My sleeping aunty

by sameer,

Hello IIS readers, i am sameer. i am a total lover of this site.i have read many stories from this site,basically insect one. and after much thinking i have decided to post my story. i am 21 years of age with height of 5’11”. i am physically well build. now coming to the story, this story is my real story only with fake names. this story is about my chachi(aunty). and to tell u my chachi is just great, i can’t describe u about her in words. she must be 38-36-38 in figure.

The most beautifull part of her is her boobs.i just get mad by seeing those boobs.we live in a joint family. i have 2 uncle they both r smaller to my dad. our house is a big one with 3 bed rooms of which 1 is occupied by my grand parents, the other 1 is occupied by my parents & the last one is occupied by last uncle & his family. my middle uncle died due to jaundice. after marrige of my uncle he was living in uk . initally my chachi was also staying with my uncle in uk, but after having kids she came back as my uncle didnt afford their education there. she has 4 kids 1 sons & 3 daughter.

Initally i didnt think about her sexually it was after reading stories from this site, that i started thinking about her.

Now comming to the story. this happened with me when i was 19 yrs old. my chachi used to sleep in our room with my mom,sis & my self, since my dad is based in foreign. her children used to sleep with my grandmother.

In our room the bed was occupied by my mom&sis i & chachi use to sleep on floor in a way that we used to form a T shape while night i gotup round about 5’o clock because of natures call i went to bathroom and came back. when i was going to my place i saw my chachi sleeping in such a way that her gown(maxi)got lifted up to her knees. at that moment i started getting all sorts of thoughts that i read in some of the stories. i sat down on my place and thought of some idea to touch her. i slept on my place and touched chachis leg with mine & she didnt move after some time i kept my leg in betwen her knees. i was so much exicted and wasn’t able to sleep afterthat till morning. after sometime i started moving my legs upwards till it reached her main point(pussy). at that moment i was in 7th heaven.

But my chachi didnt moved. i kept my foot there for whole night and waited for the morning to see her reaction. she used to get up early in the morning. and the time came when my chachi woke up at first she got frightened by seeing my legs on her but after seeing me sleeping(but i was not sleeping i could see her from the corner of my eyes) she got relaxed. she slowly removed my leg and kept it on my bed sheet and went out. and that was the end of that all exicitment . after some time i got up and came out and had breakfast and went for the college. in college i wasnt able to concentrate on any thing. i was all the time thinking of my chachi.

I pllaned that day that i will go futher then this tonight . The next night after having dinner i whached some t.v. and then afterwards went for sleep.i kept a small torch with me while sleeping. before that i drank 2 to 3 glass of water so that i can get up in the night purposely. i didnt know when i went to sleep. when i woke up due to nature call i saw my chachi sleeping in the same manner as that of yesterday. i hurridelly went to the bath room and came back after releving my self i sat on my bedsheet took the torch and slowly lifted my chachi’s maxi which was already up to her knees. i lighted the torch and directed towards my chachis pussy i was shocked to see that my chachi dosent wear any panties while sleeping i could see her cleaned shved pussy right in front of myeyes.

I just kept watching that seen for some time.after that i got up and switched on the dimlight and switched off the torch & came back to my position. after some time i took the courrage of touching her pussy so i kept my middle finger on her cunt and saw her face for some reaction, but she was in a deep sleep. now i slightly pushed my finger inside her.again i waited for her reaction , but there was no reaction so i removed my finger & again pushed in inside in this way i started finger fucking her and there was no reaction by her . after some finger fucking her i removed my finger and placed a kiss on her pussy after that i parted her cunt and inserted my tounge in it and at that moment i was not able to belive my self that i m licking my chachis pussy and there is no reaction by her. after about 15 minute of licking her i heared some moans from my chachi and suddenly i felt a hand on my head it was my chachi and she got wake up. i got frightened & tried to get of my face from her pussy but chachi who was now enjoying this. she pushed my head from back directing my face to her pussy.

But i was in no mood now as i was frightened i went up to her and started pleading her telling her not to tell n e boby in a low voice as my mom was also in the same room. but instead of that she clamed me by taking my hand in hers and said don’t u worry i m not going to tell this to ne body provided u continue what u were doing . i felt some what relaxed then she kissed me on my forehead and told me that she was dying for sex as my uncle had died and she didnt had sex for many years.

After that i continued to lick her pussy until she came in my mouth.after that we have a love making session but for that u have to wait and reply me about my story at [email protected] and after receving mails i am gonna post my next story.

What did you think of this story??


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