My Sister Love Making Story

Hi my name is Sam (not the real name) and I am from Delhi but currently located at Bangalore for studies. My age is 20 and am doing my engineering from Bangalore friends and this is not exaggeration,

This is based on my story of recent October, 2012. I feel ashamed, cause she my cousin sister. I shouldn’t have done this to her. It was in my semester vacation of my first year, and she was studying Ninth Std.

It all started from this point, in the night before my sister’s marriage, she looked as if an angel. She is a fair complexion, but really beautiful and I mean it. She was wearing red chudidaar.

I was instructed to look after and the kids who were playing on the Marriage’s hall terrace. I saw my cousin sister playing with these kids. She came to me and we started chatting about our school teachers, friends and teachers. I believe, that’s the topic I can debate with my cousin sister) in the moon shine.

I was magnetized by her physically maturity glooming out of her red chudidaar, her magnetic eye, magical smile, her makeup and costumes carved the novel picture of Cinderella in my heart.

I also noticed her boobs bubbling to new heights. This was the first occasion I am talking to lonely for about 45 minutes and that were from the day we both had mutual attraction and started glancing each other.

After a few days and the solitary time arouse and my parents and her parents left to Delhi for 3 days to attend a marriage function. My Cousin Sister and my grandma were left behind and they came to my house for the stay they live in another house opposite to my house).

That night, my grandma has gone to sleep [my grandma usually sleep in open veranda (for fresh air) and we usually lock the door inside). We were alone watching the TV, (the TV is in the main bed room). She was sitting in the sofa and I was lying in the bed watching TV.

It was a Love Story! I was shy watching the movie with her (of course she is my sister) and purposefully went out to kitchen (to drink water) to noticing the love scenes. But she was so cool girl looking as if she is unaware of Love.

It was around 11.30 pm, she made herself comfortable to sleep down (side by my cot) after 15 minutes I switched off the TV and the bed room light to went to bed at midst of darkness.

I couldn’t really sleep something inside me ignited to have love with her after long thoughts I made my mind to have a love affair with her and I stated with a gargle me, twice, thrice. I was heart beaten she replied with the cough.

I understood that is not asleep and she is of the same intension. In order to conform, I coughed and she gargled. That the final sign I was waiting for. I approach her with my hands (as I told you, she was sleep on the floor besides my cot).

I first put my hand out of my bed and slowly and steadily crawled my hands to her from my bed (I never made an attempt to peed from my bed, all my hands did). I was about to touch her and was shaken by her meekly voice didn’t get sleep?

I immediately took my hand and my mind was boggling to death. I said I couldn’t. She raised up her knees leaning to the bed, and said let me make you sleep. She started, she started and she was on her knees leaning on the bed.

I was lying on the bed and she reached my right hand and placed my palm on her cheek. My heart started pounding and my vain pumping out. We were motionless for minutes. Slowly she whispered sleep rubbing her cheek against my palm.

I was relaxed by her love whisper and slowly fingered her cheek. After fingering for about 2 minutes and I slowly took my handoff her cheek and hold her shoulder to rise up her knees.


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