My Sweet Milking Bhabhi

Hi Guys, Kudos to Team for giving such a nice treat every day amazing stories & truly hot clips. I guess Carnal Desires & Pleasures are the foremost enjoyable for a grown up human being & these are Incomparable to any other pleasure / fun. As like you guys I also liked to roam around your & unmarried girls but such a nice experience of my life changed my views, thoughts & perception all around.

So I m a well built unmarried guy working in a MNC in Delhi & a kind of freak trying to experiment everything in my life including giving ultimate freedom to myself. Anyways the sweet experience I am going to narrate here which changed me altogether is a very recent 2 yrs back. I have been in Delhi for quite some long 6-7 years living in apartments & hostels. Until recently in 2007 I changed to a new locality in Delhi with my 2 friends who are very reserved & kind of still not matured enough when it comes to dealing with women. We were searching for a flat & found a decent Ground Floor Flat at a nice locality.

Very next day of shifting when I returned home from office as usual. I found somebody walking down the stairs, We have a common entry / exit for all the floors & door of which is unfortunately right in front of our Apartment. I got my key, unlocked the door & opened it. Immediately I found a female voice “Aaccha to aapne liya hai Ground Floor” “Haan ji” I responded. This Lady was Rupali living with her husband and a 4 yrs Girl 3 months baby on 1st

Floor & 2nd floor was not given on rent by Landlord. “Sab kuch theek se re-arragne ho gaya” she asked “Haan Bhabhiji”. This Bhabhiji word I don’t know how came out of my mouth but later we ended up in Bhabhi Devar kind of scene. Rupali was from Rajasthan. A Lady with Milky white skin, Face without any marks, Long Strong Black Hair, Dark Eyes who can speak their own language. On top of this she was having figure which every female wishes / dreams to possess. Boobs like sweet ripe mangoes hanging from trees. And Ass which would make every man go ride.

Now everyday I would return from office she would come down and stand on my door to talk with me with her baby in hands. Our talks gradually started with personal details & as day by day passed we kind of started talking emotions & you know once you talk emotions with somebody u eventually become close to that person. Up till now I didn’t had any desire for this lady. After few days she started bringing something to eat for me like sweets, dishes cooked in day or something like which I taste & praise a lot for her cooking.

Day by day I found Rupali feeling friendly with me & talking / expressing emotions very comfortably & there was no barrier among us. Inside myself I praise her for this boldness to take initiative to talk with me and I like such type of ladies who like to live life keeping all social & so called taboos aside. I found that Rupali isn’t happy with Jatin (his husband) as he isn’t kind a guy to deal rightly with women as he frequently abused her & her parents & used to shout a loud so that entire locality can listen.

She used to discuss this & other issues with me & also used to praise me that I speak to her in very polite manner & the girl I would marry would be very happy and all that. Also she liked my attitude & energy to handle house hold chores with equal participation like Cooking skills, Washing, Cleaning etc. She used to came down to talk to me in her nighty & I never used to notice anything. One day she as she came down I found that she is wearing something new sort of nighty.

This one was having a deep neck & her cleavage was apparently visible in this. To my shock I found that today she isn’t wearing any Bra at all. I was stunned!!! By this amazing change in her. I tried to keep my eyes away but couldn’t. Other days she used to go to upstairs when the baby used to cry but today she came inside my room. I was like eyes opened without a blink. Anyways I didn’t show that I have taken notice of this. I was behaving very normally.

Rupali came inside slowly sat on the bed. I went inside the kitchen to have a glass of water. Our Kitchen has a window opened to the room wherein on Bed Rupali was sitting with baby. The door of room was very slightly opened. While I picked up the glass from the Kitchen Almirah I tried to peek inside the room wherein Rupali was sitting.

She sat comfortably on the bed & now was trying things so that baby can calm down. But bay wasn’t at all. I was standing inside kitchen watching all this. The nighty today she was wearing was having a button on Cleavage area so that the deep cut between both sides doesn’t falls aside to apparently bare her fruits. She took her hands towards this button & unbuttoned her nighty. Oh ma God!!! Such a milky fruit inside.

Amazing size & with kind of appeal that it instantly sent signals to my penile nerve for erection and to my surprise I found that I have already got initial hard on. I came out of kitchen with glass of water in hand & sat on the bed. By this time Rupali had adjusted her nighty in a way that the baby started suckling milk & very small part of her fruits was visible for me. But for a Bachelor like me even a glimpse is enough and I was getting a eyeful.

She was looking towards her baby and I was looking at her fruits. She turned her face towards me and caught me staring at her breasts. She smiled I exchanged smile. Now I found that she is very comfortable with me. And by now only I had this new feeling for her in my mind. Anyways we started talks as usual and suddenly talks turned to breastfeeding. “Having Kids isn’t a easy Job, I have to feed him 4-5 times a day”

She said. “Yes of coz” I replied. “So how long breastfeeding is required” I asked “its up to a woman how long she can, I breastfed Guidya for 3 years, those were initial happy years of my life”. She replied. “So doesn’t you get hurt when baby bites” I asked. “Yes but not in initial months until the dents are there, in case of Gudiya it was very problematic, She was kind of mad for breast milk and didn’t opted for any other meal than milk. I had to feed her every now and then, sometimes in some places where I didn’t found it comfortable there too I had to feed her.”

