Old Monk And Mausi

It’s over ten year’s story now and I had just completed my MBA and got my first job as medical representative in a leading company in South Delhi. I did not know many people there the only relative we had in Delhi was our distant Mausi named Ruchi in Lajpat nagar.

I was staying in kalka ji and used to visit them some or other time randomly they had a small house of three floors. The ground floor has a drawing room and used by two sons of Ruchi Mausi for study as well they were younger and used to sleep there as well and on first floor there was a bedroom and kitchen.

Mausi and mausa ji use that to sleep. Mausa ji was regional manager in some company and used to remain on tour most of time on top floor there was a room where younger sister of Mausi named Suman lived. Suman in the age of around 28-30 with slightly fatty was a gorgeous lady she had almost perfect assets but she was very irritating personality she hardly had any words with anyone.

I also never liked to her also much. She had a bad marriage and after that she moved here. She used to work in some school she just go to her room and don’t come out until dinner. Ruchi Mausi was in the age group of 40. She had slightly more fatty body and was having very whitish skin colour and her boobs were must be 38 D.

I’m not sure about size but there were very big and so was her ass and a large round ass which was most visible thing when she move away from you even if she was in her 40s and fatty body I must say she was very young and energetic and smart as I told you mausa ji remains on tour always she used to manage each and everything on her own.

She used to smile always and know how to handle things in good way very well. My job was very simple I had to meet ten doctors a day and after that I was free. Whenever I had visited of doctors of that area I used to go to Mausi home and had tea or food. I never go their home empty handed. Being Medical representative in any case had so many gifts which I got for doctors.

Soon I become part of family the sons of Ruchi mausi started liking me mainly because of the gifts which I give to them and also sometime some small money which they took as loan from me without telling their mom but never return sometimes when I reach their home in evening I used to sleep there as well.

I was almost part of family but even if I enjoyed the assets of Ruchi and Suman Mausi and stared them like anything and I never thought of fucking any of them ever. It was just too much for me to do the dare. Maximum I did was having looked at the bra and panty of them while using washrooms. Yes, I jerked off as well so many times but having sex.

I never thought until that come in a night of Delhi. It was a very cold January night there was so much fog and I decided to go Ruchi mausi place when I reached I was shivering with cold like anything. Mausi gave me hot tea and switch on the heater. She told me that Mausa ji has gone to Bangkok from company side as reward for doing good sales.

She asked me to stay there as it was too thick fog outside. I said ok. She was wearing her typical red sari. I had seen her in this several times but today she looked bit sexier. I decided to jerk myself before sleeping her sons had finish the dinner and are asked to study they had to go school next day for some test so they gone downstairs.

Suman mausi in any case is already in her room. So I decided to watch some TV before having dinner. Ruchi mausi came and asked me are you still feeling cold? I said not feeling cold but hand and feet are still cold. She gone back and brought a bottle of old monk and the strong Black Rum she said take some your cold will go away. I said no I am fine. She said le lo I know you drink.

It helps in cold koi baat nahi hai and I did not gave another thought and made a peg with normal water I had two peg and I was actually feeling warm now and then Ruchi mausi came back from kitchen and I asked me feeling good I said yes I am actually feeling warm now. She set next to me and started watching TV she talked about so many other things.

I asked her did Mausa ji called from Bangkok? She said yes just after landing he gave small call and since last three days no call, he must be having a blast there I said. She said yes I know what kind of fun men can have in Bangkok its only girls. I said no there are other things as well there. She said common I know him for 16 years now. No problem let him enjoy laut ke to india hi aana hai.

I realize that she was upset with her husband visit to Bangkok which is famous for open sex and prostitutes then I said Mausi you also have a drink you will feel good. She looked at me and then said ok I will have a little. She brought one glass from kitchen and gave to me and she gone back to lock the stairs. Now no one can enter on our floor neither kids nor suman mausi.

We finish two peg together and I had two more small while I gave one large to her first and one extra large in next round. It looks like it was not first time she was having drink and she confirm this to me she used to take drink with Mausa ji sometime. She said jab unko mera mood banana hota hai to de dete hain. This goes for one hour she was full tight now but in control.

However her pallu was not in control much in spite of covering full body it was not only a rope like and not at all covering much. The blood red color blouse she was wearing was very deep neck and her whole chest was visible as I told you she was very white in color. I could see her big boobs clearly for first time in fact in button in between.

