milk is excess it would leak out. I smiled and said its ok. She told me that she has to pump it out. I asked if I could help. She told ok. She went to her bed room and came with a milk pump. She removed her nightie I could see her huge boos and her soft wet pussy. She told me to pump the milk out of her. I slowly pressed her boobs and her milk splashed my face. I laughed and she also laughed.

I told her for this job no pump is need and I started to suck her boobs milk started to flow in to my mouth. I drank most of it and spilled some out of my mouth. I noticed the maid had come to the leaving room and was watching us from the corner. I didn’t care so I just kept sucked and pressing her boobs. I moved one of my had down to her pussy and massaged her pussy. I inserted my finger in her pussy and was to wet. I could feel her Clint. Its was huge life a small dick. Slowly massaged it. After some time. She got up smiled and said thanks for milking her and now it was he chance to milk me. She got sat down on the sofa and removed my all my cloths. She grabbed my dick and slowly started to lick and suck it. I kept playing with her boobs. I told her I was about to cum. She told me to go head. And she keeps sucking me. I came in her mouth. She keep suck still and drinking my cum. I kept Cumming still and she couldn’t drink all the cum. It started to spill from her mouth. She got up and told me not to move.

She went to bathroom. I saw the maid peeking from the corner. I smiled at her and she knew that I had seen her. She smiled back and ran into the kitchen. Nisha had come back with a wet cloth. She still had all the cum in her face. She sat on the sofa and liked my cum covered cock and sucked for 10 sec and took the wet cloth and wiped my cock clean the she wiped her face with it. She told me to get dressed son that her daughter would be home back from school. I said ok. And she asked me to stay with her for the night. I asked that what she would tell her daughter. She told the daughter was ok . That she would just say that I was a friend of her and she told me that her daughter know what’s going on and she would tell her dad about it I smiled and said ok . About 20 mins later the school bus came and in came a sexy, cute 11 years old. She had a small breast.. She had started to develop the recently. I told Nisha that I would be back in 10 mins and went to the nearest CD place and got a rented a DVD of MONESTER Inc and came back to her house. We had our dinner at 8 Pm. The maid was smiling at me when she severed the dinner. After dinner I gave the DVD to Nisha and told her to give it to her daughter and tell her to watch it so that we can go in her bedroom and have sex. Her daughter name was Susan. Her Nisha used to call her Suzy. She told her daughter Suzy watch the DVD while mommy and mommy’s friend go in to the bedroom and stalk some thing for some while. She told on.

We went to her bedroom. I didn’t close the door and left little open if the maid wanted peek in. Nisha removed her Nightie. Her big boos, her big tummy and her fat, wet pussy was beautiful. I told her that I wanted to repay her for sucking my dick. She laid in the bed and spread her legs. I put my face between her legs. I could see her Clint has grown like a little dick. I licked slowly her crack then slowly moved to her cunt and started to lick her little dick. Then I started to suck on it. She was moaning out a loud. I interested my finger in her pussy while I was sucking her. I started to finger fuck her and suck her at the same time. She shouted that she was going to cum. I started to suck and lick her faster and finger fucks her faster. She came in my face. I didn’t let go. I keep suck and licking her for a one minuet aft6er she came. Then I got up and smiled at her and gave her a big kiss with my face wet from her cum. She grabbed my and started to suck my cock. I was facing the door and she was sucking my. I saw that her daughter was peeking she could see her mom suck me off. I smiled at her and she smiled back. I winked at and she winked back. Like she was not going to say it to anybody. For some time she suck my dick I told her that I want to fuck her. She got up laid on the side of the bed. I moved my cock to her pussy and started to rub her pussy with my cock. I rubbed her big cunt also. Then I inserted my cock inside her.

And started to move in and out … after some time I was about to cum. She told me to cum inside her and I did. I could feel her cum she was getting hotter and tighter in her pussy. After I took my dick out of her pussy and she told me that she was going to take a bath and If I wanted to join her. I told her to go head and I will join her in between. She said ok and went into the bathroom. I wrapped a towel around me and I went into the living room I smiled at Suzy and she smiled back then I went to the kitchen an the maid was washing the plates. She didn’t notice me coming in to the kitchen. I went to her quietly to her and place my hand on her butt. She turned back quickly. I smiled at her and she smiled back. I then kissed her.

And pressed the boobs. Then I took off my towel she went to the knees and started to suck my cock. She sucked my cock for 2 mins then I told her that we would do it some time later when Nisha is not there and she agreed. I went back to the bath room and we had sex one more time in the bathroom. After having sex and taking a shower she was tried. We came out of the bathroom and she gave me a shorts of her husband to wear. She went and called her daughter told her to come to her room to sleep. She told me that she sleeps with her daughter and all of us can share a bed. I told her it was ok. Nisha told me that she wanted to sleep on the side of the bed because she was pregnant and she wanted some space. I told her it’s was ok. I was in the middle and one side Nisha and other side it was Suzy we turned the lights off and I went to sleep. After some time I felt a hand in near my dick. I came to know it was Suzy’s. She put her hand inside my shorts and grabbed my dick softly. I acted as if I was a sleep.

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