My story 2

Hi this is Vasu, back with the second part of the story. Well I received a couple of replies. Hope you all enjoyed it pretty well. So now back to the story wit a quick intro without wasting time. I’m Vasu, I’m 28 years old, and I’m living in Bangalore with my mom. My mom’s age was about 40 and her height is 5”8.Even if she was of 40 she used to maintain diet very carefully and she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen in my life.

So as I reached the room I heard some strange voices. I slowly peeped throw the window. I was shock to see the strange man whom I saw a moment before was trying to rape my mom. I became totally tensed and just took one step forward to stop it but suddenly in my mind the thought came to wait and see what will happen. I want to help my mom but I don’t know why I didn’t go to help. I stood there silently and watched. As my mom was already naked it was the advantage to the man that made grab her in his arms and with out any pressure to put his dick in mom’s pussy. He was on her top with his dick inside her and he was holding her hands with one hand and with the other he closed her mouth. He was slowly moving his dick in and out. Mom was struggling to get rid of him. But he was strong. For some time mom tried to stop him but after a while she stopped and continued crying. He then moved his hand from her mouth and he kissed her lips. I could see his tongue rolling and licking her tongue. Mom was drinking his saliva slowly and was also moving her tongue with his.

He could have never imagined of fucking such a fair, beautiful and sex oozing woman. As I told you in my previous story her boobs are very big, sexy, milky-soft and her nipple color is thick pick. Nobody can control their erection when they see my mom’s boobs and that’s 100% sure. Her bra size is 38D.

So then he suddenly got up. I thought he was finished and mom was still crying. He turned her to a side and faced to her back, he lifted her leg up and again he took his dick into her pussy. This time he was fucked little bit fast, hard and deep. He pushed his whole dick inside. His dick was too big it could have touched mom’s G point. For more than ten to fifteen minutes he fucked and filled her pussy with his cum. He was exhausted and was breathing heavily. Mom rolled far from him and was still crying. He moved closed to her kissed her again and slowly he was squeezing her breast. He was so happy with that and was smiling. He could have never thought of the day of fucking such a beautiful and sexy woman in his life. He was still kissing and trying to hug her by moving his leg over her waste. Suddenly mom pushed him back and ran out of the room. I quickly ran into the valley. She ran into the bushes to hide herself. Then I slowly pretended like I was just coming through and saw mom behind the bushes hiding her. I went close to her; she then took her sari quickly and started wearing. I tried to go and see inside the room. Mom shouted on me, not to go there. Till then she wore her blouse and petticoat. I went close to mom and asked her what happened? She slapped me and continued wearing her sari. When she was finished she grabbed my hand walked quickly from there. I didn’t saw anything.

We reached home and mom went into her bedroom closed the door behind her. I heard mom crying. After some time I went near the door and I asked mom to open the door. There was no response from her. I knocked the door and again asked her to open the door. She finally opened the door and continued crying lying on the bed. I felt guilty but suddenly my eyes strike on her back. I again got erection looking mom at that position. I don’t know why I could not control my mind thinking of sex with mom all the time. I slowly went near her and sat just beside her then I too lay beside her and moved my hand over her back. I pretended like that I didn’t know about the rape and was thinking that mom was feeling bad of the sex we made it. Mom got up and sat I also got up and sat close to her. I wiped her tears and promised her that no one will know anything about what we did on that day. I pulled her close then she hugged me. I kissed her cheek then she hugged me tight and continued crying. I slowly started moving my hand over her shoulder and reached her breast and started pressing and ribbing them. She slowly released me closed her eyes and stopped crying. I slowly lifted her blouse up took her breast out and started sucking it. She didn’t say anything and she also didn’t try to stop me rather she was holding my hair and was moving her fingers. She was relaxing with that slowly. Then we slowly lay back on bed and I started removing her clothes. Then she suddenly pushed me back and got down from the bed. I said, “What happened mom?” .She remained silent for a moment and told me to bring condoms. It was the happiest day of my life. All my dreams were going become true. Really guys I’m not able to tell it in word that how I felt at that moment. I felt like I reached my destiny I need nothing else in my life. I love my mother so much. I believe no one can love their mothers as much as I love my mom. I love you mom.

