Nangi Savita Bhabhi

I am 18 year old guy and I am a fan of your web site. My padosan Savita bhabhi, who is 34 years old, is a successful actress. She is a real sex bomb with a lovely figure and attractive boob size. She is very bold and exposes a lot. Savita bhabhi filmo me khul ke angpradarshan karti hai.

One evening, Savita bhabhi was dressed in a sexy black saree and a low cut sleeveless blouse that revealed a lot of her armpits and midriff. I could even see half of her sexy tits. She was looking at me and smiled. She showed me the picture of a beautiful lady and said Beta yeh sex devi ki tasveer hai.

Jo sex devi ki is tasveer ke saamne khada hoke sex ke baaare me sab kucch sach bolta hai woh zindagi bhar sex enjoy karta hai aur jo jhooth bolta hai woh kabhi enjoy nahin kar pata. Isliye beta tum sab kucch sach bolna aur mere questions ke answer dena.

She had a naughty smile on her face then she said Bunty ab tum saare kapde utaar kar nange ho jaao. Sex devi se kucch bhi nahin chhupana chahiye as I removed all my clothes, she smiled again and asked me Bunty kya tum muth maarte ho. Do you masturbate?

Yes Savita bhabhi and I said nervously. Savita bhabhi replied with a sexy smile on her face there is no need for you to be ashamed of masturbating; it is perfectly natural for a boy of 18 years to masturbate. Bunty you should masturbate without feeling guilty and enjoy masturbating every day.

Then she asked me, kya tumhare dost mere angpradarshan ke baare me gandi baatein karte hain, Yes Savita bhabhi, woh bahut gandi gandi batein karte hain. Itni gandi ke main bata bhi nahin sakta and I replied. Savita bhabhi ne kaha dekho sex devi ke saamne kucch bhi nahin chhappate-tum sach sach bolo.

Savita bhabhi, mere dost kahte hain yaar bunty teri Savita bhabhi to sex bomb hai, maal hai, aur Savita bhabhi mere dost kahte hain ki yaar Bunty teri Savita bhabhi ki naam ki muth maarne me bahut mazaa aata hai. Bunty tum unko rokte nahin, Savita bhabhi said. I replied, Savita bhabhi main kis kis ko rokoon, sari duniya aapke naam ki muth maarti hai, ab to main bhi.

Tum bhi kya Bunty khul ke sach sach kaho, yes Bunty say it for me, Savita bhabhi said with a sexy smile. Bunty, kya tum bhi mere naam ki muth maarte ho, Savita bhabhi asked me and passed a sexy smile.

Hai Savita bhabhi, ye apne kya poochh liya, I said. Savita bhabhi passed another seductive smile and said, bolo na yahan kucch bhi nahin chhupate, she said haan Savita bhabhi, main bhi aapke naam ki muth maarta hoon. Savita bhabhi jab aapne film me bra panty pehan kar nahane ke scene kiye

Thei to mera lund khada ho gaya tha film dekh kar, Savita bhabhi maine bahut koshish ki rokne ki par main nahin rok paya aur maine aapke naam ki muth maar li.

Tab se har roz aapke naam ki muth maarta hoon. Kyon Savita bhabhi aapko bura laga. Nahin Bunty, Savita bhabhi said with a smile, main expose hi itna karti hoon, agar tum mere naam ki muth maarte ho to isme tumhari koi galti nahin hai, yeh to bahut natural aur healthy baat hai.

Savita bhabhi said, Bunty you should not feel guilty that you think of me when you masturbate. If you enjoy masturbating thinking of me, then do it as many times as you want, it is perfectly normal and healthy sexual behaviour, in fact.

I am happy that you have been thinking of me when masturbating and having some real nice fun, it only shows what a sexy entertainer I am. Bunty if you feel like masturbating seeing me in sexy dresses, there is no need for you to rush to the bathroom to masturbate, you should masturbate right there in front of me so that you can have a look at my curves and enjoy masturbating.


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