I could see the black bra clearly it looks like it was an expensive one with net and wholes. On her right shoulder the blouse has moved a bit and a thin black strap of bra is visible. I had seen her so many bra I bathroom but I think I had not seen this one before. I know almost all bra and panty she had and every time I used to come home.

I surely go to bathroom to check her undergarments in laundry basket. She was not fond of wearing very beautiful bra and panty most of time she wear either black or white thick bra sometimes she wear skin color as well. However she had some costly bra which she rarely wears one of them was orange in colour with black tiger like strips in case of panty her most of time either wear blue or black.

I had sometime saw some white one as well with small pink colour flowers on it. She also had a set of brown panty with thin colour line all over and so now you guys know how much I know about her undergarments but I never saw this bra for sure. Well Ruchi mausi was very smart even if she was drunk and having fun she did not let me saw her cleavage yet.

The pallu is still smartly at middle with covering exactly what I wanted to see most but still her deep neck re blouse with short sleeves were showing me a lot of her white milk like skin. I asked her if she want one smaller peg . She said no she has to wake up early tom and now we should eat and sleep. I helped her bringing food from kitchen in spite of two big old monk peg she was very much in control.

I started thinking about doing something tonight. It was first time actually I was thinking about touching her and fucking her big white stomach and back visible from her sari was making my penis out of control. We finish dinner both of us eat very little and just after that she said we must sleep. She said you sleep her only if you go downstairs boys will come to know that you drink alcohol.

I said you are right actually it was not first time that I was sleeping with her. But never with 4 peg down! Mausi gone to bathroom I gone in kitchen remove my jeans wear shorts and t-shirt and came back and got into Rajai. I was lying in bed thinking that she may come back in sexy gown or nude as I read in so many sex stories and will start smooch me but nothing likes that happen.

She came back in same dress and yes with pallu covering her full breast. I was thinking about taking risk or not when she switched off the light and slip in Rajai next to me. I was very dark in room. I was 2-3 centimetres away from her. I was not having any sleep so I decided to talk to her and I said mausi mausa ko pata cahlega ki maine drink ki hai to?

She started laughing she said pagal darr mat kal ek nayi bottle la ke rakh dena. I said wow and what a idea you are so smart mausi and hug her from back and she said chal ab makhan lagana band kar aur so ja. I said ok aise hi so jau? She said kaise? I said hug karke wo boli thik hai par sone de. My first trick worked well.

I was lying hugging the ruchi mausi with my dick stuffed in her spongy ass still I was not dare to do anything more. Then she suddenly turned and now lying on her back. Now my hand was on top of her breast. She was not sleeping for sure but also not saying anything. I decided to do something I moved my hand to her stomach and started rubbing slowly.

I started pressing my hand and feeling her soft skin I keep doing this for 5 minutes and she said nothing then I moved my hand below and try entering my hand under her petticoat and next second she grabbed my hand and pull it back on her stomach. Said bus thoda aise hi kar de achcha lag raha hai. I was happy things were going in right direction.

I adjusted her pallu and now her full stomach is open to me a started rubbing it and slowly I was running my finger on edged of her petticoat she was having good time abut not at all saying anything then I bring my hand up and started running my finger on the edges on blouse and stomach

She 100% liked it and in excitement she turned her back towards me I moved forwards and cover her full body with my body from back her knees were bend and I also bent my knees now we both are on one body line my dick was between her ass cheeks. My left hand was doing its job and was massaging her just below her boobs.

It was doing it’s job from under her body then my right hand it got some space and my hand moved inside her blouse and grabs her right boob. First slowly it moved all over the boob then it slowly touched the nipple and the feeling process started. The left hand also came in action and grabbed the left boob from outside the blouse and started squeezing.

Ruchi Mausi in the mood of old monk was enjoying it then all of sudden she reacted ye kya kar raha hai. Chal so ja maine ye sab nahi karnan and I said mausi please naaraj mat ho bus thoda sa feel kar lene do you will have good sleep. She said chal ok par jyada der nahi and aur kuch na expect karna and I said you are so good mausi and hugged her.