So without wasting the time I rushed to the medical stores. The store was quite busy it was almost 4:30 in the afternoon. I waited till all the crowd goes and went to the store keeper and slowly asked for condoms. Believe me guys I don’t know what happen to me but I felt so shy and guilty while asking the store keeper for condoms. I couldn’t able to say the word condoms before him. The store keeper smiled and asked me which one I want. I didn’t understand what to say. I asked him “which one will be better and safer?” he smiled again and gave me KS premium condom. I paid him and again with total joy and happiness I rushed back to my home. When I reached home mom was about to go for bath. So I asked her to lets both bath at the same time. Mom with dull face and small smile said ok. We entered the bathroom and became totally naked. Mom stood before me totally naked and looked at me with shy. I felt like my heart beat is stop and I continued staring at mom’s beauty. She looked at me with shy smiled and hugged me. I too hugged her and started kissing her body. We both got into the bathing tub and laid in it. I was on her top. We were completely dipped into the water above our waste. I rubbed mom’s breast with water started squeezing and sucking them. Mom closed her eyes and was also enjoying her pleasure. I took one condom wore it and hold my dick in my hand looked at mom thinking that I was going to fuck her. I was going to fuck her pussy. I was going to feel the thing from which I came to this world. I ‘m going to do it which I have done it many time in my dreams. I was going to take charge on the thing which was previously under my father’s. I’m going to insert my dick in her pussy. I’m going to fuck my mom for the first time.

She opened her eyes we both smiled. I kissed her lips and inserted my dick in her pussy. Her pussy wasn’t so tight but my dick slowly went inside her. I can feel my flesh inside her body. She screamed slowly when I inserted my dick. It was awesome. I can’t tell it in words. It was a paradise. I slowly started moving my dick in and out. Mom started screaming with joy and pleasure. We both stared moving up and down with the strokes of my dick. I started increasing my speed of fucking. I fucked deep and hard. Water was falling down from the bath tub by my strokes. I fucked more and more fast. Mom was screaming “uuhh yeess yeess yeess oohh yeess oohh oohh yaa yaa uuhh uuhh yeess uuhh aahh yaa yaa aahh aahh aahh yeess yeess yeess oohh yeess fuuck mee moorre yeess fuuck mee harderr yeess yeess yeess oohh oohh mmyy oohh my ggodddddddd yeess yeess yeess fuckk fuckk mee yaa aahh oohh yeess.” Mom rolled her legs around my waste and was holding me very tight. At last I cummed. I filled half of the condom with sperms. We got out off the bath tub and stood under the shower. I took the soap and started applying all over her body.

Then mom took the soap from my hand and applied it to my body. Then we both rubbed our body with each others body. It temped us both again and I took out another condom and fucked her in standing position. I pressed mom to the wall behind inserted my dick and started fucking again for the second time. I lifted mom up and hold her in my arms. She rolled her legs around my waste. I again cummed and we washed our self I wiped mom’s body with a towel and came out of the bathroom. I came out and fell over the bed and relaxed. Mom stood before the mirror and was watching her image in the mirror. Then I too went there and stood behind her. We both watched ourselves naked in the mirror. Then mom turned towards me and we both kissed and hugged each other. Then we both lay on the bed hugged tightly and slept for some time. When I opened my eyes I saw mom hugged me tightly and closed her eyes. I saw her juicy lips, her milky boobs pressing to my chest and she was looking so sexy damn tempting that I again got erection. I slowly moved my hand from her back to her hips and squeezing them. Mom woke up looked at me smiled and we kissed again. I took another condom third one of course and started to fuck her again. We kissed again. She took my tongue inside her mouth and she was sucking and drinking the saliva from my mouth. I fucked hard and fast. We rolled all over the bed and the blanket and all the things on the bed were all thrown always and the bed was moving hard and making horrible sounds with my strokes. For a half an hour we fucked and finally I lay back totally exhausted, week and breathing heavily. I was looking at the fan on the ceiling and was saying to myself that this was the moment I always dreamed about. I felt like I reached my destiny. It was the happiest day of my life. Mom came close to me kept his head on my chest and slept. I was still thinking, looking at my position on bed with mom, laughing and getting excited really it was great experience.

So after that I don’t know when I fell into asleep. But when I my eyes opened I didn’t find mom on the bed. It was 8:30pm. I got out of the bed and came out of the room. I heard some noise from the kitchen. Mom was preparing dinner. I was still naked. I walked into the kitchen and hugged her from behind. She smiled and asked me to wear cloths because it’s time for my dad to return home. But still a hugged her tightly and told her that I love her so much she replied she loves me too we both kissed and I went into my room to put back my clothes. Dad came at 9:00 and went into their room. Then suddenly it strike me that I left the condoms in the bathroom and one on the bed. I went near mom and told in her ear. She said not to worry she had cleaned it up. Man that was really a narrow escape for me. From that day onwards we daily used to have sex when ever we get chance.

As I told you daily mom used to do yoga early in the morning. So when I see her boobs while doing yoga and get erection I don’t masturbate I just grab her and fuck her there itself as my father will be in sound sleep due to his business strain. He won’t wake up till 10:00AM. At nights when dad goes to sleep at 1 or 2 o’clock mom comes to my room we have sex two to three times after that mom goes back to her room and sleep. A month passed and one day an unexpected thing happened. To know what was it you have to wait for my next post. So we’ll meet again in my next continuation story till then keep writing to me at [email protected] Bye and take care.

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