Pimped To Father

By: Anahitagarwal

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Dear readers, I am about to relate this recent incident when I was made a whore to my father. Rohan (my brother-in-law) after using me on two occasions to earn money, was always on the look for more such opportunities. Earlier, I did it under compulsion, as he had clips of me in compromising position. But, after I started enjoying the thrills of these experiences, I had no objection to his further requests. I am staying alone with my husband who happens to be a very busy surgeon – away from both our parents.

My father was visiting us on this occasion. He was in army till 3 years ago when he decided to retire, and has maintained himself really nice, and carries a sexy french cut on his face. Even though he has recently crossed 60, he looks much like a 45 year old hunk. I received this call from Rohan on an afternoon asking me, I am free to provide my service for a client on the same evening. When I told him I am free, he replied, “Bhabhi, but this may seem awkward to you as this customer happens to be your father.

I found him looking for a whore in the red light area.” I was speechless for a while, recalling all my little fantasies that I had with my dad. I had a major infatuation for him. I could have agreed immediately, but I tried to curb my excitement, and asked but, does he know that he will be fucking me?” He told me that he has managed to convince my father that the girl will stay in a mask, just to make the act kinkier.

I was surprised at his wit, and said I will do it, but what what about my share Rohan? He offered me ten thousand for that. I had no clue how much he was getting. I agreed, and he planned to pick me up in the evening and take me to the hotel where he was staying. He also advised me to put a lot of makeup on my face. I got ready in my favorite blue sari, sleeveless low cut blouse which was hugging my breasts real tight, showing a good chunk of the top half.

But this day, I decided not to wear my bra and panties. I was escorted to a 5-star hotel and to the room that my father was staying in (Room No. 808). He handed me the mask, and it covered my forehead and eyes. Using a black marker, he added a mole to my chin, just to avoid any identification. He knocked at the door, and after the greetings he left me with my father for the night. He was wearing just a towel.

He put his arms around my waist, finding his way to my bare hips, gently pressing it, and said, “You are in good shape lady, the mask really makes it kinkier. Let’s have a drink. I was wondering that this is the same person who has always taught me discipline and stuff, and is now offering me alcohol.

His chest was probably waxed, and it was just looking yum. He got me the drinks and sat on the couch, took a sip, and invited me to sit on his lap. It was already bulging, and as I was about to sit, he took off his towels, and there I was on his thighs, with his cock poking me from behind. He grabbed me tight, and felt my breasts over my clothes.

I removed my pallu, and he was kissing me at the back of the neck, as he continued to press my tits, kneading them, beginning to get me wet. He pulled the laces behind the blouse, and there it was ready to drop down. I was getting mesmerized by his activity, and I was trying to stay as quiet as possible, biting my lips. He had now put his hands inside the blouse, and was milking my tits directly with his rough hands.

His hard hands were making my nipples harder and I was unable to stop myself from moaning. I got up, with the blouse still hanging loose on my breasts pouring my entire drink down his throat and moving on to prepare another one for him. I had to get him really high on alcohol so that I can continue the act without revealing my identity. As I moved to the minibar pouring another drink for my father, he moved up to me, pulling off my blouse

And there I was topless in front of my father, with an erect tits, ready to be devoured. He kissed my back and shoulders, and turned me around, starting to suck my tits. His movements were amazing, and I started pouring whiskey on my tits, as he continued to suck harder. He warmed up the other breast, as he continued to feed on the first. Then, he brought his mouth between my breasts and pressed them from the sides, as I poured more alcohol in my cleavage.

He was beginning to get high now. By the time he was done with my breasts, he was down 2 bottles of whiskey, and now I was free to scream without getting caught. He held my shoulders tight, and kissed me real tight, and I could get the flavor of alcohol in his tongue too. It was yum! I played with his 8 inch hairy tool as he was finding his way behind me inside my petticoat, looking to squeeze my butts. I undid the knot of the petticoat

And now he grabbed my butts really tight as the petticoat was held between out bodies tightly hugging each others. “Wow, you really have a smooth tight butt bitch! He said. I replied, It’s all yours, honey as he stepped back, the petticoat fell down, and I was stark naked in front of daddy with a clean shaved pussy.

He commented, “Wow, you are the perfect babe, totally worth 30 grands.”

I never knew my father would spend so much to fuck a whore he could have gotten for free. He held me by my hips, and laid me down on the king-sized bed, placing his mouth between my thighs, and starting to lick the inner surfaces of my thighs. I was already leaking, and had no idea what will happen once he touches my pussy. The moment did arrive and he was putting his finger in and out rapidly starting with one finger, then two, and finally three.

I was moaning out loud, and he was shouting equally loud as he continued to stimulate me. He then placed his tongue inside and was literally feasting on my wetness. I continued to throw my arms on the bed, asking for more. After he was done, he turned around, lying flat on the bed. I knew it was my turn, and as I prepared for the blowjob, he stopped my saying, “Baby, I am full of cum now, thanks to your beauty. Use your hands first.”

I sat my side, as holding his erect tool in my palm, stroking it gently. He continued to rub his hands on my bare back. I was bending over the tool as I stroked it, and there it was shooting its load, over my face, and back in the hairy jungle. I licked my face clean, and then started cleaning up the pubic hair with my tongue. He then asked me to shave his cock, before I put it in my mouth. He took me to shower, where I shaved his cock.

It was looking even bigger now, the biggest I had ever seen. I started the blowjob in the shower, and loved it, as drops of water trickled all around our body. I had never licked a freshly shaved cock, and I continued to suck his balls and dick, pushing it deep down inside. He had shot another load in my mouth now. We mopped ourselves clean with the same towel, and headed for the bed. I knew

I was ready to be fucked by my own father. He screwed me in the bed like a horse in various positions with unending energy. He came inside me after 20 mins, and then we lay on the bed naked with his cock still inside me, playing with each others’ body, kissing. With the mask still on, I got back into my sari, and called up Rohan, who escorted me from the room to my house. I had never imagined, that I would have my best sex with my father.

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