My sister and my girlfriend both fucked me same time

Hello readers i have been reading story’s on here from last one year so i thought i would share my exprience aswell. I m male 27 from canada toronto ,brampton i m 6’2 i grew up in toronto back around i m from chandigrah i viste india every year going again next month.

The story,

It was saturday night my cousin’s wedding recpetion my parents already left ,, i was getting ready was gonna get ride from my sister(monica) (didnt wanna drink and drive) i got ready came outa my house was waiting for my sister when she came out ((ouchhhh) she was wear salwar kameez with high heals it was white kameez green salwar white heals imagine your sister in those cloths jus lookin at her my lunn started moving. Then we had to pick up my girlfriend(raji) on the way , she was looking hot aswell wearing pink sari.

Let me tell you about the girlz sister she’s 25 5’9 very sexy big around ass like black girls very fair short hair. I have seen her couple times at clubs grinding up to guyz she’s very good. With her big ass about 2 weeks ago i was at a club walkin through the crowd and i started grinding with this girl she was going crazy on my cock i had a hard on while we were dance she put her hand on my dick started feeling it on the next song she turn around her face i was shocked it was my sister for 1 mintue we jus looked in each others eyes then she said sorry i didnt know it was you after that day i wanted to fuck her so bad. I told my girl friend wut happened that same night when i came home then we started phone sex cause i had a hard on then she told me that she thinks my sister’s sexy and would love to make out with her. And started tellin me how my sisters pussy will loook like if i will lick her and fuck her hearing that for my sister from my girlfriend was driving me crazy.

Back to that day

When we wear driving to the hall my girlfriend was sitting at front passanger my sister was driving and i was at back in my esclade.

We were jus chatting normal my girl looked back at me and winked lookin at my sister i knew wut she had in her mind i just smieled then my sister asked what we both giggling for she told her amar saying you look so pretty today she just turn around and gave me a smile said thank you mr: amar the way she said it was different and sexy voice

We got to the hall it was at payal banquat the parking was in basement we all got outa the truck and the girlz started fixing up there selfs there hair and stuff my girlfriend asked me to fix her sari from her lower back i was doing that i duno wut happened to her she turned around kissed me wild same time i looked at my sister she was jus standing there lookin at us she kissed me for like 2 mintues then she stoped my sister asked her what was that for she said i just felt it so did it and i do things i want and do it and told my sister you should be like that too if u want something just have it then my sister said i wanna strip naked from my suit in front of both of you i was shocked to hear that then she said i want my brother to take off my salwar and you take my kameez off we were in parking talk about it then my uncle came with his family in parking lot we all went to party that all evening i was in my own world jus looking at both my bitch’s then we danced and everything.

On way back home my dad and mom were gonna go to my chacha’s house to sleep over cause they had to clean in morning so we had house to are selfs i was so happy we all three were walking to are cars i was walking in middle my sister was behind me soon as we were in dark she grabbed me took to towards the wall and turn around her ass on my dick and started pushing it in was say ( howz this brother u were grinding me at club like a bitch do it now brother ) my girlfreind said lets go home you brother sister can fuck i will make your movie we sat in are car and started driving i was rolling a spliff cause both the bitchs wannted to get high we got home b4 we enter the house were in are garage smoking a spliff i was sitting on a chair my girlfriend told my sister show wut you get for your brother she bend over on her knee’s on the floor sticking up her ass in her salwar kameez i lifted up her kameez from her ass she spread her legs wide then i went near her ass strted squezzing it i put my face on her ass cheaks we were so high

We went in house in my parents bed room my sister wanted to me and my girl was on bed she started striping for both of us.

Sister: brother do u like my boobs

Me:yes monica i love them

Sister: wanna lick my pussy and fuck me like your bitch raji are you jelous i gonna fuck my brother now everyday

Raji: you fuck fuckin slut take off you salwar

Sister: come open my nala she went and opened her nala her salwar felon ground she had white fair legs she was not wearing anything under my girlfrind started lickin her pussy i was on bed my dick in my hand my sister leaned over to bed and took my dick in her mouth while my girl was lickin her pussy the view was so crazy both sluts in my paretns room then my sister was on my cock my girl came and sat on my face i was lickin her ,,,sister was lickin my balls dick she was so high she even licked my asshole (tell u something gettin licked on your asshole is something in life if u have never done it try it)

Then my girl on bed her legs open in air sister bend on her kness lickin her pussy i started lickin my sisters pussy from back i took my tounge from her pussy to her asshole then i spit on her ass and licked it she was going crazy sayin you fuckin assole lick your sisters ass spit on it i m a dirty bitch treat me like one fuck me in my ass then i took my dick and put it in her ass and in and out slow she started moving fast back and forth her ass cheaks pounding on my thigs she was fingerin my girlfriend then i cell phone rang it was my girls brother he wanted to smoke up i told him to come over he said he’s outside open the door i told my girlfriend to open the door and go open it naked she asked me who it was i told her surprise and jus listen and do it she open the door naked and was her brother at door told him to come in he came in all shocked while they were on stairs walkin up my girl at front her brother behind her she bend over on stairs and told him to lick her ass they were making out in stair i was busy fucking my sister.

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