Pervert Mind

By: Rohan Mehta

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This is the recent story when I was in class 12th and only 19 year old. I’m a boy with average build and tool size is 4″ at it’s normal color is fair. My family is middle class family having not much income. In our family I have two sister named Menka and Renu. Menka have best curvey feature and of size 34-24-32. Her boobs are very perfect and erected.

Her tits many time pokes out from her T-shirt. She usually likes to wears jeans Top.And very careful about her nail paints, hair style and lipsticks. Dressing sense and hair style of her is so erotic gorgeous and sexy that any man can fall in love with her.The lowneck she wear are so glamourous and many a time it is easier for me to peep into her deep neck inside. The half soft portion seen is so erotic that many a time I have got sudden fall of my elxire.

Renu is still young and have underdeveloped breast. But she has very tight breast as generally the teenager have as your sisters. She also wears jeans top most of the time. She do not wear bra instead she wear sameez as other Indian girl wear. Her breast many a time looks like as boy who has go for body building. Her nipples are at underdeveloped stage but still the plateu can be felt.She is not much fashionable but having very cute smile and very well shaped tooths.

Any one can die for her cute smile and her sweet voice. My mom and dad are working and having all conventional thoughts and they are conservatives. Being a middle class, we have 2 BHK house. Many times when mommy and dad went for holiday and that’s time I made my days very beautiful. Me, my sisters Menka and Renu share same bedroom. So while they changing their clothse everytime, I was there but they generally do not care.

When Menka takes bath I used to peep in bathroom. Sometimes when she changes her clothes she calls me to bring her towel top bra, panty and jeans top. One day she came out of bathroom covering her body by wrapping towel only these was the so sexiest glimpse that I can not explain it by words. I was staring her body head to toe. So beautiful and sweet god has showered all grace to her. Looking at me she suddenly asks me Rohan “What are you looking at?

Actually I have never forgotten myself for sometime. I always came to sense ooooh nothing she smiled and now told me to pass her clothes which, I while on the bed I was turning my face while she was changing. Suddenly I have heard a voice “Rohan Bhaiya meri help karoge?”I replied “Kya help?”Mere Bra ki hook lag nahi rahi hai, please laga do na. She answered I was little bit shocked and happy because this would be my first touch with a girl and experience

I went near to her she wore pany by her own and try to wear her bra. Her boobs are covered from frontside I was on Backside to hook the bra. I was just hooking the bra suddenly something happened the bra’s elastic is very tight ” It got tension and due to elastic it go away from her breast. Sorry, please sorry ye kya ho gaya, I Murmured. She was now going to bring her bra.But to help her I was going too. Now I was watching her ony in Panty from Backside.

Wow it was the time to dream come true”She picked the bra and turn my side. I was thinking that she will scold me but she blushed. My eye balls are staring her soft sensuious and well curved boobs. Her nipples were still erected. Now I’ve just want to touch her asset. She come near by me and put my hands to her breast.I was on ninth cloud unable to express my hapiness. I was giving her a hug “Ohhh my lovely dear thanks. You have made my dream come true.

Tumko jo chahiye wo mujh se maang sakti ho I told her I was touching her bare back and making my finger moves on her back. Her breast and my chest have only one obstacle that is my shirt. Now she unbuttoned my shirt and moving her nails on my chest. She tore my shirt and makes me half naked. Now, we are both hugging each other very tightly feeling each other’s body’s heat.

Her erected poky nipples were touching my bare chest giving me a very tingling and sensuious feeling my Jack is at nighty degree. Now I gripped her little hardly her juicy soft boobs got changed her shape like sponge ball I am still touching her back and kissing her neck by removing her silky hair from her neck place.”Bhaiya Apki body bahut hard hai koi bhi ladki aapko hug karna chahegi phir mein kyun peeche rahun she whispered.

I was busy in smelling her fragrance coming out from her body. Now I grab her boobs like soft sponge ball and releasing it five times now again moving my finger at her la- la- land. Suddenly knock knock a sound came from door. Now we departed I went to open door and she was nobody but my second sister Renu to be continued.

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