My Virgin Sister

I have a sister, named Priya. She is almost 4 years younger to me.We live in Goa. We both were so close. We shared lots of thing with each other and did lots of thing together we used to go out to malls and go to watch movies together I liked her more then my elder sister. I always had a lust for her. However, it was hard for me to tell her that how I was feeling for her. We used to hug each other a lot and I always get a hard on holding her sexy body in my arms. When we walk in a mall or on the beach, we used to hold each others hands like lovers. It was normal for me to kiss her on her neck or her chick once a while. I loved to wrestle with her a lot at home.

One day I rented a movie “Female Passion” and as I start playing it, Priya showed up. I knew the movie had lots of erotic scenes in it. Therefore, I turned off the VCR. She said she would like to watch the movie also. I insisted the movie is not good for you but she turn on the VCR any way. Therefore, we watched the movie it was a really hot movie. Priya was sitting right next to me and it was hard for me to control my self I was wearing shorts and My Dick was fully erect. I wanted to hide it from Priya but she saw it anyway. She looked at my shorts and start laughing. I was so embarrassed she got up and decided to go I grabbed her knee and wrestle her down on the floor. I turn her on her back. She tried to wrestle back, trying to keep me pinning her arms to the carpet. We tussled and rolled around on the floor until both of us were winded. I was half on top of her. I noticed her dress had ridden up high. I could see her puss lips. She was not wearing any panties. She had not wearing a bra also and my face was pressed against her rapidly rising and falling breasts. She could feel my warm breath on her thin dress. She took her arm away from my neck but I did not move my face.

After we caught our breath, she tried to wiggle out under me. I grabbed her wrists, pinning her arms to the carpet and buried my face tighter against her breasts. She let out a moan as she felt my mouth working through her dress, against her nipple. Amazed she liked what I was doing. She tried to get her legs free. I scissor one of her leg between mine. My Lund (penis) was fully erect it touched her bare thigh and she gasped. I raised my face from her breast looked her straight in the eyes and pushed my self between her legs and my Lund touched her through our cloths. As my Lund made contact with her pussy, she let out a moan and starts breathing hard. When I lowered my face to her breasts, again she pushed her breast up to me.

I kissed her breasts through her dress. I let go her wrists and moved my hand to her breast. She moaned. I looked at her and said. “We have always been so close, Priya. In addition, you have such nice big breasts and sexy soft body. Could we try to get even closer? She was gust speechless. I start opening the button on her dress. I opened her dress all the way the front. When I pulled her dress wide, I sucked in a deep breath and said. “Priya you are so pretty. You are the most beautiful women I have ever seen.” She had a perfect body. Her tits were huge-womanly beauties, 38DD. Her waist is slim, she has long legs, and she had shaved her pussy she has a cute little ass. She has full sexy looking lips, the kind beg to have a cock sliding between them. I leaned over and took her naked nipple in my mouth and sucked on it. As I start kissing her nipples, my doorbell rang. We both got up immediately.


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