She lied on her back and I keep massaging her boobs from top then slowly I opened two buttons from bottom and again started moving my hand she again reacted dekh kewal feel karne ki baat hui thi and I said please mausi wo boli tu nahi manega and she herself opened two more button and lift the blouse with bra and her both boobs are out now and I in a second grabbed them.

I was sucking her left nipple while my right hand was squeezing her right boob. Mausi was having great fun but not saying anything I could feel her breathing increasing but she was laying on her back with both hands on up side. I have decided that I will fuck her tonight at any cost. She was in any case already hot and wet only thing was the hesitation.

I removed my t-shirt and moved on her top my lower body was on her lags and I started sucking her nipples my bare chest was touching her stomach. Mausi tried removing me half hearted but end up feeling my upper back. Her hands were now feeling my back and I was enjoying her big boobs. I slowly with my legs lifting he sari and it was now almost on her thighs.

Mausi was in another world she had no clue about her sari. Her bra and blouse are stuck at just below her neck and she while closing her eyes enjoying her boobs massage. Some light was coming from window and she was looking very beautiful.

I slide forward the sari also moved with me and now it’s almost at panty level. My right leg moved and my thigh gone between her thighs. Oh my got it was so hot there. It was like burning stove and my thigh almost got stuffed in her thunder big and smooth hair free thigh. I shouted I love you mausi and then I lip lock her lips.

My left hand gone below her head and right hand below her back I turned her and now both of us are side to side and my Right thigh moved bit more and now just at the junction of her legs and her upper lip was in between my lips and I hugged her tight from arms and my right leg between her thighs made grip even stronger and see also hugged me and suck my lower lip.

I goes for 3-4mins her grip over me gone tighter her thighs grabbed my leg like anything she chew my lips and all of sudden she loosen it. I asked kya hua? She said mera ho gaya bus. I asked ho gaya? boli yes. Ho gaya and she had her orgasm. I said mera abhi baki hai and I started removing her sari and she was in her petticoat now.

I try to open the nara when she grabbed my hand and said no not this please. I said why? She said everything else is ok I allowed but you cannot enter there. I knew she was satisfied and thus she do not want to do this. I said ok but can I play with it at least? I had put my hand on her pussy. She said ok but please humko sona bhi hai jaldi karo.

I gone below and lifted her petticoat bend her keens and touched her pussy yes she was not wearing panty today and why I never know. Her pussy was hairless smooth soft thing. I kissed it and her hips lifted up I got the signal I started licking and one lip by other. It was yummy she actually had washed it before coming to bed.

Her hips were moving she was having very much pleasure. I took my hand below and grabbed her ass they were soft like anything. I was watching them since months I wanted to feel them as much as I can. I bit them by nails and she screamed slowly aaha, ye mat kar lagti hai. I did not listen and this time squeeze them harder all I listen was oh oh oh pleas .

I inserted my tongue inside and then she got mad she tried to escape from my grip I moved my hand from below and grabbed her thighs. She was trying her level hard to get out of my grip and saying please mat kar kuch ho raha hai maine yes ab kabhi nahi kiya oh aah aaah bus jeebh nikal le please oh!

My god and she was about to cum when I decided to play next trick. I removed my shorts and come above she was already getting mad and does not know what was happening so I widen her thighs and put my penis over there. Her pussy was wet like anything it goes inside in a shot. Ruchi mausi said no no please don’t do this.

I said nothing and pushed it inside and she said oh my god aaaah please remove this please.nahi ye nahi karna aah aaha ruk ja naa. I did not say anything and started my strokes in 4-5 stokes she loosen up and started responding to strokes. The voices she made actually made me mad she was slowly saying aha aha lag rahi hai oh no please slow karo

Oh no jaldi please ah ah ahaaha bus kar kitna karega and this goes for some time and I cum inside her then I collapsed on her. I said sorry mausi and she kissed on my cheek and said sab kar liya ab bolta hai sorry. I asked did you enjoy it she said hmm. We lay like this for some time then she asked ek baar aur ho sakta hai? I said why not and jumped on her again.

Doston ye ek 100 % true story hai which actually happened like the way I told you. Me and mausi never talked about this ever in day but in next two years of my stay in Delhi I got chance to fuck her several times and sometime at her home sometime at my room. If you like story leave your comment below and yes Suman mausi are you guys wondering about her demand from me her fuck story which is also 100% real and leave comment and I will post her story as well.

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