Old Monk And Mausi

It’s over ten year’s story now and I had just completed my MBA and got my first job as medical representative in a leading company in South Delhi. I did not know many people there the only relative we had in Delhi was our distant Mausi named Ruchi in Lajpat nagar.

I was staying in kalka ji and used to visit them some or other time randomly they had a small house of three floors. The ground floor has a drawing room and used by two sons of Ruchi Mausi for study as well they were younger and used to sleep there as well and on first floor there was a bedroom and kitchen.

Mausi and mausa ji use that to sleep. Mausa ji was regional manager in some company and used to remain on tour most of time on top floor there was a room where younger sister of Mausi named Suman lived. Suman in the age of around 28-30 with slightly fatty was a gorgeous lady she had almost perfect assets but she was very irritating personality she hardly had any words with anyone.

I also never liked to her also much. She had a bad marriage and after that she moved here. She used to work in some school she just go to her room and don’t come out until dinner. Ruchi Mausi was in the age group of 40. She had slightly more fatty body and was having very whitish skin colour and her boobs were must be 38 D.

I’m not sure about size but there were very big and so was her ass and a large round ass which was most visible thing when she move away from you even if she was in her 40s and fatty body I must say she was very young and energetic and smart as I told you mausa ji remains on tour always she used to manage each and everything on her own.

She used to smile always and know how to handle things in good way very well. My job was very simple I had to meet ten doctors a day and after that I was free. Whenever I had visited of doctors of that area I used to go to Mausi home and had tea or food. I never go their home empty handed. Being Medical representative in any case had so many gifts which I got for doctors.

Soon I become part of family the sons of Ruchi mausi started liking me mainly because of the gifts which I give to them and also sometime some small money which they took as loan from me without telling their mom but never return sometimes when I reach their home in evening I used to sleep there as well.

I was almost part of family but even if I enjoyed the assets of Ruchi and Suman Mausi and stared them like anything and I never thought of fucking any of them ever. It was just too much for me to do the dare. Maximum I did was having looked at the bra and panty of them while using washrooms. Yes, I jerked off as well so many times but having sex.

I never thought until that come in a night of Delhi. It was a very cold January night there was so much fog and I decided to go Ruchi mausi place when I reached I was shivering with cold like anything. Mausi gave me hot tea and switch on the heater. She told me that Mausa ji has gone to Bangkok from company side as reward for doing good sales.

She asked me to stay there as it was too thick fog outside. I said ok. She was wearing her typical red sari. I had seen her in this several times but today she looked bit sexier. I decided to jerk myself before sleeping her sons had finish the dinner and are asked to study they had to go school next day for some test so they gone downstairs.

Suman mausi in any case is already in her room. So I decided to watch some TV before having dinner. Ruchi mausi came and asked me are you still feeling cold? I said not feeling cold but hand and feet are still cold. She gone back and brought a bottle of old monk and the strong Black Rum she said take some your cold will go away. I said no I am fine. She said le lo I know you drink.


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