Suddenly in between this she found that baby is done with her one breast as soon as he unlashed baby from her nipple she found that baby was still hungry. And for me it was a complete eye full of her ripen fruit, Oh my God! It was awesome piece of flesh, Full white with Pink areolas, Erect Wet Nipple and a drop of her milk just now came out of your breast & now waiting to fall down.

She immediately placed her hand below the nipple so that milk doesn’t spoils clothes. Baby again started little crying. She turned her face towards me and again caught my eyes staring at her fruit. “abhi iska man nahi bhara hai.” She said, I smiled. And she had a kind of different smile on her face. I was watching all this and she knew that I m diligently watching all this with all the curiosity. She slowly place the baby on bed. Now she put back her breast inside and pulled other breast outside. She rubbed the breast for a moment, perhaps to mobilize the flow of milk. Picked the baby again, put on lap and lashed baby to her nipple. Baby started suckling.

This time she was a bit careless, I don’t know perhaps intentionally she kept her whole breast open for my eyes and turned her face towards me. I was watching her fruit. “So do you have milk all around the day” I asked. She laughed a bit. I smiled. “Haan” Her voice was different this time. “Kabhi kabhi to itna ki baby pita nahi hai aur inme itna dard hota hai ki.” She said. “Tab kya karte ho” I asked. “’

Tab, hmmmm…. Kya kar sakti hu. Wait karti hu ki baby kab piyega”. Her voice was entirely different this time and I catched this point. “Aaccha tumhari koi gf hai kya” she asked. “No” I replied. “To kabhi kabhi to Gudiya abhi bhi piti hogi” I asked. She smiled “Nahi pagal…. ab wo badi ho gai hai. Haan kabhi kabhi….” She laughed very loudly….. “kya” I asked. “Kuch nahi” she replied. Then after few seconds she said “Jab Guidya doodh piti thi to kabhi kabhi Jatin bhi rat ko pita tha….. “ she laughed like anything… and I too laughed….. “Sach” I asked…. “Hmmmm”.

By this time her baby was done and slept. She kept the baby aside. and looked out for breast. Drops were coming one after one and she kept her hand below her nipple to avoid milk drop on clothes. “Koi kapda hai kya” she asked. I handed out one old cloth. Her full breast was outside her maxi dripping milk. “Jaise abhi Baby ne pura dudh nahi piya aur mujhe dard ho raha hai…..” she said. “oh” i said. “Ab pata nahi kab piyega aur tab tak mujhe yeh jhelna padega” she said. “Kuch aur nahi kar sakte” I asked. “Jaise” she said. “

Aap doodh haath se nikal do ya koi aur pi le” I asked. “Nahi pagal haath se aur dard hota hai, Aur jatin ab utne interested nahi, Aur kisi se mai yeh bat keh nahi sakti.”Immediately baby turned and was about to fall down. I quickly stood up and hold the baby. In between this I was about to fall on her and accidently I brushed with her open breast. “Ah’ She said. I sat down. We both were breathing heavily due to this. I sat down and don’t know from where I got the courage. I asked “Kya mai aapki help kar sakta hu”. “

Chal pagal” she laughed and holds my hand. She took my hand in her hand and I felt her warmness. She guided my hands to her fruit. I kept my hand on her boob….. Ohhhh! It was so soft and warm there…… I slowly pressed it. We made a eye contact for mutual consent.  I kept the baby aside and put my head on her lap. “Ruko abhi” she said. “Pehle darwaja band karo” I stood up and closed the door. I came back, sat on the bed, she spread her legs parallel on the bed and made way for me to place my head on her lap.

She smiled, now her fruit was touching my cheeks and milk was still dripping. She picked my head in her hands and asked for a kiss. I lip kissed her for around 2-3 minutes. She rolled her fingers through my hair and placed my head at right place in her lap. Now she said first kiss me on my fruit except nipple……I started giving gentle sweet kisses in slow with long timings to ignite the hungry woman inside her.

I gave her kisses all around her fruit except the nipple……”Ab nipple per kiss karo … long kiss” I gave a long kiss on her nipple… She closed her eyes taking deep breaths and sweet moans. Suddenly she put her hand on my pants where my dick was semi erect and started rubbing there. Now she opened her eyes. “To tumhe dudu pina hai, naughty” then she put her nipple into my mouth and I started suckling warm milk.

Guys it was amazing like Buttermilk without sugar / salt but the erotic feeling of having such milk from the breasts a woman of dreams was awesome, warm and soft touches of her breast on my cheeks were adding to this. I put my hands on his other breast inside the maxi and started slowly pressing it.. She closed her eyes and I was continuing my enjoyment of suckling and rubbing. Her hand was on the other side finding my zip to reach my tool. All this continued for few minutes.

Suddenly I found some noise around the door and she sensed that Jatin is around. I stood up. She closed the nighty and picked the baby to reach the door. Jatin parked the car, open the door & was there. He couldn’t sense what scene was inside the room few minutes back. Rupali & me exchanged smiles and we both knew that a new spark has come in life without saying a single word. I exchanged hello with Jatin and Rupali and Jatin climed the stairs to reach their apartment on 1st floor.

Guys this is just start of my adventure with Rupali, In my follow up stories I would explain how Rupali & I satisfied our carnal desires and how she taught a lot to me about women and told hidden secrets. Waiting to hear from you about the content. I miss Rupali a lot in my life and waiting for somebody to fill in the Gap. Pls. do contact me at [email protected]

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