My Sister Is Only Mine – Part II

By : Boobs4u

Hi guys it’s me Waseem again with part 2. after your replies an my horny cock, I couldn’t wait for my sister to have my baby, an last night I nailed my sister hard, it was around 11pm after dinner my sister went up to her room to pump her breasts which were hurting from over flow of milk, earlier wile eating dinner I saw her nipples leaking, so I knew my sister needed to unload her milk.

I went after my sister an saw my sister trying to fix the pump together but it wouldn’t fit, It got damaged in the morning when my sister kicked it down while sleeping, I could understand the pain my sister must have been in an standing from were I was an watching my sister, I didn’t see my sister I saw a 9month pregnant sexy looking Randi with milky big tits, in a green salwar kameez my cock went up.

I went in an asked my sister what’s wrong? She told me her pump broke an she’s in pain, I told her nothing can be done till morning. My sister looked at me an I was looking at her tits an was licking my lips, I smiled an said or? My sister looked confused and said what you mean bro or? I said or I can suck on your tits sister and milk you? My sister looked shocked a said no! You’re my brother I said well its not like I haven’t done it before you got by baby in your belly!

After about 2 hours my sister not agreeing I went to my sister an pulled her top of , she tried to push me away, my sister shouted no bro please stop, I had lust in my eyes for my sister, I was out of control I said u will thank me sister am only doing what’s right am helping you, when I got her top off my sisters big tits bounced out, she griped my hands but I ripped her bra off, my sister tits came out, pink nipples begging to be sucked,

I pushed my sister on the sofa, touching her big belly baby was kicking, I took in my mouth my sisters left nipple an stated to suck hard, then I started to suck her right nipple I held my sisters big tits in my hand, milk was coming out like water jets, I noticed she stopped fighting back an my sister was holding my head wile I was sucking, my sister started to say o my baby suck me like am your mum,

I kept drinking my sisters sweet milk, I undid my pants with one hand still sucking my sister, my big cock popped out like rocket, I lay in my sister lap sucking when I took my sister hand an forced it to wank my cock, o god it felt so good, my sister wanker me hard, after about 20mins. I took my hand down to my sisters salwar an I pulled it down slowly my sister said no, bro once we made a mistake can do it again god will put us in hell,

You can’t fuck me, opening my sisters legs I said sister hell or heaven I need pussy sister your pussy, she was scared she was 9 months pregnant, I told her baby will be fine, saying that I went in to my sister pussy clean shaven an I started to lick it, my sisters hands were rubbing my head, an she seemed to enjoy it. I was eating my sister pregnant wet pussy like a dog, I tasted good nice a salty sweet as if any1 who has licked a pussy would know

I enjoyed every min of my sister pussy playing with her tits they stared to leak. I moved up an stared to milk my sister again too much milk in her poor girl, then I said to my sister its your turn an I moved up on the sofa an level my cock to my sisters mouth, I said sister suck she nodded her head no, I pulled her hair hard her mouth open I just pushed my cock in her mouth started to fuck my sisters mouth o god it felt so good my own sister sucking my cock,

Each time I pushed it in my sisters mouth my balls smacked her chin I kept saying sister please don’t stop am begging you just then I felt my bomb explode in my sisters mouth my sperm was in my sister mouth some splashed out on to her tits I started to lick my sisters mouth my cum an tits an spited it in her mouth an made my bitch sister eat it, my sister looked down an saw my cock still hard she said bro not my pussy

I got mad I said u fucking get yr tits milked your pussy licked an sucked me like a ho! An now yr pussy is so holy that I cant fuck it saying that I griped my sisters legs an pulled them apart levelled my cock on her pussy an said sister your turn to milk me an I pushed ma cock in my sister which was so wet I started to fuck her like a dog bang bang she screamed like a Randi I could feel the baby moving in my sister pussy but I still carried on fucking my sister.

By now my sister started to scream o yeah bro fuck me! Harder o bro I wish u didn’t stop fucking my pussy ever! Hearing that I went crazy on my sisters pussy I banged her harder I love my sister 9 month pregnant an she takes her bros cock well done sister am proud an lucky yr my sister, 1 hour later I was still fucking my sister I was not Cumming I had ripped my sisters pussy wide I need a smaller whole to fuck,

I pulled my cock out of my sister pussy an told her to bend she got really worried but my sister did as she was told, she bent down pushing her ass out, I started to lick my sisters ass mm it was nice an big, I then put sum spit on my cock an start to push my cock in my sisters ass she cried in pain an pleasure when my 6inch cock went in my sisters ass she scream! Bro my ass is torn bro u ripped yr sister ass bro o god bro!

I pulled my cock out half way then pushed it back in then slowly I start to fuck my sisters ass ah o yeah it feel tight take it sister take it ah yeah. I then held my sisters hip’s an really started to ram my cock up my sister I could feel the shit up my sisters ass an just then my sisters water broke my sister was about to have a baby, my sister shout bro am going to have the baby pull yr cock out take me to hospital now!

I was nearly there I said to my sister please sister hold on am nearly there ah I kept pumping my sisters ass my sister was screaming a crying in pain! An just then my cock exploded an I came In my sisters ass an as I pulled my cock out mixed cum an shit came out of my sister ass loads my sister had shit her self. My sister was in lots of pain. I quickly dressed my self an then took my sister to her bed, it was to late she was going to give birth at home I called the doctor an he came running, doctor told my sister to push I was holding my sisters hand an helping her wow I saw my baby’s head come out of my sisters pussy blood was Cumming out to after 1 hour my sister gave birth to a baby girl my girl.

I was so happy for my sister. We never went back home an now my sister was happy to be my wife an fuck me, me and I was fucking her every day now I have ripped my sister pussy an ass.

I milk her like a cow on a farm so any1 need milk my bitch sister got loads and loads. My baby girl is growing fast. My baby girl is beautiful. I love her, I get hard looking at her, she’s been daddy’s girl, I don’t know what to do please help me people do you think I should repeat things with my baby girl like I did with my sister or leave her alone an carry on fucking my sisters ripped up pussy. I hope you like my story please do reply to me it will mean a lot to me an my sister thank you.

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